May 14, 2019

Team work makes the dream work


THE SCENE: cool crisp mid 50’s

All PAX were warned!

20x SSH, 20 Merkins, 20 squats,  stretch on your own.

Short mosey to the library and back( 1/4 mile)
Pax were divided up into teams of 2 and one team of 3

station 1: 30 tire flips as a team       station 2: 60 slam balls at 35lbs     station 3: 60 pull ups on the monkey bars    station 4: 60 cmu thrusters    station 5: 60 smu swings

each team performed the reps required then ran 400m around the parking lot to the next station.  each team made it around the horn once

the second round the reps at each station decreased by half( time was running out) and between each station pax bear crawled 50 yards across the lot to the next station.  


Rabbit’s choice: oh yeah’s!!!!  all pax avoided eye contact during the exercise.  
11, Speedy, Chucky Chz, Big Mac, Rabbit, Tomb Raider, Tremor, gun show, Gomer, Steve-O, Bosom, Barney-Q
Barney spoke on Matthew 6:33 ” But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Jesus plainly teaches in this text not to worry but we all still do it.  Why? Do we think God can’t handle what we are facing?  Worry plagues us all but the more time we spend in God’s presence and in His word the less worry bothers us.  I believe that when we seek the Lord’s presence then the things of this world have no impact on us.   Jesus taught in this scripture that the birds of the air are fed and they don’t have to worry.  God knows each and every one of our needs but we have to realize He knows our needs and to not worry about how they’ll get met.  

Pax were encouraged to seek God daily to combat worry.   
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