February 21, 2018

Take Cover at the Levee

Location: The Levee

THE SCENE: 57 and raining sideways


Squats x15 ic slow count-down 3 counts up on 4
Arm circles x 10 YHC count each way
Shoulder press x 15
SSH x20 IC
Mercans x 10 OYO

No wasting time and book it to the covered picnic tables


Patty cake merkin 1 min
Soddum Sit. Ups x 1 min
Leg throw x 1 min each
Calf raises
Oxidative split squats x10 each leg
Calf jump and holds 1 min each leg, each partner

WMD: (Wide, standard, and diamond Mercans) x10 each
Suzzane Summers Squat Series x10 all 6 ways

Rinse and Repeat

Patty cake merkin 1 min
Soddum Sit. Ups x 1 min
Oxidative split squats x10 each leg

Tabata Wall Sits 8 sets 20 sec on, 10 sec rest
Spiderman Push ups x20

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 5 PAX . Slicnut, Cowbell, Snowman, Captain Obvious, and Billy Blanks

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:YHC talked about being compassionate. While the people of today and the generation are rising are super sensitive, don’t just scoff. Work on your compassion to love others and help others. You should never be first priority. Measure yourself against the marks of a Christian in Romans 12. Be a Peacemaker (doesn’t mean get walked over) like in Matt 5:9. I piggybacked off the last two COT this week and want it to be action driven. Don’t just agree and forget about it. Do something!

MOLESKIN: YHC was rattled having to change his second Q in a row due to conditions outside of his control. Thanks for bracing and working hard even if it wasn’t the most difficult exercise we have had. Always know through our faults and mess ups that we are together and want the best for each other.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: VAPE Meeting on Saturday 2/24 after BC
Prayer Requests-Victims in Florida
Praise-Blake’s niece was born and doing great (so is SIL)