Catch Us if You Can

THE SCENE: Car said 34, when I pulled up at 4:47. YHC decided, last minute, that it would be a good idea to join Grimace and Big Green to pull a tire for 30 minutes pre-BC, knowing full well what I had planned…

Motivators, down from 6. (6 full SSH, 6 1/2 arm SSH, 6 legs only SSH, 6 jumps. Then 5 of each, 4 of each, etc.)

Daisy Pickers  12x IC

Arm Circles  15x IC, forward and backward
Individual Medley: (Merkins, BBSU, Squats, Burpees)  90 second rounds. 1st round, do 5 reps of each exercise. The quicker you finish, the more rest you get before next round. 2nd round, 6 reps of each. Etc. We went up to 10 rep round.

Catch Us if You Can: Partner 1 carries Partner 2. Partner 3 performs exercise, then runs to catch up. Once he catches them, P2 carries P3 while P1 does exercise. Rotated to new exercise each time it came back around to your turn.  (5 burpees, 10 BBSU, 15 merkins, 20 squats). Did a 1/2 mile loop of this.

11s: Crowd Pleasers and Jump Squats

No time.
10 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Speedy (AOQ), Grimace, Big Green, Gomer, Gun Show, Choker, DHL, Tremor, Barney
Tell those most important to you how thankful you are for them in your life. Do not assume it is understood, through your actions alone. Everyone likes to hear that they are appreciated.
I actually uttered the words, “How bad could it be?” out loud, referencing doing a tire pull before BC. The answer: Really bad.

Lots of guys were shedding layers throughout the workout, so everyone must have been working hard.
Grimace and his M are expecting their second 2.0 any day now.

Barney completing his 345 tomorrow morning.

“Those are not 11s”

THE SCENE: 40 degrees, but felt colder than that. Archie showed up, like we were about to go camping at the South Pole.

Motivators, counting down from 6. Imperial Walkers 10x IC, Daisy Pickers 10x IC, Arm Circles 15 forward/15 backward IC, Merkins 10x IC
Individual Medley:  90 second rounds

Start with 5 merkins, 5 squats, 5 BBSU, 5 burpees. Once finished, rest til next round starts. Then you do 6 of each exercise. We made it up to the round of 12, which means we did 68 of each exercise.

Mosey up to culdesac by the soccer field, for what I have been told by the group (mainly Cheesesteak) I cannot refer to as “11s, with a slight modification”

1 Lt. Dan (1 squat, 4 jump lunges) on one curb. Jog to the other side for 10 burpees. Jog back to first side, do 2 Lt. Dans (2 squats, 8 jump lunges). Jog to the far side…..STILL 10 burpees. 3 Lt Dans/10 burpees. I believe everyone made it through the round with 6 Lt Dans.

Totals: 60 burpees, 21 squats, 84 jump lunges

Mosey back to District 5 for Mary

American Thors, up to 10 BBSU/40 Amer Hammer
12 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Chuck-E-Cheese (AOQ), Woody, Spirit Stick, Cheesesteak, Oscar, Pig Wig, Hot n Ready, Black Diamond, Archie, Ike, Cool Breeze (FNG)
Challenge to all HIM to lead from behind. Anyone can stand out front of the group, and ‘bang the drum’ and yell to do it a certain way. Sometimes the best way to effectively lead a group is to stand in the back, and see what kind of ideas take shape. You can always jump back in to lend a guiding hand, as necessary.
It was probably too cold to wear a shirt with no sleeves this morning, but the WolfPAX shirt had to make an appearance for KOTB.

11’s at the Lair

THE SCENE: It was a crisp 32 degree morning and dark in the gloom at the Lair. Fortunately, F3 Memphis brightest sunshine bazooka was on hand (Halpert!!!)
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Disclaimed. YHC was 1 minute late, but the watchful eye of the AOQ (Hello Kitty) took care of the essentials. 

SSH (Hello Kitty)  Imperial Walkers IC 15, Hillbillies IC 15, Daisy Pickers IC 15, High Knees 30 seconds.
Elevens: Body-builders and Jump Lunges. Mode of transportation consisted of a mixture of bear crawls, crab walks or lunge walks. Distance initially was 30 yards but a Omaha halfway through shortened this to 20 yards.

EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for 12 minutes. Started with 1 burpee and ended with 12 burpees.  78 total burpees.

MARY: Mary was sadly neglected.
Steinbrenner, Nature Boy, Halpert, Lochte, Alcatraz, Peeping Tom, Hello Kitty, Skids 100, Orange Julius (QIC).
Genesis 47:7-10

Then Joseph brought in his father Jacob and set him before Pharaoh; and Jacob blessed Pharaoh. Pharaoh said to Jacob, “How old are you?”And Jacob said to Pharaoh, “The days of the years of my pilgrimage are one hundred and thirty years; few and evil have been the days of the years of my life, and they have not attained to the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the days of their pilgrimage.” 10 So Jacob blessed Pharaoh, and went out from before Pharaoh.

Like the patriarchs of Genesis, we are all on our own journey through life.

Solid group at the Lair. Its a challenge to put together tough enough Q’s. Great PLC afterword’s. (and an Uncrustable for Lochte!)

All Hallow’s Eve

THE SCENE: 42 cold, misty and windy degrees. Wind chill around 34. The first morning of the year that felt really cold. The gentleman quaking loudly at the ducks he was feeding made me feel less ridiculous about being out in these elements.



Motivators down from 6, 15 daisy pickers IC, 15 Arm circles, front and back IC , brisk mosey length of the turf field and back

We went trick or treating because I like to be a kid sometimes. PAX rotated selecting cards from a Frankenstein Halloween bucket. Exercises below:

  • 50 Bonnie Blairs
  • Partner vacuum cleaners, 18 yards/10 derkins, switch and repeat
  • 30 burpees total (3 cards drawn)
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 15 diamond merkins
  • 25 gas pumpers
  • 10 merkins
  • Sprint half the field, 40 flutter kicks, sprint back
  • Dealer’s choice (Lochte)  35 monkey humpers
  • 25 Makhtar N’Diaye
  • 30 BBSU
  • 20 alternating shoulder taps
  • 50 traveling lunge walk
  • 25 Bobby Hurleys followed by 20 jump squats
  • 20 American Hammers IC
  • 3 x mosey around the field
  • 11s Burpees and BBSU – save by the 6:15 clock

4 PAX – Double Vision, Lochte, Hello Kitty, Spirit Stick QIC
James 1:19-20

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
The card game is fun, but unforgiving at times. Bobby Hurleys and jump squats back to back were a killer. 11s card drawn with 8 minutes left worked out perfectly.

Halpert Levee Q on Friday, Orange Julius Lair Q on Saturday

Put the phone down while driving tonight. Watch out for trick or treaters!

10:30 for 10/30

THE SCENE: Apparently, I only Q workouts in the pouring rain now.

Motivators, down from 6 (Was introduced to these in Chicago. It is my mission to have these replace SSH for all F3 Memphis warm-o-ramas)
Tabata workout, but with 10 second rest, 30 second exercise, for 10/30. 9 total exercises, which meant each round was 6 minutes.

Monkey Humpers, LBC, Diamond Merkins, Lunges, American Hammers, Alt Shoulder Taps, Squats, Freddie Mercury, Wide Merkins.  Mosey around parking lot after each round.

Rinse and repeat for 5 total rounds. Subbed Bonnie Blairs in for Lunges, and Jump Squats in for Squats in the last round.

Done during the workout.
10 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Halpert (AOQ), Spirit Stick, Pablo, Pebbles, Sideline, Redlight, Rocket Launcher, Blank Stare, Datsun
Today marks 364 days of F3 for me. My FNG post was on Halloween last year. A genuine thank you to everyone who has played a part, large or small, in pushing me to get better over the past year. It is the men of F3 Memphis that keep me coming back out each time.
Today was not a great day to plan a Q that required my phone to time the intervals. Used a ziploc as makeshift drybox.

Multiple PAX in the circle seem to have had chili or tacos or something of the sort last night for dinner, as the LBCs and Freddie Mercurys brought out a symphony that “delighted” multiple senses.
Tomorrow: Steinbrenner on Q at Armory, Spirit Stick on Q at Lair, OP on Q at Saddle

Friday: Halpert on Q at Levee

(Underwater) Bearcrawl Freeze Tag

THE SCENE: Literal downpour. Could not see 50 feet in front of my car on the drive over. YHC pulled up at 5:28, to multiple cars in the parking lot (surprising), and three more cars pulled in right after me (more surprising)

SSH 25x IC, Imperial Walkers 15x IC, Run to far end of field and back to shake out shoulders (so we weren’t just standing in the rain doing arm circles)
Bearcrawl Freeze Tag: Boundaries were the sides of the 6 yard box, out to the top of the 18 yard box. One person is “it” and attempts to tag the remaining PAX. Since we do not stop moving during an F3 workout, exercises were substituted for each round, in place of “freezing.” Once tagged, exercise was done, until the end of that round.

Exercises: Merkins, BBSU, Squats, Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Bonnie Blairs, Burpees

After everyone had been “it” for one round, split up into two teams, and had a relay race. Bearcrawl to 18 yard box and back (all team members), farmer carry 2 CMU to midfield and back (all), sprint full length of field and back. First team all-in, wins. 10 penalty burpees for the losers, 9 celebratory/victory burpees for the winners.

Freddie Mercury  20x IC, Rosita  20x IC, Boat/Canoe (until Steinbrenner decided it was enough), LBC 20x IC
7 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Halpert (AOQ), Pablo, C-Lo, Sideline, Steinbrenner, Snowman
From PeeWee’s Big Adventure: “Everyone I know has a big ‘but’….let’s talk about your big ‘but.'”

In work, at home, and at F3, our “but” is whatever is holding us back from achieving our goals. YHC challenged everyone to push past any perceived hindrances that are keeping them from succeeding.
This workout was way more exhausting than I expected it to be, when I planned it out. We had to do a mosey down and back after every two rounds, to let everyone catch their breath. That said, this was about as much fun as I’ve had at a workout. The added element of competition caused all of us to push a little further than we otherwise might have, had we just been doing bear crawls and exercises.

This was an incredibly fast group of bear crawlers! I’m glad we kept the area relatively small, or it would have been very difficult to catch some of these guys.

T-Claps to all of these guys who showed up in the pouring rain, on the weekend, to get a workout in. It was the group of guys that made it a success.

Leg Day (Round 2)

THE SCENE: It was cool, which was good, otherwise we all would have been sweating our (omitted for content)s off. Moon was almost full, which was also good, since there are no lights around the tennis courts.

SSH 25x IC, Imperial Walkers 15x IC, Windmills 10x IC, Daisy Pickers 10x IC, Mosey halfway to stables, and back up to tennis courts.
Lunge walk to far side of the tennis courts, 1 squat/4 calf raises on the other side

Sideways Squat Walk (turning 180 degrees at midpoint) back across tennis courts, 2 squats/8 calf raises.

Rinse and Repeat: lunge walk out, squat walk back, adding 1 squat and 4 calf raises each time.

Inserted one round of 25 merkins after each 5th round.

No time.
5 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Woody (AOQ), Swipe Right, Butterknife, Big Green
Workout does not need to be elaborate. We spent the better part of 45 minutes, never moving faster than a walk, and everyone was sweating like crazy by the end.
Everyone completed at least the round of 20 squats/80 calf raises. Which means they did 210 squats, 840 calf raises, and ~250 lunges (depending on stride length) PLUS 100 merkins.

Variety is the Spice of Life

THE SCENE: Low 60s, and overcast.  There was some sort of witchcraft at play in Cordova this morning, causing the flags to dance and flap, that had Slots most perplexed. Rain is coming, but we wouldn’t allow it to start, until we were done.

SSH 25x IC, Imperial Walkers 15x IC, Arm Circles 20x forward IC, Arm Circles 20x backward IC
YHC explained at the start that we would be doing a slight variation of the merkin mile, and the change was that there was no mile, just merkins.

Merkins 50x OYO  (quick mosey to far side of parking lot, to shake out the arms)

Circle of Fire: Everyone holds high plank, and go around the circle doing 1 merkin each, then around the circle and everyone does 2 merkins, etc. (We made it up to round 8, for a total of 36 merkins, and ~5 min of holding high plank)

Mosey up to playground, and partner up. Partner 1 does 10 Travolta merkins, while Partner 2 did AMRAP swerkins, and switch. We did 2 rounds.

Mosey back to shovel flag for 11s. Diamond merkins and Wide merkins, with 50 yard run between each set. 1 Diamond/10 Wide, 2 D/ 9 W, 3 D/8 W, all the way up to 10 D/1 W.

Merkins 25x OYO, quick mosey to shake out shoulders, Merkins 25x OYO

At this point, we had 60 seconds left. I gave Gun Show the option of one more set of merkins, or mystery exercise behind door B. He chose door B, and was rewarded with two 50 yard sprints.

No time, too many merkins.
8 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Speedy (AOQ), Gun Show, Gomer, Slots, Tremor, Lager, Big Green (FNG)
Attack your weaknesses. Whether at F3 workouts, work, or at home, we tend to identify things that we struggle with, and try to stay away from them.  Do the opposite. Take every opportunity you are given to improve in those areas. At the end of the day, it will make you a more well-rounded person, with fewer “holes in your game.”
Tremor is a merkin machine! The rest of us were bitching having trouble just holding plank by the end of round 7, but he could have gone around to at least 12.

In his last time to post at the Annex, Slots had asked for some variety in his workout, so I hope 6 different types of merkins was sufficient to satisfy this request.

In a shocking twist ending, fit for an M. Night Shyamalan movie, the Ghost Flag was plundered at the end of today’s festivities. Congratulations to District 5  Wolfpack  Arcadia for scrounging up 5 PAX to raid the ‘Dova.
AOlympics at Mothership tomorrow, Slots on Q. Who will win the Gold!?

22s and CMUs

THE SCENE: Foggy and cool. Almost perfect as the sounds of Jock Jams Vol 1-5 filled the air.

I ain’t gettin paid, y’all ain’t payin to be here, etc

22 (Jack Flaherty) SSH, Daisy Pickers, LBAC frontwards and backwards, merkins

Mosey around the big loop stopping 3 times along the way to do some core work.

  • 22 BBS oyo
  • 22 Freddie Mercury IC
  • 22 Mountain Climbers oyo

We split up into 2 groups, 5 pax and 6 pax, to do some circuit work with concrete. AMRAP until 6:15. Runner paces the deal running 1 lap around the parking lot. Other pax complete as many CMU reps as possible  of the following exercises until he gets back. Line moves forward as it continues.

  • Blockie
  • Curl
  • Shoulder Press
  • KB Swings
  • Goblet Squats (team with 6 PAX)

11 PAX: Boudreaux, Datsun, Lochte, La-Z-Boy, Carter, LinkedIn, SlicNut, Rocket Launcher, Corn Cob, Red Light, Spirit Stick QIC
Briefly shared the story of Kevin Atlas. He became the first one armed Div 1 college basketball player.  more here 

Kevin’s challenge to all of us is that we all have a nub. Some are more visible than others. Embrace the nub, embrace the things that cause us to not push forward. Strengthen those weaknesses to do great things. Kevin travels around the country speaking to high school students hoping to inspire them to inspire each other.

I had planned for this to be done in groups of 4 making the runs more frequent. Judging by the PAX reactions when I shared that info, it might be best that we had an odd number.
Reminder of what it takes to earn 345

It was a Downpour at Blazing Saddle

THE SCENE: It was a warm and balmy morning at the saddle  and we did our best to make it rain.


Welcome to our Thursday F3 workout at the Saddle, my name is Rainout and this is my VQ. I am not a professional and we are not paid or paying to be here. Workout at your own risk and modify as needed. Let’s do this! The musical playlist included songs that were all about the rain and included classics like Fool in the Rain(Led Zeppelin), Blame It on the Rain(Milli Vanilli), Purple Rain(Prince), No Rain(Blind Melon), A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall(Bob Dylan), Umbrella(Rihanna), Here comes the Rain again(Eurythmics), Fire and Rain(James Taylor), and Set Fire to the Rain(Adele).

SSH 20X IC, IW 15X IC, DP 15X IC Mosey on down to the stables


  • 10 Rounds of 5 Pushups, 5 Burpees, 10 Squats, and a jog around the stables
  • Jog to the flag (300 Meters) – 50 Big Boy Situps
  • Jog to the stables(300 Meters) – 25 Bonnie Blairs
  • Jog to the flag(300 Meters) – 15 American Hammers
  • Bearpees for the remaining time ~10 mins – Bear Crawl for 100 meters and count up in Burpees, adding 1 every time.


Rainout, Woody, Lochte, Hobby Lobby, Flipper, Rocket Launcher, Haverford, ButterKnife, and Weezer

We spoke about  Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” To me this is what F3 is all about. We are all out here making each other stronger and we wouldn’t be able to do this alone. This message applies to our work, family and friends. Everyday we have the opportunity to help those around us be better and stronger through support, encouragement, and friendship.
We thanked God for giving us the opportunity to workout and get stronger together and to keep watch over our friends and family. Woody provided pumpkin spiced coffee even though it doesn’t feel like Fall.
Saturday is the Dad and 2.0 Donut workout at Mothership. Don’t miss it.