January 20, 2020


THE SCENE: 24* and bitter F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Prescribed, but without any lawyers present, it didn’t even really count. WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x25 IW’s x20 Hillbillies x15 A train rolled in and YHC brought the Blazing Saddle tradition of 15 burpees for a train to The Ruins…..OYO As we consider MLK day, Psalm 13 comes to mind. “How long,…

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January 17, 2020

Runnin’, Lungin’, Jumpin’ at The Barracks

THE SCENE: Chilly and drizzly F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed! WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x20 IC Michael Phelps x10 IC IW x10 IC Hillbillies x10 IC Daisy Pickers x10 IC Mosey a lap around the track with high knees, butt kickers, and carioca THA-THANG: Part I Partner up at the pull-up bars! Partner 1 does AMRAP pull-ups, dips, and sit-ups while waiting…

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January 15, 2020

1/15 ao old forest (manny)

THE SCENE: Ao: old forest, still dark, slight rain and very wet. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Good morning everyone just a fair warning I am not a professional, please exercise at your own risk. But seriously go at your own pace if needed and modify the workout as you see necessary. WARM-O-RAMA: Side straddle hope (20) daisy pickers (20)…

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January 14, 2020

Downtown Workout (Leg Day)

THE SCENE: Nice day. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC x 30; Daisy Pickers IC x 10 THA-THANG: Bunny hop up stairs at bluff x 3 with an alternating set at the top. Squats x 20 Lunges x 20 Monkey Lovers x 20 30’s over Beale Street Landing Squats Lunges MARY: Too much leg focus to worry about…

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January 10, 2020

Squads on the track

THE SCENE: 60 degrees. Heavy rains predicted but they fartsacked F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER – given, with an emphasis on good form WARM-O-RAMA: 20 x SSH IC Mosey Lap THA-THANG: Find a squad (4-5 PAX) – use the straightaways as 100m and recover on the curves 100m lunge walk, 100m high knees 100m sprint, 100m sprint 100m butt-kickers, 100m broad…

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January 7, 2020

Sandlot IS King Of The Bluff

 Welcome & Disclaimer: Yep Warm-a-Rama: SSH x 20 IW x 12 Hillbillies x 12 Arm circles x 20 Tempo Merkins x 12 Tempo squats x 12 Daisy Picker Mosey to sand volleyball court: Tha-Thang: Modified Dora 1-2-3 with partner in the sand: 100 derkins – mode of transportation: Vacuum Cleaners (wheel barrow) 200 squats – mode of transportation: Apple…

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January 6, 2020


THE SCENE: Old Forest, good weather at 41º F! F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Considering the workout, Everyone was welcomed with “Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages, Welcome to Barnum’s F3-Ring-Circus!” I disclaimed any skills, and disclaimed anyone who paid anyone else to be there, and we went on with things. WARM-O-RAMA: We warmed up with…

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January 4, 2020

Two-ey for Dewey! (2nd F3versary)

THE SCENE: Mid 55s and “lightly” raining as we arrived.  Some PAX were hopeful for a visit to the parking garage to stay out of the rain. They were disappointed. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: 20 x SSH (IC) 10 x Imperial Walkers (IC) 10 x Hillbillies (IC) 10 x Daisy Pickers (IC) 15 secs of free stretching Mosey…

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January 3, 2020

Ring of Fire at The Bullseye

It was wet Ring of Fire : 1 round = 2 rotations pax 1 – (All rounds) rucked a lap around the parking lot pax 2 – (rd 1)slam balled(rd 2) feet together slam (rd 3) chest pass pax 3 – (rd 1) CMU curls (rd2) CMU over head (rd3) CMU swings pax 4 – (rd1) Sand bag toss…

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