Back to Neverland

THE SCENE: An absolutely beautiful Friday morning. Weather could not be better.

SSH – 20 IC.        Arm Circles – Little, big, forward, and reverse. 8 each IC.       Daily Pickers – 15 IC

  • 13s – Merkins and wide stance squats.
    • In light of the Cardinals crushing 13 run victory over the Braves, we we going to do 13s. However, we started with 13, so they were really 14s…
  • Group Dora sorta thing
    • One PAX dragged a big log half the length of the parking lot up the hill. At the top, did a bear sprawl once around the CMU. Then dragged the log back to the group.
    • Rest of the PAX did AMRAP style of the following in order: flutter kicks, Supermans, heels to the heavens, low plank leg raises (alternate every 5), flutter kicks, then choose your own for the last.
  • Mosey to pavillion
    • 50 Tricep dips OYO
    • Tree pose to a 20 hold in a figure 4 squat. Repeat for other leg.
    • Warrior 3 for 10s to Half moon for 10s. Repeat for other leg.
  • Mosey to playground.


  • PAX were asked to choose their favorite exercise for the group to do.
    • Beeflog – do 15 Gorilla Canoodlers
    • IceCube – do 10 more Gorilla Canoodlers
    • Croissant – 60 flutter kicks
    • Toucan – bear crawl across the playground and back
    • (ran out of time for rest of PAX)

7 PAX – Miracle Ear (QIC), Croissant, Zima, Beeflog, Ice Cube, Toucan, Old Yeller
Lot of sickness going around. Be sure to be good to your families and your M’s. Family comes first, F3 comes after. Stay healthy!
I really enjoy Neverland. The playground is very pleasant to work out on.
See Slack.

Suicidal 8’s

THE SCENE: Nice and dark

20x ssh, iw, dp, and arm circles
Moseyed to tennis courts. We win suicides and every time we made it back to starting point 10 merkins  until we had done 80. Rinse and repeat until we had done 70 -2 count flutter kicks. Ran to pavilion and did 60 derkins followed by 50 shrugs while holding picnic table. Ran back to parking lot and did light pole suicides. When we made it back to starting point we did 40, werkins, 30 Freddy, 20 big boy , 10 burpees

Roxanne- merkins red light- plank jacks
9 pax Flobee, croissant, miracle ear, woodpecker, gym shorts, esquire, wall builder, sleep number, o’riely
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Man Maker AMRAP @ The MORG

THE SCENE: Weather was great for beat down today


 SSH IC x 25

Daisy Pickers IC x 20

SSH IC x 20

Overhead Clap IC x 15
Today was Man Maker AMRAP for time.

PAX would be a station doing AMRAP excercises on the sheet in from of them while 1 PAX would be at the Man Maker station. Everyone was to AMRAP until the PAX completed 7 Man Maker reps with 20# weights, then we would rotate. This was a timed event. 

  • The other stations
    • Flutter Kicks w/ Ruck
    • Curls – 15# weights
    • Front Squat w/ Ruck
    • Farmer Carry around group or Farmer Hold & calf raises w/ 2 – 45# weights
    • Jump Rope
    • CMU Overhead Press
    • Tricep Kickbacks – 10# weights

Round 1 – 9 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty 5 Erkins

Round 2 – 8 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty 50 LBCs

Round 3 – 7 min Hack (20#) – Passed – Penalty NONE

Round 4 – Weight was dropped to 15# dumbells, 4 Reps each, for time. My time limit was 3min 45 sec. and we finished with 2 seconds to spare.

Flutter Kicks until time
8 PAX ( 0 FNGs) Sleep Number, Granola, Orange Julius, Esquire, Potiphar, Woodpecker, O’Reilly, Croissant
Shared a devotion I read before the workout. It was about our plans vs. God’s plans. We make plans with our lives and God has a different idea. At that moment we have a choice to say yes to His plan or yes to our plan. How we react tells the tale of whats going on inside. Ulitmately God’s plan will supersede our in the end. But the takeaway for me is that I should be taking my plans to God in the begining and asking Him if this is acceptable or not, and  being obedient when he says it’s not.
I really like doing the timed workouts, you see guys pushing not wanting to be the reason we missed the time. Guys were struggling, but they pushed through and wre not going to let the group down.  
OJ and Croissant’s M’s are expecting….. Both are around 11-13 weeks now. Be in prayer for their familes.

Also probably a lot going on Slack right now… so check it out.

How Many Warriors are There?

THE SCENE: As I drive up 70, I see lightning off in the distance. Mother nature FEARS my weinke! I’m not shaken. Mother nature feels my HIMness and backs off at 5:28 with not a sound more.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Welcomed and disclaimed.


  • Side Straddle Hops – 20IC
  • Arm Circles – 8 little forward/big forward/little reverse/big reverse all IC of course
  • Daisy Pickers – 10IC

Dora 1-2-3 style partner work. 3 rounds planned, never seem to get to the third. One partner does counting exercises  while the other

  • Round 1:
    • 100 curls
    • 150 Goblet Squats
    • 200 Mountain Climbers (2 is 1)
    • Backwards walk with block/5 blockies/walk with block(burpee with a block)
  • Round 2:
    • 100 Warrior I Lunges (50R/50L)
    • 150 Gas Pumpers with block over chest
    • 200 Tricep dips
    • Walk with block/5 Around the World/Walk  with block   (Shallow squat, Make a Large “O” with the block in front of you.)


  • Superman Banana Roll 20IC (Hold superman (on belly, arms and feet 6″ off the ground), roll to banana (same thing but on your back), roll back, rinse and repeat).

Note: I made mention that you can use your hands if you need to roll, but its best if you dont use your hands as it works the rest of your muscles like your obliques. Someone asked where your obliques were. It seemed only fitting that next we did…

  • Oblique Crunches 10R/10L IC
  • Yoga cycle – Chair ==> Warrior 3 ==> Half moon ==> Warrior 3 ==> Chair. Did a couple of these. There was some grumbling and some mention of FIA. I let them laugh, but they still couldnt seem to do it *smirk*
  • Miracle Ear Crunches 5 OYO (Legs 45° in air. Crunch to knees, crunch to calfs, crunch to ankles, rest. Its a 4 count move of death.)

8 PAX – Miracle Ear (QIC), Birds-R-Real, Beef Log, Ice Cube, Choker, Commie, Liberace, Croissant.

The COT that Slots gave a week ago at Arcadia is still ringing in my ears. F3 is important and is an overall positive in my life. But we have to remember that our families and God still need to be our #1 priority. If we as dads, husbands, siblings, children, boyfriends, etc are needed, then that should take priority over F3. The point of all this of this is to improve our leadership. Its hard to be a leader if youre not there when youre needed.

Im finding Ive really taken for granted that Bartlett sprays for mosquitoes in its park. Ive been getting eaten alive at other AOs that are not the Morg.

While in the middle of Around the Worlds… “I never thought Id say Id rather be doing blockies” – Choker

I find that while I like the CMU for the added weight for things like curls, what I really like it for is introducing an element of stability into some of these exercises. Lunges with a block overhead forces more core engagement. Gas pumpers with a block overhead forces you to stabilize the CMU and you cant use your arms to slow your leg momentum. It leaves all of the control in your core. I know Im going to be feeling this workout tomorrow.

Also, I really love tricep dips. Ice Cube and I chatted about our mutual love of tricep dips over Coffeteria.

Commie heads out next week and we will all miss him greatly! Hes finishing up his first 345 this week to cap off his farewell. Hooah!

F3 Memphis 2-Year Anniversary Celebration

It was a special honor to lead 116 of the greatest HIM in the F3 Memphis Region this gloom out at their 2-Year Anniversary. Thank you Soybean and the rest of the PAX who decided to remove themselves from the fartsack to join YHC and celebrate this epic milestone. There were also 29 PAX who came early for a Ruck and others who PreRan.

At 0700 we took a mosey over to the FedEx Event Center Circle and began with the F3 Disclaimer and the following:


We began with a quick warmup by performing the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, 10 6-Count Burpees.


We began this morning by taking a short mosey over to the back of the FedEx Event Center on the lake side at the concrete ledge and benches for a series of the following in cadence: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups, and Derkins (Regular first and then wide armed).

Then we took a short mosey over to the Music Pavilion to kick off the football season with a little bit of summer conditioning. We did 7-Burpees, 7-Merkins, & 7-Squats 7 times. When we were finished we felt like all we wanted to do with football was sit on the couch and watch.

Looking at my watch we still had 19-Minutes to go. Ugh!

Then YHC asked the PAX mosey back towards the COT to continue the workout near there. At this point we performed a series of 11’s with Star-Jumps (Bombjacks) at the top and Pike Merkins (CDD’s) at the bottom.

The final short mosey took us back to the COT for the countarama, namarama, FNG Naming and most importantly BOM.

All PAX did awesome today. It was a great morning to be with you all. I appreciate the warm welcome and great hospitality.

Great work was put in by all PAX in attendance today. You all have something to celebrate today. Good health and great brothers to lean on. Now go out and spread F3.


Today we discuss a lot about the Mission of F3, the 5 Core Principles and the F3 Credo. They are listed below:


Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles:

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust

F3 Credo:

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Discussed with the PAX was the D2X which is where your Dolphin and you Daffodil align with each other. For more on this take time to read about it in Freed to Lead.

Dolphin-The Task a person was born to do best.

Daffodil-The people-group each person was born to Serve.

D2X-The Task formed by the intersection of a person’s Dolphin and their Daffodil.

Every man has a D2X. What each of you must to is to determine what your Dolphin and your Daffodil are and do your best to ensure those two intersect to make the most IMPACT in your community. Aye!


Read Your Newsletter.


Prayers and praises were shared and lifted up by YHC.


    • 70*F, waxing gibbous, and very dewy.


    • Deconstructed Bodybuilder
      • 11xIC Squats
      • 11xIC Groiners
      • 11xIC Plank Jacks
      • 11xIC Merkins
      • 11xIC Groiners
      • 11xIC Squats
    • 11xIC Bodybuilders

    • Egress:
      • Partner up
      • Describe your ideal day
      • Leapfrog to sidewalk
      • Catch me if you can Indian Run to park entrance
      • Wheelbarrow to pavilion
    • Picnic Table 11s:
      • 1x Derkins
      • Team-carry picnic table 200 ft
      • 10x Team-squat picnic table
      • Rinse ‘n repeat 11s style (made it to 7)
    • Ingress:
      • Pick a new partner
      • Describe how you would change the world if you could
      • Wheelbarrow to park entrance
      • Catch me if you can Indian Run to park entrance
      • Leapfrog to STARTEX

  • MARY:
    • 11xIC Catalina Wine Mixers
    • 11xIC Plank Toe Taps
    • 11xIC Flutterkicks


    • Pre-ruck (4+Cujo): BAM!, Commie, Granola, Woodpecker
    • BC: Bailout, Commie, Croissant, Granola, Gym Shorts, Orange Julius, Ratio, Sleep Number, Steinbrenner, Woodpecker

    • Know the difference between compulsion (habit/duty) and recreation (enjoyment/refreshment) and take time to do what makes you new.

    • F3Memphis 2nd anniversary workout tomorrow at the Mothership.

MACV – SOG Workout – Shuttle Runs – Walls Sits


Insert information about the warmup.
MACV – SOG Workout – for time

  • 50 No push up Burpees – Ruck on if going for patch
  • Next 2 rounds of the follow exercises
  • 12 – Ruck or CMU Swings
  • 32 – Merkins
  • 12 – Ruck or CMU Swings
  • 32 – BBSUs

Next – We shuttle runs, split into 2 teams as one PAX carried their Ruck or CMU across the parking lot while the rest of the team lead the rucks over head 2 rounds, 2 rounds of holding plank.

Finally we finished of with wall sits where we partnered up and used each other as the wall. 

No time
8 – PAX – Sleep Number, Gym Shorts, Carport, Woodpecker, Orange Julius, Miracle Ear, Potter, Croissant
With school starting the routine is chainging, hopefully it’s a smooth transition. But if it’s not, and stress level rise look for ways to help out and lead your family.
I finished the MACV-SOG workout under 19 mins. which I thought was great since if felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. 
City ruck is tonight. 

2 year anniversary for F3 Memphis is Aug 17th at the Mothership. Try to make plans to attend. If we hit a certian number Soybean will do something. Should be good. 

A Comedy of Opportunities

P2, the usual parking lot, was closed as usual.  I parked in P1 beside the cars of the early ruckers, posted the Shovel Flag, and commenced to unloading a plethora of coupons.

This occurred.

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Windmills x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS:  PAX partner up and secure one coupon for the pair.  Partner 1 takes the coupon and starts walking a lap around the parking lot.  Partner 2 performs 1 set of the first exercise listed below, after which he sprints to his partner.  Flapjack and continue until all reps complete, then move on to the next exercise listed.

B:  50 Burpees (5 sets of 5 reps for each partner)
O:  100 Outlaws (5 sets of 10 reps each)
M:  150 Merkins (5 sets of 15 reps each)
B:  200 BBSU (5 sets of 20 reps each)
S:  250 Squats (5 sets of 25 reps each)

OMAHA 1:  As OJ and Bailout both observed, the P1 parking lot was already getting pretty busy.  In the interests of safety, we decided to move the Thang up to P2.

OMAHA 2:  Midway through the Burpees, a solo bicycler stopped and looked at us with intrique.  I yelled over to him that we had room for one more if he’d like to join us; he replied by asking Bailout how heavy that sandbag was.  Bailout told him there was only one way to find out.  So he parked his bike and came over.  Because we’d started with 9 PAX, we had only brought 4 coupons up to P2 with us, with YHC rotating in with the group that had drawn the 80 lb bag.  Now that we had an even 10, we needed another coupon.  So I moseyed back to P1, hopped in my truck (where we’d stashed the extras) and drove it back to P2 and parked it in front of the “Closed” sign.

OMAHA 3:  By 0750, the park ranger had driven by a few times and finally removed the “Closed” sign – apparently whatever event it was reserved for was getting close.  It was time for Mary anwyay, and the Shovel Flags were still posted down at P1.  So we loaded the coupons in to the truck and I drove it back there while the FNG rode his bike and Bailout led the rest of the PAX in an indian run.

Flutter Kicks x20 IC
Aww Yeahs x10 IC (right side)
Pickle Pounders x10 IC
Aww Yeahs x10 IC (right side)
1 minute plank

10 PAX: Bailout, Billy Blanks, Bojangles (FNG), Choker (QIC), Croissant, Dawson, Gun Show, Orange Julius, Paralegal, Potter

Fellowship is the glue that makes men stick with F3.  Guys that don’t return tend to be the same guys that never get connected on Slack, or show up to 2F lunches, or CSAUPs, or other gatherings.  When a FNG posts, help him get plugged into those areas.  Reach out to guys you haven’t seen in awhile and get them back.

At the end of the COT, Croissant challenged us to think about exercises like Aww Yeahs.  He said that he does not participate in them, and that they do not present the best face for F3, especially when female or young pedestrians pass by frequently like they do at the Mothership.  It was very well stated, and was an excellent display of CANDOR.  I appreciate his heart and the grace with which he delivered it.

Silly exercises and locker room humor are fun among the guys.  But we do need to consider our surroundings and the group that we represent to onlookers.  I intend to #dobetter.

8/17 – 2nd Anniversary Convergence, 0700-0800 at Mothership

Pickle Relish (Streak Backblast)

THE SCENE: Muggy and warm at the Morg.


Squats toe raises
             Daisy Pickers
             Side leg stretch
             Arm Circles
            Plank Mercians W/
           Alt. Raises arms/legs
               Low plank
    Flutter Kicks
    Pelvic raises
Sprint foward (~20 yards)/ run backward
   Hillbilly squats
    Flutter kicks

Mosey to the Veteran’s Memorial

4 cycles 12 reps each:

Dips, Merkins, Pelvic Pushes, Freed Mercuries (Wall Builder). Mosey back to Startex.


Pickle pushers, Merkins, Inch worm, Shoulder taps
Test Tube, Miracle Ear, Topanga, Woodpecker, Orange Julius, Bootheel, Croissant, Commie, Wall Builder, Potter, The Streak (QIC)
Tough times, push
Tougher times, push harder
Can’t go no more, shove!
Real men do hard things.
Frequent things become easier
Infrequent becomes harder

Agree with Wall Builder: “its been a glorious resurgence at the Morg!”


See Slack

Revenge of the Nerds comes to the Morg

(A.K.A. The time I tricked the Morglians into LARPing)
  Rainy, cool, and lacking a QIC. I parked at the wrong lot. Cobains.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Started by Orange Julius, and reinforced by me 4 minutes later. Clearly not a professional.

SSH, Daisy Pickers, Imperial Walkers IC x however many OJ prescribed
Arm Circles IC x 15 Forward, 15 backward

A mosey around the parking lot. Full disclosure, I had planned this for the field on the other side of the park, so this was literally a scouting run. Found my Target — A 50ish meter stretch of parking lot median with a tree at one end. The baton, that looks suspiciously like a Nerf Sword, was placed at the tree and the group was divided at the other end, 3 lamp posts away. Team 1 and (wait for it) Team 2. YHC was on glorious Team 1 with OJ, The Streak, Bruce, and Ratio. Team 2 started with Croissant, Flobee, Sleep Number, Miracle Ear.  Imagine the following, but dark and riddled with puddles and rain and mud:

Nerds love alt text.
God, I’m good at MS Paint…

The Game: Push-the-Cart Dora Relay Race. Game is as follows

  • Each team has their own identical Exercise Die with 12 exercises.. Difficulty ranges from “Water Break” to “20 Burpees”.
  • At “Go!” the First PAX on each team Rolls the Die and takes off running to the sword, on his team’s side. The Remaining PAX perform the Exercise as fast as possible.
  • Whoever gets to the sword first gets possession, rounds the tree and starts heading to the enemy team base on their side.
  • When the Sword bearer encounters an opponent headed their way, they must hand off the sword. The sword changes possession and goes the opposite way along the track to the opponents base. No cutsies at the tree.
  • Back at base, once PAX are All In from their team’s Dice Exercise, PAX #2 rolls and runs, leaving the remaining PAX to perform the roll’s result. Continue on with Subsequent PAX.
  • After you hand off the sword, finish the track and return to your own base and recover until the next roll.
  • Teams continue cycling through runners as fast as the group can perform the exercises. “Water Break” is a freebie, meaning the next PAX can roll and run immediately.
  • If a team manages to run the sword to their enemy’s base, they score. The sword is replaced at the tree and the next round starts.

It took about 5-10 minutes for everyone to get on the same page about the rules, but eventually everyone got their competetive edge on. OJ incorporated the strategy of holding the die just off the ground and waiting in the sprint-ready stance for All In, before simply dropping the Die so we wouldn’t waste time waiting for it to stop rolling/bouncing. It also helps that he runs like a beast.

Sleep Number and a few others had the interesting tactic of throwing the sword away before the handoff to delay the other team. Shenanigans! 30 points from Griffinmorg!

Turn order was not always held, and some runners lapped others. Eventually IIRC, The Streak and Croissant decided they didn’t trust the others rolls and wanted a designated roller representative from each team, before rolling each other’s die to start the penultamate round, amid much trash talk. We essentially had Wet Calvinball with swords, and it was amazing. Too Tall joined in in the middle and evened up the teams (Team 2 was short handed until then). Miracle Ear looked ecstatic everytime he got to play the with sword.

Finally we were getting close to time, and I figured the score was about 2-2, so I placed the sword at the middle lamppost, about half the distance. SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME. Team 2 got a Water Break and an easy second runner right after the first. Team 1 got…20 Burpees. DOH! Team 2 walked it in easy before I got to my 3rd Burpee. Well played Team 2, ya filthy animals.

Nerds love alt text.
And there was much rejoicing…

A slow, almost swaggerly mosey back to Startex for Mary. 

Flutterkicks IC x 20
LBCs IC x 5 (with the 4-count, it was 20)
Aww Yeahs x 3 each Side
A dumb squat hop pyramid thing I got from Speedy X 10, then X9, then X8 (27 total)

Croissant, Flobee, Sleep Number, Miracle Ear, Too Tall, Orange Julius, The Streak, Ratio, Bruce,  Roomba (QIC)

My church regularly asks men in the congregation to lead a sermon a few times a year. I told the Elders I was up for it, and nothing happened for a long time. I was starting to think they’d forgotten or didn’t think I was mature enough to do it. Then I just got told yesterday that I need to start preparing a sermon with them to be preached in about 1-2 months. I’m now the other kind of anxious now that it’s actually happening. I’ve got two takeaways for the men. One past, one for going forward:
1) If something is righteous to do, be patient and trust in the Lord. Whether or not it comes to fruition, God’s will is happening.
2) If you are struggling/ nervous in doing something worthwhile, ask for help and receive it graciously.

Prayers for my FIL and all unspoken.

I still love the Exercise Die. That was the first time I Q’d in the rain and the first workout sesh totally out in the wetter elements with ne’ery a gazebo or pavillion. What an experience, though! Also, that morning was hectic. I forgot my phone, was running late, despite getting up earlier, went to the wrong parking lot, had to improvise, and do it all in the cold rain, but it’s amazing how little that matters when you don’t sweat the details and stick to the rest of the plan as best as you can. We ended up having a blast and I think we were all sufficiently spent by the end. The post BC weather felt amazing, and apparantly Kansas dwellers don’t know what humidity is. Thanks to OJ for warming them up for me and props to the M for the BB Title.

Tremor’s VQ is this friday at the Annex! Tiger Lily is leaving soon, and something might be going on at Neverland next week. Check Slack.
Also, Dexter still has a pending VQ.