Two Years Since

THE SCENE: What a scene! It’s definitely still Summer.

Two years ago today, I showed up to my first F3 workout at Sea Isle Elementary. I saw no cars as I approached the school. Upon passing the school and turning around, I saw a truck pull around back, so I followed. What I saw was a dozen or so men standing around in a dark parking lot in the middle of a tropical depression.

Irma had made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane in Southern Florida, then slowly churned through the state, into Georgia, across Alabama (hurricanes really DO hit Birmingham), and finally into West Tennessee. 

Around the same time Irma was making landfall, my friend Jared told me about a new workout group in Memphis. Our mutual friend Rob (AKA Granola) had been and told Jared about it. My fitness had been very inconsistent. I’d run or lift for a couple months, then stop. Ride a bike for a few months, then stop. I never really enjoyed any of it. Group fitness did not appeal to me, but nothing else was working. As an introvert, I had some apprehension about showing up in a dark parking lot, in steady rain, with a bunch of strangers. Jared had promised to be there, and indeed, he was, along with two other new guys. I got out, joined the circle, and tried to do what the Q said to do.

Today’s workout was heavily inspired by that workout, which happened to be Four Eyes’ VQ. I added some things, because we’re all a bit fitter these days, and I left some things out, because the ankle scratchers are still the worst. You can read more about that day here:


During the Disclaimer, YHC noticed Four Eyes’ shoes were untied. YHC instructed Fourest to tie them while we all held plank. Once the shoes were tied, we took a quick mosey to the Sea Isle Elementary rear parking lot, where it all began. 

Toms: “You meticulously researched the original backblast, didn’t you?”
YHC: “You know it.”

SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x16
Windmill x10
Cotton Daisy Pickers x10
Four Eyes did “Split Straddle Hops”, but I don’t know what those are, so we skipped them!


Just as we were approaching the playground, one of Memphis’ Finest was checking out the area. At first, I assumed we’d been reported for being on the school lot. We’d been kicked out of there in the past, but that seemed like an awfully quick response time. He was shining his flashlight around. YHC and Photoshop approached him. 

Officer: “Have you seen a man and woman walking around?”
Photoshop: “No.”
YHC: “No, just a single female dog-walker.” 
Officer: “Alright, if you do, give us a call. Sorry to bother you all.”
YHC: “Sure thing, no problem.”

Such a gentleman. Even apologized for interrupting my weinke!

Partner up! Snookie and I teamed up (half of the 9/12 quadruplets). I don’t know how he did at this routine last time, but I know I sucked at it. Today, we knocked it out! 

Partner 1 started on exercises. Partner 2 ran to the dog park fence (RIP baseball!), executed a single star jump (shouting “I’m a star!”), and ran back. 
Burpees: 50
Overhead Claps (holding Al Gore): 100
Merkins: 150
Big Boy Sit-ups: 200
Squats: 250

During the merkins, a couple was approaching on the track. They had a dog or two. They never passed us. The Officer didn’t say anything about a dog, so we assumed it was not the fugitives.

There was some chatter about teeth brushing. I don’t know what that’s about. Everyone brushes their teeth!

Flutter kick until all-in. 

Next up, P1 executed 5 burpee box jumps (burpee in front of a bench, then jump onto the bench) while P2 flutter kicked. Flip-flop for 4 rounds total.

Mosey back to the shovel flag. Around halfway, we stopped for some shoulder taps.

Shoestring (I think): “No one does these anymore.”

Alternated Carolina Dry Docks and wall sits. 
10 CCD, wall sit, 10 Overhead Claps
9 CCD, wall sit, 9 Moroccan Night Clubs
8 CCD, wall sit, 8 OHC?
7 CCD, wall sit, 15 Cherry Pickers (7 is too few!) (insert obligatory complaints about patterns from Gus)
6 CCD, wall sit, 16 Cherry Pickers to 0615

16 PAX, one Irish Goodbye

Sua Sponte Leadership – This is when a man leads “of his own accord.”

From the Q Source: “In F3, a Sua Sponte Leader is a man who has been freed to Lead. He is a Leader who exercises Individual Initiative (I2) by taking action in furtherance of his Group’s Articulated Purpose without specific instructions. He initiates Movement toward Advantage for his Group in the absence of explicit authority because he is that rare man who will Lead with or without another Leader to direct him. He is That Somebody.”

Are you That Somebody? There are plenty of opportunities to lead that way in F3. Are you leading that way at home – in your marriage, in your parenting? Are you leading that way at work? In your community? Stop waiting for orders and get to work.

We balled up, offered thanks to the Sky Q, and asked his blessing on our day. 

During my first workout, I could barely get through the BOMBS routine. I was partnered with Jared (two FNGs should never be partnered together!), and he definitely did 75% of the reps. I don’t remember doing any burpee box jumps, so I assume I was just laying on the ground hoping to die. I didn’t, and in the COT, Jared was trying to get me named Bean Counter. When I said I was from Martin, Gus or Bruce or both suggested Soybean. Jared named himself Phat Pat somehow. Snookie got named Snookie cause he’s from Jersey. The other FNG was named Way Way Back because of station wagon road trips, I think. 

At F3, I’ve found what I was looking for in consistent fitness – the workouts are usually fun and the accountability keeps me posting. What I didn’t know about myself two years ago was how isolated I was from meaningful male relationships. Most of my best friends are men I’ve met in F3 in the last two years and the number of men I’m in relationship with has grown massively. That’s what really keeps me engaged and it’s been a huge encouragement for my life in general.

Today was fun. I enjoyed the company and the mumblechatter. Thanks to Photoshop for bringing coffee and doughnuts. Thanks for showing up. Keep posting!

VAPE tonight. VAPE forever!

Mod Mile

F3 MEMPHIS – 29 August 2019


AO: Bermuda Triangle “The Berm”

QIC: Geppetto

Conditions: 67°, 81% Humidity, a very slight hint of briskness in the air, as always, a perfect morning for a beatdown.


Appropriately Welcomed and Disclaimed


  • 1 Lap around Building
  • SSH IC X 20
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 10
  • Windmills IC X 10
  • 8-Count Body Builder IC X 8


Modified EMOM Mile (Run ¼ Mile, do 1x exercise circuit, repeat every ¼ mile, upon completion of the mile, repeat the circuit 2x)

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Tuck Jumps
  • 10 Jumping Lunges
  • 10 Burpees

Squat Circuit Pyramid: 1st Rd – 10, 2nd Rd – 9, 3rd Rd 8, etc

  • 10 Regular Squats
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 10 Tiptoe Squats


  • Big Boy Sit-ups IC x 20
  • Hello Dolly’s IC x 20
  • Freddy Mercury’s IC x 10
  • Flutter Kicks IC x 10


8 (no FNGs), Tomb Raider, Snookie, Gus, Lipton, Yard Sale, Little John, Malco, (QIC) Geppetto


Current thoughts on Isaiah 26:3, after some recent readings and a sermon on the topic:

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

A little deeper dive into the well-known verse looks at “perfect peace”, which in the Hebrew language is actually “Peace Peace”. The Hebrew language uses saying a word multiple times as a way to emphasize it. The other word I dove into is “stayed”, which intends to convey “leaning on, resting on, being supported, sustained”. So, my encouragement to myself and others is to experience the shalom that we all desire, and to get there by leaning, resting, etc on God. That implies spending great amounts of time with God.


It is always nice to be in the gloom with the brothers. It’s been awhile since I Q’ed a workout, so there were some commands that were out of order. Nothing but love (or silent disdain) from the PAX. Command order was restored before the warmup was over. There were some complaints about lack of creativity, and the jumping lunges did start burning. I didn’t feel sorry for them though, just added a few jump squats.



Sweat* 16’s

THE SCENE: Highly recommend getting to an AO early before the ruckus of mumblechatter interrupts the gloom.  You get to stargaze and think about stretching and hydrating.  Especially pleasant with a full moon perched on the horizon in mid-70 degree temps.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   doubled  down for the benefit of a few tardy PAX.  Oh crap, the sudden appearance of Mayberry after Warm-o-Rama prevented his disclaiming.  Mayberry, I am not a professional, you are not paying to be here, modify as needed.  Done.   Its documented now and counts.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Smurf jacks x 16 IC, Windmills x 16 IC, Hand release Merkins x 16 IC, Monkey Humpers x 16 IC, 180 Jump Squats x 16 IC, Balls to the Wall x 1 minute w/ Inverted Vertical Merkins
Quick mosey to the ‘gym’.  Partner work with pull up bars.  Partner 1 grabbed high bar.  Partner 2 got in plank position underneath and grabbed Partner 1’s ankles.  Partner 2 held dangling ankles of 1 while using core to elevate from ground.  Held as long as possible then switch.

2nd iteration; same as above with Partner 2 doing Mt. Climbers.

Alternating Ankle tap Burpees x 16 IC, Dips x 16 IC 

1/4 mile jog to the ‘hillock’.  16 rounds of  crab walk/bear crawl up and down the hillock.  Modified from crab walk uphill and bear crawl down to vice versa.

1/4 mile jog back to the gym.   Hill sprints up to the CMU area x 2.

MARY:   No ladies in F3.  They have FiA.
8 PAX, 0 FNGs;  Harbaugh, Bullwinkle, Mayberry, Hot N’Ready, Snookie, Little John, Lipton, Tomb Raider
M and I celebrate 16 yrs of marriage tomorrow.  

Love is a decision not a feeling.  Decide to be with the one and reject the many, each day.  Very thankful for 16 yrs with the love of my life.  Accelerate your relationship with your M via 1st accelerating your relationship with your Creator.  Encourage, support, and push your M to grow in her relationship with her Creator.  As you both grow in your 3rd F, you will also become closer.  

Remember, your M is hearing the same lies and even more lies from the oppressor as you are on a day to day basis.  Speak truth into her life and serve her sacrificially.  

Lots of divorce going on the past two weeks. Praying for miracles but put in the work as a leader of your M and ask the Maker to form you into a better husband.  

The problem with your marriage is you.  Own it, surrender, fix it with help from God and friends, and she will respond to radical life change like a bug attracted to a bug zapper (with God’s heart changing help).  

Walk out with hands away from the wall to a 45 or greater angle for Inverted ‘declined’ Merkins.  

Partner Ankle Hold Plank Hangs have potential but need some help.  Harbaugh and Bullwinkle’s technique was the best as they stuck their head between the ankles wrapping their arms around the hanging partner’s feet.  From this position they were able to hold plank and perform Mt. Climbers.

Lined up for a 3rd Hill Sprint and tricked PAX by moseying back to the flag.  It’s good to push us to our breaking point mentally and physically then add a psychological reprieve from time to time.  

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Prayer requests for Justin’s surgery (Snookie’s friend) and Andrew’s surgery (Little John’s 2.0).  Prayers for all the PAX and friends of PAX going through a divorce currently, may God show us a miracle through healed relationships.  

Anniversary workout this Saturday 7-8.  Help Meter Maid move furniture immediately following.  

I see your Merkin Mile and raise you another

THE SCENE: Humid. Nice sunrise. Sun and moon both out

1 FNG – Disclaimed for all

  • SSHx20 in cadence
  • Daisy Pickersx10 in cadence. Bailout noted  the importance of turbo hip-thrusting aspect.
  • Big Arm Circles – Forward/ Reverse x 10
  • Little Arm Circles – Forward/ Reverse x 10


QIC gave a heads up on the workout taking it to the track. 7 PAX let Q know they prefer suspense in their workout. Regardless, Merkin Mile followed by Squat Mile began.

Merkin Mile – 3 sets of merkins -30 seconds on, 30 second off

  • Run 1/3 mile
  • Diamond Merkin – No Rihanna playing
  • Run 1/3 mile
  • Ranger Merkin
  • Run 1/3 mile
  • Wide merkin

Some mumblechatter noting Sun and moon visible at same time. Appropriate astronomical conversation considering moon landing 50th anniversary. Puddle Jumper elated by all the running.

Gus and Gus 2.0 in stroller joined in  midway through 1st mile. Start of 2nd Mile. Same distance and timing for stops as Merkin Mile.

  • Prisoner Squats
  • Prayer Squats
  • Time running short so PAX did 11 Star jumps together to honor Apollo 11.


  • 30 seconds LBC
  • 60 seconds Plank
  • 45 seconds PAX choice. I think pickle pounder won the popularity contest though no confirmation made as eye contact was avoided.

9 PAX. Searcy, Bailout, Puddle Jumper, Little John (QIC), Shy Guy, Ricky Bobby, Gus, Snooki, 1 FNG – Nancy Drew, Gus 2.0 along for the ride.
Count your blessings. We don’t know what God is doing. We don’t see how He moves.

Nancy Drew is adjusting to making a large financial purchase for his househould.
A friend lost a child this week who was born 6 years ago with a rare disease. It’s easy to complain about your situation, be annoyed at a child at the end of the day, but there are others out there who would trade places in a heart beat.

Don’t be a sad clown. As Gus noted, we never know how much time we have. Let’s make the most of this life.
Tremor VQ tomorrow. Support him.

Dirty McDeuce and Other Stuff at the Berm

THE SCENE: Warm. Humid. Today was the first day this year I’ve applied Slicnut to my nips just for bootcamp. It’s a good thing I did…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Expertly given

Chop’n’Drop: All PAX chop their feet. PAX 1 counts to 5 and everyone hits the deck, recovers, and continues chopping. We went around the circle twice. Some of the PAX had a little fun with their 5 counts. 

Daisy Pickers and Imperial Walkers to round it out, and we took a very short mosey onto the walking path. 

Dirty McDeuce! The PAX completed 4 sets of the following exercises, with a little running in between:
12 merkins; 12 prisoner squats; 12 flutter kicks

Once we reached the pull-ups bars, we stopped and paired up. P1 holds boat pose; P2 does 5 pull-ups; SWITCH! Each man did 25 pull-ups, except for my partner, Shy Guy. I (accidentally) made him do an extra set.

Mosey back around to parking lot. 

5 Big Boy Sit-ups; wall sit; 20 overhead claps in cadence
10 BBSU; wall sit; 25 cherry pickers IC
15 BBSU; wall sit; 20 Moroccan night clubs IC
20 BBSU; wall sit; 20 seal claps IC

Seal claps are dumb. Don’t do those!

Wheel of Merkin!
Grab a piece of curb. 10 incline merkins, both hands on curb; rotate 90*; 10 offset merkins with one hand on curb; rotate 90*; 10 derkins; rotate; 10 offset merkins.
Rinse and repeat with 5 reps.

Back over to the wall – 25 calf raises IC

Step back to the lot for some Mary.

Shoulder taps, hello dolly, box cutters, gas pumps, 60 second low plank

Lipton, Interweb, Puddle Jumper, 3 Leaf, Shy Guy, Tomb Raider, Mudpants, Little John, Photoshop, Soybean (QIC)

Inspired by the musical Hamilton: Who’s gonna tell your story? Are you living the story you want them to tell? Are you living a story worth telling?

It’s always great posting at my birthplace. I enjoyed seeing the grizzled, cynical vets and meeting some newer PAX.  

2nd Anniversary Convergence at the Mothership, 8/17

Borden at the Berm

THE SCENE:  Glorious June morning in Bluff City. Doesn’t get any better than this.

I have no relevant disclosures. Pax were disclaimed.

Daisy pickers IC 15, High Knees IC 25, Windmills IC 15, Big arm circles forward and reverse 10 each.
Mosey lap around the track.

Cones set up at approximately 20 yard distance. Bear crawl the distance, 25 squats, mosey back. Repeat for a total of 4 sets.

Crab walk the distance, bonnie blair’s 15 (1 is 1). 4 sets.

Lunge walk, mountain climber 20 (2 is 1) 4 sets.

2 sets of suicides.



WWI situps IC 12
12 Pax (1FNG-Jake Brake); Tomb Raider, Yardsale, Beauty Shop, Bailout, Lipton, Gus, Little Jon, Sonic, Laettner, Puddle Jumper, Orange Julius (QIC)
No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets.

The words of Borden of Yale, a wealthy heir who gave up everything in order to reach the Islamic world. He passed away prematurely at the age of 25 from cerebral meningitis while studying Arabic in Egypt.

In our era of rampant consumerism the goals in life seem to be to collect as many things along our way in life. Borden already had everything and gave it all up. As Jesus says: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. (Matthew 13:46)

A short synopsis of his life can be found here:

Prayers for Little Johns Father on the renal transplant list. El Bano and his fiancé returns from Tanzania on Monday.
Berm is a shining jewel in F3 Memphis. Thanks to Bailout and Lipton for keeping an eye on the six. Gus looked as though the highlight of the day was the opportunity to name Jake Brake.

See Slack. Lots going on.

Ascending Bearmuda Rectangle (ABR)

THE SCENE: wet grass; bright moon

VQ. Disclaimer? Yep

Mardi Gras 30th bday and Little John’s oldest 2.0 bday coming up on Monday


VQ’s first warm up was 10 SSH, attempted in cadence. Photoshop, Tomb Raider, and other PAX worth their Q constructively corrected VQ’s beginning and intro to exercise. Moved into Big Arm circles 5x forward and back. Mosey around the building.   

6 Queen of the Hills in honor of Little John’s oldest 2.0s birthday 


VQ took advice from Bailout and used the field for workout.

4 markers were set 20 paces apart in a rectangle formation. Individual sets ascended 10,20,30.

7 PAX began at Station 1 with Coupon Curls, then Bear Crawled to Station 2 for Squats. Lunges followed, Laettner rejoicing,  en route to Station 3 for Merkins.  Crab Walks to Station 4 for Mountain Climbers. From Station 4 to Station 1, Broad Jumps performed. PAX moved as herd.

PAX were in awe of Tomb Raider’s animal movement giftedness. David Attenborough would be proud and PAX agreed that Tomb Raider would make it to the ocean safely upon emerging from tomb.  

After 3 rounds, PAX needed respite so a Mosey to the Nature Station occurred. Upon return, PAX paired off for 40 reps at each station. To close it out, PAX entered the middle of the Bearmuda Rectangle to celebrate 30 years of Mardi Gras by performing 30 Burpees.

5+ minutes of Mary. Straight plank, side planks, LBC, and 6″ for up to a minute with 30 second breaks 
7 Pax – Snooki, Photoshop, Chuck E Cheese, Mardi Gras, Tomb Raider, Little John, Laetner
VQ spoke of impact Paul had on those he encountered in Acts, regardless of duration spent with them. Entire households have been impacted for generations because Paul spent time and shared the Word with them. Paul traveled with others doing this work, drawn together by the Holy Spirit, for a season in each person’s life. They were strangers before but brothers afterwards. They struggled together and encouraged one another, similar to F3 PAX.
Be a blessing to those you interact with today. It could impact a family for generations. Thankful for the opportunity to sweat with F3 PAX this morning and be encouraged by them. VQ will work on cadence.

Prayers for Interwebs, El Bano, The Dude, and others on mission trips. Prayer for Laettner’s daughter in her rucking adventure with Outward Bound.




Berm; perfect for a beatdown



SSH x 44 IC 
*22 (fwd/clockwise)
*22 (bwd/counter-clockwise)

Mosey to nearby open field.

THA-THANG: Operation Overlord
Date: 6/6/44=D-Day


6 Exercises
6 Rounds
44 Reps/per Exercise/per Round

RD 1)
Merkins x 44 OYO
Army Low Crawl x 44 Yds OYO (fwd)
Army Low Crawl x 44 Yds OYO (bwd)
Army Sit-Up x 44 OYO
Mtn Climber (2=1) x 44 OYO
Prisoner Squat x 44 OYO
*Plank and hold until All In

RD 2)
*For Army Low Crawl, substitute Bear Crawl (fwd) then Crawl Bear (rev); otherwise, no change

RD 3) 
*For Army Low Crawl, substitute Sprint (fwd) then Rev Sprint (bwd); otherwise, no change

RD 4)
*Same as RD 3; otherwise, no change

MARY: Corps Work

*American Hammer x 44 IC

4; Little John, Laettner, Wasabi, Mudpants, Tomb Raider, Early Bird, Lipton and O Positive (YHC)

The men came ready to do battle with themselves and the elements today.  All that was asked was they ’empty their clips’ and lay it all on the line. Leave no man and nothing behind. D-Day was a day that was arguably one of the most significant days in our Country’s military history.  Secured many freedoms we enjoy to this day. Today we honored those who fought on 6/6/1944 in Europe.

Today we pushed ourselves and our brothers–to get better.  Mission accomplished whether we finished 4 or 6 rounds.  We completed our Mission and headed back to base camp in time for Mary.  Proud of the PAX who showed up today to do work and FINISHED STRONG, followed up with some PLC together.

See: Preblast


Help! I need an ambulance!

THE SCENE: Expecting rain, the 71 degree clouds were very…very nice.


  • 20 x SSH
  • 10 x Daisy Pickers IC
  • 10 x Michael Phelps IC

EMS Appreciation Workout – 24 min workout represents 24 hours of each day EMS services are available.  Since the workout is only 24 minutes, we started with….a Merkin mile.

1 Running Mile  with 4 x 24 Merkins

Tha Thang: 

EMS Appreciation Workout – 24 min AMRAP

  • 1 minute plank hold (with rucks on)
  • 20 lunge walks (with rucks on) IC
  • 20 shoulder to shoulders IC
  • 400 M Ruck (2 Laps)


  • 1 Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
  • LBCs x 24 OYO  x 2

9 PAX (1 FNG – Puddle Jumper) – Little John, Flatland, Wasabi, Gus, Tomb Raider, MudPants, Yardsale, Bailout – QIC


In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey recommends the following mental exercise: Imagine that you’ve died and that four people representing different aspects of your life speak at your funeral: a relative, a fellow church member, a business colleague and someone else from your community. What would each one honestly say about your life?

While it’s not easy to imagine others testifying to the effectiveness of our lives in the context of a funeral, this exercise does provide some much needed perspective. There’s nothing like the end of a life to get others to consider the course of their days.

Take a few minutes today to seriously think about what these individuals might say about you to a gathered crowd.

Now take a few moments to imagine what Jesus would say about your Christian life to this point. What does he think about your faith? What does he think about your accomplishments for his kingdom? Would he describe you as someone growing closer to him each day?

The mumblechatter today was unique.  YHC heard questions being posed like, “How many orifices does a circle have if in 2 dimensions verses 3 dimensions?” and “If you had to choose one orifice (mouth or anus) which one would you choose to have?”

Enjoyed the FNG – “Puddle Jumper” today.  He is a mathematician and worked with Flatland.  I think these two men could provide many a geometrical proof.

MudPants did provide some math humor as well.  How does a mathematician solve his problem of constipation?   He works it out with a pencil.

Prayers for the Gooch family, for flooding/tornado victims and a friend of Little John whose new child is in the NICU.

None discussed.

CMU Dora 123 with a 21 for good measure

THE SCENE: A balmy 31 degrees sans wind and rain… really quite comfortable

SSH – 25 IC

Daisy Pickers – 15 IC

Windmills – 15 IC

Mosey around the building


Dora 123 with CMU

Partners perform excercises as a team. P1 starts with 10 Merkins while P2 planks, then switch. Continue switching between Merkins and plank until 100 total Merkins reached.

P1 does CMU Squats, P2 mosey around the building, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 squats are completed.

P1 does 30 CMU Curls while P2 does wall sit, then switch. Continue switching until 300 total curls are completed.

P1 does 20 LBCs while P2 performs a 6″ leg hold until P1 is finished, then switch. Continue switching until all 200 LBCs are completed.

P1 performs Burpees.  P2 mosey around the building, then switch. Continue switching until 100 Burpees are completed.

MARY: Guantanamo and Boat Canoe

13 PAX – 2 FNGs (Hurdle and El Bano) Snookie Flatland Interweb Photoshop Little John Tomb Raider Lipton Altar Boy Blackout Bailout The Dude – QIC


Last wednesday everyone in my youth group was handed a little bookmark and had to write a word down on it to help them throughout the year. I thought for a while of what my word would be and I finally wrote down the word courage. I chose this word because I want to lead and put forth more than I have in the past. I actually didn’t want to Q this morning but I decided to take the reigns and do the best that I could. It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and in order to do what needs to be done. And that is what i will be working on this year.

I feel that it was a successful VQ