April 17, 2018

Tax Day Tennis

THE SCENE: It was a lonely 43 degrees until Speedy and Slots showed up almost right at 5:30 AM.


SSH x25 IC 4 CT
Imperial walkers squats x12 IC 4 CT
Merkins x10 IC 4 CT
Rockette Hillbillies .  x14 IC 4 CT


Mosey to tennis courts
X10 one leg burpees OYO each leg
Baseline to net suicide sprints x10
–towards net forward, to baseline backwards
Bearcrawl long lines, Crab walk baselines x2 laps
X5 down and back sprints across 2 courts (fence to fence)
X10 WMD push-ups    (10 each set)
X1 Suzane summers series (10 reg, 10 wide, 10 narrow, repeat each with toes pointed out 45 degrees)
1 min lunge hold each leg
Broad Jump long lines, Lunge walk x2 laps
X10 WMD push-ups    (10 each set)
X1 Suzane summers series (10 reg, 10 wide, 10 narrow, repeat each with toes pointed out 45 degrees)

x3 fence to fence sprints

Mosey to start
1 min lunge hold each leg


Lay on ground to get ready for hip bridges

laid down

Jk its 6:15, recover and stand up
YHC talked read 1 Peter 5. Humble yourself when you are leading. It doesn’t mean that you will be the best or fastest (thanks Speedy and Slots), but do it with a willing heart. No complaining. Emphasized verse 5. God cares about the humble.

YHC also emphasized v. 7–cast all your anxieties on Him because he cares for you. For some reason, I have been extra hard on myself for things like going back to school/not working full time to provide, frustrated on failing on little things, but I need to run to God when those come up. Don’t be afraid to confess and run for comfort. Most of us aren’t facing the extreme trials like persecution, no money, and a terrible quality of life. Work on staying in the Word, do whatever is best to stay under the protection of God. For me, its starting to take charge and wake up and read before workout. Some may have areas in their life to carve out and replace to make sure they have their time of reflection.  This COT was for me. Maybe you will take something away, but today I was selfish and told myself what I needed to hear. No need to wallow in pity. Man up. Pray. Let God lead because I can’t do this on my own.

Almost worked out solo today thanks to no love from the Morg. But the three of us worked hard and got a good sweat in the chilly weather. Thanks to slots for the quick PLC. Make sure you are taking care of yourself however that needs to be.

There was going to be  a tax for bad form on exercises, but the men today had quality since there was not a large quantity. Hope you fools didn’t just start your taxes!

SOS clean up May 5.

Brew Ruck on April 28.