January 5, 2021


THE SCENE: Gloomy, but not too gloomy F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given WARM-O-RAMA: Hillbilly walk around the parking lot (100 IC) Imperial walk around the parking lot (100 IC) Motivators, starting at 9 Speech prompt: What motivates me to do F3? When I moved to Memphis, I was a sad clown. I had few friends and was weak – certainly…

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October 6, 2020

Monkey Humper Mile

THE SCENE: Tid bit nipply. Clear skies. Hobo there extra early sans pre-run. Ryan Howard was let down by his fellow HIMs and pre-ran by himself. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER FNG present. Went through the standard disclaimer and noted the 5 principles of F3. WARM-O-RAMA: IC SSHx19 IC Imperial WalkersX12 IC Daisy PickersX10 Stretch-yo-self My count was surprisingly awful….

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September 22, 2020


THE SCENE: 6 PAX did some form of pre-work. The place was buzzing with activity. 13 PAX joined for BC F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Bonus question: What is the foundational leadership position of F3 Memphis? A: AOQ WARM-O-RAMA: SSH Tempo Squat Carolina Dry Dock Hello Dolly THA-THANG: Merkin/BBSU mile (first 2 stops were merkins, last 2 BBSUs) 4 corners…

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August 25, 2020

Hobo Hundo Challenge

THE SCENE: Strangely quiet. Everyone noticed it. Everyone knew why: several beloved Saddles PAX regulars were absent today. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done… AND the ‘Hobo Hundo’ was introduced. I offered a crisp, $100 bill to the first person to splash merlot during the workout. It will be offered from time to time, but not every time, so we don’t have…

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June 29, 2020

U-Rock 6/19 8-Track

THE SCENE:  It was dark and most likely wet F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Don’t get hurt WARM-O-RAMA: LEGO THA-THANG: We ran, we stretched, we ran. 3.5 miles? MARY: Had a little lamb COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 5 PAx, 1 FNG (Interstate) CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Prayers for errybody MOLESKIN: Easiest backblast ever ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check Slack, Twitter, or Website

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May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Convergence 2020

THE SCENE: Beautiful Morning, 69 degrees, partly cloudy F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Forgot this ???? was thrown off by COT between the Ruck and the Murph. WARM-O-RAMA: 5 Rucked 4 miles prior to the Murph: Nature Boy, Hobo, Dawson, Speaker, Landline. 11 were there at 6am SSH x 10 IC Arm Circles x 15 IC Tempo Merkin x 7…

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May 8, 2020


THE SCENE: 70, not quite muggy but warm F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: 10xSSH 10xDaisy Pickers 10xSSH 10xTempo Squat 10xSSH 10xMerkin THA-THANG: Partner up Covid style 1: hold low plank 2: 10 burpees Rinse and Repeat Rinse and Repeat 1: high plank 2: Bear crawl 25 yards, crawl bear 25 yards back Partner sprints ~40 yards, there and back….

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