Blue Bridge Bwahaha

THE SCENE: crisp and 30ish. Pulled in early to see Easily Amused on the scene.


10 DP, 20 SSH, 10 Windmills, 20 IW (Imperial Walkers) all in cadence

Mosey to Blue Bridge.
Box jump up steps. WATCH OUT FOR PUKE SPOTS. Messy.
Perform 10 Burpees at top.
Mosey across bridge.
Perform 10 Burpees at Parking Garage.
Indian Run down to ground level.
Perform 10 Burpees.

Backpedal up one floor.

Indian Run back across bridge.
Perform 10 Burpees.
Indian Run around quad once back to bridge.

Box jump up steps. Watch out for puke spots since we’re using different stairs. 10 Burpees. TRAIN! Almost felt like I was at Blazing Saddles.

Run across bridge over train back to garage.

Perform 10 Burpees at Parking Garage. Indian Run down to ground level. Perform 10 Burpees.

Backpedal up one floor. 8 Burpees, who doesn’t like variety, am I right?

Backpedal up one floor to stairs. Run back across bridge. Bye train. Run back down, avoiding PUKE spots again.
Indian Run around quad back to Startex. 60 count by TR to let everyone catch breath.

4 corners
3-4 PAX team up at each corner. Perform 10 x Squats together, lungewalk to next corner.


20 American Hammers IC
20 Shoulder Taps IC

13 PAX: Upgrade (AOQ), Photoshop (QiC), Dewey, Easily Amused, MiB, Altar Boy, Tomb Raider, Goose, MirrORs, Monk, Teacher’s Pet, RESPECT: Squeegee and Poptart


Do hard things.
Here Be Dragons

An interesting map is on display in the British Museum in London. It’s an old mariner’s chart, drawn in 1525, outlining the North American coastline and adjacent waters. The cartographer made intriguing notations on areas of the map that represented regions not yet explored. He wrote, “Here be giants,” “Here be fiery scorpions,” and “Here be dragons.” Fortunately, explorers ignored his warnings—and discovered whole new continents as a result!

The cartographer’s notes did not reflect truth—they reflected fear. In our own lives, it’s not actual giants, scorpions, and dragons that keep us from doing hard things. It’s the fear of them. Once we take that scary first step with God’s help—and keep going forward—we’ll experience the bigger, more fulfilling life God has in mind for us.

Fear is the fence that keeps us stuck in our comfort zones. To be fair, we usually feel fear for a reason: often something is outside that should make us afraid. The problem is when we just sit there.

We wait. And we wait.


We’re waiting to stop feeling afraid before we attempt anything. We’re often afraid to try something new because of painful past experiences. We tried stepping out before, and it blew up in our faces. We poured everything we had into something we cared about, and our efforts fell short. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves again.

The truth, though, is that if we’re waiting until the fear and feelings of inadequacy go away, we’ll never venture outside our comfort zones. Until we take a step in spite of our fears, none of us will ever truly be able to do hard things. If we want to continue to grow and learn for the rest of our lives, we must beat these fears—not by making them go away, but by recognizing that there is something worse than discomfort, worse than the unknown, worse than failure. The worst thing is to never try at all.

God is ready to work through us, even with our limitations. Instead of worrying about future fears, we can, as Corrie ten Boom wrote, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

How could your life be different if you chose to do hard things by stepping outside your comfort zone?

Appreciate Squeegee letting YHC know we had a trailing 6. Adjusted once I realized to keep us together. Modifying also applies to leading the workout from original plan to work with everyone and keeping all together.

Training for St Jude? Run workout on Saturday. Ask Teacher’s Pet.

GazeBOO Dora

THE SCENE: 55 Degrees and Raining.

In the parking lot, PAX completed 25 SSH, 10 Daisy Pickers, 10 Hill Billies, 10 Imperial Walkers, and 25 Seal Jacks.

Then, YHC pressed PLAY on the Halloween inspired playlist. And then, PAX moseyed through the woods (spooky) and stopped at the fork. At the fork, PAX completed 25 Mountain Climbers. PAX then moseyed back to parking lot, but PAX stopped at the arch and held plank until all in.

PAX then bear crawled to the gazebo to begin THA-THANG.

PAX partnered up for Dora in the gazebo. PAX Pairs completed:

Round 1

  • 100 Burpees (exploring PAX did 25 SSH)
  • 200 Overhead claps (exploring PAX did 16 step ups)
  • 300 Squats (exploring PAX did 16 step ups)

Round 2

  • 100 Mountain Climbers
  • 200 Little Baby Crunches

Stopped for Mary.

Mary was completed Tabata Style (20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds rest): WWI Sit Ups, WWI Sit Ups, American Hammer, American Hammer, WWI Sit Ups, WWI Sit Ups, Peter Parkers, LBC’s, March of the Penguins, Peter Parkers, LBC’s, March of the Penguins.

8 PAX & 3 PAX for Mary (they ran instead of THA THANG).
Matthew 22:34 talks about the greatest commandment. It is to love The Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. It is also a direct connection to Deuteronomy where God tells the Israelites the same thing, then He charges them to put His word on their hands, arms, and buildings. They were to talk about Him all the time, etc.

The idea is that serving God is awesome, and He wants us to give THAT our ALL.


If you don’t want to get soaked, the gazebo is a nice place to exercise.


Old Forest Four Corners

THE SCENE: Dark and 60 degrees.

  • Side-straddle-hop x50
  • Imperial Walkers x10
  • Daisy Pickers x10
  • Hillbillies x10
  • Windmills (slow) x10

Mosey to Bike Gate

Merkins x10 OYO

Mosey back to Startex

Four Corners

  • Corner 1 – x15 Burpees (OYO)
    • Spring to Corner 2
  • Corner 2 – Merkin until relieved
    • Bear crawl to Corner 3
  • Corner 3 – Squat until relieved
    • Sprint to Corner 4
  • Corner 4 – American Hammer until relieved
    • Mosey to Corner 2

Repeat x2


  • American Hammer x20
  • Big boy situps x20
  • Little baby crunches x20
  • Freddy Mercury x10
  • (Dewey) LOL x10

13 – Frisky, Easily Amused, Stripes, Goose, TLC, MIB, Crayfish, Teacher’s Pet, Mudslide, Dewey, Park Bench, Pirtle, Windex.
Live your life in day-tight compartments and don’t worry about the future.

Speed + Strength at the Barracks

THE SCENE: A giant Memphis in May-style smoker was smoking in the parking lot, so we were greeted by the best smells Memphis has to offer.



  • SSH x20 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x10 IC
  • IW x10 IC
  • Hillbillies x10 IC
  • Mosey lap with butt kickers, high knees, and carioca
  • Stretch whatever you need

Getting faster and stronger together on Fridays at The Barracks!


  • Sprint 100 meters, then recover. Plank til all in.
  • Sprint 200 meters, then recover. Leg raise til all in.
  • Sprint 400 meters, then recover. Al Gore til all in.
  • Mosey to the parking garage.



  • Sprint one level. 10 merkins. Mosey back down.
  • Sprint again. 20 BBS. Mosey back down.
  • Sprint again. 30 squats. Mosey back down.


  • Sprint two levels. 10 burpees. Mosey back down.
  • Sprint again. 20 LBCs. Mosey back down.
  • Sprint again. 30 lunges. Mosey back down.


  • Caronlina Dry Docks x25 IC
  • American Hammer x30 IC
  • Boat – Canoe

10 – Dewey, Teacher’s Pet, Goose, Mirrors, Hitch, Altar Boy, Pop Tart, Jail Bait, Upgrade, Easily Amused (QIC)


Be intentional about leaning into 2ndF opportunities like PLC, coffeeteria, 2ndF lunches, etc.

Running with these HIM at the Barracks is what makes Fridays one of my favorite days of the week. Always love the 2ndF opportunity at The Levee Creamery afterwards.

Check the Preblast and the NEW EVENTS CALENDAR.

Quarter Pounder Happy Meal

THE SCENE: Dry, clear, warm.

30 SSH’s, 15 IW, 15 Hill Billies, 10 Daisy Pickers.
Mosey to the Billboard for 20 leg raises and 20 LBC’s (2 sets).

Mosey to the Rugby Field for some Quarter Pounder action completed doing ladders. (25 merkins, 50 squats, 75 Mountain Climbers, 100 SSH).

Mosey to the skate park. 25 Box Jumps, 25 calf raises (2 sets)

Then at the skatepark YHC called a partner workout: 1 person LBC’s while the other completes 10 “get-outs” from inside the pool.

Completed at skate park: 25 Marching Penguins, 10 leg circles with legs hanging over the side of the pool. Then, PAX moseyed back to the flag.

Challenged PAX to talk to reach out to someone who you haven’t talked to in a while. Some of us need to encourage others, so let’s be the HIM’s we are and reach out.

YHC was grateful that the Tuesday Run crew showed up!



THE SCENE: Old Forest. Narrowly finished up in time before tornado warnings
Imp. Walker IC x 12

Hillbillies IC x 12

Daisy Pickers IC x 12

Insert information about the workout.

  • Mosey to Levitt Shell
  • Finish up Warm-o-rama at Shell Stage with Chumbaburpees (radio edit version)
  • Partner up for a Dora. While one partner does merkins on the shell stage, the other back-pedals up the hill, and runs forward down the hill. Each group collectively reaches 100.
  • Another set of Doras. While one partner does sit ups on the shell stage, the other runs (forward this time) up the hill, and runs forward down the hill. Each group collectively reaches 100.
  • Another set of Doras. While one partner does monkey thumpers on the shell stage, the other runs (forward this time) up the hill, and runs forward down the hill. Each group collectively reaches 100.
  • Mosey back to Old Forest meeting area.
  • Change partners for another set of Doras. While one partner does burpees, the other runs around all 4 islands in the parking lot… or whatever they’re called. Each group collectively reaches 100.

MARY: None
9 PAX ~ 2 Irish Goodbye’d. Upgrade (QIC), Windex (IG), Mudslide (IG), Barnum, Dewey, Handsy, Mirrors, Goose, Easily Amused.
This week, try to make sure you are focusing on others. When you are in conversation with someone, do not be thinking about what you’re going to say next. Listen to that person and really make sure you’re living your life to let others feel loved and listened to. This life is not about you. It’s all about glorifying God and you will never glorify God if you’re constantly thinking of what you’re going to say next.

Pyramid BOMBS at Old Forest

THE SCENE: Brisk. Dark in the Forest!



  • SSH x25 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • Michael Phelps x10 IC
  • IW x10 IC
  • Forward Arm Circles x15 IC
  • Reverse Arm Circles x15 IC
  • Hillbillies x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC

We moseyed to Memphis College of Art for Tha-Thang, stopping twice for 10 tempo merkins IC at each stop. 

  • Burpees
  • Overhead Press
  • Merkins
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
    • Box Jump up the stairs
  • Squats
  • Rinse and repeat

Ascend the pyramid: 5 reps of each, then 10, then 15, then 20, then 25

Descend the pyramid: 20 reps of each, then 15, then 10, then 5

We ran out of time as several PAX were reaching 25 reps, and we began our Mosey back to STARTEX, pausing a couple of time for American Hammer OYO.


  • American Hammer x15 IC
  • Boat – Canoe
  • LBCs x10 IC

11 PAX: TLC, Frisky, Stripes, Spicy Cash, Barnum, Dewey, Bartman, Altar Boy, MIB, Bottomless, Easily Amused (QIC)

Cultivate gratitude. What are you grateful for? Take time to be present and aware to the gifts in your life. In our age of cynicism and hopelessness, nothing combats cynicism and inspires hope like gratitude.

I especially enjoyed 2nd F today. Probably in part because hot coffee is finally appealing in this (finally) chilly weather!  Mostly because relationships are being formed by newer and older Old Forest regulars. 2nd F is the glue! 

Inner loopers, check out the Sandlot on Tuesdays! Check the preblast for more announcements.


THE SCENE:  Straight up tasty.


  • 20 SSH
  • 10 imperial walkers
  • 10 East TN Hillbillies
  • 400 mosey with straight aways high knee then butt kicks
  • 400 mosey’n


  • 2×400 Sprint straight aways
    • 10 squats after each sprint then 20 Squats
  •  2×400 again
    • 5 squat jumps (its like a thing where you squat then jump) after each sprint then 10
  • Indian, caterpillar, tomahawk, something else run x 800


  • Butt up feet flat bridges
  • Pulse it!
  • Tip toes butt up
  • Tip toes calf raise
  • Tip toes knees apart

some sexual back stretching

10 (1 IG), no FNG’s. Two FARTSACKS (Pleasant Valley & Bubble Toes)


Father shows us our identity which leads us to obey. Dont get it backwards.


my legs hurt

poptart was back in the toaster oven

ROTC wishes they could be us. I think they learned a thing or two

I need to stop dressing identical to the Air Force ROTC

Bestest newest AOQ is Upgrade!!


VQ no more!

Stair Racing at the Barracks

This backblast is dedicated to Paul Goldschmidt’s tippy toes and all the Braves fans out there!

THE SCENE: 70 degrees and blustery. YHC donned some cardinal red and arrived early to spend some time in prayer. The PAX started trickling in, some did warm-up laps. COBOL ran from his house then went hunting for a bathroom. 


This Warm-O-Rama is dedicated to Yadier Molina’s right arm. 

SSH x20; Imperial Walkers x15; Hillbillies x15; Michael Phelps x10

Mosey around the track with high knees, butt-kickers, and carioca. 

Chioccetti and MIB showed up around this time and COBOL came back, so it was time to head out. Mosey to the new bridge over the tracks. 

Tha Thang is dedicated to Harrison Bader’s legs. 

We found ourselves on one end of the bridge. We needed two teams. To separate ourselves, everyone did 5 burpees and sprinted across the bridge, counting off by 2’s when crossing the finish line. 

Having established our two teams, we headed down the stairs and into the south side of the parking garage’s bottom level. Near the middle of the garage, YHC assigned a stairwell to each team. We were going to race up the stairs, first full team to get in plank at the top wins. 

The whole group did 15 hand-release merkins, then ran up their respective stairwell. The first time up, YHC and most others were taking two steps at a time. Plank up at the top. Team 2 lost – 10 burpees. Team 1 won – 10 merkins. 

Loooooooong mosey down the ramps back to the starting line. 

For Round 2, the PAX were instructed to hit every step on the way up. 15 hand-release merkins, race up, plank. Team 2 lost again. No penalty this time. 

We took the stairs to the bridge level and started back for the track. COBOL had to run and get his water bottle, so we stopped near the UC for some flutter kicks to let him catch-up. 

Back at the track, we headed for the pull-up bars. 

AMRAP for ~9 minutes: 5 pull-ups; 10 dips. PAX modified as necessary and kept cycling through the reps. Mosey back to the launching pad.

Mary is dedicated to Nick Markakis’ plate discipline.

American Hammers x25 (thanks, Altar Boy) 
Hello Dolly x20
ABC’s (thanks, Tomb Raider)

13 PAX, no FNGs. Cardinals won 7-6 last night. 7+6=13. Think about it.

Make sure you’re making time for rest. Empty your mind of your to do list and relax. Get 6-8 hours of sleep. Find a way! 

Prayers lifted for friends and family.

I smoked myself. Was feeling dizzy during Mary. I’ve been yearning for that new parking garage for months, so it was good to go tackle it with the PAX. T-Claps to the PAX for pushing themselves. 

Mirrors went missing for a while to Elvis. I think he escaped both stair runs. 

MIB toughed it out again, even with back issues. 

NLDS Game 2 is today. Go Cardinals!

2.0 workout at Mothership tomorrow! Bring ya own kids!

Fellowship at the Bicycle Gate

THE SCENE: 77*, very dark in the Old Forest. YHC arrived early to finalize the weinke. Gotta keep things interesting and fun and hard. Hopefully we achieved all three. 

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Shouted for the sake of Toms and another PAX who were just emerging from their respective cars.

SSH x10


Handsy, near the front and with some anxiety in his voice, asked if we were leaving for a while. I said yes and chaos ensued. Many PAX went back to grab their water bottles. We kept moving and mocking. 

YHC believes you can get through 35 minutes or so without water, but YHC is not a professional. Whether you want to carry around water during a workout is up to you, but you should be hydrating throughout the day. No shame, but DO drink water all the time. 

When we arrived at the plaza under the bicycle gate, we commenced kicking flutters in cadence until the six arrived. The 6th commandment of F3 is, “Thou shalt not stand around.”

Arm circles (fwd/bkwd) x10; Michael Phelps x10; tempo merkins x10; tempo squats x10

Partner up! 

Lazy Dora: Partner 1 starts on exercises while Partner 2 holds a rest position. Flapjack until the cumulative rep totals are completed.
100 Merkins (hold plank)
200 Gas Pumps (feet at 6″)
300 Squats (Al Gore)

Next up, YHC borrowed a partner plank pull/push from Cadre Daniel. Both partners hold low plank facing each other. Clasping hands, they tried to pull each other over. Do that for 10 seconds, switch arms for 10 seconds. Next, in the same position, partners interlocked fingers and put their palms together and tried to push each other over – 10 seconds each arm. 

YHC was the odd man out, so I just did some merkins. Seemed like half the guys had fun and half hated every second. Not sure I’ll ever do that again. I think pull was more effective than push.

NEXT! Gathering near the East side of the plaza, all PAX completed the following:
15 merkins; 15 wide-arm merkins; 15 diamond merkins
Lunge walk to East Pkwy barriers; lunge walk back (plank for the six)
5 merkins; 5 wide-arm; 5 diamonds
Lunge walk to East Pkwy and back (SSH for the six)

GRAB YOUR STUFF! Mosey back to the shovel flag. Flutter kicks in cadence while waiting on the six. 

When we got back to the lot, Toaster and Manny were waiting for us. They both arrived a few minutes late and we were already gone. They tried to find us, but the darkness won. Teacher’s Pet and One & Done also emerged from their training run to join us for Mary.

Partner up – same or different – it’s all the same in the dark! 

Partner leg throws. P1 stands, feet about shoulder width apart. P2 lays on back, head under P1’s junk (keep your eyes closed!) and grabs P1’s ankles. P2 lifts legs 90 degreez and P1 throws them down (straight or to either side). P2 attempts to keep his heels from hitting the ground, raising his legs back to 90 degrees each time. Each partner did two sets of 10 reps.

Carolina Dry Docks x10 OYO; CDD x5 OYO

The End.

19 PAX, 1 FNG (Excel – so named because he’s an accountant by day)

Sad clowns are isolated, lacking meaningful male relationships. Pursue those men. When the valleys of life come, if you’re all alone, it’s near impossible to climb out. 

MIB added, “If you don’t know any isolated men, you probably are one.” Amen. 

The PAX came to work this morning and got a dose of all three effs. Shout out to Barnum and Fish Bowl for slaying Dora! 

Lots of cyclists and one Andrew Best groupie passed through the Bicycle Gate.

Chioccetti placed one of his forearms in gum and lost some arm hair. Yesterday at the Sandlot, he tore a hole in his treasured SL shirt. TAPs for ‘Ccetti. 

SOS is having a YUGE yard sale to benefit their programs. You can drop items off or contact Handsy for more info. 

Tupelo launch is in full swing. See Preblast for info on how you can help.