November 27, 2018

Taste of Turkey 345

THE SCENE: Balmy 26˚ F. Clear pre-dawn skies with stars galore and halfway moon. “I can’t feel my fingers!” was proclaimed and thankful for ZERO moisture other than the sweat of uncertainty that was starting to form.

Given with hearty enthusiasm.


34 SSH, 5 Daisy Pickers, 12 Windmills

A taste of the fun times had at each of the 7 workouts by beastly PAX Qs from Turkey Week 345.

  • Tombraider @ Berm: PAX/Indian run around building. 3 laps.
  • Lipton @ Berm: 12 Burpees, then crab walk across parking lot, and then backwards crab walk to start.
  • Bailout @ Berm:  15 Lunges, mosey 1 lap, 20 LBCs stacked on 15 Lunges, mosey 1 lap, 25 Squats stacked on 20 LBCs stacked on 15 Lunges.
  • Gus (thanks for the pudding): 15 grunting burpees (bonus points for loudest grunts)
  • Bailout @ Neverland (yes, 2Qs in 3 days): Get yo CMUs, then do 34 rows (17 ea arm), 12 Squats w CMU
  • Daniel Tiger @ Mothership (Ruck AOQ): carry CMUs ruck-style, and ruck 3 laps around building at slightly less than DT pace.
  • O-Positive @ Mothership: 34 Bobby Hurleys IC, 5 Merkins OYO. (Ran out of time, but planned Reverse Indian/PAX Run, 3 laps around building).

20 Burpees OYO, Guantanamo – 2 circuits to finish right on time.

8 PAX: Bailout, The Dude, Interweb, Judah, Beauty Shop, Snookie, Photoshop (Q), Lipton (AOQ)

Honor God, Be Humble. How do we give God the glory and not ourselves? 345 was tough, beat my body down. I do not deserve a pat on the back. God allowed me the strength to persevere. My body is weak. He is my strength and fortitude.

Psalm 3:4-5  I call out to the Lord , and he answers me from his holy mountain.  I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.

Praise from Bailout for his listed house getting an acceptable offer. Hallejujah!

Interweb and I went on a birthday donuts run for my female 15yo 2.0 as of today. Lady helping me at Gibson’s asked, “Aren’t you with the group who works out near here?” How awesome is that! People already are recognizing that we are a PRESENCE in Memphis. I talked with her a bit about F3 and she asked about sending some guy friends she knew to us. AYE! She asked if it would be ok to also post about us and our website on Facebook. AYE!  Working the donut shops, coffeterias, zoo, workplace and everywhere I find myself. #Hit100

Go vertical! Whetstone Program