August 5, 2019

Be the Bacon. Eat the Bacon.

Date: 08/05/2019 AO: The Levee QIC: Gus PAX: Boudreaux, Spirit Stick, Dial-Up, Pops, FanBoi, Slicnut FKA Escobar, Sandberg, Pablo, Krylon, O Positive, Blank Stare, Aflac, Master Pee, Cubbie, 1040, Hello Kitty, Roots, Halpert, Motel 6, Rocket Launcher, Webelo, C-Lo, Backseat, LinkedIn, Rabbit, Pronto Pup, Gus | FNG: Pork Belly Conditions: 72F; muggy and foggy WELCOME DISCLAIMER * Mosey to area…

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