Building some walls for VQ Anniversary Q

THE SCENE: It was pretty much the best weather ever.



SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 20
Daisy Pickers x 20


We mosey’d to the old Morg stomping grounds parking lot… this was a re-hash of my VQ so we had to do it at the original location, too.

Partner up for DORA-123 – while one partner does the exercise, the other runs around the parking lot islands.

  • 100 x merkins
  • 200 x BBSU
  • 300 x squats

Rinse and repeat with some modifications (for difficulty and time):

  • 50 x Carolina Dry Docks
  • 50 x Crunches
  • 50 x jump squats

Next, I gave the opportunity to have a breather… for each correct F3 core principle stated, we could walk to the next light versus running. All 5 principles were given so we walked 5 lights and then ran to the middle parking lot.

  • 20 dips in cadence
  • 20 calf raises in cadence

Finally, mosey’d back.


  • 20 American Hammers
  • 20 Flutter Kicks
  • Woodpecker led us in 20 Hello Dolly’s
  • Sleep Number led us in 20 Jane Fonda’s (10 on each side)


Woodpecker, Puddle Jumper, Sleep Number, Esquire, Siemens, Wall Jumper


Given that it was (close) to the anniversary for my VQ, I thanked everyone for continuing to push me over the last 1.5 years now.


Did I mention this weather was pretty much the best weather ever? Because it is.



You can do anything for a minute

THE SCENE: Nice cool morning

SSH IC x 25 (x2)

Daisy Pickers IC x 15 (x2)

LRC (F&B) IC x 10
Mosy for 1 minute, then do an exercise for 1 minute

  • Exercises:
  • Erkins
  • LBCs
  • Merkins
  • BBSU

As soem point we stopped and partnered up for a little “catch me if you can” Partner 1 would bear crawl while Partner 2 did 5 merkins. Once the merkins were completed Partner 2 chased Partner 1 down, tagged him and 2 bear crawled while 1 did merkins.  They liked it so much we did it twice.

Mosey to an island curb. PAX Side plank walked around the island ( to the right and left) they really enjyed that…

Mosey to swings where PAX did partner pick ups, and merkin walks with the swings.

Mosey back to start X, where we did wind sprints several times… OJ is a beast.

I let everyone get a head start and OJ still beat us. On the last sprint I challenged everyone that it OJ beat them there would be a penalty. He beat us :(. Causing everyone to do 9 burpees to end the workout

8 PAX – No FNGs Sleep Number, OJ, Esquire, Potiphar, Siemens, Gym Shorts, Woodpecker
I read from Act 1 about the 2 guys up for Judas’s spot. Both were well qualified. One got it, the other one didn’t. Did God love the one who got more than the one that didn’t? Obsolutely not.  More times than not in life we’re going to be the guys that didn’t get it. Whether it be the promotion, the new job, position….. However; God still love you and he has a wonderful plan for your life…
Accountability works both ways… As a team, we should be accountable to individuals, and individuals should be accoutable to the team.
I’m on vacation next week, so miss me

Suicidal 8’s

THE SCENE: Nice and dark

20x ssh, iw, dp, and arm circles
Moseyed to tennis courts. We win suicides and every time we made it back to starting point 10 merkins  until we had done 80. Rinse and repeat until we had done 70 -2 count flutter kicks. Ran to pavilion and did 60 derkins followed by 50 shrugs while holding picnic table. Ran back to parking lot and did light pole suicides. When we made it back to starting point we did 40, werkins, 30 Freddy, 20 big boy , 10 burpees

Roxanne- merkins red light- plank jacks
9 pax Flobee, croissant, miracle ear, woodpecker, gym shorts, esquire, wall builder, sleep number, o’riely
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Death Wish VI at the Morg


Clear skies, 76 degrees with 81% humidity.




15 IC Daisy Pickers
15 Windmills


Started off by doing an Indian Run the long way to the first parking lot, down the path and to the field to setup for our routine.

Charles Bronson Routine
Setup 3 cones with first two 70 yards apart in a line, the last another 10 yards past. At starting point, PAX performed the listed exercise, sprinted to the first cone 70 yards out, bear crawled to the next cone 10 yards out, moseyed back to start and held plank until all in. Below are the exercise sets performed:

50 OYO Merkins
50 OYO Merkins
25 OYO Jump Squats
100 OYO Overhead Claps
50 OYO buttkickers and 50 high knees

Merkin countdown:  5 Merkins, 4 Merkins, 3 Merkins, 2 Merkins, 1 Merkin then 50 SSH  (Repeated 2 times)

Merkins with alternating arm raises and another Merkin countdown 5-4-3-2-1 followed by 50 SSH.

Indian Run back to startex.


13 Pax (0 FNG)  Carport (QIC), Upgrade, Woodpecker, Potter, Sleep Number, Soulja Boy, Orange Julius, Twilight, Esquire, Miracle Ear, Topanga, Siemens and Gym Shorts (Irish Goodbye)


Spoke to the men about how encouraged I was to have 12 show up and ready to work hard.  We didn’t need any music today as the mubblechatter was good conversation and helped the time pass.

Prayed for hurting people, families and churches.

Man Maker AMRAP @ The MORG

THE SCENE: Weather was great for beat down today


 SSH IC x 25

Daisy Pickers IC x 20

SSH IC x 20

Overhead Clap IC x 15
Today was Man Maker AMRAP for time.

PAX would be a station doing AMRAP excercises on the sheet in from of them while 1 PAX would be at the Man Maker station. Everyone was to AMRAP until the PAX completed 7 Man Maker reps with 20# weights, then we would rotate. This was a timed event. 

  • The other stations
    • Flutter Kicks w/ Ruck
    • Curls – 15# weights
    • Front Squat w/ Ruck
    • Farmer Carry around group or Farmer Hold & calf raises w/ 2 – 45# weights
    • Jump Rope
    • CMU Overhead Press
    • Tricep Kickbacks – 10# weights

Round 1 – 9 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty 5 Erkins

Round 2 – 8 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty 50 LBCs

Round 3 – 7 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty NONE

Round 4 – Weight was dropped to 15# dumbells, 4 Reps each, for time. My time limit was 3min 45 sec. and we finished with 2 seconds to spare.

Flutter Kicks until time
8 PAX ( 0 FNGs) Sleep Number, Granola, Orange Julius, Esquire, Potiphar, Woodpecker, O’Reilly, Croissant
Shared a devotion I read before the workout. It was about our plans vs. God’s plans. We make plans with our lives and God has a different idea. At that moment we have a choice to say yes to His plan or yes to our plan. How we react tells the tale of whats going on inside. Ulitmately God’s plan will supersede our in the end. But the takeaway for me is that I should be taking my plans to God in the begining and asking Him if this is acceptable or not, and  being obedient when he says it’s not.
I really like doing the timed workouts, you see guys pushing not wanting to be the reason we missed the time. Guys were struggling, but they pushed through and wre not going to let the group down.  
OJ and Croissant’s M’s are expecting….. Both are around 11-13 weeks now. Be in prayer for their familes.

Also probably a lot going on Slack right now… so check it out.

Late Game of the Doubleheader

THE SCENE: YHC stuck around from Blue Collar to be QIC for the Morg.  Good times had with Choker and Upgrade.



SSH IC x30
IW IC x15
Windmills IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Mosey around the lot

Bear Crawl Merkin Ladder
Bear crawl across the parking lot, perform 1 Merkin.
Crawl Bear back, perform 2 Merkins.
Back and forth til 10 Merkins completed. (extra credit for picking up the 6)

Mosey about quarter mile to a small hill near the ditch.
7’s with Burpees and Smurf Jacks
Plank til all in. Once all in, Shoulder Taps IC x25

Mosey further down the road to a spot with a wood fence.
Irkins, Dirkins and Dips. 10 each
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back towards the Shovel Flag.  On the way back, we started leaving the 6 so YHC decided to add some extra work.  Jump Lunges til the 6 arrived.  Once there, we performed Jump Lunges IC x10. These sucked…

Mosey around the lot to where we performed bear crawls.  We lined up for Suicide sprints.  Many pax nearly died.  Potter put in work on the sprint.  He didn’t look to happy with YHC when I yelled out “Rinse and Repeat!”

Recovery walk to Shovel Flag for Mary.

American Hammer IC x30
LBC’s IC x25

12 pax. Shoestring(QIC), Orange Julius, Flobee, Woodpecker, Choker, Upgrade, Gym Shorts, Potter, Miracle Ear, Esquire, Twilight,

YHC encouraged the pax to find a Shield Lock.  I am going to keep on sharing this until most pax are in a Shield Lock.  This has changed how F3 has shaped my life and I will encourage others to do this until my face falls off.

Great effort by the pax.  Special SHOUT OUT to Choker and Upgrade for double posting at Blue Collar and the Morg.  Great morning and great effort by all pax.  The Morg seems to be getting soft on me!  They were complaining about running.  I might have to Q more often and get these boys into full F3 shape!!

Tupelo and stuff…


    • Hump-Day Grump-Day.

    • Particularly the “led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion.”

    • I had an undisclosed, but #VeryFair total rep count in mind (under 7 burpees/minute!).
    • The workout would end once ALL PAX performed AND counted ALL reps TOGETHER in cadence, or by 0615–whichever comes first.
    • Naturally, infractions reset the rep count to 0. A few times…
    • Final count: 173 burpees.

    • Pre-ruck: (1.5 PAX) BAM! & Cujo
    • Bootcamp: (12 PAX, 0 FNGs) Bootheel, Carport, Choker, Esquire, Flobee, Granola, Gym Shorts, O’Reily, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, Wall Builder, Woodpecker

    • Somehow, burpees have garnered a dreadful reputation. I’m sure at some point, every PAX has worried that one day, some idiot would try to Q 45 minutes of burpees. Personally, I prefer burpees to coffeeteria. I find exercise to be more comfortable than socializing (one of my many anxieties).

      Speaking of anxiety, I’ve been trying to help one of my kiddos learn how to navigate some phobias, which I define as an irrational fear that interferes with mundane activities. There is a huge difference between a natural disdain for illness and a paranoid avoidance of crowds–between a fear of skydiving and a fear of escalators. 

      I myself am incredibly needle-phobic. I know it’s a completely irrational fear, but needles still drive me crazy. I hate how often I let fear make decisions on my behalf. That’s why I try to get my blood taken as often as possible. It is always a terrible and humiliating experience, but I’d like to think that each time I choose to confront this fear, I weaken its power and influence in my life.

    • Mumblechatter was strong this morning. Ample disdain and threats of personal harm. I haven’t felt this much animosity since I handed back a bunch of marked up, sub-par papers to a class of undergraduate seniors. I’m very much looking forward to Sleep Number’s next Q.
    • Things could have gone far worse had Carport not been on top of the count. 
    • I wasn’t sure how this morning would go after yesterday’s Iron PAX challenge. Turns out, pretty terrible, but once we got over the hump it wasn’t so bad.
    • Some PAX struggled. Some PAX breezed through it. No man left behind. No man where we found him.
    • We had a lurker who watched us for a few minutes and then drove off. Cool. Cool.
    • I wasn’t sure if disclosing the target rep count would be more or less motivating. Maybe next time I’ll state the target.

The Shred @ The Morg

THE SCENE: Somewhat pleasent

SSH x 20 IC

Daisy Pickers x 10 IC

Arm Circles (F&B) X10 IC
I have been using a an app called Shred while I an at the gym,  today was the “Full Body” Workout so I decided to share this with my friends.

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Squats x 20 OYO
  • Diamond Merkins x 15 OYO
  • Lunges x 20
  • Seesaw Planks X 10
  • Hip Rollovers x 10
  • Side to Side Shuffles x 10 each direction
  • Rinse and Repeat, between rounds we did the circle of fire, each PAX bear crawled around while others held plank. At the end we did an indian run in the parking lot
  • Burpees x 10 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 20 IC
  • Groiners x 20 IC
  • BB Situps – 20 IC
  • Mountian Climbers x 25 IC
  • Plank Side to Side x25 IC
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Squat to High Knee x8 IC (each leg)
  • Squat Jacks x 12 IC
  • Scissor Steps x 20 IC
  • Squat Pulse x 25
  • Broad jump 4 forward , 4 backwards
  • Rinse and Repeat

Freddie Mercuries x 16 – IC (until time ran out)
9 PAX (0 FNGs) Sleep Number, Potter, Esquire, Choker, Gym Shorts, Woodpecker, Siemens, Orange Julius, Ratio
Stewardship – It not just about your money. It’s about your time, talents, money and what you’re doing with all of of it. Asking PAXs to pray and ask God about their talents and how they can use them to help out the least of these, then give the glory to GOD
I left my keys in my M’s van, so I had to call Choker to come get me. Thanks for answering.
Get on Slack… everything happens on Slack.

9/11 Memorial workout

THE SCENE: 80s dark

20 x ssh,dp,iw,and arm circles
2001 meter run  .. Today We are honoring the people who were killed on the flights.                                                                        American Airlines 11 bound from Boston to LA crashed into the North Tower at 846 eastern time killing 87  people plus 5 terrorist who were on the plane. 87 plank jacks.                                                                                                                             United Airlines  175 bound from Boston to LA crashed into the south tower at 9:03 eastern time killing 60 people plus 5 terrorist on the plane.. 60 merkins                                                                                                                                                                                      American Airlines 77 bound from Washington to LAcrashed into the Pentagon at 937 eastern . 59 people were killed plus 5 terrorist that were on the plane. 59 lbcs                                                                                                                                 United 93 Bound from Newark, NJ to San Francisco crashed at 10:03 in an open field as passengers tried to reclaim plane. 40 sumo squats..                                                          9 sets of 11… werkins, freddy mercurys,lbcs,merkins,bigboy situps, overhead hand claps, raise the roof, and shoulder blasters..

  • Sometimes
  • bulleted
  • lists
  • are
  • handy.

Planks while discussing where we were at 9/11
9 pax including  1 fng (Siemens), Flobee, Esquire, Ice Cube, Gym Shorts, Sleep Number,Woodpecker, Wall Builder, Test Tube
Let us put aside the deed of darkness  and put on the armor of light.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

The Morg Highlands

THE SCENE: Quite a pleasant morning. Comparatively cooler than it had been and a hint of a breeze.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMERNo professionals here, but we are in the habit of planting small workout groups and invigorating male community leadership.

  • 30 SSH IC
  • 20ish Arm circles IC
  • 10 Daisy Pickers IC

GOLF!!! Each hole consists of two exercises to be done in an alternating manor. Each hole starts with 12 of each exercise, then 11, then 10, etc. This is done AMRAP style for 5 minutes. Whichever round you are on is your score for the hole. ie if you completed 12/12, 11/11, 10/10, and 4 counts in the 9/9 round, your score is 9. Your final score is all hole scores added together. Mosey to each hole in between.

  • Hole 1 – Startex – Hand release merkins / Squats
  • Hole 2 – The Pavillion – Tricep Dips / Derkins
  • Hole 3 – The Playground – Hanging Leg Raises / Jump Lunges (1 is 1)  (modify HLR with seated ones but double reps)
  • Hole 4 – The Bathrooms – Donkey Wall Kicks** / 45 degree wall Irkins
  • “Clubhouse” – Startex
    • Low score was 19, high score was 38. Hold plank for 19 count IC followed by 38 jumping High Knees

**Donkey Wall Kicks – Start in a leapfrog like squat facing away from a wall, donkey kick your feet about 3 feet up said wall, then push back off down to the leapfrog like squat.

Clubhouse was kind of Mary like.

6 PAX, no FNG – Miracle Ear (QIC), Orange Julius, Gym Shorts, Woodpecker, Twilight, Potter

Our kids are like sponges and they see and replicate everything we do. Like we need to be a good example for them, we need to also do the same in our communities. People notice how we act and what we do, so do it like a true HIM.

I still am shocked that I actually PLANNED running into this workout. I like including the F3 mission at the beginning, I think Ill keep that.

Its all on slack. 9/11 coming up, there are a couple 9/11 Qs going on.