Sweat* 16’s

THE SCENE: Highly recommend getting to an AO early before the ruckus of mumblechatter interrupts the gloom.  You get to stargaze and think about stretching and hydrating.  Especially pleasant with a full moon perched on the horizon in mid-70 degree temps.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   doubled  down for the benefit of a few tardy PAX.  Oh crap, the sudden appearance of Mayberry after Warm-o-Rama prevented his disclaiming.  Mayberry, I am not a professional, you are not paying to be here, modify as needed.  Done.   Its documented now and counts.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Smurf jacks x 16 IC, Windmills x 16 IC, Hand release Merkins x 16 IC, Monkey Humpers x 16 IC, 180 Jump Squats x 16 IC, Balls to the Wall x 1 minute w/ Inverted Vertical Merkins
Quick mosey to the ‘gym’.  Partner work with pull up bars.  Partner 1 grabbed high bar.  Partner 2 got in plank position underneath and grabbed Partner 1’s ankles.  Partner 2 held dangling ankles of 1 while using core to elevate from ground.  Held as long as possible then switch.

2nd iteration; same as above with Partner 2 doing Mt. Climbers.

Alternating Ankle tap Burpees x 16 IC, Dips x 16 IC 

1/4 mile jog to the ‘hillock’.  16 rounds of  crab walk/bear crawl up and down the hillock.  Modified from crab walk uphill and bear crawl down to vice versa.

1/4 mile jog back to the gym.   Hill sprints up to the CMU area x 2.

MARY:   No ladies in F3.  They have FiA.
8 PAX, 0 FNGs;  Harbaugh, Bullwinkle, Mayberry, Hot N’Ready, Snookie, Little John, Lipton, Tomb Raider
M and I celebrate 16 yrs of marriage tomorrow.  

Love is a decision not a feeling.  Decide to be with the one and reject the many, each day.  Very thankful for 16 yrs with the love of my life.  Accelerate your relationship with your M via 1st accelerating your relationship with your Creator.  Encourage, support, and push your M to grow in her relationship with her Creator.  As you both grow in your 3rd F, you will also become closer.  

Remember, your M is hearing the same lies and even more lies from the oppressor as you are on a day to day basis.  Speak truth into her life and serve her sacrificially.  

Lots of divorce going on the past two weeks. Praying for miracles but put in the work as a leader of your M and ask the Maker to form you into a better husband.  

The problem with your marriage is you.  Own it, surrender, fix it with help from God and friends, and she will respond to radical life change like a bug attracted to a bug zapper (with God’s heart changing help).  

Walk out with hands away from the wall to a 45 or greater angle for Inverted ‘declined’ Merkins.  

Partner Ankle Hold Plank Hangs have potential but need some help.  Harbaugh and Bullwinkle’s technique was the best as they stuck their head between the ankles wrapping their arms around the hanging partner’s feet.  From this position they were able to hold plank and perform Mt. Climbers.

Lined up for a 3rd Hill Sprint and tricked PAX by moseying back to the flag.  It’s good to push us to our breaking point mentally and physically then add a psychological reprieve from time to time.  

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Prayer requests for Justin’s surgery (Snookie’s friend) and Andrew’s surgery (Little John’s 2.0).  Prayers for all the PAX and friends of PAX going through a divorce currently, may God show us a miracle through healed relationships.  

Anniversary workout this Saturday 7-8.  Help Meter Maid move furniture immediately following.  

Q School, Levee Style

THE SCENE: A brisk 50 degrees.  Q school was on deck so YHC did a lot more talking than usual.  Meter Maid was on time.  Captain Obvious wasn’t. So there’s that.


SSH IC x30
IW IC x15
Imperial Squat Walkers IC x10
Burpees IC x5 (Don’t do this…)
SSH IC x20 (10 IC and 10 silent)
10 Penalty Burpees… Thanks Woody…

Mosey to the stop sign down the road. Flutter kick til all in.
Mosey around the park to parking lot near Shovel Flag. Burpees til all in.
Dora 1-2-3. Partner up and do the following.
100 Merkins
200 Big-boy Situps
300 Squats

Bear Crawl to the flag. Plank til all in

Mountain Climbers IC x30
American Hammers IC x30
LBC’s IC x30
Box Cutters IC x30
American Hammers IC x15

24 PAX, 0 FNG’s

As we celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, we have to remember that the M is not simply representative of your Mrs.  The M stands for the Most Important person in your life.  Let’s make sure to treat her that way.

Harbaugh made an appearance today and shared from his heart about his experience and how God has transformed his life by showing him how important every minute is.  T-Claps to Harbaugh and we will wish him the best of luck as he prepares to move to Arkansas.  Notes from his personal COT are below.

Notes from Harbaugh:
coming soon.

Read the Pre-Blast that Soybean hasn’t posted yet…

The Return

THE SCENE:  A chilly 35 degrees


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Arm Circles x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Burpees x 10


  • Indian Run to the Parking Lot by Football Field
  • 16- 110’s, 1 minute/sprint
  • 1 minute of the following:
    • Merkins
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Burpees
  • Mosey back to Skate Park
    • Bear Balls to the Wall
    • Squat Jumps 1 minute
  • Mosey back to Startex for Mary


  • LBC’s x 20 IC
  • Slutter Kicks (Snowman)
  • ABC’s (OYO) aka A Hole BC’s


  • 6 PAX: Snowman, Captain Obvious, Pops, Capri Sun, Harbaugh, WoodyCIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:
    YHC discussed his return from paternity leave to the Levee.  Many of the HIM’s of the Levee reached out during the 3 week absence from regular posts and gave me words of encouragement and were looking forward to me being back out.  That is what F3 is about and I wanted to reiterate to the men what impact that accountability has.  I encourage everyone to think about a brother who is not been posting regularly and to give them words of encouragement and check on them.  This is why F3 is more than a workout.

    Mothership with Halpert

Even Larry stayed warm in bed….

Gloomy, cold and light breeze.  Actual photo of certain PAX prior to start:

Image result for jack nicholson the shining

Welcomed, provided latex gloves and then disclaimed.

SSH x 21 (IC) to represent the feels-like temperature
Daisy Pickers x 10 (IC)
Arm Circles Forward x 10 (IC)
Arm Circles Reverse x 10 (IC)

Note to self that this has been basically become the default WoR for me.

Mosey to SkatePark to continue warm-up with Box Jumps (x30).

Mosey to Houston High parking lot.

Four Corner workout with escalating reps.  Three rounds as follows:

Corner 1 Corner 2 Corner 3 Corner 4
Round 1 Burpees x 10 / Sprint to C2 Jump Lunges x 30 / Bear Crawl to C3 Squats x 60 / Sprint to C4 Mountain Climbers x 100 (1 is 1) / Bear Crawl to C1
Round 2* Burpees x 10 / Sprint to C2 Merkins x 30 / Bear Crawl to C3 Carolina DryDocks x 60 / Sprint to C4 Shoulder Taps x 100 (2 is 1) / Bear Crawl to C1
Round 3 Burpees x 10 / Sprint to C2 BBSUs x 30 / Bear Crawl to C3 American Hammers (USA!) x 60 / Sprint to C4 Hello Dolly x 100 / Bear Crawl to C1

*For historical preservation purposes, it should be noted that a certain PAX decided to join at start of Round 2

Return to Skatepark (while saying our Irish Goodbyes to Billy Blanks) for second round of Box Jumps (x15) followed by Dips (x25)

Mosey to Endex

Upon return to Endex, it was discovered that the top half of ye ole shovel flag had fallen.

Penalty Burpees x 10

Aimless Standing Around for the last 30 seconds

16 (no FNGs): Billy Blanks, Halpert, Slicnut, Sully, Harbaugh, Nature Boy, Pops, CapriSun, Backseat, Granola, Proton (willy loman), Meter Maid, Captain Obvious, Rabbit, Snowman, 1040

My pastor on Sunday noted that God does not waste pain.  This concept is very personal to me.  My dad was a great dad.  He worked hard for his three children, loved us and doted on us and bent over backwards to help us.  However, he was a not believer in Christ and instead relied on his own “good works” and morality.  He actually had some disdain for Christians.  In October 2015, he went in for double-bypass surgery,  The surgery was successful but during recovery the surgical wound opened up.  Two additional surgeries happened in the subsequent weeks to fix the wound.  During the additional procedures and his extended hospital stay, the stress on his body was too much and he eventually passed in December 2015.  During that time, my older brother (who is a pastor) shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Christ as his Savior.  I truly believe that God used his pain to remove the scales from his eyes and soften his heart.  My mom asked me a while back how I handled those tough months in 2015 the way I did.  I told her that God gave me peace because he allowed dad’s temporary pain result in his acceptance of Christ.  I know that the temporary moment of pain gave way to eternal hope and that I will see my dad again one day.

I challenged the PAX to not necessarily embrace the pain, but humbly ask God what His purpose in that moment may be.

I appreciate Granola’s sojourn to the Levee to participate in my Q as well as his enthusiasm and attentiveness to the six.

Standard workout gear for the next few months will now include latex gloves, tights and ninja masks.

Discussion on social justice from a Christian perspective.  Check Slack for details.

Double qtr pounder, hold the mayo at the Levee

THE SCENE: Pleasant morning. I left my humble abode at 0505 and proceeded to hit every light between there and the Levee. I told CPT Obvious to start on the 50 burpee warmup without me, but as I was getting out of my car, I just heard what I thought was the disclaimer. As I approached the circle, I asked CPT Obvi if he had, in fact, given the disclaimer. He responded in the negative, and so I…

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: …welcomed the PAX and disclaimed the disclaimer…no, that’s not right. 

We completed what has become a standard warm-up circuit for me. Is that bad? Boring? I don’t know. It’s effective. 

SSH x20, Daisy Pickers x10, Windmill x10, Imperial Walker x15, Hillbilly x15

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG mosey to Landers Field brought to you by Principle Toyota.

Double Quarter Pounder – The First Patty:
Sprint to 25 yd line, 25 merkins OYO, run backwards to goal line
Sprint 50 yds, 50 squats OYO, run back
Sprint 75 yds, 75 mountain climbers, run back
Sprint 100 yds, 100 SSH, run back

The Second Patty:
Sprint 100 yds, 100 LBCs, run back
Sprint 75 yds, 75 flutter kicks, run back
Sprint 50 yds, 50 squats, run back
Sprint 25 yds, 25 Carolina dry docks, run back

Burpee catch-me-if-you-can: Partner up. P1 runs backwards down the field. P2 does 3 burpees then sprints to catch P1. Swap until you reach the opposite end zone. Repeat going back down the field.

Line up on goal line. Bear crawl across field. Bear crawl back.

Long mosey back to start, wall sit while we wait on the six.

Big boy sit-ups, pickle pounders, LOLs

17 (1 FNG – RBG)

Men should be accelerating in their fitness, fellowship, and faith. You have to plan to accelerate, and you ought to plan how to accelerate daily in each of the three Fs. Leaders cause those in their lives to move towards advantage, and you ought to have a plan to lead the people under your influence. Go make your plans.

I’m “sorry” that this BB took “so” long to “publish”. Murse parked in the road next to the stadium, despite there being a parking lot right next to the road. I assume GPD applied a boot, but I didn’t stick around after to find out. On an unrelated note, Murse was going to court that day for a speeding ticket. 

Noah’s Ark busting through the Levee

THE SCENE: 55 and sadly learning about the rain chances as my garage opened

Yes with help from Knox folks

15 burpees
SSH x15  IC 4CT
Hillbillies x12  IC 4CT
Imperial walkers x14  IC 4CT
Arm circles forward and reverse x10  IC 4CT
Jog a lap


10 push up pyramid and count down with one SSH in between each number (leaving the Bass Pro Pyramid)
Thang—Noahs Ark
Baseball field—foul line to flag (around 30ish yds)
Bear crawl down and back
Scalded Dawgs down and back
10 wide merkins, 10 standard, 10 tricep merkins
Injured squirrel pulls down. Jog to fence and sprint to foul line
10 Tricep merkins
Shrimping aint easy—down and back to flag
6 Foul pole to center field tempo runs
1-10 Merkin pyramid with SSH
105 SSH IC 4CT
Al Gore for 30-45 sec with pulse

17/ 1 FNG Sully

Don’t be afraid to reach out with a word of encouragement. This is more than a workout group. Thankful for the support of a vast array of people. You never know how much a simple hello can go to mean something to someone.

Be glad i forgot about crabs, frogs, and other animals that i wrote down to do. We got wet. Probably messed up field.  Im not sorry for dirtying your laundry (just my wife’s)
AO olympics this saturday at BC

10/30 Blazing Saddles BB – lotta stuff

THE SCENE:  A perfect 50°


Given in full, one FNG was about to get his world rocked.


SSH x15 IC, Daisy Pickers x15 IC, Hillbilly’s x15 IC


Running through a whole lotta stuff, we made sure the FNG was going to be napping by noon.

  • Modified merkin mile, added 25 squats, 25 BBSUs, 50 LBCs, and lunges on last quarter transportation
  • Head to the fountain for 11’s – 2 is 1 step ups counting up to 10, Derkins counting down from 10 to 1
  • Tomb Raiders in the field – 100’ rope with a CMU tied to one end.  The PAX each took a turn pulling it in from a sitting position while remaining PAX did 15 rep counts of named exercises selected by the pulling PAX.  We had flutter kicks, BBSU’s, Box Cutters, Squats, Burpees, Scissors, Merkins.
  • Back to the fountain.  Dips x10 IC, Erkins x10 IC, Dips x10 IC, Erkins x10 IC
  • Mosey to ENDEX for Mary


Moroccan night clubs x15 IC, Flutter kicks x15 IC, Jane Fonda’s x10 IC each leg, Thors (alternating BBSUs, American Hammers) 1×4, 2×8, 3×12, 4×16, 5×20

7 PAX (1 FNG) – Speaker, U-rock, Halpert, Murse, Harbaugh, UTI (Willy Loman from Raleigh, NC), FNG (Drydock, also Willy Loman from Raleigh, NC)


Encouraging the men to be intentional with their daily red pill.  It’s easy to take the blue pill and succumb to comfort, give in to the easier things this world offers.  It’s easy to stay in bed.  My last COT was on modeling life for our kids.  They will do the things that you do in front of them.  For that reason, I get out of my bed when it’s hard and do hard things to get better everyday.  This is in all areas of life.  I’m not perfect by any stretch and we all fail, we’re human.  But, we need to be intentional about getting in the Word, modeling priority time, growing in Christ for the sake of ourselves, our M’s, our 2.0s, and all the other sad clowns of the world.


Harbaugh shared some honest truth with us.  Thank you for that Harbaugh.  Men, don’t be afraid to let others in and confide with the PAX in 2nd F.  Going through life in this fallen broken world alone will lead to destruction.  The PAX are stronger together.

11/3 – Eli Grown Ruck/Race 8K

11/9 – Ruck Club call out – Flags at Memphis National Cemetary

11/11 – Ruck Club call out – pick up trash around MEMPHIS National Cemetary

A LOOOOOOOOOOONG four corners, at the Mothership

THE SCENE: The 46 degree ruck temp turned into a pleasant 50 something that did not chill our lungs.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:      Is anyone ever annoyed by having to turn off the bold and underline formatting when filing in this section?  Any suggestions on how to ‘disrupt’ the status quo and streamline?  (with all do respect to the HIM who created this)

Disclaimer given, along with the three F’s and the core principle.


SSH IC X 27, IW IC X 28, Daisy Picker IC X 27, Balls to the Wall at the Event Center for 30 seconds (right in the switch grass and mulch)


  • PAX organized into two equal groups (group 1 and group 2) for corner relay races.
  • Mosey over to the far corner of the parking lot and paired a 1 with a 2, a total of 5 pairs. Each pair went to a corner of the parking lot, the fifth pair stayed at the start with the first pair.  Thank you Pirtle for correctly pointing out that we needed this doubling up at the start so that no corner was left vacant once we got going.
  • PAX were given exercises to complete at each corner starting with Merkins, Squats, Burpees, and Carolina Dry Dock.  (C-Lo or Nature Boy kindly grabbed chalk and wrote these on the pavement during the circuit)
  • The relay race started with all PAX completing the exercise at their given corner followed by pair 1 sprinting all out to the next corner of the rectangular space.
  • Pair 2 took off when their group partner tagged them and when they had completed the given exercise at their station.
  • The relay race proceeded until Pair 1 had gone all around the ‘world’ and was back at the startex.
  • No break was taken but Round 2 began continuously while increasing the exercise rep count to two at each corner.
  • Round 3-5 proceeded in like manner, increasing rep count up to 5.
  • Winning team took a victory lap at a conversational pace while losing team performed burpees as prescribed by the winners until all in.
  • Next exercise was a partner rope pull;  Paired PAX got on their six facing one another with GR 12 long rope on the ground in between.  Feet splayed in front and braced upon your partners soles in a diamond shape.  Facing one another each PAX picked up a section of rope and while one pulled the other provided continuous tension.  Once fully extended as in a row exercise, the other partner pulled while the opposite partner extended.  This provided continuous tension throughout the pulling and extending process.  Good work on the forearms, shoulders, and back.
  • Next exercise was a dealers choice rope pull;  PAX assembled around one end of the fully extended GR 12 rope, the other end being affixed to the Q’s weighted ruck sack.  One PAX called out an AMRAP exercise for the others while he sat and pulled in the rope dragging the weighted ruck sack as fast as he could.  Once in, the group moseyed back to the opposite end of the area while the PAX who began grabbed the loose end and moseyed back with the group.
  • The circuit was complete when everyone had taken a turn at the rope pull and called out an AMRAP exercise.  Exercises included (turkey sit up, burpees, merkins, lunges, LBCs, BBCs, . . . etc.)

American Hammer IC x 25, LBCs IC x 25, Pickle Pavement Pounders IC x 15, J-Lo’s IC x 15, Orange Julius chose and led Dead Cockroach IC x 20

11 PAX (1 FNG, Plan B), C-Lo, Teacher’s Pet, Orange Julius, Pops, Nature Boy, Halpert, Tomb Raider, Grimace, Pirtle, Harbaugh

Disruption of the status quo, specifically to men who are currently casualties. How can we be a disrupter?  How can we invest and invite into becoming HIMs?

I had questions but very little answers.  Case in point, I had invited 61 men to this workout, one came.  Many of these men I have known and gone through tough times with, done hard things with.  However, many of them are casualties now.  I encouraged the PAX to help break the kinetic energy that binds other men and induce movement toward advantage.

The PAX present during this workout reminded me why I really enjoy F3, especially the 2nd F.  Here, I was floundering the Q, in my own estimation.  However, the PAX didn’t blink, didn’t take it easy but came around me and led.  The four corner exercise ended up more of an all out sprint workout than what I had envisioned, yet we stuck with it and pushed each other hard.  I loved the attitude of the men who just kept going with a smile on their face and not a complaint to be heard.

Next time, shorten the sprints and increase the rep count starting at 5 working up to 10 then back down to 5.  Time it so that the relay team running hits the next corner as the awaiting pair is finishing up the prescribed exercise.  Continuous movement is the objective.

*If you want to win a relay race, have Orange Julius on your team!!  The man can sprint!  Even when he’s nearly lapped the other team.  I could tell his hamstring was hurting him but he always smiled and nodded when I would ask, never a disparaging word.

Next Saturday, November 3rd their are three opportunities: Eli Grow ruck/race register and attend or as a spirit runner, assist Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) by administering the physical fitness test to students, or help Pirtle and family move their household.

Prayers for my wife, dealing with a leg infection (much better today) and Hadley, a four year old who suffered a seizure and brain damage recently.

100s and The Godfather

50-ish. Ground was wet from the night before, but the rain held off while we were out.


Abe Vigodas x 15 IC
Forward arm circles x 15 IC
Reverse arm circles x 15 IC
Indian Run to the football field parking lot.

100 yard dash; jog back to the starting line.
90 yard dash, 10 burpees; jog back to the starting line.
80 yard dash, 20 groiners; jog back to the starting line.
70 yard dash, 30 box cutters; jog back to the starting line.
60 yard dash, 40 jump lunges; jog back to the starting line.
50 yard dash, 50 BBS; jog back to the starting line.
40 yard dash, 60 SSH; jog back to the starting line.
30 yard dash, 70 alternating shoulder taps; jog back to the starting line.
20 yard dash, 80 squats; jog back to the starting line.
10 yard dash, 90 LBCs; jog back to the starting line.
100 merkins, no run.
100 yard dash.
Mosey back to the flag.

3 sets of 20 dips and 20 BBS.

11 PAX (Harbaugh, Dial-up, Snowman, Captain Obvious, Wide Right, Slicnut, Sparky, Pablo, Murse, FNG Lamb Chop, Meter Maid).

The PAX considered some quotes from The Godfather and how we could apply them to our daily lives.

“[A] man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” – Don Vito Corleone.
No need for explanation. – MM

“These things gotta happen every five years or so – ten years – helps get rid of the bad blood. Been ten years since the last one.  You know you gotta stop ‘em at the beginning.” – Fat Clemenza.
Don’t bottle up frustration with or anger at others.  Work through small conflicts before they become bigger ones. – MM

“Look, we are all reasonable men here; we don’t have to give assurances as if we were lawyers.” – Don Barzini
Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. – MM

“You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance gonna bring your son back to you?  Or my boy to me?  I forego the vengeance of my son.” – Don Vito Corleone
When wronged by another, work for positive change. – MM

“I spend my life tryin’ not to be careless. Women and children can be careless but not men.” – Don Vito Corelone
Take care in your work and family life. – MM

Thanks to Harbaugh for buying coffee for everyone who came to The Creamery today. Harbaugh and Captain Obvious recommend the affogato.  Soybean and Captain Obvious are planning a future affogateeria.

Billy Blanks is teaching a kickboxing class on Sunday to raise adoption funds (class already over at time of publishing).

Fun fact: Abe Vigoda played Salvatore “Sal” Tessio in The Godfather.

APFT at The Levee on 11/5.

Skate Park Stuff

THE SCENE:  The Levee.  48 and gloomy

  • Daisy Pickers (IC)
  • Mosey round the lot
  • SSHs (IC)
  • Mosey round the lot
  • Burpees (IC)
  • Mosey to the skate park

Partner up.  P1 does exercise while P2 does movement around skate wall

  • P1 Merkins/P2 Bear Balls to the Wall – 2 rounds
  • P1 Military Sit Ups/P2 Inverted Bear Balls to the Wall – 2 rounds
  • AMRAP 1 minute each
    • Jump Squats
    • Groiners
    • Merkins
    • BBSUs
  • Partner up again: P1 Dips/P2 runs around perimeter – 3 rounds
  • Mosey back to the flag


  • Flutter Kicks (IC)
  • Dealers Choice
    • Pops: Hello Dolly
    • Sparky: Spider Dips?
    • Nature Boy: LBCs
    • Slicnut: Inchworm
      16 PAX (3 FNGS) Slicnut, Capri Sun, Nature Boy, Harbaugh, Pops, Sparky, Meter Maid, Rabbit, Wall Street, 1040, Pronto Pup, C-Lo, Whiskey, Bagpipes, Quick Squat, Snowman (QIC)
      Read from Q-Source regarding Positive Habit Transfer
      Inverted Bear Balls to the Wall really sucks!  3 FNGs got out of the fartsack and seemed to like it.  Hope to see them back out.