July 31, 2020

Full Body Workout

THE SCENE: Humid, moist, damp. Several frogs may have not survived the pre-run/tire pull. Blame Speedy running too fast. Farmer drove 2.5 hours for this workout, so I had to make it one worth his while. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Given like 8 times. WARM-O-RAMA: Flutter Kicks ICx31 Inch Worms OYOx31 Monkey Humpers ICx16 Mosey Monkey Humpers ICx15 (for…

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June 30, 2020

We Don’t Like SPAMS at the Annex

THE SCENE: Hot. Humid. Almost like somebody… Yeah, that’s it. PAX roll in. All cars, no coconuts. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Administered 20 seconds late. Cobains. Said push yourself..don’t break yourself… I’m not a professsional…ummm… Right. Warm up. WARM-O-RAMA: 20 SSH IC 20 Windmill IC 20 IW IC 20 Arm Circles FWD IC 20 Arm Circles REV IC 20…

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June 22, 2020

A Bugbear Battle in the realm of Arcadia

THE SCENE: Arcadia sits on the precipice of precipitation, narrowly avoiding a thunderstorm this morning. with 5 minutes to game time, I wonder, “Craaap, are they meeting on the south side again now?” NAY. The warriors stride in on their chariots…and hobo’s cool bike, and I ran across the park for naught. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Given thoroughly since…

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June 16, 2020

We Are The Nanners Who Say Ni

THE SCENE: Beautimous cool gloom as Grimace and I came slogging in after our 2 mile pre-run. Logger fka Lager was loitering or logging in the parking lot. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER You’re nanners! Do what you want but don’t hurt yourself or your neighbor, unless it’s Gunshow. WARM-O-RAMA: Mountain Man Poopers x 10, Goofballs x 20 (Roomba decided…

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June 2, 2020

Delayed Gratification at the AOQ-Free Annex

THE SCENE: Picture a man, a robot vacuum man. Sitting in a car. It’s 0600. No one is there. He swears gently and prepares to wait in solitude because he forgot we were going to start at 0615, to let people travel after the curfew expired. The sun is already out and it feels nice. Like very early spring,…

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May 4, 2020

The Star Wars Dad Jokes are strong with this one

THE SCENE: It’s (unofficially) Star Wars Day. “May the 4th be with you”. Captain O (as acting AOQ) advised that he would call a mandatory 60 seconds of stargazers each time I would call out an exercise related to Star Wars. Challenge accepted. It was beautiful in the gloom today. 66 degrees, partly cloudy. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER We…

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March 2, 2020

Fun Run and Weights

THE SCENE: 50 degrees and 87% humidity – shorts and t-shirt weather for YHC F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Done WARM-O-RAMA: SSH – 24 – IC Daisy Pickers – 12 – IC Abe Vigodas – 12 – IC 12 Baby Arm Circles – IC (forward and backward) THA-THANG: 1. Mile Run and Fun Pax started with 10 Burpees / 20…

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February 7, 2020

Everyone Missed the Tire

THE SCENE: Cold. Damp. Dusting of snow on the ground. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yes. WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC x20 Windmills IC x10 Hillbillies IC x10 Arm Circles IC x20 forward IC x20 reverse Overhead Arm Clap IC x20 Some other stuff. THA-THANG: DORA 1,2,3 100 Merkins (or as I mistakenly called them, “pushups”) 200 Squats 300 Flutter Kicks Running…

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February 3, 2020

Playing Jacks at the Annex

THE SCENE: It was a dark and rainy gloom. None of that wet hair routine. We started under the awning. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: 20 SSH IC 15 Windmills IC 20 Arm Circles FWD/REV IC 20 Imperial Walkers IC 15 Daisy Pickerts THA-THANG: As the Annex well knows, I am struggling with a crippling exercise dice addiction. God…

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