Q Schooled on a Saturday

THE SCENE: a cloudy 32 degrees with a slight 5 mph breeze coming from the Northeast.

Disclaimed… and disclaimed… and disclaimed AGAIN. YHC went through why we do what we do on Q.  Talked about calling out exercises, cadence and other random stuff

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
SSH IC x20
How to NOT count cadence
SSH IC Silent 20 count
Penalty Burpees x10

Mosey around to the lot and up the street to the stop sign at the top of the hill.  
Freddie Mercury til all-in
Bear Crawl 50+ yards to the speedbump. Mosey back to the parking lot.
Plank til all-in.  YHC talked about different ways to lead “the thang” is partner exercises or OYO routines.  We will do both.

Partner Up…
Dora 1-2-3:
100 Merkins
200 BBS
300 Squats


Mosey and burpees… more mosey, more burpees.  We pushed ourselves pretty hard on the mosey and burpees.

American Hammers IC x30
Flutter Kicks IC x20
Hello Dolly IC x20
Mountain Climbers 30 secs. OYO

22 pax.  (1 FNG: Smoker)

As men, we need to get right ourselves before we can help and lead others.  listen to the 43 feet podcast and come to Q Source lunches to talk more about getting right in your personal Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Hello Kitty and Dial-Up KILLED it this morning to finish off their 345 week!  T-CLAPS to these HIM who pushed themselves this week.  All the men pushed themselves this workout.

Service Project


THE SCENE: Crisp, cool with clear skies

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
  • Hillbillies x 10 IC

Mosey to the stairs near The Ruins parking lot.  There are 70 total stairs from Front up to the landing near the parking lot.  We would start at the bottom of the stairs and perform the following up the stairs x 2:

  • Quick Step (lead with the same foot on every step) x 2 (140 stairs)
  • Skip (plyometric jump skipping steps each time) x 2 (70 stairs)
  • Lateral (facing left/right going up the stairs) x 2 (140 stairs)
  • Lunge (every other stair) x 2 (70 stairs)
  • Squat Jump (each step for the first 15 stairs then sprint to the top) x 2 (140 stairs)
  • “Grizzcalator”: In plank position, ascend the stairs doing a merkin on each step
  • Everest: Lunge and bring feet to the same stair and do a squat alternating the leading foot x 2 (140 stairs)

Mosey back to the parking lot.  With the last 10 minutes, we did 11’s with a run in between exercises.  Two exercises were BBS and Carolina Dry Docks.  All PAX completed 11’s routine at 0615.

13 PAX (no FNGs; 1 Willy Loman – Rusty from Naperville, IL) Bottomless (QIC), MIB, Chocker, Sir-Mix-Alot, Handsy, Hitch, Easily Amused, Low Note, Crayfish, Chiocetti,  Woodpecker, Four Eyes
Shared the common thread of the COTs that I’ve heard this week about difficulty, and failure.  The idea of a stair workout is overwhelming.  You look up at 70 stairs and have to come to grips with the reality that ascending those stairs will be difficult.  This is especially true if you have to do this multiple times.  However, this seemed a lot less daunting in community.  Having brothers there for encouragement and, simply, to be there during a hard time.  Christ does not make any promises that this life will be easy, but he does promise us that he will always be with us.  We do not thrive in isolation; however, we can do hard things in community…even if its flights and flights of stairs.

4 PAX showed up to complete the 86 for 86 challenge before boot camp this AM.  Great cause and enjoyed putting in this work with Woodpecker, Choker, and Bookworm.

Service project saturday…see slack for details

Upstanding Merkins

THE SCENE: 56 Degrees. Wet from yesterday’s rain.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Check, YHC came in hot, so YHC gave the disclaimer as YHC was running up to the circle. 

SSH- 30, Daisy Pickers – 10, LBAC – 10 each direction, Imperial Walkers – 15, Hill Billies – 15, 30 seconds of free stretch.
Moseyed to the bathrooms to do 11’s. Began with 10 Handstand Merkins, then bear crawled to complete 1 Groiner (2 count = 1). Then jogged back to repeat, etc. You know how to do 11’s. 

Next, PAX jogged to the skate park ( paused along the way completed 10 mountain climbers in a parking lot).

Once PAX reached the skatepark, every 30 seconds PAX completed 10 LBC’s and 10 Incline Merkins. PAX continued the 30 seconds reps for a total of 12 times.

Then, moseyed back to the flag. Along the way, PAX paused to complete 2 minutes of Crunchy Frogs in the SCS parking lot. PAX moseyed towards Flag again and paused on road under FourEyes’ lead to complete 20 shoulder taps.

After PAX completed Shoulder taps, PAX sprinted the remainder of the way towards the Flag.

PAX completed 1 minute of alternating LBC’s
10 PAX (1 FNG)

YHC discussed brokenness and shared about how broken YHC really is. After much discussion with my M, YHC realized more of the depths of brokenness and need for a Savior. Also, YHC shared an illustration from church and Eph. 2, “our brokenness is like a intricately tangled spider web. The more we begin to learn about our sin and brokenness, the more we realize how much we need Jesus to wipe away these webs.”

The Sandlot has different assets to utilize during a BC.
Cleanup on Saturday. Talk to Four Eyes.

How Long Can The PAX Hold A CMU?

70* and humid with a pretty strong breeze off the mighty Mississippi. 

The Ruins


Did it, including sharing the mission of F3.


  • SSH (IC) – 40
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 10
  • Merkins (IC) – 10
  • Mosey lap around the parking lot


At 0535 I had the PAX each grab one CMU from the back of my truck. I then explained that they would hold that CMU and were not allowed to set it on the ground or drop it until 0615. If anyone dropped their CMU or set it down, all PAX would be required to perform 10 blockees (burpees with CMU). Lots of groaning. 

We moseyed to Beale Street Landing (~1/3 mile). 

Modified 11’s. ALL exercises are 4 count (so – 2 curls = 1 or down(1)-up(2), down(3)-up(4) = 1). Starting at the bottom of Beale Street Landing:

  • perform 10 skull crushers
  • Run uphill to 2nd light (about halfway or ~50 yards)
  • perform 10 curls 
  • Run uphill to top (~50 yards)
  • perform 1 squat thruster 
  • Run back downhill to 2nd light
  • perform 1 bent over row
  • Run back downhill to startex 

Rinse and repeat with the numbers increasing/decreasing each time – 2nd round was 9 skull crushers, 9 curls, 2 squat thrusters, 2 bent over rows, etc…

No one finished before we needed to head back. I believe Altar Boy and Four Eyes got down to 2-9. So close. 

Mosey back to parking lot for some Mary.  


Again…all with CMU’s – we haven’t let them touch the ground yet!

  • American Hammer (IC) – 25 (lots of groaning)
  • Crunches with legs 90* and CMU overhead, pushing it up towards your feet (IC) – 15
  • Hello Dolly Lama (ish) – basically – on your 6 with legs straight out in front and about 6″ off the ground, holding CMU at chest height and then open and close legs (IC) – 10
  • Flutter kicks (with CMU held straight up overhead) (IC) – 15
  • American Hammer (because we had 1 minute left and I couldn’t think of another CMU Mary exercise) (IC) – 10


7 PAX – Handsy (QIC), MIB, Crayfish, Altar Boy, Four Eyes, Easily Amused, Low Note


Carrying a CMU for 40 minutes straight SUCKED. And it was a huge relief to set it on the ground at 0615. Made me wonder how many of us are carrying around a huge metaphorical weight because of our sin? What things are we carrying that are weighing us down, making life hard. How much relief would it be to just set it down? Jesus tells us to come to him with those burdens and that he will give us rest. 


When I had the idea to do a workout where we held a CMU the entire workout, I wasn’t sure how it would go. It was HARD. We worked a lot of muscles I didn’t know we’d work just from lugging that thing around between exercises, etc. 
The PAX were awesome sports though and we made it all 40 minutes with no CMU’s touching the ground. T-Claps to the PAX! 
AND – it was awesome to meet Low Note. Glad he came back out!


  • 2nd F Guys Night at Handy’s house this Friday, Feb. 9th, 8pm – ?. Message Handsy for more details. 
  • See Pre-blast for info about weekly 2nd F lunches around town, workout locations/times, etc. 

“You’re killin’ me, Ballz!”

THE SCENE:  Sandiest of all lots; 63 degrees and hu-mid



  • SSH x 13 IC
  • IMPERIAL WALKERS (in motion; clockwise) x 13 IC
  • IMPERIAL WALKERS (in motion; counter-clockwise) x 13 IC


Mosey to nearby field of pain

  • Perform OYO Squat (x10), Merkin (x10), BBSU (x10) then 10-ct *Body Bag Builder* (x10)…(8-ct Body Builder but add 2-ct Mtn Climber just before Merkin=voila!!!)…submitted but not yet approved by Exicon Cmte folks   @ STARTEX
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • *Bear Crawl 360* (Bear Crawl but rotating 360 degrees while moving)…submitted but not yet approved by Exicon Cmte folks to next light pole (25 yds)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Perform OYO Squat (x15), Merkin (x15), BBSU (x15) then 10-ct *Body Bag Builder* (x15)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • *Bear Crawl 360* to next light pole
  •  Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In @ MID-EX
  • Recover then Mosey to nearby parking lot
  • Grab a concrete girder and perform LOW Dip (x20) IC
  • Flip over and perform LOW Incline Merkin (x20) OYO
  • Perform Carolina Dry Dock (x20) OYO
  • Short, slow mosey in the gloom and back
  • Perform OYO Squat (x20), Merkin (x20), BBSU (x20) then 10-ct *Body Bag Builder* (x20)
  • =End of ROUND 1
  • Perform OYO Squat (x20), Merkin (x20), BBSU (x20) then Burpee (x20) @ MID-EX
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • *Crawl Bear 360* (Crawl Bear but rotating 360 degrees while moving)…submitted but not yet approved by Exicon Cmte folks to next light pole (25 yds)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Perform OYO Squat (x15), Merkin (x15), BBSU (x15) then Burpee (x15)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • *Crawl Bear 360* to next light pole
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Perform OYO Squat (x10), Merkin (x10), BBSU (x10) then Burpee (x10)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • =End of ROUND 2
  • Bear Crawl 75 yards to MID-EX
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • Crawl Bear 75 yards to STARTEX
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps until All In
  • =End of ROUND 3
  • Mosey to Shovel Flag


6 (1 FNG: Diplomat); Altar Boy, Moth Balls, Four Eyes, Teacher’s Pet and O Positive (YHC).



Many PAX are participating in the Equinox Challenge.  Are you? Great. If not, consider it.  Also, challenge yourself to be challenged and/or challenge others to help them get stronger in areas of their lives (marriage, faith, etc.)


Bru-tal. Simple yet very effective with a few OP wrinkles just to keep the boys on their toes.  Great to have Diplomat join us in the gloom. Will be recycling this work-out.


Squerkins, Uphill Sprints, and other Mayhem

THE SCENE:  Perfect.  Mid-40s which is an incredible relief from the rigid below freezing weather the last few days.  There was a 50% chance of rain but it was bone dry when we began.  Rain came later while we were under cover of the parking garage then dissipated before we returned to start.  I think it was scared of us.



Side Straddle Hops x20
Windmill x15
Butt-Kickers 45 seconds
High Knees 45 seconds
Warm-up Lap around the track


We moseyed over to the Parking Garage, aka “The Tower of Terror.”  First round we did this:
  • Sprint first straightaway
  • Grab a partner for Squerkins until all-in +10 (2=1)
  • Recovery jog to 2nd level
  • Switch with previous partner for Squerkins until all-in +10  (2=1)
  • Rinse & Repeat until at the top

On our way down we did this:

  • Recovery jog down one level
  • Smurf Jacks until all-in +10
  • Sprint next straightaway
  • Peter Parker Merkins until all-in +10 (2=1)

Next round we did

  • Squats x15 – Merkins x10
  • Sprint first straightaway
  • Recovery jog to 2nd level
  • Squats x15 – Merkins x10
  • Rinse & Repeat until at the top.  It had started raining by this point so we jogged over and back under cover and then recovery jogged back to start.

Final Round:

  • Sprint first straightaway
  • Recovery jog to 2nd level
  • Squats x15 – Merkins x10
  • Rinse & Repeat until at the top.
  • Jog down and to start

(there may be some factual errors above but this is the gist of what we did.  YHC called several audibles and was a bit light-headed from all the uphill sprints and may have mixed up a few ups and downs).  We ran a total of 3 miles.

Unfortunately YHC misjudged time and was only able to do 1 Hello Dalai Lama for Mary.
15 PAX 0 FNGs
Many have seem life broken into 2 halves.  The first half we seek to establish our identity, secure ourselves financially, perhaps build a family and career––as Richard Rohr writes, we are building the container in the first half of life while we fill that container in the 2nd half.  Many children who didn’t have structure and stability follow one of two paths.   Many spend their whole life in the first half, trying to find their identity, secure themselves financially, etc.  Yet a few who have encountered great suffering early in life, through the help of a higher power are able to enter the 2nd half of life earlier than most with wisdom beyond their years.  Most of us have been privileged to have what we need and are well into the 1st half.  My challenge is to move beyond providing for yourself, worrying about your identity, and struggles with self-worth.  Seek the path into the 2nd half of life where you find purpose, calling, and meaning by giving yourself away, letting childish things die, and building on the foundation of your 1st half as you explore new perspectives, ways of thinking, and opportunities to take action.  What steps can we take today to move into the 2nd half of life?

A couple of us commented on how little it rains on F3 workouts.  While we have had more precipitation in the last few months than I can remember in Memphis, it often would stop raining by 5:30 a.m. or begin after 6:30.  Today was a testament of this observation as the clouds waited until we entered the parking garage to open up.  Coincidence or strange phenomenon?

We sought to rally the troops to regain the KotB flag at OF on Monday to “bring it back in the loop” while Berm PAX reminded us that Sea Isle is also in the Loop.  We debated this for some time.

MLK Day Dora

THE SCENE: Felt like 18!!! Easily Amused was his namesake when he discovered icicles in his beard.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcomed & Disclaimed

  • SSH x 50 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Polka Stretch x 20 IC
  • Forward Arm Circles – Baby x 8, then big x 8
  • Backward Arm Circles – Baby x 8, then big x 8

We started out with 10 rounds (or 5 minutes) of 30 Second Burpees=50 Total burpees

  • Mosey to Memphis Farmer’s Market, pause at Blue Monkey for Monkey Humpers! x 15 IC
  • Once we made it to MFM, partnered up for DORA 123 (100 Bobby Hurleys, 200 Big Boy Sit-Ups, 300 Mountain Climbers)
  • Based on time, YHC called an OMAHA and asked PAX to do only 150 BBSU & 150 Mountain Climbers.
  • We then moseyed to the National Civil Rights Museum, with a pause wall-sit on the side of the Arcade.


We did MARY on the brick pavement in front of the National Civil Rights Museum. YHC asked PAX to keep a low respectful tone in calling out the count.

  • LBCs IC x 15
  • Hello Dollys IC x 15
  • ABCs IC (of course, #nottheLevee)
  • Shoulder Taps IC x 15

22 (Zero FNGs, but two Kotters: Piggyback and American Standard)


MLK Day should be celebration of his life, but also a call to action. We live in a minority-majority city where many our city’s kids are behind on reading level. States build prisons based on this stat and it’s bs that what zip code a kid is born in determines his opportunity. Challenged PAX to check out Arise2Read and make HC to read to 2nd graders in the city. 

Totally an on the fly move to do the monkey humpers once we stopped on our mosey by the Blue Monkey. Many PAX laughed at Handsy’s loud counting as he had missed the “Let’s keep down noise level” memo. 

**UPDATED: Birthday Q curse almost strikes again for Park Bench.

THE SCENE: Cold, not dry, and cold.
SSH x 20 IC, slow mosey lap, static stretching OYO

We ran 4 400m laps.  With the first lap, we sprinted the straight then jogged the remainder of the lap. Second lap: sprint both straights with jogging in the turns.  Third lap: sprint straights and one turn with a jog in the other turn. Fourth lap: sprint the whole lap.

After, split the PAX into 2 teams of 8.  2 PAX from each team would go to 1 of 4 different exercises.  At the completion of each exercise, the PAX would cycle to a new exercise.  We completed this circuit twice.

  • Wall Sit
  • 1 lap
  • 100 yard shuttle run (25 back, 50 back, 75 back, 100 back)
  • Bear Crawl slide (50 yards): place mat on the ground and slid hands forward on place mat in bear crawl position to 50 yards and flapjacked with partner. My children’s food place mats were perfect for this exercise.

No time
16 PAX (1 FNG – Mouth Breather)

Today is my 34th birthday.  Yesterday evening, I was asked by a friend if I had accomplished everything in my life that I had planned to at my age.  The question was asked as a joke, but it did make me think about it.

This morning as I was getting ready for BC, I read this story that Clay Travis shared about Jalen Hurts.  An 8th grader was competing in a spelling bee and was in the final 2 and he misspelled the word that would have won the competition.  Immediately after losing, the young boy walked straight up to the winner, shook his hand and congratulated him on winning.  This kids gesture left a strong impression on everyone watching and they asked him where he learned to show such sportsmanship.  His response, “Jalen Hurts”.

We might not have accomplished every goal that we have for ourselves.  We might fail, underachieve, fall short, etc.; however, we are always leaving an impression on those around us.  Jalen had no idea that this 8th grade boy was watching how he responded to adversity; however, his ability to demonstrate character and sportsmanship in the struggle left a strong impression on this young man and disrupted what would have otherwise been a different trajectory.  My challenge to the PAX was that no matter what you have done or what you want to do, your actions, inaction’s, words, demeanor have a significant impact within your spheres of influence whether you mean them to or not.  Be HIM (High Impact Men).  It will make a difference.  (The hyperlink to the tweet is included.  There is a video.  It is great.)

Thankful for the PAX coming out to wish me a happy birthday, but more importantly, to encourage and push each other to be better.  This is why we do it.  There was a lot going on on the track today and it got a little chaotic moving between stations in the circuit, but no one complained and everyone kept pushing and making the most of every moment.  Really encouraged, as always, to be a part of this group and thankful I was able to lead the workout on my birthday.

On a more distressing note, Park Bench needs to retire from Birthday Q’s at the Barracks.  First time, he had a health issue.  Today, he lost the only key to his car and had still not found it even after coffeteria.  Prayers for Park Bench as he figures that out.  Sorry brother! ***UPDATE: The keys were found.  In a dramatic turn of events, Park Bench located his keys in the most unlikely of places.  After 30+ minutes of searching, the key was “further down in his short pocket than he realized.”  The “Birthday Q curse” has been lifted for Park Bench…tread lightly though.***

Highland (Levee) Creamery is open…let the oatmeal+ ice cream indulgence commence.

MLK convergence at the Ruins on Monday 1/21.  No BC or pre-ruckership at OF. Equinox Challenge…do it.

Speed Ruckin’ at the Barracks

THE SCENE AND EVERYTHING ELSE: Cold. Dark, but the ROTC field lights were warming up. YHC pulled into the lot at 0511. There were several cars and some PAX were talking or exchanging contraband out of someone’s trunk. Other PAX were sitting in their cars keeping warm. NO TIME! YHC rucked up, grabbed the shovel flag, and hustled up to the track. 

0514, staring at the time. 

Bookworm comes shuffling up at approx 05:14:50. The clock struck 0515, I hit “Start” on my handy interval timer, and we were off. 

I’m not a professional. I am not being paid. You are exercising at your own risk and assume all liability of injury. Modify as necessary. 

At 0517, the alarm sounded and we started our first minute-long shuffle. The intervals continued through 19 cycles of 2 minutes walking, 1 minute shuffling.

At approx 0520, five other PAX came galloping up and we made a b-line for the road. 

I’m not a professional. I am not being paid. You are exercising at your own risk and assume all liability of injury. Modify as necessary. 

YHC proceeded to explain the interval to the PAX and outline some shuffling basics. Head up, shoulders back, back straight, feet shuffling. 

We made one big loop around Highland, one smaller loop around Patterson, and about a full lap around the track at the end. Tiger Lilly peeled off after the first big loop.

We were able to maintain around a 12 minute mile pace for the whole hour. Great work, gentlemen!

Seven PAX, no FNGs

YHC borrowed from Gus’s COT from the day before. The Pro is Prepared. Often, YHC does not prepare to come home after work and be an engaged husband and father. Instead, I put myself on the throne of my tiny kingdom and let my wrath fall on any and all who don’t behave as I think they ought. Don’t do that! Prepare!


Be A Pro

Date: 15JAN2019

AO: The Sandlot

QIC: Gus

PAX: Chioccetti, Soybean, Toms, Lodge, Four Eyes, Moth Balls, Altar Boy, Gus | FNGs: N/A

Conditions: 39F; nice and cool



Burpees OYO x 25
90-second plank
SSH IC x 25
Daisy Pickers IC x 25
Burpees OYO x 25
60-second plank


HSPUs / Squats

Stop to wait for Six; burpees while you wait

Burpees OYO x 25

Flutter kicks IC x 25
Hello, Dolly! IC x 25

Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Count-o-Rama (8)



To obtain proper personal alignment, he must stop seeking to seem and determine to be. He must decide to turn Pro rather than continue life as an Amateur .

The superficially-committed Mascot is an Amateur. To him, what truly matters is only that he make periodic resolutions and look like he is trying to fulfill them. Then, when the circumstances of his life inevitably undo whatever small progress he might have made, he can repeat the process without being completely embarrassed. For that man it is all about the appearance of the process not the substance of the progress.

The fully-committed High Impact Man is a Pro. He views his proper personal alignment as a skill that requires daily practice to first obtain and then continually sharpen. Determined to be rather than merely to seem, a HIM focuses on Preparedness absent any concern of how that appears to the world.

The easy application here is to be prepared to Q a Workout. It’s something I’ve failed to do in the past, and I just improvise as I go along. I was acting like an Amateur, and I’m the Nantan! I’m installing Bricks to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore.

The harder application of this principle in my life is being a Pro Dad and Husband. Right now, I live with a 2-year-old, 4-year-old, and a wife who is 23 weeks pregnant. My life is chaotic. I can choose to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually prepared as a Husband and Dad; the DRP, Prayer, and support from my Shield Lock will get me there, The other choice is to be an Amateur and react to the circumstances of my life, a choice that will inevitably lead to big mistakes as I allow my emotions to rule.

MOLESKIN: Nobody really liked all those burpees.