March 14, 2019

Take Me To the River

Your BB soundtrack:

Blustery would be an understatement.
You might even say the winds were…….. gale force.

I’m sorry.

The temperature was otherwise pleasant. At 0528, a car pulled up and a young fellow jumped out. He was walking towards us with his arm extended, holding out a piece of paper. He asked what we were doing. We assumed he’d just bought the property and was going to tell us to scram. I said we’re a men’s workout group blah blah. Then he gave me a flyer for a juice bar nearby. But they open at 7! I told him he’d have to open earlier and we’d be there. Anyway, if you find yourself in the area at such a late hour, go check out Juice Bar. 


We started with a follow-me lap down the stairs to Riverside then back up to start. The PAX circled up and did a quad routine that was just awful. Crayfish and MIB pulled up right at the beginning of this.

15x tempo squats (slowly lower down on 3-count, up on 4) – HOLD that last squat
10x overhead claps while holding a squat
10x smurf jacks (jumping jack from a squat position)

Mosey to the Spaghetti Warehouse rails. Easier said than done because my legs were ready to give out.


Bulgarian Split Squat Circuit:
PAX performed 3 sets of the following:
8x Bulgarian split squats, each leg (watch this shirtless chap explain)
high plank until all-in
8x shoulder taps

The PAX loved the Bulgarians. YHC found it hard to balance, especially on his left foot with the wind whipping about. They can be loaded (CMU, kettlebell, whatever). 

Mosey down the stairs, across Riverside, into Tom Lee, to the pull-up bars. 

I’ve never done Crossfit, but I appreciate what they’re trying to do. Cindy is one of their WODs. You don’t even need a gym, floor mats, or hundreds of dollars a month to do it!

20 minutes, as many sets as possible:
5 pull-ups
10 merkins
15 squats

Bottomless said he got through 13 rounds. Handsy said he did more than that. I think I got in 11, but I lost count! Mosey back up the stairs, stopping to do 25x calf raises in cadence. Mosey back to start.

Diamond Merkins:
Back at the Spaghetti Warehouse wall, the PAX did 3 sets of:
6x diamond merkins
Wall sit until all in
Cherry pickers and overhead claps x10 while holding the wall sit

Circle up back in the parking lot.

Low plank
Pickle Pounders x10
Flutter Kicks x31
J-Lo’s x10? (I hate these)
Dr. W’s x8 (thanks, Four Eyes)
Hold low plank for ~40 seconds until 0615

8 PAX, no effin’ G’s

Piggy-backing off this week’s Q Source article, I found this advice from John Piper really helpful. He was asked what advice he’d give to his newly married self. This is one part of his response:

“Be done with pouting and sulking when you don’t get what you want, which is so immature and so built in to your wiring. You will be regularly disappointed, because you are an intense perfectionist wanter and, therefore, your wants are not going to be satisfied as often as you would like.

“Instead of pouting and pitying yourself, draw down strength, John Piper. Drawn down strength from Christ to stop being a reactor, and instead, be a strong initiative taker in hope to this family. Bring strength to this family. Don’t use this family, and when they don’t meet your needs go pouting off into a corner. Come from the corner looking to Christ for strength and hope. They need you to be a leader, not to return evil for evil.”

The Crucible is nigh!