“10 PAX enter. 1 PAX leave.” Thunderdome at the Levee

THE SCENE: Temps in the teens, felt like the ‘tweens’.  The respite from the stiff wind of yesterday was welcome.  I could hear the deer moving around at 0515 but quickly retired to the warmth of my vehicle for another welcome 10 minutes.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I’m not responsible for lost digits, lost appendages, frostbite, nor pneumonia. You can workout topless but I am not responsible for what happens if you do.  Count o’rama done, number remembered.

WARM-O-RAMA:   SSHs x 30 IC, Urpees x 20 IC, Mosey warm-up lap.
THA-THANG:   Moseyed to the batting cage, our ‘Thunderdome’ in the gloom.

A cone had been placed about 30 feet outside of the cage.  PAX filed into the cage.

  • #1 PAX ran out to the cone, completed 10 Burpees and ran back touching the home plate.  1 minute time hack.  Penalty enforced if needed.
  • 9 other PAX completed an exercise x 20 reps at the same time
    • 20 reps of Carolina Dry Docks
  • #2 PAX turn, other PAX did 20 reps of Jump Lunges (1=1)
  • #3 PAX up, other PAX did 20 Hand Release Merkins
  • #4 PAX up, other PAX did 20 Bobby Hurleys
  • Rinse and repeat the round while PAX #’s 5-8 completed the Burpee time hack challenge.
  • Rinse and repeat half the round for PAX 9 and 10.  (10 minutes total, at least 40-60 reps of each exercise)
  • #1 PAX bear crawled to the cone, completed 10 Burpees, and bear crawled back under 1 minute.  Others completed 30 reps of: Air squats, BBSUs, Merkins, Mt. Climbers.  Rinse and Repeat round until all PAX completed the time hack challenge.  (10 minutes total, at least 60-90 reps of each exercise)
  • #1 PAX crab walked to the cone, completed 10 Burpees, and crab walked back under 1 minute.  Others completed 40 secs – 1 minute of: Low Plank, Balls to the Wall, Superman, Wall sit.  Rinse and Repeat round until all PAX completed the time hack challenge.  (10 minutes total, at least 1.5 to 3 minutes of each total)

MARY:   She was frosty today but we honored her in the thunderdome.
COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   10 PAX, 0 FNGs. Halpert, Slicnut, Rabbit, Rocket Launcher, La-Z Boy, Red Light, Boudreaux, Tomb Raider, Pronto Pup,

I, and I expect we, learn most through the ‘suck’.  The times of suffering and pain bring forth accelerated growth if one sticks to his foundation belief.

Yes, God cares deeply for our suffering.  He wants to give us more freedom, and to see us happy.  He wants us to have a great marriage, a car that works, all our bills paid, a house to sell, kids that are healthy, and job promotions.  He cares when we are suffering in these areas.

However, he wants a relationship with us MORE than our personal comfort.  He cares MORE about having a relationship with us than our marriages, functioning cars, paid bills, stable domiciles, healthy 2.0’s, and jobs.  Therefore, he allows the days of suffering to hit us.

Its in the suffering that there is an opportunity to accelerate our 3rd F.  Faith can be strengthened, our relationship with Him can increase as we relinquish our false sense of control and rely on Him.

We don’t sit back in heated arm chairs to accelerate our 1st F.  We defy the cold, rip asunder our muscles and in the process we obtain mental fortitude and new tissue growth.

Therefore, grow in faith in the suffering. If you are up on a mountain top today then take a trip down into the valley to stand shoulder to shoulder with a brother who’s going through suffering.  Because God has positioned you, equipped you, and called you to do so and the day of suffering will be upon you soon enough, guaranteed.

MOLESKIN:    Today was harder than yesterday to muster the mental strength needed to get out there.  Fortunately, I had to as the Leveeites were expecting me to and counting on me.

I encourage the disruption of the winter weather gear status quo.  The human body is adaptable.  The mind is adaptable.  Most of what we do is mental anyway.  Now, I’m not encouraging the lowering of one’s immune system to the point of making one useless as a HIM but I bet you’d learn something about yourself if you challenged yourself a bit more.  “A man must know his limits”.  I say F* that.  “A man will never know his limits if he doesn’t push up against them from time to time.”

For those of you who thought you’d never workout in 17 degree weather at 0530, well you just did!  You are more adaptable and tougher than you once thought.

No penalties were enforced.  The single PAX challenge was too easy.  That was my fault.  Placing the cone further away or increasing the burpee count would have done the trick.  Its a fine line to toe between pushing us to the edge of failure and the destruction of one’s hope.

Slater’s move postponed for the day.  Prayers requested for Slater.  Prayers for Rabbit’s M Rebecca.  Prayers for my SIL Carly, who’s recovering from back surgery.

Veteran’s Day Beatdown

THE SCENE: 40’s, Cold, Gloomy, Perfect for a beat down
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: By Participating you assume all responsibility

Figured we get that “sergeant slaughter” starter in today. Mumble chatter commenced (I like  burpees, said no one ever).

Image result for sergeant slaughter gif

Exercise Rep Count Cadence
Burpees 15 OYO
Side Straddle Hop 25 IC
Arm Circles Forward 10 IC
Arm Circles Backward 10 IC
High Knees 20 IC
Stretch 30 sec


Throw merkins on top of burpees? Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Exercise Rep Count Cadence
Merkin Mile
Run 1/4 Mile
Diamond Merkins 25 OYO
Run 1/4 Mile
Military Merkins 25 OYO
Run 1/4 Mile
Standard Merkins 25 OYO
Run 1/4 Mile
Wide Arm Merkins 25 OYO
Route 66
Burpees 1
Burpees 11
Squats 1
Squats 10
Circle up Dudes
Step Ups 15 OYO
Derkins 15 OYO
Dips 15 OYO


Exercise Rep Count Cadence
Flutter Kicks 20 IC
American Hammer 20 IC
Freddy Mercury 20 IC
LBCs 20 IC

14 PAX, No FNGs

Boudreaux, Burp Cloth, Datsun, Farmer,  Halpert,  Hobby Lobby, Landline (QIC), La-Z-Boy, Meter Maid, Pebbles, Plunger, Pronto Pup, Red Light, Rocket Launcher

Today is Veteran’s Day. A day where we celebrate those who honorably served our country to protect the freedoms that many of us take for granted. My brother served in the Air Force for 6 years doing multiple tours in the middle east and being stationed overseas most of that time. I never served myself, so I would like to personally thank every veteran for their service. I also pray that those who have suffered physically or mentally in the line of duty, be uplifted today by those around them.

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him” – G.K. Chesterton

I really enjoyed today’s Q. We paid the man. Everyone should have a sore chest tomorrow. Especially if you are doing this month’s F3 pushup challenge. While I still stumble with speaking my prayers out loud, I hope to get better with time.

Slater is looking for volunteers to help him move from his house in Colleirville to another house in Collierville this Wednesday 11/13 @ noon. Check Slack for address.

Pickle Pounder Free Partner Party



  • Mosey around the parking lot (Follow me)
  • SSH IC x 25
  • Windmills IC x 10
  • Daisy Pickers IC x 10
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 15
  • Overhead Claps IC x 15



Indian Run to skate park – we did this in 2 lines

  • P1:  Mosey to top of fence and return to P2
  • P2: Start on exercise

4 rounds & exercises were:

  • Box Jumps
  • Calf Raises
  • Merkins
  • Squats

Plank until all in between each round

Indian Run back to flag


  • P1: moseys a loop around the parking lot (quickly modified to end of the parking lot and back)
  • P2:  Starts on exercises
  • When P1 gets back he picks up where P2 left off with exercises.

Exercises were as follows:

  • 100 American Hammers w/ CMU
  • 150 Overhead Presses w/ CMU
  • 200 CMU Curls
  • 250 CMU Squats


More partner fun.

  • P1: Hold CMU above head and start walking (goal was to go all the way around the parking lot)
  • P2:  Perform 5 burpees, then mosey to P1 and switch roles.


  • Flutter Kicks IC x 20
  • Hello Dollys IC x 10
  • Dealers Choice – J-Los IC x 10 (thanks Tomb Raider)

20 PAX, no FNGs.  Rocket Launcher, Slicnut, Raven, Red Light, Farmer, Steinbrenner, C-Lo, Gas Mask, Pronto Pup, Sully, Tomb Raider, Slater, Leaf Blower, Boudreaux, Pebbles, Snowman, Burp Cloth, Datsun, Dirty Bird, Rabbit (QIC)

Science says that we need at least 4 basic elements to survive.

  1. Water
  2. Air
  3. Food
  4. Light

And look what the Bible tells us about Jesus.

  1. I am the Living Water
  2. I am the Breath of Life
  3. I am the Bread of Life
  4. I am the Light of the World


  • Always great to see Tomb Raider come for a visit, great to see Sully, Pronto Pup and Raven back out (although quite frankly I didnt know you hadnt been there since I don’t post at the Levee regularly (shame on me).

Observations:  SO MANY this morning.  I did NOT want to come to F3 this morning.  I didn’t feel good physically and mentally I wasn’t feeling strong either.  Nevertheless, I got up at 0430 when my alarm went off and went downstairs and sat there for what seemed like an eternity.  I had many doubts in my head about what I had planned which continued during my drive.  I even had a brief thought that maybe I would get a flat tire and then I wouldn’t have to Q…terrible I know.  I got to the Levee about 15 minutes early and hoped the Qdrenaline would set in.  I retrieved my CMUs and others started rolling in and I could feel the community juices flowing and even though I was still questioning everything, I knew these men were relying on me to make them better and stronger so I sucked it up and lead us through the exercises marking them off 1 by 1.   When we were all done, everyone (except Tomb Raider of course) looked kind of tired so I knew I had done a good thing.  I felt a little bit energized from the PAX and encouraged by everyone there who was working hard to get better!  I didnt mention any of this in my BOM although thinking back on it now, I probably should have.  It’s ok and I would say a good thing for guys to be vulnerable with others guys and share your fears, your struggles, and put it out there because more than likely other guys have been there or are currently there right now.  Don’t be afraid to be REAL with a brother.

  • Prayers for O Positive, Slater, PAX who will be doing the GoRuck Tough / Light, Homie and Commie in the Army


  • GoRuck Tough and Light this weekend
  • November Monthly Challenge:  100 merkins per day outside of boot camp
  • Join “Fight For Micah” marathon team to support Pirtle and St. Jude
  • Potter has his VQ at the Morg on Friday 11/8
  • Barracks and Lair also now meet on Saturdays from 0530-0615

Running and Stuff

THE SCENE: 53 degrees, clear skies

SSH IC x 25

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Smurf Jacks IC x 15

Baby Arm Circles IC x 20

Shoulder Press IC x 15

Indian Run

Box Jumps OYO x 30

Big Boy Situps IC x 25

Merkins until Skids completed 10 pull ups

Mosey to turf field for 11’s

  • 1 Merkin, run to opposite end of turf field (100 yds), 10 Big Boy Situps, run back to start
  • 2 Merkins, run to opposite end of turf field, 9 Big Boy Situps, run back to start
  • continue on until reaching 10 Merkins and 1 Big Boy Situp

Bear Crawl across field (approx 50 yds)

Sprint back

Jump skip across field

Broad Jump back

Sprint across field

LBC’s IC x 25

Flutter Kicks IC x 25

Merkins until time
10 PAX: Holy Roller, Iced, Hello Kitty, Skids, Sideline, Pronto Pup, Vector, Twitty, Utah, Pops (QIC)
Step out of your comfort zone
Good to see Vector out in the gloom

Super 21

  • THE SCENE: ErrBody hoping it’s the last humid day of the fall/summer

    Q is tired of SSH so he thought a round of Absolution was in order – 10

    • Possibly not a great idea cuz Q lost count a few times due to lack of air in his lungs
  • Up/Downs w/ High Knees – 10
  • Shoulder Warm Up
  • 100 yard sprint
    Super 21 Routine – alternating Merkins (on odd count) / Carolina Dry Docks (on even count) and BBSU.

Do 1 merkin followed by 1 situp; 2 CDD / 2 situps; 3 merkins / 3 situps, etc., etc. ……. up to 21 merkins/ 21 situps

  • After 10 – 50 squats
  • After 15 – 50 Bonnie Blairs (2 is 1)
  • After 19 – 50 Monkey Hummers
  • After 21 – 100 yard sprint

Flutter Kicks, Plank, Calf Raises
11 PAX
What would your best self do?

A nice rubric to work through whenever you have to decide between a couple of moral choices.


THE SCENE: Beautiful Fall morning 70 F with star bright clear skys!!  Ahhhhhh!

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  PAX were welcomed with F3 Principles and disclaimed as per standard.  

25  4 count SSH IC, 10 4 Count Slow Daisy Pickers, 10 4 Count Arm Circles & Reverse


R is for Run – Welcome Merkin Mile. PAX ran ~9 minute mile pace west on Neshoba stopping every quarter mile (25 OYO Merkins, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks) and back to the Pavilion. (1 mile with exercise 10:43) Encouragement from Come Fly With Me (Classic Sinatra), Thunderstruck (AC/DC), Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

E is for Elevens – Bonnie Blair Jump Lunges, Bear crawl  ~10 yards to Pavilion for Dips & Mosey Back for another round.  Encouragement from Happy (Pharrell Williams), Born in USA (Springsteen) – Mosey to the District 5

S is for Smurf Jacks – 25 IC 4 count Smurfs accompanied by Roxxanne (Police)

P is for Pickle Pounders – 15 IC 4 count Pounders

EC is for Escalating Cut Flips AMRAP 2 minutes for music completion, BigBoys/Merkins: 5/5, 6/6, 7/7, 8/8 …

T is for RESPECT (Aretha Franklin) Alternating Shoulder Taps to the beat with Merkins at ever repeat of “Respect” or “Just A Little Bit”  (2 minutes plank endurance) 

Mary was Dealers choice:   RW 15 – 4 count LBC, Captain O – 4 Count Flutter Kicks, Slots Two Rounds Red/Yellow/Green Lights, Stretch it Out, Mix it up with 15 IC 4 count Diamond Merkins, Chuck Cheese – Finished off with Box Cutters and Make the Box.

11 PAX – Woody, Land Line, Shag, Slots, Captain Obvious, Pronto Pup, Chucky Cheese, Black Diamond, Swipe Right, Oscar, Rainbow Warrior


Honor God in all you do every day, Learn something, Have fun.  That is what I told my kids as a coach when they were younger.  Here is something further:  Fear the Lord – Beginning of Wisdom but don’t be afraid or worry about this world; Have Faith – Rejoice and give praise in all circumstances; Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and Love your neighbor as yourself.  That is what I see all the time in F3.

Prayers for Adoption process being completed, for Health Issues, for Parenting Mercies and Praise for being able to get out of bed each day.

Putting yourself on the line for your F3 Brothers is a great experience.  But it is just a start and it has to translate to the rest of your life.  It’s too easy to get either complacent or comfortable.  I have to say I’m 54 and got lost in my every day struggle.  Get yourself out of your personal divot. Make a difference.  You will get more back than you put in to it.

Captain O will be guest AOQ for a bit while Chucky is off gallivanting.  See mumble chatter but there are upcoming opportunities for Sat at Mothership for 2.0’s and Rucktober Fest coming up.

Somebody took a detour on Route 66 and ended up on the Highway to Hell


The Levee; 71 and balmy



SSH x 25 IC

Follow Me


Group work: Part 1

  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • Recover
  • Resume run
  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • Recover
  • Resume run
  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • Recover
  • Resume run

Group work: Part 2=HIGHWAY TO HELL

Route 66 on NOS

  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • LBCs
  • Mtn Climbers (2:1)
  • Penny Hardaways (B. Hurleys in spirit but with Memphis Mojo)
  • Merkins


Stargazers x 45 seconds

14; Pebbles, Leaf Blower, Watchita, Lazy Boy, Gas Mask, Coach K, Slater, Sully, Boudreaux, Pronto Pup, Steinbrenner, Rocket Launcher, Red Light and O Positive (YHC)



Be careful where you place your JOY.

True JOY comes from 1 true source: Sky Q.

Select wisely.


We did work.


See: Preblast

We Pretended to be Frogs

THE SCENE: Shorts Weather – the elasticity from my underarmor briefs was failing.

  • SSH ICx20
  • Merkins  ICx10
  • Pickle Pounders ICx10
  • Arm Circles Forward ICx15 Backwards ICx15
  • Squats ICx20

Frogger to playground. That was terrible.

At playground, stations were established for each PAX. Stations were tire pull, decline merkins, box jumps, battle rope, plyo-merkins, dips, CMU squats, and sandbag curls. PAX would perform AMRAP at their station while the tire puller pulled said tire down the hill and back up the hill which took roughly 45 seconds to complete, give or take. PAX were instructed to run backwards up the hill.

After completing 1 round, we did a Sidewinder approximately 50 feet total.

Complete another round of stations.

Another Sidewinder.


  • Flutter Kicks ICx30
  • American Hammers ICx20

8 PAX – Gomer, Gun Show, Speedy, Tremor, Pronto Pup, DHL, Roomba.
It’s easy to express our faith when we’re around other believers, go to faith based schools, or work at faith based organizations. Being away for 10 weeks and in a place surrounded by people that didn’t hold the same faith I did made for a challenging environment. My encouragement this morning was to get outside of your normal routine occasionally and put yourself around others who don’t have the same faith as you. You might rub off on them. 


I’m not sure if the Froggers or Sidewinders were worse.

Ask Speedy. I know nothing.

Taking Route 66 to Dora at the Levee

THE SCENE:  73 degrees
Done & Done

15 Daisy Pickers IC
15 Bat Wings IC

Route 66 – Merkins
Mosey to Football Field Parking Lot

Partner up for Dora
50 Burpees
100 Peter Parkers
200 BBS
300 Squats

Flutter Kicks
25 LBCs IC
25 American Hammers IC

25 PAX, No FNGs

It’s often said that change is the only constant in life. If it’s the only constant in life, why is it so hard? Why am I so bad at it? For those that don’t know, I’m going through a lot of change. I’ll soon be moving to Virginia, after living in Memphis for practically my entire life.  My goal in this is to embrace change and learn how to accept it and thrive in it. The first lesson I learned is that you have to rely on your faith, your family and your friends. Talk to people when you begin to wrestle with life decisions. I didn’t and struggled silently for some time. When you open up about what’s going on in life, it a huge burden gets lifted. F3 is more than a workout. Do life with these guys. 

Great morning. I’m going to miss being out there with you all each morning. See you on Thanksgiving!


Sparky’s September Stair Challenge Club  this Friday. 5:30am. Butler Ave. Parking at Tom Lee Park. 37 Flights of stairs. 1 hour.

Homie’s Last Stand


THE SCENE:  80 F and Stanky
All PAX were welcomed and Disclaimed
PAX were instructed to form lines military style.  Time hack 15 seconds.  PAX did not complete the task in the allotted 10 seconds so 10 penalty burpees were issued
Merkins IC X 10
Daisy Pickers IC X 15
Lunges IC X 10 Both Legs
Apollo Ono’s IC X 5 -(SMH no one apparently watches dancing with the stars) (Neither does QIC)
Arm Circles IC X 10 Front and Back
Partner climb Merkins – Partners in a T formation both do 1 Merkin in-Sync Partner 1 Climbs up on back of Partner 2 and then returns to plank.  Perform 10 OYO then switch.

Mosey Military March is our transportation for today.  Two lines side by side marching together like in the movies.  Rabbit led the cadence and apparently has 2 Left rabbit foots (Lucky guy).  
March to the Sk8 park 
QIC instructed PAX to stop 1/2 way to Sk8 park and perform 20 dips on rollers OYO followed by 20 incline Merkins on rollers.

Reform lines and continue to Sk8 park.

At Sk8 park the PAX was enlightened by QIC to get a little Levee history and shout outs to Captain Obvious (aka Benedick Arnold) and Halpert for their leadership over the last 2 years. 

Partners were split:
Partner 1 – Levee OG from Gus – Bear Balls to the wall going right.
Partner 2 – Box jumps
Switch when Partner 1 returns 

Round 2
Partner 1 – Bear Balls to the Wall going left
Partner 2 – Box jumps

Reform lines and head to the softball first base line.

Round 1 – All Pax together –
Army Crawl to second base
Crab Crawl to Third base – (Homie’s first time to make it to third base 🙂
Return to first base line by crossing home plate

Round 2 – 
Partner carry to 2nd base 
Switch and Partner carry to 3rd base 
Return to first base line by crossing home plate

Round 3 
Partner Wheel barrow to 2nd base
Switch to 3rd base

Head to Flag

Gas Pumpers IC X 20
Jane Fondas IC X 10 both legs
Freddie Mercurys IC 20

12 PAX (1 FNG Gas Mask)

We send off Homie to the Army (Sunday) to serve this great country.  QIC encouraged Homie and the PAX to Lead with you head up.  This came from Judges 7 – Gideon is instructed by GOD to go fight against a massive army with 3000 men then he was instructed to only take 300.  God chose the men that drank with their heads up.  God has chosen you to lead.  It is your decision whether to lead with your head up or down.  God will use those that have their head up (Pray, Read God’s word, fellowship with other believers).

Also, before you lead put on the full Armor of God so that you can withstand the enemy.  Pray Ephesians 6:10-18 over yourself and your family.  

F3 Memphis is honored to have former military, current military, and soon to be military serving our country.  QIC is thankful for your service.  We will continue to pray for you Homie.

901 FC Saturday night – please purchase your tickets here