Wall of Doom II!

THESCENE:  14°, Clear skies, Wind 3 m/s N, Humidity 58%, Visibility 16 km

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:    Welcomed and Disclaimed


SSH x14 IC
Imp Walkers x10 IC
Hillbillys x10 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Merkins x 4 IC


Moseyed to South side of building for Wall of Doom II:

One Minute AMRAP / 15 second rest / One minute between sets

  1. Wall sit/slide
  2. Elevated Mountain Climber
  3. Elevated one leg hip thrust (L) aka Come on Baby, Let’s Make a Baby
  4. Wall Plank
  5. Elevated one leg hip thrust (R) aka Come on Baby, Let’s Make a Baby
  6. Wall Walk (a miserable thing)
  7. Wall sit, alternating march with one leg
  8. T-Pushup Iso against wall (L) Not enough wall space so T-pushups on grass
  9. T-Pushup Iso against wall (R) Not enough wall space so T-pushups on grass
  10. Sisyphus Push vs Wall, 30 secs L, then R

3 Rounds


9 PAX (1 FNG), Alamo, Hobby Lobby, Hitch, Ore-Ida (FNG), Ike, Lipton, Laettner, Drifter, Mudpants,

Anything worth accomplishing takes long time. I went to Blanchard Caverns in North Central AR while on fall break with my family. It is an amazingly beautiful cavern that is gigantic with incredible rock formations that were created over a long amount of time. Slowly but surely, water with carbonic acid created these spaces, one drip at a time… Getting better is not a one time thing but rather a long term commitment over time. In fitness, we can only hope to improve as we stick to it. So also it is true with our faith. God provides wisdom if we seek it but it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Through reflection, prayer and study of the Word we can grow stronger over time. Make a commitment to grow and become wise every single day.

MOLESKIN: Good to have a new FNG and three other guys that I have EH’d in the past represent. ABH!!!

Anyone interested in having a display booth at the Sea Isle Parkfest on Sunday 3:00-6:00 pm?

“Tired” Yet?

THE SCENE: Cool, but not too cool. Flag was posted in a well lit area.

  • SSH ICx20
  • Imperial Walkers ICx20
  • Arm Circles ICx16 forward 15 reverse
  • Overhead Arm Clap ICx20
  • Squat ICx20
  • Mosey

Stations workout. The stations were:

  • Tire Pull w/ CMU
  • 50 pound sandbag curls
  • Jump Lunges
  • Plyo Merkins
  • Squats
  • Battle Rope

PAX were at each station for the amount of time it took the tire puller to make 2 laps around the entry way to the community center (approximately 50 yards total). After everyone pulled the tire twice, we took a short mosey to the grass where we did Merkins to the wonderful tune of Bring Sally Up. Mosey back to stations.

2 round of the following stations:

  • Tire Pull (1 lap this time)
  • Sandbag curls
  • CMU Squats
  • Battle Rope


  • Flutter Kicks ICx50
  • BBS OYOx10
  • Pickle Pounders ICx20
  • American Hammers ICx20
  • Stargazers (10 seconds)
  • Flutter Kicks ICx20
  • Stargazers (10 seconds)
  • Flutter Kicks ICx20

Alamo, Laettner, Lipton, Grimace (Q)

Read the 10 Tech-Wise Commitments from the book The Tech-Wise Family. The Commitments are:

1. We develop wisdom and courage together as a family.
2. We want to create more than we consume. So we fill the center of our
home with things that reward skill and active engagement.
3. We are designed for a rhythm of work and rest. So one hour a day, one
day a week, and one week a year, we turn off our devices and worship,
feast, play and rest together.
4. We wake up before our devices do, and they “go to bed” before we do.
5. We aim for “no screens before double digits” at school and at home.
6. We use screens for a purpose, and we use them together, rather than
using them aimlessly and alone.
7. Car time is conversation time.
8. Spouses have one another’s passwords, and parents have total access
to children’s devices.
9. We learn to sing together, rather than letting recorded and amplified
music take over our lives and worship.
10. We show up in person for the big events of life. We learn how to be
human by being fully present at our moments of greatest vulnerability.
We hope to die in one another’s arms.

Discussed number 2 and how our our smallest habits can have such a big impact on our families.


-My 2.0 is a little under the weather. Prayers for him to get back to 100%.

-My little brother is getting married next weekend. Prayers for wedding planning and all the fun, excitement, and stress that comes with it.

-Photoshop had car troubles this morning and couldn’t make the workout. If you need a ride somewhere, let me know, Photo.

If you live/work near CBU, we should do lunch sometime. I’m partial to Central and I get 50% off on Tuesdays, so…

Dark & Beautiful

F3 MEMPHIS – 09 October 2019


AO: Bermuda Triangle “The Berm”

QIC: Geppetto

Conditions: 57°, Beautifully Dark and, as always, perfect weather for a beat down


  • Done


  • SSH IC X 20
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 15 – my first two were Hillbillies instead of DPs, but I self-corrected.
  • Mountain Climbers IC X 15
  • 8-Count Body Builder IC X 8


  • Merkin, LBC, Squat Mile
    • Run a mile stopping at every ¼ mile increment for the following exercises:
      • 20 Merkins with Rotation
      • 30 LBCs
      • 40 Squats
    • Second Mile (poor judgement in the planning stages; we didn’t have time for a second mile) Instead:
      • One lap around the building, then perform the following:
        • 10 Bupees
        • 15 Jumping Lunges (are they Bonnie Blairs?) – 2 is 1
        • 20 Flutter Kicks – 2 is 1


  • Not much time left, so Lipton led us in our ABCs


Lipton, Lockermate, Shy Guy, Photoshop, Alamo, Yard Sale, Pop Tart, Geppetto


I ran across a quote on Buzz Williams’ (Head Basketball Coach at Texas A&M) twitter feed yesterday. It both convicted and encouraged me. It says:

Repetitive complaining will attract things for you to complain about.

Repeated gratitude will attract things for you to be thankful about.

This rings true in my life. My mind also went quickly to 1 Thessalonians 5:18, which says,

In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will  for you in Christ Jesus.


It is always good to be out in the gloom. Additionally, I’ve been inspired the last couple of weeks by the hard work and consistency of Alamo. Keep up the good work, brother!



Gobbler World Tour

Gobbler is an F3 Pittsburgh PAX and an active duty Army officer.  The Army is moving him to Washington State, but this HIM is doing it the F3 way, stopping at as many F3 regions as he can fit in during the journey.  Today we were honored to host him in Memphis as part of the #GobblerWorldTour.

Part of his self-appointed duties on this trip were to settle a little BBQ dispute between us and Kansas City.  Tomb Raider met him for dinner last night at Central BBQ; however, in a moment of epic fail, TR allowed Gobbler to order the brisket.  WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING, TOMB RAIDER?  If we lose to that KC garbage, I’m personally blaming Tomb Raider for not ensuring that ribs were consumed.

Anyway, this morning we had a workout Q’d by Gobbler himself.  Here’s what we did.  

Welcomed & disclaimed


Bend and Reach x7 IC
Don Quixotes x7 IC 
Spider Dogs x15 IC
SSH x20 IC 

30 minute AMRAP – Complete as many rounds of the following as possible:

10 Hand Release Merkins
20 Sumo Squats
30 Rowers
Run a 1/4ish mile lap around the senior center

Mosey back to the flag for Mary

Dirty Dog x50 IC each leg

19 PAX:  Alamo, Bailout, Birds Are Real, Bookworm, Caveman, Choker, Gobbler (QIC), Hot N Ready, Lipton, Lockermate, Mardi Gras, Mudpants, Photoshop, Slots, Snookie, Soulja Boy, Soybean, Tomb Raider, UPS

GrowRucks are awesome; if you haven’t been to one, make plans to do so.  If you have, do another.  Grab a few PAX and make a road trip out of it.  Nothing builds bonds like a good CSAUP.

Gobbler’s M must be a saint.

Check out Soybean’s post-workout Pick Up The Six interview!

Sign up for Shield Lock.  Also sign up to help #PlantTupelo.

Oct. 1st – 10/1 – 10 reps per minute

THE SCENE: So humid that there was dew on the grass and a fog formed.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: every second counts for this one.  Get your mind right.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Smurf Jacks x 10 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Urps (mini burpees) x 10 IC (4 count)
Tabata style

40 minutes total, 4 rounds of 10 minutes, 10 reps of each exercise per minute per round.

1st round – 10, 8-count body builders/ minute  x 10 minutes (avg. rest time per minute = 20 seconds)

2nd round – 10 Bobby Hurleys, 10 Lunges/minute x 10 minutes (avg. rest time per minute = 15 secs)

3rd round – 10 Merkins, 10 Mt. Climbers (2=1)/minute x 10 minutes (avg. rest time per minute = 35 secs)

4rth round – 10 Burpees, 10 American Hammers (2=1)/minute x 10 minutes (avg. rest time per minute = 10 secs)

Totals:  100 8ct body builders, 100 Bobby Hurleys, 100 Lunges, 100 Merkins, 100 Mt. Climbers (2 =1), 100 Burpees, 100 American Hammers (2=1).

8 PAX (1 IG), 1 FNG;  Lipton, Shy Guy, Copay (Willie Lohman F3 Birmingham, Alamo, Lockermate (FNG), UPS, Flat Tire (Kotter day two), Tomb Raider

“Could it be that many of our problems with prayer and much of our weakness in prayer comes from the fact that we are not all on active duty, and yet we still try to use the transmitter? We have taken a wartime walkie-talkie and tried to turn it into a civilian intercom to call the servants for another cushion in the den. We see repeatedly in Scripture that prayer is a walkie-talkie for warfare, not a domestic intercom for increasing our conveniences.”  John Piper (reformed Baptist and pastor in Minnesota)

Man those workouts are tough.  Research shows that high intensity cardio work burns fat faster than regular cardio exercise.  I don’t know about that but having a few second break in between sets is a mental slog.

Shy Guy and others requested music.  I said to play a track in your head.  Mumblechatter ceased to exist during Round 1 and Round 4.  Folks modified but kept moving.

It was great to see Flat Tire for two days in a row.  Alamo is intense and according to him “is gunning” for me.  I’m not sure what this means but I’ve interpreted it to mean that he’ll be working out at the same level of fitness as me.  If that’s the case then I had better accelerate my fitness as he will pass me by this time next year.

Crucible Oct. 26?  Start running for this.  The best preparation is to become a long distance runner.

Eleven it – September 26, 2019

THE SCENE: Favorable. The heat came from burning thighs



Daisy pickers x10 IC

Finkle Swings with partner x10 each leg

11s have it. Moseyed over to inclined portion of track by workout station. Tomb Raider marched off 20 paces. With 4 PAX ready, lunges commenced, beginning with 0 (!) Merkins at the bottom and 11 (!) at the top. QIC figured this form of 11s had to better than 11s with bear crawls and burpees. Not so sure now.

New PAX Alamo impressed with his determination.

After 11s, PAX did Dora 123 with out Dora or 3.

100 Mountain Climbers – 1 is 1

200 LBCs

Together PAX modified and did 50-75 dips each as time was running out.

Attempted to mosey back to Startex, but all ability to move legs had been eliminated by Tha-Thang

4 – Tomb Raider, Alamo, Lipton, Little John (QIC)
In Mark 6, Jesus is on the mountaintop praying and watching the disciples struggling in the sea below. He comes down and begins to cross the sea “and intends to pass them by”. When the disciples see Him, they call out and he comes to them.

He knows what is going on with us. We have to invite him into our lives.

Alamo was inspiring to me. It was his second post in 12 hours and he was excited to push himself.

Even though I don’t like lunges, I challenged myself by making lunges the focus of the workout. That comes from F3’s encouragement in pushing ourselves to be better.

Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Crazy 8’s at the berm


20xssh,iw,daisy pickers,and arm circles
First stop was 80 reps of the assigned exercise.  Next stop was 70, then 60 etc… 80 merkins, 70 Freddy Mercurys, 60 plank jacks, 50 flutter kicks, 40 squats, 30 wide arm merkins, 20 sumo squats, 10 burpess. the went to field for a light version of abdominal bombs.  partner up and while one partner runs the other does the exercise until he gets back. 50 big boy situps, 100 outlaws, 100 mountain climbers, 100 bicycle crunches, and 100 starfissh crunches.

Shoulder Blaster
6 pax, 1 fng (Up and Down), Snooki, Hot and Ready,Lipton, Beauty Shop, Flobee, and 2 Willie Lowmans Transporter from Charolette, and Wilson from Cleveland
Psalms 23
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.



The Berm; 72 and clammy



  • SSH x 18 IC
  • SSH x 18 IC HOWEVER…1-9 IC then 10-18 Radio Silent IC

Mosey Lap around building

THA THANG: Dinner Before Dessert or Dessert Before Dinner…YOU MAKE THE CALL!


  • Merkin Mile: 25 Merkins OYO…run .25 mi. as a group…repeat until 100 Merkins/1 Mile completed
  • Squat Mile: 25 Squats OYO…run .25 mi. as a group…repeat until 100 Squats/1 Mile completed


  • Wall Sit
  • Bear Crawl OYO up Berm
  • Crawl Bear OYO down Berm
  • Wall Sit
  • 1 by 1, PAX would run around building and return to Wall Sit
  • Rinse and Repeat


Flutter Kix x 50 IC

9; Warden, Lipton, Gepetto, Caveman, FNG: Evan Almighty, Pop Tart, Photoshop, Laettner and O Positive (YHC).



Today we chose between Dinner Before Dessert or Dessert Before Dinner…and we chose wisely.

Be careful what you choose as you will suffer your fate—either way.


Smokefest. FNG might not return. Cobains.


See: Preblast

Two Years Since

THE SCENE: What a scene! It’s definitely still Summer.

Two years ago today, I showed up to my first F3 workout at Sea Isle Elementary. I saw no cars as I approached the school. Upon passing the school and turning around, I saw a truck pull around back, so I followed. What I saw was a dozen or so men standing around in a dark parking lot in the middle of a tropical depression.

Irma had made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane in Southern Florida, then slowly churned through the state, into Georgia, across Alabama (hurricanes really DO hit Birmingham), and finally into West Tennessee. 

Around the same time Irma was making landfall, my friend Jared told me about a new workout group in Memphis. Our mutual friend Rob (AKA Granola) had been and told Jared about it. My fitness had been very inconsistent. I’d run or lift for a couple months, then stop. Ride a bike for a few months, then stop. I never really enjoyed any of it. Group fitness did not appeal to me, but nothing else was working. As an introvert, I had some apprehension about showing up in a dark parking lot, in steady rain, with a bunch of strangers. Jared had promised to be there, and indeed, he was, along with two other new guys. I got out, joined the circle, and tried to do what the Q said to do.

Today’s workout was heavily inspired by that workout, which happened to be Four Eyes’ VQ. I added some things, because we’re all a bit fitter these days, and I left some things out, because the ankle scratchers are still the worst. You can read more about that day here: https://f3memphis.com/a-virgin-q-in-whats-left-of-irma


During the Disclaimer, YHC noticed Four Eyes’ shoes were untied. YHC instructed Fourest to tie them while we all held plank. Once the shoes were tied, we took a quick mosey to the Sea Isle Elementary rear parking lot, where it all began. 

Toms: “You meticulously researched the original backblast, didn’t you?”
YHC: “You know it.”

SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x16
Windmill x10
Cotton Daisy Pickers x10
Four Eyes did “Split Straddle Hops”, but I don’t know what those are, so we skipped them!


Just as we were approaching the playground, one of Memphis’ Finest was checking out the area. At first, I assumed we’d been reported for being on the school lot. We’d been kicked out of there in the past, but that seemed like an awfully quick response time. He was shining his flashlight around. YHC and Photoshop approached him. 

Officer: “Have you seen a man and woman walking around?”
Photoshop: “No.”
YHC: “No, just a single female dog-walker.” 
Officer: “Alright, if you do, give us a call. Sorry to bother you all.”
YHC: “Sure thing, no problem.”

Such a gentleman. Even apologized for interrupting my weinke!

Partner up! Snookie and I teamed up (half of the 9/12 quadruplets). I don’t know how he did at this routine last time, but I know I sucked at it. Today, we knocked it out! 

Partner 1 started on exercises. Partner 2 ran to the dog park fence (RIP baseball!), executed a single star jump (shouting “I’m a star!”), and ran back. 
Burpees: 50
Overhead Claps (holding Al Gore): 100
Merkins: 150
Big Boy Sit-ups: 200
Squats: 250

During the merkins, a couple was approaching on the track. They had a dog or two. They never passed us. The Officer didn’t say anything about a dog, so we assumed it was not the fugitives.

There was some chatter about teeth brushing. I don’t know what that’s about. Everyone brushes their teeth!

Flutter kick until all-in. 

Next up, P1 executed 5 burpee box jumps (burpee in front of a bench, then jump onto the bench) while P2 flutter kicked. Flip-flop for 4 rounds total.

Mosey back to the shovel flag. Around halfway, we stopped for some shoulder taps.

Shoestring (I think): “No one does these anymore.”

Alternated Carolina Dry Docks and wall sits. 
10 CCD, wall sit, 10 Overhead Claps
9 CCD, wall sit, 9 Moroccan Night Clubs
8 CCD, wall sit, 8 OHC?
7 CCD, wall sit, 15 Cherry Pickers (7 is too few!) (insert obligatory complaints about patterns from Gus)
6 CCD, wall sit, 16 Cherry Pickers to 0615

16 PAX, one Irish Goodbye

Sua Sponte Leadership – This is when a man leads “of his own accord.”

From the Q Source: “In F3, a Sua Sponte Leader is a man who has been freed to Lead. He is a Leader who exercises Individual Initiative (I2) by taking action in furtherance of his Group’s Articulated Purpose without specific instructions. He initiates Movement toward Advantage for his Group in the absence of explicit authority because he is that rare man who will Lead with or without another Leader to direct him. He is That Somebody.”

Are you That Somebody? There are plenty of opportunities to lead that way in F3. Are you leading that way at home – in your marriage, in your parenting? Are you leading that way at work? In your community? Stop waiting for orders and get to work.

We balled up, offered thanks to the Sky Q, and asked his blessing on our day. 

During my first workout, I could barely get through the BOMBS routine. I was partnered with Jared (two FNGs should never be partnered together!), and he definitely did 75% of the reps. I don’t remember doing any burpee box jumps, so I assume I was just laying on the ground hoping to die. I didn’t, and in the COT, Jared was trying to get me named Bean Counter. When I said I was from Martin, Gus or Bruce or both suggested Soybean. Jared named himself Phat Pat somehow. Snookie got named Snookie cause he’s from Jersey. The other FNG was named Way Way Back because of station wagon road trips, I think. 

At F3, I’ve found what I was looking for in consistent fitness – the workouts are usually fun and the accountability keeps me posting. What I didn’t know about myself two years ago was how isolated I was from meaningful male relationships. Most of my best friends are men I’ve met in F3 in the last two years and the number of men I’m in relationship with has grown massively. That’s what really keeps me engaged and it’s been a huge encouragement for my life in general.

Today was fun. I enjoyed the company and the mumblechatter. Thanks to Photoshop for bringing coffee and doughnuts. Thanks for showing up. Keep posting!

VAPE tonight. VAPE forever!

Mod Mile

F3 MEMPHIS – 29 August 2019


AO: Bermuda Triangle “The Berm”

QIC: Geppetto

Conditions: 67°, 81% Humidity, a very slight hint of briskness in the air, as always, a perfect morning for a beatdown.


Appropriately Welcomed and Disclaimed


  • 1 Lap around Building
  • SSH IC X 20
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 10
  • Windmills IC X 10
  • 8-Count Body Builder IC X 8


Modified EMOM Mile (Run ¼ Mile, do 1x exercise circuit, repeat every ¼ mile, upon completion of the mile, repeat the circuit 2x)

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Tuck Jumps
  • 10 Jumping Lunges
  • 10 Burpees

Squat Circuit Pyramid: 1st Rd – 10, 2nd Rd – 9, 3rd Rd 8, etc

  • 10 Regular Squats
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 10 Tiptoe Squats


  • Big Boy Sit-ups IC x 20
  • Hello Dolly’s IC x 20
  • Freddy Mercury’s IC x 10
  • Flutter Kicks IC x 10


8 (no FNGs), Tomb Raider, Snookie, Gus, Lipton, Yard Sale, Little John, Malco, (QIC) Geppetto


Current thoughts on Isaiah 26:3, after some recent readings and a sermon on the topic:

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

A little deeper dive into the well-known verse looks at “perfect peace”, which in the Hebrew language is actually “Peace Peace”. The Hebrew language uses saying a word multiple times as a way to emphasize it. The other word I dove into is “stayed”, which intends to convey “leaning on, resting on, being supported, sustained”. So, my encouragement to myself and others is to experience the shalom that we all desire, and to get there by leaning, resting, etc on God. That implies spending great amounts of time with God.


It is always nice to be in the gloom with the brothers. It’s been awhile since I Q’ed a workout, so there were some commands that were out of order. Nothing but love (or silent disdain) from the PAX. Command order was restored before the warmup was over. There were some complaints about lack of creativity, and the jumping lunges did start burning. I didn’t feel sorry for them though, just added a few jump squats.