February 22, 2021

Parked Out by the Lake

THE SCENE: Cold. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Welcomed and disclaimed. WARM-O-RAMA: 25 Side-Straddle Hops 12 Daisy Pickers 12 Imperial Walkers 12 Hillbillies 20 Arm Circles (forward, backward, little, big) THA-THANG: Parked Out by the Lake: Played this song on my speaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_zS_uiPWxs Start in plank position. Murcan every time he says “Lake”, mountain climber for “park”, jump up like…

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February 10, 2021

Precursor to Pain

Scene: Dark and Gloomy, but not wet as proposed by weather guessers Welcome + Disclaimer: Given multiple times as PAX spilled in at 0527-0532 WoR MMP x 15 IC, Goofballs x 20 IC, Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Inserted SSH x 10 for late arriving PAX, Daisy Pickers x 10 Precursor to the Main Thang Bear Block Burners…

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February 9, 2021

Scout’s Run / The Gambler

The Scene: sweet spot…brisk 40 degrees. My favorite conditions. Welcome & disclaimer Warm-o-rama SSH x30 Daisy Pickers x10 Imperial Walkers x10 Hillbillies x10 Polka Stretch x10 Arm Circles x20 Stretch before we leave the parking lot area. The thang Scout’s Run (Pax in front sprints 15-20 yards and then goes to back of the line) to the parking lot…

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February 2, 2021

Drag,Throw,Lift, Shove

THE SCENE: Cold and Dark. General February Weather.  The wind was the worst of it. 27 degree windchill.  Could be worse, I guess. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER High Knees during the welcome and disclaimer! WARM-O-RAMA: Countdown instead of Count Up: 20 SSH IC.  PAX were to count down from 20 instead of up from 1. 15 Deep Squats IC….

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January 27, 2021

in honor of pyrtle and dewey

THE SCENE: cold F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER was short, but sweet WARM-O-RAMA: Motivators countdown from 6 IC Daisy Pickers x 10 IC Forward Arm Circles x 10 IC Backward Arm Circles x 10 IC Overhead Claps x 10 IC THA-THANG: To honor two long lost PAX who haven’t graced Old Forest with their presence in quite a while, I…

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January 25, 2021


THE SCENE:   Lots of trees. I had some company pre-rucking but they preferred fartsacking in the gazebo and smoking a stogy on the bench.  I should have EH’d them.  What are their names? and can we help them? F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Disclaimed, welcome the FNG (forgot). WARM-O-RAMA:   High knees x 10 IC, Butt kicks x 10 IC, Burpees…

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January 22, 2021


THE SCENE: sceney F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER was short but sweet, like myself WARM-O-RAMA: a too long explanation of how to do the first exercise MOTIVATORS – 6:countdown IC Daisy Pickers  X 10 IC Mosey around track. THA-THANG: This morning, I had the PAX do a series of lots of exercises with lots of moseying in between, always going…

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January 20, 2021

5! = 120

THE SCENE: 1/20 – INAUGURATION DAY. 37 Degrees outside. Clear cool morning. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER F3 is a free workout for men focused on fitness, fellowship, and faith. I am not a professional so take all I say as a suggestion. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Modify any exercises as necessary. We are all here to get…

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January 18, 2021

Hodgepodge Workout, tangled COT

THE SCENE: 37 and no wind, particularly, which is darn nice for this time of year. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER As per my usual, the welcome and disclaiming happened, but in a gibbering and goofy fashion.  It’s folly to expect better out of me. WARM-O-RAMA: WarmUp  was: Side Shuttle Hops (25) Counting up from one, as usual. Deep Squats…

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October 28, 2020

Negative Splits

THE SCENE: Dry, cool F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: CHECK WARM-O-RAMA: 1 Lap of mosey including butt-kickers, backwards run, and Carioca. THA-THANG: Run 3 miles with negative splits on each mile. MARY: LBC’s, March of the Penguins, LOL’s COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 7 Pax (Harry Caray from Fort Mills, NC) CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: MOLESKIN: Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content,…

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