February 13, 2021

Valentine’s Day Warm up

THE SCENE: It was cold. Paper trail made it a point to let me know that he was leaving at 7:45 and that it was nothing against me F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Sloppily disclaimed – my mouth was still frozen from the ruck (which continued into the ability to count in cadence for warmarama) WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC Imperial Walkers…

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February 12, 2021

6 Wicket 2/12/2021

THE SCENE: 28 degrees with a slight breeze. Gloomy and glorious! F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: AYE WARM-O-RAMA: SSH, Chinook arm circles, forward arm circles, Abe vigoda(Old man windmill), SSH, Jog to the forth light pole, do squats and run back to the flag THA-THANG: Partner up for the following train wreck P1 AMRAP Merkins, P2 run to #1 light…

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February 9, 2021

Tire / Sandbag / CMU AMRAP

THE SCENE: 34F and a stiff wind. 3 pre-ran 2 pre-rucked 3 pulled a tire I did none of these things…but I did show up (yep Choker, that’s right, I was there) F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yes and yes. WARM-O-RAMA: MOSEY around the parking lot (the PAX always complain – I love it) Monkey Humpers x 15 IC (for…

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February 9, 2021

3 man Dora

THE SCENE: Tires strewn about, but couldn’t smell any burnt rubber F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x15 IC Windmill x10 IC Carolina Dry Dock x10 IC Gus arrived. A sign its time to begin Tha Thing! THA-THANG: 9 PAX divides nicely into 3s. 3 man DORA – PAX 2 runs to second lightpole (~50 yards) and holds PAX…

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February 7, 2021

1 Mile Tire Flip

Can you tire flip a mile in 45 minutes? THE SCENE: Gone and got cold again. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: 10 HRRM OYO 10 Shoulder Curls 20 Arm Circles 15 Imperial Walkers THA-THANG: The goal is to tire flip a mile in 45 min Indian Run style.  Each PAX flips the tire five times and then lets the…

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February 4, 2021

Sandbagging at the Turd

THE SCENE: A crisp 25F F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Given WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x 25 IC Merkins x 10 IC Good Mornings x 10 IC THA-THANG: Circuit #1: PAX circle up. Sandbags and rucksacks were assigned an exercise. Each station was worked for 3 secs each for one round. Exercises were deadlifts, cleans, curls, swings, overhead presses, and squats Toss…

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January 30, 2021

Celebration Station

THE SCENE: 46 degrees, cloudy, a few intermittent sprinkles. Lots of beautiful shovel flags flapping in the breeze when I pulled up. Lots of vehicles parked already. Mother-rucker had quite a turnout. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Welcomed and disclaimed. All seasoned PAX, no FNGs. Covered a few of the F3 core principles: this workout is free of charge, open…

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January 29, 2021

All The Things @ the Annex

THE SCENE: Cold, but not for long.  Pulling into the parking lot saw several people all ready to go and Paper Cut running up and down the parking lot. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: 20 SSH IC 5 Shoulder Circles (each way) IC 15 Daisy Pickers (all ways) IC 20 Imperial Walkers Grab all the things (rucks, cmu, tractor…

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January 27, 2021

The Bauer BC Number 6

THE SCENE: Cool and snowy, temperature around 34 degrees. Bauer Q number 6, 1-15-2021. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Disclaimed WARM-O-RAMA: Daisy Pickers IC 15, Imperial Walkers IC 15, Arm Circles IC 10, forward and reverse. THA-THANG: 3 sets each: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 SSH. 3 sets each: 10 BBS, 20 LBC, 30 Flutter Kicks. Mosey to the fountain…

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January 26, 2021

10-20-30 CMU Work

THE SCENE: Moist, sweat-inducingly warm, and also musty, thanks to Grimace’s sandbag. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done WARM-O-RAMA: 20x SSH IC 15x Squats IC 10x Burpees IC THA-THANG: Evolution #1: 4 Rounds 10x CMU Thrusters 20x CMU American Hammers 30x CMU Curls Single-arm farmer carry until failure, 5 blockies Chef modified the regular farmer carry grab to a pinch…

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