May 16, 2018

Tire Flipping Feast

THE SCENE: 68 and gloomful, though the sun did rise in the Far East. Slicnut was early, threatening to VERY Irish Goodbye. Woody showed up right at 5:30. Nature Boy rucked and then left for work. Wide Right is still on the IR but I emailed him today and assured him I was not stalking him, just checking on…

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May 7, 2018

Phat Pat’s Party Arms

THE SCENE: 70 degrees and slightly muggy. Perfect for hot coffee in the parking lot afterwards, per Capt Obs super Obvi Observation. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Said all the things! WARM-O-RAMA: Slicnut suspected what was coming and slunk away to retrieve more CMU’s right as Warm-O-Rama began even though YHC said to bring extras on the front end… smh…

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May 3, 2018

12×12 and DORA 1, 2, 3

THE SCENE: 65 and gorgeous, though just a little moist. Getting to be that time of year when the PAX will all go home sticky and shweaty. Several PAX rolling in late, even after Warm-o-rama….some who were up until midnight re-reading the Captain Obvious live feed from the VAPE session, but mostly Lair PAX who had a secret session to…

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