June 19, 2019

Hands on with used rubbers

THE SCENE: was shorts weather! Not raining. Still too early to be up exercising. F3 WELCOME & Disclaimer. Given…. Also given IC WARM-O-RAMA: 5 pillars of F3. Credo. It’s June…. So Js Jumping Jack’s IC x30, Jump Lunges IC x10, J-los IC x 10, Jump squat holds 10-1. Seriously…….. You need to try these. Jindian run with the tire…

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May 3, 2018

12×12 and DORA 1, 2, 3

THE SCENE: 65 and gorgeous, though just a little moist. Getting to be that time of year when the PAX will all go home sticky and shweaty. Several PAX rolling in late, even after Warm-o-rama….some who were up until midnight re-reading the Captain Obvious live feed from the VAPE session, but mostly Lair PAX who had a secret session to…

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April 20, 2018

Old Man Beatdown in the Burbs

THE SCENE: Low 40’s and clear F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Leg stretching SSH x 15 I.C. Arm Circles Forward x 15 I.C. Arm Circles Backwards x 15 I.C. Shoulder Press x 15 I.C. Wolverines 12 O.Y.O. THA-THANG: (Indian Run 1/4 mile, 10 Wolverines) x 4 Shoulder press w/ concrete coupons x 15 Bear Crawl 50 yards Merkins x 20…

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