January 8, 2020

Sandles with Socks

Welcome x 3 (first 1 PAX, then another, glad you made it) WoR Arm circles x 10 Reverse ac x 10 IWs x 20 IC DPs x 10 IC SSH x 20 IC Tha Thang Sling Shot Run around north loop clockwise. Stop at pavilion (woke a sleeping man, Sorry!) 8 box jumps, 8 dips, 8 derkins. Bearcrawl back…

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December 18, 2019

An Early Morning Visit to the Art Museum

THE SCENE: 27 degrees and overcast. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Did it WARM-O-RAMA: Side Straddle Hops x25 Imperial Walkers x15 Daisy Pickers x15 Windmills x14 THA-THANG: Mosey to the stairs of the Brooks Museum with a stop for holding Al Gore and a stop for holding Plank Elevens: Burpees — run up stairs — Big Boy Situps Mosey back…

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November 21, 2019

FOURed at Old Forest 11/19/19

THE SCENE: 42 & clear F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: yes and yes and yes (for three waves of arrivers) WARM-O-RAMA: In cadence . . . SSH x 20 Imperial Walkers x 12 Hillbillies x 12 Windmill x 12 Daisy Picker x 12 Arm Circles x 20 (10 forward, 10 backward) THA-THANG: Slingshot Run (aka Indian Run) around the Old…

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July 26, 2018

The 4-Round-Downtown-Beatdown

THE SCENE: a Memphis July morning (miserably humid and 76 degrees) F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH X20 ARM CIRCLES X20 DAISY PICKERS X20 Leg stretches Mosey to TLP Pull Up Bars THA-THANG: Accompanied by 200 watts of hip hop BANGERS, the PAX began 4 rounds of partner beatdowns: Round 1/Partner 1: 5 Pull Ups 5 Merkins 5 Dips…

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July 14, 2018

RUINS rush of blood to the head

THE SCENE: “The Ruins,” aka Spaghetti Warehouse/Tom Lee Park. Muggy, 78 degrees, loads of dew and water sprinklers. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome: I am not a professional You are participating at your own risk You are responsible for your own wellbeing You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here Know your limits and do…

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April 2, 2018

OF Dora Memorial

THE SCENE:  Weather Q for the win! No rain nor lightning; windchill in the upper 30s F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER PAX + FNGs welcomed and disclaimed WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x 25 Windmills x 20 Imperial Walkers x 20 Hillbillies x 20 Partner up & hold partners ankle while they bounce for 30 seconds; 15 second break, alternate legs until each…

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March 11, 2018

Best for Last

THE SCENE: Welcome: I am not a professional 
2. You are participating at your own risk 
3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing 
4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here 
5. Know your limits and do the best you can WARM-O-RAMA: 10x SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats. Mosey two…

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March 1, 2018

Animal Crawl

THE SCENE:  Wet, Rainy, Mild F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: SSH, baby arm circles, walk out merkins, stretching, maybe something else, all to counts that are prime numbers, just for fun. And a mosey. THA-THANG: It was supposed to be a relay race, but, due to low numbers in the rain and Q error, it wasn’t as much a…

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