The Cones of the Greensward

THE SCENE: 30* – frosty from a weekend of rain. YHC arrived at 05:29:59 and got things going.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: This was done from the plank position, much to Bookworm’s chagrin. 

Mountain Climbers x20, then 10 burpees OYO starting from plank
Doc Hollywood led the PAX in 12 or so SSH while YHC went to the car to grab some cones. 

Mosey! We were headed towards the Greensward, and stopped a couple times along the way for flutter kicks. 

The Quarter Pounder:
At the Greensward, YHC set out 4 cones, about 25 yards apart. Starting at the first cone, sprint 25 yards, do 25 hand-release merkins, run backwards back to start. Next, sprint 50 yards, do 50 squats, backwards to start. Sprint 75 yards, do 75 mountain climbers, backwards to start. Sprint 100 yards, do 100 flutter kicks, backwards to start. On this last sprint, the PAX were yelling “Where’s the cone?” It had disappeared. Someone eventually decided to just lay down and start their flutter kicks. Everyone else got more or less in line with him and knocked out the reps. When we got back to the start, we did another sprint to find that last cone. We were baffled. Then it dawned on me that I brought 4 cones and put the first one at the starting line. Silly Soybean!

Mosey over to the Veteran’s Plaza – lunge walk the length to the flags. Split into two groups. First group did 25 derkins with their feet on the stairs. Second group did 25 box jumps. Flapjack. Then rinse and repeat with 15 reps. 

Mosey back to start, stopping along the way for LBC’s and dying cockroaches. We got back a minute late. 

17 (1 FNG – Toaster)

YHC recycled my COT from last week at the Barracks. There are a lot of people for whom Christmas is painful and lonely. Be hospitable and invite those people into your home. 

Bookworm had to jet right at 0615 and took his great FNG name idea with him.  What a guy. Handsy forgot the coffee, bourbon, cream, etc. Maybe next time. Cobains for forgetting the 100 yard cone. 

KotB lunch this Friday. Starry Nights ruck TONIGHT. 

Need for Speed at the Barracks

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  This happened while walking
 This did not happen
YHC, Bookworm, and some other crazies are training for a GORUCK Star Course 50 mile ruck. As such, YHC wanted to get in 6 miles this morning. I got there early and got two solo miles, then the three of us got out another 3.8. We shuffled for 30 seconds after each whole mile. We could’ve finished that last mile, but I wanted a few minutes at the end for 1 minute of AMRAP squats and then a round of merkins to failure (with ruck, then without ruck, then on your knees). The merkins took a while because Four Eyes is a beast and never stopped. My pace for all 5.8 miles was 13:57/mile. Mission accomplished.


The holiday season might be a very joyful time for you, but for a lot of people it can be very difficult. There are broken homes, broken marriages, widows left behind, children left without parents, and on and on. Keep your eyes open to the people God has put around you and invite them into your joy this season. Be hospitable. 

Great pace this morning and great ruckership. 

Four Corners at Old Forest

THE SCENE:  High 30s, cool.



SSH x 50 IC
Imperial Walker x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC


Four Corners:
–  Station 1:  Burpees x 15 OYO, Sprint to Station 2
–  Station 2:  Merkins AMRAP until relieved by Station 1, Bear Crawl to Station 3
–  Station 3:  Double Jumps AMRAP (Mini-Jump Squat immediately followed by Jump Squat is 1 rep) until relieved by Station 2, Sprint to Station 4
–  Station 4:  Dry Docks AMRAP until relieved by Station 3, Mosey to Station 1

Each group made three full rotations


Remain in Four Corners positions:
–  Station 1:  Fingertips to Shoelaces x 20 OYO, Sprint to Station 2
–  Station 2:  Freddie Mercury AMRAP until relieved by Station 1, Bear Crawl to Station 3
–  Station 3:  Big-Boy Situps AMRAP until relieved by Station 2, Sprint to Station 4
–  Station 4:  Gas Pumps AMRAP until relieved by Station 3, Mosey to Station 1

One full rotation completed.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  29 PAX (1 FNG):  Blart, Mirage, Shoestring, Soybean, Handsy, Hall Monitor, Dewey, Park Bench, Bartman, Combination, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Altar Boy, Carmen San Diego, Lil’ Sebastian (FNG), MIB, Chioccetti, Four Eyes, ISS, Jail Bait, Crayfish, Monk, Mama’s Boy, One and Done, Hot Sauce, Teacher’s Pet, Doc Hollywood, Hitch, Lodge, Toms

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Advent is upon us.  We each experience suffering in some form on this earth.  YHC shared that his hope is found in God coming down, and the promise that one day God will reconcile to himself all creation.  YHC encouraged the PAX to think on that promise this season.

MOLESKIN:  What a great morning.  The KotB may be heading out of the loop (looking at you, Sandlot), but we don’t have to.  That’s still a win.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  No OF run on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Relay Teams

THE SCENE: 66 degrees and a whole lot of May without the rain, the pad was wet, but only from condensation!

SSH, IW, Hillbillies,Daisy Pickers, Daisy Shuffle, RDLs, Squats, 400m mosey, hip circles, wide hip circles, leg swings (for the groin!)
PAX split into (2) fireteams

30yd Out & Back Sprint Relay as a team – Burpees Wx5, Lx10
20yd O&B Sprint Relay individuals, team hold Al Gore – Burpees Wx5, Lx10
15yd O&B Sprint Relay individuals, team holds plank – Burpees Wx5, Lx10
10 yd O&B Sprint Relay individuals, team holds plank – Burpees Wx5, Lx10

Q makes team speed adjustment

Fireteams have 6 minutes to complete 500 squats as team
Mark, Set, “oh and btw, squats must be completed atop the parking deck” GO!
Losers fireman-carry winners to elevators for an easy ride down

Mosey back to Launch-Pad

Fireteams crumble to partners
Plow Sprints alternating partners x3
Chaser Sprints alternating partners x3

30 seconds of Flutter kick
10 PAX (1 FNG -Lodge)
YHC committed to focusing on taking a Sabbath through the last of the year due to impending (current) chaos. That commitment, some may call it a standard, is currently not being met. Excuses are made of hectic life-things: kids, jobs, travel, non-central concentrica issues, buying a new house.

Confessions of weakness and spite were shared in an effort to shine light into darkness. PAX were exhorted to acknowledge failure when it occurs and pray for help to make improvements.
Relays are great. Fireman carries are YHCs new favorite exercise… watch out!
St. Jude is this weekend. Fight for Micah!

Morg: Nips, Arms, CMUs

THE SCENE: The Morg: 33 degrees and steady breeze, some might say windy.


We are not professionals, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion.


Partner up. Half runs to marker and back, while other half does (Dora-style, switching when group returns from run):  SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walker.

Circle up: Arm Circles. 10 burpees. World’s best stretch.



Need one CMU per pair of Pax. Mosey to playground/pullups.

  • TABATA: Partners do one round each of the following, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest.
    • Pullups, BBSU
    • CMU Curls, Wide Squats
    • Single Rows: Left, Merkins
    • Single Rows: Right, Squat Jump
    • High Pull, Shoulder Taps
  • Mosey to Picnic Tables (no CMUs): 11’s, dips and derkins. Flutter for six.
  • Mosey back to repeat TABATA.


Flutter Kick, Side Dip 5xEach side. Repeat flutter and side dip, then flutter kick for 45 seconds to Endex.


Bootheel, Granola, Sleep Number, Commie, Rosetta Stone, Orange Julius, Mr. Wonderful, Carport, Four Eyes (Q).


From F3’s 43 Feet podcast: Argument/Persuasion: 1. Don’t get angry, 2. Seek to persuade, not to berate, 3. Assume you are not 100% right and allow yourself to make concessions. I have learned a lot about this through discussions with Pax recently.


Wind, Cold, Shirtless Granola made for a nid tipply workout. T-claps to Granola and Mr. Wonderful for doing work with Goliath, the “extra” CMU. Also to Commie for carrying our partner CMU by hisssself for yours truly.


Whetstone: listen to the podcast, fill out the google form, wait for me to contact you.

Suck it, GORUCK!

THE SCENE: Crisp and clear. Invigorating. I kept my worn-out Mechanix gloves under one leg as I drove to keep them warm. Bruce posted on Slack that he would be a couple minutes late. When I arrived at Startex, the posse was gearing up – Bookworm, Four Eyes, Shoestring, Daniel Tiger. Judah pulled up as I was taking my position in our soon-to-be-formed circle. 

What time is it, Shoe?

Five fifteen.

My name is Soybean and I’ll be your Q for the next hour. I am not a professional, and you have not paid to be here. You are exercising at your own risk. Please push yourself, but modify as necessary. Rucks off.

Our objective for the day was to transport the team and our gear to Memorial Field, where we would record proof of life and submit that proof to Slack HQ. Unfortunately, there were a number of obstacles and hazardous terrain in our way. Fortunately, I had five men ready to tackle it together (and a sixth on the way). 

To prepare for our journey, we need to get the blood flowing into our cold limbs. We took a quick lap around the lot, then carioca’d down and back. I thanked the Sky Q that dancing was not on our agenda this morning, because Daniel Tiger’s hips looked mighty stiff. Back at our circle, we did 10 merkins in cadence followed by 10 squats in cadence. Sufficiently warm and out of ideas, I glanced towards the horizon, hoping to see headlights rounding the corner onto Zach Curlin. No dice.

We turned towards our objective. I snatched up Shoestring’s 60# coyote sandbag and slung it on my back. Just then, I heard a distant rumbling. If there had been a single cloud in the sky, I would’ve assumed thunder. 

Headlights. The Ruck Q has arrived.  

Someone grab his sandbag and let’s go, I said. Bookworm and Four Eyes were on it. The sandbag had been sitting in Bruce’s truck bed for who knows how long. The bottom was permanently flattened, giving it the shape of a huge, mean Toblerone. It was also covered in frost, and Four Eyes was already cussing it as he tried to adjust under it. 

We proceeded towards our objective. Our first obstacle was the Tower of Terror. Men have been known to scale her slopes on foot – sometimes backwards or sideways – but woe to the man who climbs her stairs under ruck. What other choice did we have? We approached from the front, then skirted to the southern stairwell. On the path outside we dropped the sandbags and did ten 8-count body builders in cadence. Loaded up the bags again and took the stairs.

The level where you enter the stairwell is kind of a basement, so you climb a flight and then see a sign that says Floor 1. Then when you feel like you’ve been climbing forever you see Floor 3 and realize you still have 2 more flights in front of you. All heavy breathing at the top. 

Our group then had to slowly make our way from the south end of the top deck to the north end. We were not able to walk or run due to the high winds coming from the northwest. We sat down in a row and passed the sandbags to the left. The last man in line, upon receiving the sandbag, would then get up and run to the far end on the right. We slowly made our way across the deck like some kind of human tank tread. A couple of times, men nearly lost their hands as we pushed and pulled. Other times, the weight of the bag would hit you with such a force as to remind you that men weren’t created to be tank treads. Recovering, we made our way down the slopes.

We circled back around to the path near the stairwell, did another set of ten 8-count body builders, and proceeded up the stairs a second time. Standing between us and our objective was the Slough of Despond. We’d have to carefully wade through it in order to protect our cargo. Lining up on along the southern wall, holding our rucks over our heads, we trudged (lunge walked) through the bog to the other side. I thought our groaning would never cease, but we eventually made it. Back down the slopes. 

What time is it, Shoe?

Five fifty-one. 

We had 24 minutes and I had choices to make. 

Bruce, pick a number between one and five. 

Shoestring asked if I even had a plan. What a question. Let it go. 

Bruce picked five. “The lot is cast into the lap; but its every decision is from the LORD.”

We made our way towards Memorial Field, stopping at the launchpad to do ten more 8-count body builders. We dropped the sandbags and proceeded to our next obstacle.

The field was covered in frost – not a light frost that dissolves at first touch, but something heavier and more resilient. Lining up on one sideline, we had to get across. The team was disappointed to learn there was an (imaginary) ceiling above the field that would keep us from standing up. We bear crawled across the field, dragging our rucks between our legs. The frost ate away at our gloves’ effectiveness. What once was dry and warm was now wet and cold getting colder. In his haste, Bruce had left his gloves either at home or in his truck. This brought back fond memories of that time we bear crawled 200 yards in the ice and snow at the MLK Light event. Phat Pat (RIP) thought he only needed his mind and ended up with numb, cut-up hands. Bruce survived (we all did), but not without stopping here and there to curse himself. 

When we got to the other side, we did fifteen overhead presses and went back the way we came, bear crawling again. Fifteen more presses back on the first side and we headed back to the launch pad to get the sandbags. We’re on the homestretch. 

We made a lap. 

Back at the launchpad, we completed twenty flutter kicks in cadence, holding our rucks over our heads. That was followed with ten “ruck-to-shoestrings” in cadence, which was accompanied by a chorus of midwife noises from the PAX. 

We made another quick lap, no sandbags. Nearly there!

The final ascent to our objective was a quick sprint up a mountain. Did we have time?

What time is it, Shoe?

Six thirteen. No! Fourteen.

Twenty mountain climbers in cadence got us there, finally. We held a reverent plank for about half a minute, struck with the weight of joy at having reached our destination. 

There was only one thing left to do – proof of life. I asked who among us had a camera. 

Four Eyes answered in the affirmative. He unzipped the pocket on the right side of his $24.99 plus tax Wrangler pants from Target and pulled out his phone. 

Not a scratch, he said. Suck it, GORUCK!

7 PAX – I might’ve sent FNGs to the Berm anyway. “This is not for you just now. All in due time.”

Admittedly, YHC had not really prepared a COT in advance. I did, however, see a news story about a man killed in Nashville when a piece of concrete was thrown from a bridge and struck his car. I’ve heard of that kind of thing happening before, and it’s something I always think about when passing under an overpass on road trips. It’s a reminder to me that the next moment is not promised to us, and tomorrow certainly isn’t either. I wonder what that man left undone or unsaid. If you have unrepentant sin, go to Jesus. If you have unresolved conflict, fix it. Tell your family you love them every day. Any conversation could be your last. 

TCLAPs to Judah for jumping right in to F3 and rucking. TCLAPs to Brett Favre and Wrangler for designing tough, effective, and affordable pants. 

Thanksgiving workouts at the Berm, the Bingo Hall, and Blazing Saddle. 2nd F event Friday at the Mothership. 

Tabata Legs, side of arms, at the skatepark


THE SCENE: Sandlot, 40 degrees


We are not professionals, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion.


Dora-style: SSH, Windmill, Imperial Squat Walker, Arm Circles, Arm Circles

P1 exercises while P2 jogs across lot and back.

All together: stretch legs. (note: this warm o rama format promotes chatter more than a typical cadence warmup. I’ll keep trying it). 


  • Mosey to rugby field with coupons. Retrieve CMU’s and place at top of hill. Mosey down to bleachers.
  • Pullup countdown:
    • 10 pullups, 10 merkins, 10 squats.
    • 10 curls, 10 overhead press, 10 bent rows.
    • 9, 9, 9.
    • 8, 8, 8. Etc
    • STOP at 5:55, stash CMU’s behind shipping container. Merry Christmas, The Sandlot.
  • Mosey to Skatepark
    • Legs Tabata: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest. Two rounds.
      • Pistols (alternate each rep)
      • Box jumps
      • Jump squats
      • Low-mid
      • Wide leg
      • Squats
      • STOP at 6:07

Mosey to endex.



Side Dips. Flutter. Rinse/repeat. Gas Pumps.



Chioccetti, Mothballs, Soybean, Mama’s Boy, Jailbait, Captain Obvious, TOMS, Four Eyes


Listen to the podcast on Whetstone.

I’m reading through Daniel now. What struck me this time was that Daniel went to his friends and they prayed together for Daniel to be able to interpret the king’s dream. When God answered that prayer, Daniel was promoted and he took all his friends with him. Let’s be men who pray together and also rejoice together for God’s answers.


We prayed this morning that @captain obvious’ nephew would get a good result from the doctor and not have to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. C. Obv, thanks for sharing, and thanks for filling us in so we can praise the Lord with you for his goodness.


CMUs at the Shell

THE SCENE: Old Forest, 34ish degrees and breezy.


We are not professionals, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion.


Dora: partners each do one round of 1. SSH, 2. Windmill, 3. Imperial Walker. While one partner exercises, other partner runs parking lot lap.


  • Carry CMU to Levitt Shell. Trade off with your partner as often as needed.
    • 1st intersection: squats for 6, then 10 together.
    • 2nd stop at gate: flutter kick for 6, then 10 together.
  • At the shell, CMU Bombs. Pick up where your partner leaves off, one partner runs to top of shell and back while other exercises w CMU:
    • B: 50 Block Burpees
    • O: 100 CMU Swings
    • M: one round each of alternating arm coupon merkins
    • B:  one round each of bicep curls
    • S: one round each of CMU Squats
  • Carry CMU’s back to startex, stopping again for squats and flutters to watch out for the 6.





One and Done, Monk, Bartman, MIB, Sir Mix A Lot, Handsy, Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, Jailbait, Altar Boy, Sparky, Four Eyes


Our history can be summarized in four phases: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Recreation. We are living in between Redemption and Recreation now, working out the implications of Redemption in our work, family life, faith, relationships, etc. The goal is to work toward the coming Recreation of all things at Christ’s return. We don’t wait passively. Our work is participation in the redemption of the world.



Sparky is fast and put in a lot of work today with a little extra running and more than his fair share of CMU carrying. Great mumblechatter from the gang to keep everyone in high spirits despite the sucky CMU work at the Shell.


Soybean starting Bible Study 6:30-7:30am Wednesdays at Einsteins.

O-Positive leading q-source discussions at East Mem Whole Foods, Fridays.

Unnamed Workout at The Bingo Hall

THE SCENE: Bingo Hall Giasman Park
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER   This was my first Q. I may not know all the F3 lingo but we will get a work out.  I have lead military units at physical fitness so I believe I will be okay to lead you fellas.  Today we will focus on legs and core work.

Side Straddle hop IC x20, Oblique Twist 8count excercise IC x12, Cherry Picker IC x20

Mosey to small fitness area by ball field.

After explaining some of the excercises we took part in a circle work out.  Each man starting at each station

25 – high jumpers, 25 Step up or box jumps, 25 squats, 25 elevated crunches, 25 reverse crunches and 25 mountain climbers

We did the circle 3 times

Mosey the .78 mile paved trail around Giasman Park avoiding “nut bush lake”

Light pole(jog) to next light pole (sprint) rotating the length of the parking lot to Mary.. Flutter Kicks ICx30,  Ankle touches ICx20, Ab stretch 10 by the 1 thousand,  Downward dog 10 by 1 thousand  and while in Downward dog  Tap your ankles and stretch out calves.

6 PAX   0 FNG
Know matter the situation you are handed, take it in stride. There will always be the critics and nay sayers.  Take those comments place them in your back pocket and move on.  Embrace the Lord and follow his word.
This was my first Q and I was honored to be given the opportunity.  Sure, I forgot things or missed, we did have a great workout and moment with the Lord
We have a new church developing in the area of Summer Ave and Perkins..

I am not a polar bear

THE SCENE:  33 degrees with a spiteful wind.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Check.  Chioccetti even repeated it back mid-workout.


SSH x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 12 IC (I don’t know if it was supposed to be 10 or 15.  All i know is a strong gust of wind temporarily numbed my brain.)
Squats x 10 IC
Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
Arm Circles x 15 IC  (It was around this time Four Eyes arrived and performed an impressive medley of the exercises he had missed at 2.5x)
Reverse Arm Circles x 15 IC


Mosey to past all the puddles to Flicker Street.  Bear Crawl 1/3 of a mile to skate park, stopping every 30 seconds (ish) to perform Merkins x 5 OYO.  (This was cold.  Eventually our hands went numb.  We stopped maybe 2/3 of the way to perform SSH x 10 IC in hopes of returning feeling.  Then we almost got run over.  Good times.)

At skate park, perform the following:
–  Step ups x 5 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 5 OYO (feet elevated)
–  Step ups x 10 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 10 OYO (feet elevated)
–  Step ups x 15 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 15 OYO (feet elevated)
–  Step ups x 20 OYO (2 is 1)
–  Elevated Pickle Pounders x 20 OYO (feet elevated)

Brief demonstration from QIC, then perform the following:
–  Dips x 5 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 5 OYO (feet hanging off ledge) (justifier also hanging off the ledge, rather than crushed like hopes and dreams.. Four Eyes asked for clarification on this point a few reps too late for comfort.)
–  Dips x 10 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 10 OYO (feet hanging off ledge)
–  Dips x 15 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 15 OYO (feet hanging off ledge)
–  Dips x 20 OYO
–  Abyss Superman x 20 OYO (feet hanging off ledge)

Group up, perform 8-count body-builders x 25 IC

Mosey back to startex


Flutterkicks x 30 IC
Freddie Mercury x 30 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  Moth Balls, Jail Bait, Four Eyes, Chioccetti, Toms

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  YHC shared a thought from a recent sermon–that what we often define as “charity” is what the Bible defines as “justice”.  If I give food to the hungry, clothes to the cold, money to the impoverished, and lodging to the refugee, it would be easy think myself charitable.  God calls that something else.  If I don’t do those things, it is not that I am simply not being charitable–it is that I am not meeting the standard.  I am hoarding that which is not mine, to the detriment of those in need.  That is something far different than a lack of “charity.”  I would do well to keep that in mind.

MOLESKIN:  YHC was less than a good Q this morning.  Maybe it was the wind.  Maybe it was the constant sense of discomfort about safety while bear crawling through the street.  Regardless, my demeanor was less than confident.  Grateful for the opportunity to practice leadership with 4 HIMs this morning.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Lunch at WF East Memphis on Monday to discuss social justice.  Check Slack for discussion content and additional information.