June 19, 2018

Takeover of Annex…sorry Slots

THE SCENE: Great morning in the gloom with sunshine and low humidity (I think) for a takeover since Slots isn’t here. Speedy and I are large and in charge…well im large, the tan on the fat rolls show it.


Did it. Can’t sue me

SSH IC x20 4 ct IC

tempo squats x 15 4 ct IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 4 ct IC

Hillbillies x 15 4 ct IC

Mosey a warm up lap to get the legs moving


Mosley to playground
Push ups
Sumo squats
Ssh til all in each set
1 Min wall sit
10 squats
1 min wall sit
Quick feet hops: front to back x30 sec
Quick feet hops: side to side x 30sec
Hip toss jumps x30 sec
Inverse pull ups on swings x 10
Knee swings x15
Derkins x10
bear crawl about 30 yards
Crawl bear about 30 yards
duckwalk about 30 years
Broad jumps about 30 yards
Inverse pull ups on swings x 10
Knee swings x15
Derkins x10
X20 steps ups
X15 Merkins
 3 way calf raises x20 each way

Not applicable. Most exercises should be full body if you brace core for correct movements

5 PAX; 1 FNG (Zidane)
YHC talked about having a rough day on Monday. Car broke down, waited on a tow truck for over 2.5 hours (90 min expected time), put in an awkward situation by false accusations.  Not the happiest times, but I tried to learn how to react to things better. Stressed my wife out so learned I had to be better. And it did get better, especially with false accusations (which evidence showed I was in the right).  While being bitter towards all involved in my head, I looked outside to see my neighbor who is starting to fade with Alzheimer’s playing catch with his 40-ish year old son. Both savoring the moment. The man had been nice over the last year to me, but turned due to the medical condition this past week. But I found out after talking to his son that he had some run ins with his kids as well. Watching the moment literally brought me to tears.  It was like watching the Field of Dreams in real time. 

Moral of my ramblings: people are going through a lot worse than I could imagine and nothing puts you in place better than reality. Be thankful for what you have and enjoy every moment, even if its playing catch. 


Prayer requests:

Roomba-neighbors lost mom or grandma and have been evicted. Pray they find housing soon.

Billy Blanks-Peace and discernment for he and wife on how to approach situations with love of Jesus


YHC twisted his ankle trying to throw a ball and string over a limb Sunday so I figured to take it easy. Modifications were made, but we were able to get a decent sweat. Thankful for the men that came and pushed through. We do need to petition the Cordova government (bring on deannexation) to provide a toilet for when nature calls after jumping and running and what not. Thank you guys for pushing through. Wasn’t all there mentally but it was nice to be around other HIM. Thanks to Giant for praying for me and for Speedy to listen/reach out to me after.   

Failed to announce–GrowRuck in September and Chik Fil A day on 6/30