October 2, 2020

Tardy Hardy

2 Pax welcomed Chuck E Cheese to the neighborhood. He now has a flag

Pax were on time and raring to go! YHC was late getting the *shovel flag in the ground. Some seasoned Pax already commenced the 10 Penalty burpees.

We warmed up, We completed a Dancing Bear Pyramid.

Mosey. 1 Merkin on curb, bear crawl to opposite curb 2 Merkins, return bear crawl, 3 Merkins………. continue till 10 Merkins

Mosey. 11s Bonnie Blairs / Jump Squats. Sprint between

Mary – Freddie Mercuries.

Gomer may currently be the AOQ of the Annex. But doesn’t know if he is 16 or 17.

Workout Date: