Modify As Needed Just Keep Moving.


The Motherest of all Ships; warm and clammy



Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey to bottom of The Great Hill (TGH)


Merkins x 25 OYO

Indian Run to Halfway Point of TGH

Burpees x 25 OYO

Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey to S end of middle parking lot



  1. DORA (1, 1.5, 2.0): Round 1
  • Squats x 100
  • Merkins x 150
  • Mtn Climbers (2:1) x 200
    • 1-100: plank
    • 101-200: low plank

Partner 1 runs length of parking lot S to N then returns to relieve Partner 2

Partner 2 AMRAP designated exercise until relieved by Partner 1

Rinse and Repeat until finished with all reps

Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey lap

Round 2:

Same as above but instead of running length of parking lot, Partners would run E to W to parking spot to parking spot, drop down and do Merkins on the concrete girders, recover then relieve Partner doing reps:

  • RD 1: 5 Merkins on each girder
  • RD 2: 4 Merkins
  • RD 3: 3 Merkins
  • RD 4: 2 Merkins
  • RD 5: 1 Merkin

Follow YHC on a lil’ mosey

THA THANG-Part Deux:

  1. SSH x 100 (2-ct) IC
  2. SSH x 100 (2-ct) IC
  3. SSH x 100 (2-ct) IC
    1. 1-50: IC
    2. 51-100: Radio Silent


Assfault Snow Angels x 18 IC until time expired

14; Tremor, Rosetta Stone, ABBA, Ratio, J-Date, Farmer, Carter/Carver, Choker, Thundercat, Mayberry, Beetus, Chuck E Cheese, Corndog and O Positive (YHC)



Own your failures. Use them positively. Keep moving forward in the right direction.


PAX came ready to work.  YHC showed up 1 minute late. Overslept for the first time in a very long time. Grateful for HIM Choker stepping up to lead COP. YHC was prepared for much deserved ridicule. We got to work, modified as needed and got better together in the end. 


See: Preblast

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica… No wait, Berm, Block, Bear-crawl, Blaster

THE SCENE: Pleasant temperature with high levels of H20 in the air. Kept everyone hydrated thankfully.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Fully disclaimed

SSHx15 IC, Daisy Pickers x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, Shoulder complex stolen from Gus to get the shoulders warmed up for the cruelty to come.
Variation on Doracides:

  • Partnered up and grabbed 1 CMU per group. Mosey 1/4mile to the Berm or “Hillock” as Photoshop calls it, trading out carrying CMU with partner on the way. This was all the long distance running done for the day. Some men were happy but soon regretted it when the workout began… myself included. The Merkin mile doesn’t sound so bad after today.
  • Upon arrival we warmed up with 3 rounds of Blasters? (suicide runs). To clarify, we started about 5yds from the bottom of the berm and proceeded to sprint 5yds to the bottom of the berm, back, 10yds to the top of the berm, back, and 15yds over and down the backside of the berm and back to the start. This counted as 1 round. Meanwhile, partner PAX holds CMU straight out in front or above head until the runner returns. This was not only to warm up, but also to allow PAX to understand where each stopping point was located for future reference.
  • Once completed we began the real workout, a variation on the Doracide. PAX 1 would do bear crawl suicides over the berm while PAX 2 completed specified reps. As partnered teams PAX completed 100 thrusters w/ CMU, 200 LBC’s w/ CMU, and 300 Bicep Curls w/CMU. PAX were to face forward the entire bear crawl, which meant bear crawling backwards up the berm. Burned the glutes more than expected.
  • Mosey back to the parking lot (Thanks to my partner Puddle Jumper for the Irish Goodbye, left me to carry the CMU all the way back alone)
  • We arrived back at approximately 0613

Only 2 minutes to spare so we did a minute of Flutter Kicks and a minute of Planks

14 PAX (1 Irish Goodbye – Puddle Jumper, 1 Willy Loman – Wilson from Cleveland) Laettner, Mayberry, Photoshop, Tomb Raider, Beauty Shop, Flatland, Snookie, Lipton, Decoy, Yardsale, UPS, Big Combo (VQ)
1 Timothy 4:8 “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come”

We are taking care of our health and training physically, but we need to put just as much effort into our spiritual and mental lives as well. Those matter more in the long run and will benefit how we treat our families and those around us.

Really enjoyed my VQ. Excited to see 14 guys show up and crush the workout. Ready to Q again!
9/2 is Labor day, bring 1-5 FNG each! Let’s grow this community!

9/6 is first official Iron PAX workout. Berm will have Iron PAX workouts every Friday from 0530-0615. SHOW UP

JV Ultimate Frisbee Action

THE SCENE: plenty humid, but not too bad out!

  • SSH x25
  • Daisy Pickers x15
  • Imperial Walkers x15
  • Polka Stretch x15
  • Arm Circles x 32

Mosey to Amphitheater field for ultimate where we splits into teams. Whenever someone drops the disc, there is a penalty. 1st Half was 2xburpees; 2nd Half was 2xJump Lunges. At halftime (0730) we took a water break. When a team was scored on, the losers would power skip; a second consecutive point against resulted in losers bear crawling; third=sprint. Scoring team would alternate between flutterkicks & gas pumpers

Team 2 donning the blue bandanas won the game 7-4. Mosey back to “Startex”


  • LBCs x25
  • 30 Second Plank

20 (1 FNG: Ringo)


YHC shared about Concentrica and need for himself and others to recognize where priorities are placed. YHC burdened by seeing others misplace their most important relationships with things that should be in the center.


  • MVP: Wicket, Jiminy’s 2.0
  • Most impressive catch: J-Date
  • Most Yards After Catch*: Rosetta Stone

*One is not supposed to move after catching frisbee. Supposed to freeze then throw the disc to a teammate 🙂

SANDLOT BACKBLAST: First Down 11s at Tiger Lane

THE SCENE:  Steamy & upper 70s
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: proclaimed!

SSH x 20
IW x 15
Hillbillies x 15
Daisy Pickers x 10
Arm circles x 20


Head to Tiger Lane (.7 miles)
Mosey (merkins till all in halfway)
Slingshot run the rest of the way

First Half:
10 yards to travel
-Jump squat run forward
-Merkins back peddle
American Hammer till all in
Half time entertainment:
Bearcrawl halfway around fountain
10 Oh Yeahs (left arm)
Crabwalk the second half round the fountain
10 Oh Yeahs (right arm)
Al Gore till all in
Second half:
10 yards to travel
Vacuum Cleaners in partners, 5 derkins (X 5) while partner continues holding legs
Mosey back to Tobey Park (Carolina Dry Docks and Tempo Merkins till all in two times on the mosey back)

Flutter Kicks x 20
Tempo Merkins x 10
LBCs x 15
American Hammers x 20


MIB, Steinbrenner, Spirit Stick, Mayberry, O Positive, Halpert, Christmas Tree, Monk, Captain Obvious, Reaper, Chioccetti, Rainbow Warrior, Slicnut, Mothballs, Four Eyes, Hitch, Soybean (as our photographer), Altar Boy

We need to be better listeners. I challenged myself and PAX when listening to someone today, instead of jumping ahead mentally into what our response will be, ask two more questions and see if our understanding can grow deeper.

-MIB chose to respond to the invitation to prayer requests with two questions. Funny Guy.
-The Levee boys made a special trip to the Sandlot. They say it was for the Ghost Flag. I think it was for my Q.

F3 Memphis 2-Year Anniversary Celebration

It was a special honor to lead 116 of the greatest HIM in the F3 Memphis Region this gloom out at their 2-Year Anniversary. Thank you Soybean and the rest of the PAX who decided to remove themselves from the fartsack to join YHC and celebrate this epic milestone. There were also 29 PAX who came early for a Ruck and others who PreRan.

At 0700 we took a mosey over to the FedEx Event Center Circle and began with the F3 Disclaimer and the following:


We began with a quick warmup by performing the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, 10 6-Count Burpees.


We began this morning by taking a short mosey over to the back of the FedEx Event Center on the lake side at the concrete ledge and benches for a series of the following in cadence: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups, and Derkins (Regular first and then wide armed).

Then we took a short mosey over to the Music Pavilion to kick off the football season with a little bit of summer conditioning. We did 7-Burpees, 7-Merkins, & 7-Squats 7 times. When we were finished we felt like all we wanted to do with football was sit on the couch and watch.

Looking at my watch we still had 19-Minutes to go. Ugh!

Then YHC asked the PAX mosey back towards the COT to continue the workout near there. At this point we performed a series of 11’s with Star-Jumps (Bombjacks) at the top and Pike Merkins (CDD’s) at the bottom.

The final short mosey took us back to the COT for the countarama, namarama, FNG Naming and most importantly BOM.

All PAX did awesome today. It was a great morning to be with you all. I appreciate the warm welcome and great hospitality.

Great work was put in by all PAX in attendance today. You all have something to celebrate today. Good health and great brothers to lean on. Now go out and spread F3.


Today we discuss a lot about the Mission of F3, the 5 Core Principles and the F3 Credo. They are listed below:


Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles:

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust

F3 Credo:

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Discussed with the PAX was the D2X which is where your Dolphin and you Daffodil align with each other. For more on this take time to read about it in Freed to Lead.

Dolphin-The Task a person was born to do best.

Daffodil-The people-group each person was born to Serve.

D2X-The Task formed by the intersection of a person’s Dolphin and their Daffodil.

Every man has a D2X. What each of you must to is to determine what your Dolphin and your Daffodil are and do your best to ensure those two intersect to make the most IMPACT in your community. Aye!


Read Your Newsletter.


Prayers and praises were shared and lifted up by YHC.

Sweat* 16’s

THE SCENE: Highly recommend getting to an AO early before the ruckus of mumblechatter interrupts the gloom.  You get to stargaze and think about stretching and hydrating.  Especially pleasant with a full moon perched on the horizon in mid-70 degree temps.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   doubled  down for the benefit of a few tardy PAX.  Oh crap, the sudden appearance of Mayberry after Warm-o-Rama prevented his disclaiming.  Mayberry, I am not a professional, you are not paying to be here, modify as needed.  Done.   Its documented now and counts.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Smurf jacks x 16 IC, Windmills x 16 IC, Hand release Merkins x 16 IC, Monkey Humpers x 16 IC, 180 Jump Squats x 16 IC, Balls to the Wall x 1 minute w/ Inverted Vertical Merkins
Quick mosey to the ‘gym’.  Partner work with pull up bars.  Partner 1 grabbed high bar.  Partner 2 got in plank position underneath and grabbed Partner 1’s ankles.  Partner 2 held dangling ankles of 1 while using core to elevate from ground.  Held as long as possible then switch.

2nd iteration; same as above with Partner 2 doing Mt. Climbers.

Alternating Ankle tap Burpees x 16 IC, Dips x 16 IC 

1/4 mile jog to the ‘hillock’.  16 rounds of  crab walk/bear crawl up and down the hillock.  Modified from crab walk uphill and bear crawl down to vice versa.

1/4 mile jog back to the gym.   Hill sprints up to the CMU area x 2.

MARY:   No ladies in F3.  They have FiA.
8 PAX, 0 FNGs;  Harbaugh, Bullwinkle, Mayberry, Hot N’Ready, Snookie, Little John, Lipton, Tomb Raider
M and I celebrate 16 yrs of marriage tomorrow.  

Love is a decision not a feeling.  Decide to be with the one and reject the many, each day.  Very thankful for 16 yrs with the love of my life.  Accelerate your relationship with your M via 1st accelerating your relationship with your Creator.  Encourage, support, and push your M to grow in her relationship with her Creator.  As you both grow in your 3rd F, you will also become closer.  

Remember, your M is hearing the same lies and even more lies from the oppressor as you are on a day to day basis.  Speak truth into her life and serve her sacrificially.  

Lots of divorce going on the past two weeks. Praying for miracles but put in the work as a leader of your M and ask the Maker to form you into a better husband.  

The problem with your marriage is you.  Own it, surrender, fix it with help from God and friends, and she will respond to radical life change like a bug attracted to a bug zapper (with God’s heart changing help).  

Walk out with hands away from the wall to a 45 or greater angle for Inverted ‘declined’ Merkins.  

Partner Ankle Hold Plank Hangs have potential but need some help.  Harbaugh and Bullwinkle’s technique was the best as they stuck their head between the ankles wrapping their arms around the hanging partner’s feet.  From this position they were able to hold plank and perform Mt. Climbers.

Lined up for a 3rd Hill Sprint and tricked PAX by moseying back to the flag.  It’s good to push us to our breaking point mentally and physically then add a psychological reprieve from time to time.  

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Prayer requests for Justin’s surgery (Snookie’s friend) and Andrew’s surgery (Little John’s 2.0).  Prayers for all the PAX and friends of PAX going through a divorce currently, may God show us a miracle through healed relationships.  

Anniversary workout this Saturday 7-8.  Help Meter Maid move furniture immediately following.  

Slingshot, Engage!


It was a BYOG kind of morning; Bring Your Own Gills, that is, for the 110% humidity, Real feel 92F; tail-end of a meteor shower overhead


Welcomed and disclaimed


Adrenaline was pumping for VQ, can’t remember clearly, some combination of Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, and Daisy Pickers… I think.


    • Lap 1: Partner run; first PAX issued second PAX an exercise to be performed for 26 reps while first PAX jogged ahead; upon completion second PAX ran to catch up with first PAX and roles were reversed
    • Lap 2: Same thing with groups of 3; one PAX exercised while two PAX jogged; Photoshop and Ricky Bobby remained a group of two
    • Same groups of 3 from Lap 2, Photoshop and Ricky Bobby split to join other groups; while 1 PAX performed pull-ups, the rest of the group did star jumps, alternated until group achieved 62 total pull-ups


1-minute low plank, 15-second break, 1-minute high plank, 10 (IC) WW1 sit-ups


14 PAX: Cheesesteak, Groupie, Gus, Hot-N-Ready, Krueger, Laettner, Lipton, Mayberry, Mudpants, Petunia, Photoshop, Ricky Bobby (QIC), Snookie, Tomb Raider


It’s easy to move along like everything is ok. Maybe we’re trying to convince ourselves that everything’s fine, or we’re trying to hide. Perhaps we think we might be a burden to others if we open up too much. However, we are part of a tremendous group of guys willing to lock shields and shoulder our burdens with us. Whatever it is, big or small, bringing it into the light can help loosen its grip on us.

Concluded with prayer.


Remember to bring scuba gear.


Snookie reminded everyone of the Anniversary Workout at The Mothership.

Golfing with the Bermies

Not as foggy as yesterday, but every bit as Gloomy.

Full version for the first 9.  Abbreviated, out-of-breath version for Mayberry when he arrived 4 minutes into the Merkins/BBSU set.

SSH x20 IC
Windmills x15 IC
Hillbillies x15 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

F3 Golf:  a series of 5 minute sets, with 1 minute of rest in between.  Each set consisted of 2 exercises. The PAX would perform 12 reps of each exercise OYO, then 11 reps of each OYO, and so on until 5 minutes expired.  At the end of each round, each person’s score would be the lowest number of reps that were successfully completed for both exercises.  For example, if time expired while you were still working on 4 reps of exercise 2, your score for that round would be 5.  Lowest score at the end of the Thang wins.

Set 1:  Merkins/BBSU.  Winners: 7 tied with 1 point
Set 2: SSH/Flutter Kicks.  Winners: Flatland and Mudpants (1)
Set 3: Burpees/WWI Situps.  Winner: Tomb Raider (8)
Set 4: Mountain Climbers/Squats.  Winners: 5 tied (1)
Set 5: Werkins/Monkey Humpers.  Winners: All tied (1)
Set 6: Carolina Dry Docks/Imperial Squat Walkers.  Winners: Flatland and Tomb Raider (5)

Final Scores:
Flatland: 18
Mudpants: 19
Tomb Raider: 20
Iceman: 21
Photoshop: 21
Lipton: 25
Choker: 29
Big Top: 33
Feta: 34
Mayberry: undetermined; he missed the 1st set and I don’t think I explained the scoring system very well in between sets for him due to my oxygen-starved brain.

Flutter Kicks x30 IC
Freddie Mercuries x10 IC
1 minute plank
Flutter Kicks x15 IC

10 PAX: Big Top, Choker (QIC), Feta, Flatland, Iceman, Lipton, Mayberry, Mudpants, Photoshop, Tomb Raider

When F3 was first pitched to me a year and a half ago it sounded pretty good, until I learned about the “workouts led in a rotating fashion” bit.  I didn’t want any part of that, and I almost didn’t come.  But after getting to know the PAX and seeing how the workouts go, I discovered it was not a big deal.  I made mistakes like everyone did, but received nothing but support and encouragement from everyone.

This year, I decided to kick it up a notch and made it a goal to Q at least once at every F3Memphis AO.  This was my challenge to the PAX:  set a goal that stretches you, write it down, and get after it.  And if you have not Q’d yet, talk to your AOQ and get on the schedule!  

Kotters to Mayberry!

2nd Anniversary Workout – Saturday 8/17 at The Mothership

Merkin Mile (workout May 8, 2018)

THE SCENE: Plenty of O2 in the Atmosphere.

Side Straddle Hops IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Windmills IC x 20

Merkins x 20

World War I Sit Ups x 30


Merkin Mile

Pullups and dips during mile for one stop

Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 20

Flutter kicks IC x 20

Box cutters IC x 20

Hello Dolly IC  x 20

Alphabet Soup IC

Little Baby Crunches IC x 30

Dealer’s Choice

10 present (including Q):  Cowbell, Choker, Mayberry, Moth Balls, Snookie, Speaker, Promise Ring, Not A Sport, Mousse, Commando (Q)


If we are willing to turn our problems over to God, no problem is too big for God to solve.


Not recorded.


Not recorded.

Throwback playlist

THE SCENE: Memphis in May. Quite glorious.

I am not a professional.
Any FNGs? (Assign someone to stay with FNGs)
You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury.
You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground).
You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here.
Know your limits and do the best you can.
Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion. Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion.

There were chuckles from several PAX that YHC (Speaker) brought a speaker.
Shoulder taps IC x 10
Daisy Picker IC x 15
Lap around the building
Chumbaburpee – Listening to Chumbawumba, SSH + Burpee on each “I get knocked down” (27 total)
Chuckles were no more

PATTYCAKE MERKINS Partner up. Two partners face each other in plank position and perform merkin together. On up movement, partners slap right hands in the middle. Repeat merkin and switch hands. 1 rep = 2 hand slaps. 20 REPS OYO

JUMP AROUND – We cranked our speaker back up to House of Pain, Jump Around. Ambitious PAX were encouraged to complete 94 jump squats (1 for each “jump” in the song) before the song ends

Hit the track for a quarter-mile scamper.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – Partner up. Uglier parter is partner 1. Pretty boy is partner 2. Parter 1 runs backwards while partner 2 does 5 BBSUs then chases down partner 1. Switch positions. Rinse and Repeat across the field.

25 BBSUs

Mosey to parking lot. PAX favorite, BRING SALLY UP. Listening to Moby’s Flower, on “Bring Sally up”, hold ‘Merican up position, on down, hold down position. It’s a mere 31 reps, but overwhelming majority of the song leaves PAX in the ‘Merican down position. PAX mood was grumbly.

Dolly x 20 IC
Rosalita x 20 IC
ABCs IC. We have standards at the Berm.
Dealer’s choice
American Hammer
Freddy Mercury
Gas Pumps
Mountain Climbers

16 PAX (3 FNGs, 1 very Irish Goodbye) – Promise Ring, Catalog (FNG), Cowbell, Mousse (FNG), Mayberry, Choker, Schwinn (FNG), Commando, Snookie, Gummy, Cowgirl, Lil Nicky, Notasport, Vocals, Shoestring, Speaker
Ecclesiastes 7:14 “In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider: God has made the one as well as the other, so that man may not find out anything that will be after him.”

Matthew 6:34: “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

We prayed for Mayberry (Jones family and his grandson Garrett) and Commando’s brother Rob.

YHC was encouraged by how many PAX used variations of “smoked” when describing today’s workout. The pace was fast. Music helped to encourage a good pace but shouldn’t be relied on.

SOS on Saturday
Lots of May Q opportunities