July 8, 2020


THE SCENE: A muggy 80F F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Given WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x 20 IC 8-count bodybuilders x 10 IC Overhead side lunge x 5 IC (each leg) Deadlift x 10 IC THA-THANG: Ruck 2 laps Perform 25 swings, 25 presses, 25 squats, and 25 curls. Then ruck a lap. Rinse and repeat. Hold plank til all in. Ruck…

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July 3, 2020

Missing “one”

THE SCENE:   Strange to see 5 squad cars with blue lights blocking off all but one lane on 240.  Truly a trek out to the Shiniest AO in the land.  No wonder they call it Neverland, it takes for for-never to get to it.  PAX rolled in strong, plenty of new faces to go with the face lift the…

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June 29, 2020

Terrible Twostep

Welcome – where’s Beauty Shop? Checked Slack. Flat tire. No tire iron. Neighbor happens by with said tire Iron. BS does a NASCAR worthy tire change and makes it for last 10 min. WoR Daisy Pickers x 10, Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Windmills x 10 IC, Goofballs x 15 IC Thang: Terrible Twostep Step 1: 100 Derkins…

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June 21, 2020


THE SCENE:  Perfect morning gloom, windows down cruising along Germantown Parkway to see Hobo running along.  I didn’t pull over and offer him a ride as everyone knows its “dangerous” giving Hobo’s a ride.  While setting up the BC party, the pre-runners stopped by with an FNG they had just met. I’m glad I almost brought enough ‘utensils’. F3…

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June 21, 2020

Are You A Turtle? YBYSAIA

THE SCENE: Couldn’t be any more humid. Speaker was the only one there when I arrived. Swimming through the air as I got out of my truck. Everything was wet from the rain. Overcast and gloomy, but it was not raining. Tomb Raider and then Beauty Shop pulled up. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Stumbled through it. WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x…

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June 18, 2020

The Yoke Feels Heavy to the Tender Neck

THE SCENE: Mid 60s. Glad to see several new (to me) faces at the armory. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Done and shared the 5 core principles of F3. WARM-O-RAMA: 20x Mountain Climbers 4:1 Bat Wings IC (20x Forward Arm Circle, Reverse, Seal Clap, OH Clap) 15x Prison Squats IC, Slow 10x Hand Release Merkin IC 20x SSH Mosey around…

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June 4, 2020

full body workout

THE SCENE: the first time I’ve seen another human in weeks, other than my immediate family. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER done WARM-O-RAMA: 12 SSH IC 12 Daisy Pickers IC 12 Imp. Walker IC THA-THANG: 1 lap around the track and then stop and perform exercise after each lap: 1 minute plank. 50 squats OYO. 50 merkins OYO. 50 BBSUs…

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June 2, 2020

Spectator of Injustice

THE SCENE: Not a car on Quince as I disciplined myself to stay home until 0600.  The extra hour of sleep did nothing as I just laid awake in bed reflecting on the pain to come.  All PAX rolled in together except Rabbit whose 20 minute commute from the dirty Dova prevented his presence for the opening festivities. F3…

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June 1, 2020


THE SCENE A cool 65F F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Given WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x 33 IC THA-THANG: 11s x 3: Round 1 – Burpees and LBCs Round 2 – Squats and Carolina Dry Docks Round 3 – Merkins and BBS Wall Sits: PAX hold wall sits while each PAX takes turns running around the building. MARY: She came to Tha…

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May 27, 2020

Ruck Roundup #2

  THE SCENE:Humid 75F F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA:SSH x 25 IC 8-count Body Builder x 10 IC Slow Squat x 10 IC Imperial Walkers x 10 IC Good Mornings x 10 IC *Ruck around big loop then to field at track* THA-THANG:Partner up. Round 1 x 3 A. Ruck Swings x 20 B. Hold plank til partner is…

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