Super 21s and such…

THE SCENE: Cold, mid 20s, but not windy (THANKFUL FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Done did it, that’s fer sure!

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Daisy Pickers x 16 IC

Arm Circles x 10 IC (Both directions)

Finkle Swings

Extracurricular stretching OYO

Mosey to bike gate and back to shovel flag

Super 21s – 

  • Started at end of parking lot
  • 1 Overhead clap
  • Ran to other end of parking lot
  • 1 Squat
  • Ran back and performed 2 Overheads Claps
  • Ran to other ends and performed 2 squats
  • Repeat routine adding 1 rep each time all the way up to 21 Overhead Claps and 21 Squats – 231 reps total of each

Bear Crawl + SSH Relay –

Pax partnered up and went to opposite end of parking lot.  Group 1 of PAX crawled across parking lot to their partner while Group 2 performed side straddle hops until reach by their respective partners in Group 1.  Group 2 then bear crawled across parking lot while Group one did SSHs. We repeated this routine 3 times.


Box cutters x 15 IC

American Hammer x 10 IC

Big Boy Sit Ups x 30 IC

LOLs – x 10 IC (Ls, Os, both sides)

Manatee -30 secs. on each side

Tempo merkins X 10 IC (led by Altar Boy)

8 PAX, no FNGS

Easily Amused, Toaster, Bottomless, Four Eyes, Costello, Handsy, Altar Boy, Dewey (QIC)
Nate Larkin, author of Samson and the Pirate Monks recently came and spoke at my church. He shared his story of sex/porn addiction and how being honest and vulnerable in real male community was the game changer in recovery.  (Read the book for more info, it’s great!) Encouraged the PAX to be vulnerable with one another about our struggles, and be honest. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to show up for a workout than it is to show up and be honest about what’s really going in our lives.
Grateful for the community of men that F3 provides and looking forward to that continuing to grow.
The Crucible is coming!!!

Stage Dive BOMBS at the Shell

AO: Old Forest, 2/27/19

QIC: Easily Amused (VQ!)

THE SCENE: Overcast and mild (44*). Spring is in the air!

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done. Repeated twice for late PAX.


  • SSH (IC) – 30
  • IW (IC) – 10
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Arm Circles (IC) – 10
  • Reverse Arm Circles (IC) – 10

We moseyed to the Levitt Shell for Tha-Thang. On the way, we stopped for Mountain Climbers (OYO) until all in, then again for Flutter Kicks (OYO) until all in. Upon arrival, we held a plank until all in.

Then time some STAGE DIVE B.O.M.B.S. off of the Levitt Shell stage! We partnered up, and while one partner did the exercise, the other partner did a stage dive then ran up the hill backwards and down forwards.

  • 50 Burpees
  • 100 Overhead Claps
  • 150 Merkins
  • 200 Big Boy Situps
  • 250 Squats

Based on time, YHC called an OMAHA and stopped PAX wherever they were to finish Stage Dive Bombs with 100 squats divided between partners.

We moseyed back to the flag and stopped to make up some missed Big Boy Situps (OYO) until all in then again for Hello Dolly (OYO) until all in. Upon arrival at the flag, we held a low plank and iron cross until all in.


  • American Hammer (IC) – 25
  • Iron Cross until 6:15am


18 – Bookworm, Bottomless, Altar Boy, Jailbait, Chioccetti, Doc Hollywood, Toaster, Costello, O’Reilly, Fishbowl, Dewey, MIB, Father Abraham, One and Done, Mudslide, Handsy, Teacher’s Pet, Easily Amused (QIC)

Don’t check out. Be present with yourself and the person or people in front of you. Where are you tempted to check out? What do you check out with? Be aware, then take steps to stay present.

What an honor to VQ with these guys who have quickly become friends! I always look forward to the encouragement and challenge from the Old Forest PAX. We’re getting better together!

Also… TCLAPS to Father Abraham for the music to help us keep going and to O’Reilly for visiting Old Forest from his usual Blue Collar AO.

Monday is KotB. Bring some FNGs so Old Forest can take back the flag!

You Can Do Anything For 60 Seconds

AO: Old Forest, 2-25-19

QIC: Handsy

THE SCENE: Cold (39*), clear, and DRY!

Did it, including sharing the mission of F3


  • SSH (IC) – 50
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 15
  • Arm Circles (small, big, forward back) (IC) – 20 total
  • IW (IC) – 15


First, all PAX partnered up and moseyed to the playground. Each pair performed a total of 50 pull ups (combined reps for the pair). Spotting as needed, modifying to Aussie style as needed. Mosey back to parking lot. 


You can do anything for 60 seconds! YHC had a timer set on my phone to beep every 60 seconds. PAX were instructed to perform the following exercises, without stopping, for 60 seconds each. No recovery between exercises…your arms can recover from the Merkins while your legs are working on squats 🙂

  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Squats
  • High Plank
  • BBSU’s
  • Reverse Lunges

Rinse and repeat…(we finished 4 sets total)

PAX were strongly encouraged to modify as necessary (i.e. merkins from your knees, bicycle kick instead of flutter, etc.) but to NOT STOP moving or performing the exercise for the full 60 seconds. Much groaning throughout. But also lots of encouragement to keep moving. 

We performed 3 rounds of this, non-stop. At that point YHC decided to give the PAX a treat and allowed 60 seconds of recovery before one final set. So we did 4 sets total. 


YHC re-set the timer to 30 second intervals and we performed the following exercises for 30 seconds each, no break in between (can’t remember all exercises and/or exact order…had different PAX each time call out new exercise…but something like this):

  • American Hammer
  • Hello Dolly
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Freddie Mercury
  • LBC’s
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Box Cutters
  • Iron Cross (*at this point, YHC could literally not even hold my own torso up without falling backwards to the ground)


12 – Dewey, One and Done, Sir Mix-a-lot, Bottomless, Jail Bait, Costello, Baron, Teacher’s Pet, Low Note, Blart, Easily Amused, Handsy (QIC)


I’ve noticed my temptation to quit or modify as soon as an exercise gets tough in F3. Realizing I’ll never get stronger like that. In planning this workout, I was afraid that 60 seconds per exercise with not recovery in between would be really challenging. It was. But I needed to push myself to keep going even if it was hard. I also realized that I do this in life…when things get too hard I just quit or change my plans. YHC challenged the PAX to push ourselves in life. We can’t just quit when things get hard. We have to push through. 


This workout was HARD and nearly impossible to complete without modifying some of the exercises. But I was encouraged by the PAX pushing one another to keep going. And thanks to Sir Mix-a-lot for providing a killer playlist to keep us motivated!

Crucible “light” training convergence with Old Forest and Sandlot – TOMORROW (Tuesday, 2/26) – 0500 at Old Forest, run 2 miles (no man left behind!) to Sandlot, 20 minute beat down by Four Eyes, run back to Old Forest.

See Pre-blast for all other announcements 

William Wallace Visits Overton Park

THE SCENE: drizzle and wind chill of glorious 37

SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 15
Hillbillies x 15
Arm circles while walking into the forest (10 X backward, 10 X forward)
Tempo merkins (1-2-3 down count, 4 up) at arch entry way X 10 IC

Indian Run to Veterans Plaza (home of WWII Soldier and Memphis Belle

William Wallace: split into four even teams. Each team goes to their corner of the plaza. One team member takes turns being William Wallace. When you are William, you run to the middle of the plaza shouting “FREEEEEDOM” and doing your best Braveheart impression. William does 5 bodybuilders and returns to corner. Every team member gets a turn at being William. Not-Williams are in the corner doing:
Derkins AMRAP (round 1)
Dips AMRAP (round 2)
Dan Taylor (Lt. Dan) 1 squat, four lunges AMRAP (“because you feel like you ain’t go no legs) (round 3)
Rinse & Repeat 3X

When all in, PAX did 10 burpees in Plaza center together.

Mosey back to Startex. Stopped three times and did Peter Parkers (AMRAP) till all in the first two stops. When arrived at startex, we had one minute left and did 10 jump squats IC.


James 2:1-7 We’re called to NOT approach people for what we can get out of them or what they can do for us. Instead, Jesus teaches us to value people for who they are and ask what we can do to serve them.

Prayers for a lot of job/school decisions and transitions.

Old Forest Boot Camp 2-18-19

AO: The Old Forest (MAP it), 2-18-19

QIC: Handsy

THE SCENE: 32*, felt colder.


Did it, including sharing the mission of F3 (and repeated disclaimer two more times for latecomers)


  • Merkins (IC) – 10
  • SSH (IC) – 25
  • Merkins (IC) – 10
  • Daisy Pickers (IC) – 10
  • Merkins (IC) – 8
  • Arm Circles (little, big) (IC) – 10 forward, 10 in reverse
  • Merkins (IC) – 6
  • Mosey 2 laps around the big parking lot island


Mosey to the playground and partner up. Each pair will complete the following (combined total reps as a pair)

  • 50 Pull-ups (partner spotting or Aussie pull-ups to modify)
  • 50 BBSU’s (with partner holding feet, and keeping hands behind head the whole time)

Once all in, mosey back to far north end of parking lot island. 
11’s with 8-count Body Builders and Peter Parker’s

  • Perform 1 8-count body builder
  • Side shuffle facing east down to the far south end of the big parking lot island.
  • Perform 10 Peter Parker’s
  • Side shuffle back to north end of parking lot island, still facing east.
  • 2 body builders, side shuffle, 9 Peter Parker’s…etc.

We all nearly finished before having to cut it off a little short for some Mary. High plank until all finished their last round. 


  • American Hammer (IC) – 25
  • Dying cockroach (IC) – 15
  • Box cutters (IC) – 14

***At this point, YHC was winded and asked for others to lead some Mary***

  • Teacher’s Pet called and led LBC’s (IC) – 20
  • Someone else (not sure who) called and led Hello Dolly (IC) – 25
  • Someone else may have called something else, but I can’t remember!


18 – Bottomless, Soybean, Teacher’s Pet, MIB, Toaster, Crayfish, Easily Amused, Doc Hollywood, Sir Mix-a-lot, Dewey, Fishbowl, Costello, One and Done, Jail Bait, Nature Boy, Low Note, Stay Puft, Handsy (QIC)


Reminded the PAX of Crayfish’s challenge from two weeks ago – when you think you are totally spent, you still usually have at least 40% left! I actually needed that this morning, I felt really spent most of the workout, but kept reminding myself that I had more in the tank than I thought. Keep pushing!  


We had Cheesesteak lined up to Q but he was up most of the night with one of his 2.0’s and couldn’t make it, so the PAX had to suffer through my makeshift Q. Appreciate their flexibility to roll with it! 

Really enjoy this group of HIM who show up week after week to get better and hold each other accountable! Especially great to have Costello back out more regularly. And I continue to be proud of some of our new comers (Easily Amused, Fishbowl, Toaster, Low Note, Stay Puft) who keep coming back and putting in the work. ECPLC (Environmentally Conscious Parking Lot Coffeeteria) is a bonus to get more time to hang with all these guys after each boot camp. Thunder Claps gentlemen!


If you are thinking about doing the CRUCIBLE (more info HERE), we’re doing a Crucible Training Workout next Tuesday, Feb. 26th, converging with the Sandlot. Meet at Old Forest at 0500, mosey to Sandlot, Four Eyes will provide us with a 20 minute beat down, then mosey back to Old Forest. If you are at all considering the Crucible, this could be a good training in preparation for that. 

Check the PRE-BLAST for all other announcements. 

Old Forest 2-13-19

THE SCENE: 36 degrees and clear sky


  • 20 x side straddle hop
  • 10 x arm circles
  • 10 x daisy pickers
  • 10 x windmills
  • 20 x mountain climbers
  • 10 x hillbillies



  • Run to bike arch + plank til all in
  • Run back to gazebo + plank til all in

Exercise 1 – At Gazebo: 5-10-15-20s

  • 5 x ballards (aka Jedi merken, alternate derken)
  • 10 x burpee
  • 15 x Box jump
  • 20 x American hammer
  • Run circle and repeat x 5

Exercise 2 – At Gazebo w/ teammate

  • A: Applejacks across parking lot & sprint back
  • B: squat and little baby crunches


PAX Count: 11

  • One and Done
  • Costello
  • MIB
  • Doc Hollywood
  • Bottomless
  • Bartman
  • Fishbowl
  • Altar Boy
  • Sparkles
  • Handsy
  • Toaster

Don’t buy the lie of the solitary man. Life isn’t meant to be lived solo. Ask for help. Like Psalm 121 says when you’re faced with mountains pray to the LORD who made the mountains. He wants to help, but we have to ask.

Runs Thursday at 5a.

Zoo day

  • THE SCENE: Old and foresty. 68*F and about 1km from the Memphis Zoo.
  • AO: Old Forest
  • QIC: Granola
    • Seal Jacks (aka Cross Jacks) 30xIC
    • Donkey Kicks 15xIC
    • Starfish Jumps 15xIC
    • Intro to MoTs (30m round trip back and forth across the parking lot)
      • Duck Walk
      • Lemur/Zoboomafoo Walk (compliments of my animal-loving 2.1)
      • Frog Walk
      • Monkey
      • Bear Crawl
    • 1 lap around the parking lot islands (roughly 60m x 15m)
      • Elephant Walk (compliments of a GRT who thought this would be a good idea)
      • Duck & Weave (PAX Duck Walk while the six weaves biped-style, through the line of ducks-of-varying-and-questionable-heights)
      • Lemur/Zoboomafoo Walk
      • Monkey/Frog Walk/Monkey/Walk Frog/Monkey
      • Side Crab/Crab Walk/Side Crab/Walk Crab/Side Crab
      • Side Bear/Bear Crawl/Side Bear/Crawl Bear/Side Bear Inchworm/Indian Run/whatevs.
      • Alligator Walk
      • Leap Frog
  • MARY:
    • Crunchy Crab Frog 15xIC
    • Starfish Crunch (Dying Cockroach?) 10xIC
    • Low Country Crab 30xIC
    • 15 PAX (1 Irish Goodbye during warm-o-rama): Jail Bait, Bottomless, Chioccetti, Altar Boy, Handsy, Dewey, Sparkles, Costello, Teacher’s Pet, Crayfish, MIB, Doc Hollywood, Hall Monitor, Stay Puft, Granola
    • Thankfully, for many of us, we do not live in constant fear of wild animals goring us, our loved ones, or our property. However, the way we handle stress hasn’t changed. Though reasonably safe from wild dangers, many stressors in our modern lives trigger the same fight-or-flight response that kept our ancestors alive. Stress is Stress. Everything costs something. Nothing is free. Take inventory of the stress in your life. Are the stresses in your life making you stronger? More resilient? Are they getting you to your goals? When you experience stress, pay attention to your breathing. Have you stopped breathing? Take a few deep belly (not chest) breaths and see if you can engage your stressors in a way that get you closer to your goals.
    • Prayers for the infirm, job hunters, and those recently navigating the loss of loved ones.
    • Thankful for Bottomless’s invitation to Q at OF and put faces to the ridiculous names I see in Slack. Chief among these, “Jail Bait” makes me the most uncomfortable.
    • Speaking of Jail Bait, I had planned a more sensible 15m x 15m area (vs the 60m x 15m we ended up with), but he was like, “nah.”
    • I had another Q planned, but couldn’t pass up a good zoo-pun-based-Q, loosely based off of Rabbit’s Animal Smorgasbord Q at The Annex.
    • Anything is possible if you don’t skip leg day.
    • True fact: I almost called the workout at 5:50 during the Monkey/Frog walk. Watches are a yuge discouragement.
    • Kotters to Costello!
    • Very underestimated how leggy animal movements are.

B.O.M.B.S. Mile with the OFers

THE SCENE: mid to upper 40s; brisk, but a little mosey warms the soul quickly
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Pax were welcomed & disclaimed

  • SSH IC x 29
  • Daisy Pickers IC x 29
  • Windmills IC x 29
  • SSH IC x 29


BOMBS MILE, Each Quarter Mile: 

  • 5 burpees IC
  • 10 overhead claps IC
  • 15 merkins OYO
  • 20 big boy sit-ups OYO
  • 25 squats OYO

For final round we doubled reps on B.O.M.B.:

  • 10 burpees IC
  • 20 overhead claps IC
  • 30 merkins OYO
  • 40 big boy sit-ups OYO

For Squats, “Flowers” by Moby for some Sally Squat Action that Nick Cage would love.


  • LOLS IC x 10 each leg for “L’s & O’s”
  • Dealer’s Choice: Four Eyes for Dying Cockroaches IC x 20

17 (1 FNG – Choo Choo)


In spirit of Crayfish’s Glory Sightings, YHC started out sharing about a recent win in communication/conflict management with his M where YHC has grown in focusing on care and M’s needs over initial inclinations and personal frustrations for difference of needs. Other PAX shared about family relationships and wins that they’ve seen in handling or responding to situations differently than they would’ve imagined.


It’s fun to call on exercises like Bringing Sally Up or LOLs that cause PAX to groan and grumble. Groaning & Grumbling=they know it’s good for them 🙂


  • Running workout tomorrow at OF
  • November 3rd
    • Eli Grow 8k in Tullahoma
    • MAM Volunteers needed for APFT
    • Volunteer movers needed for Pirtle’s family (ask for details through Slack)

Lots of Bear Crawls

THE SCENE: Very nice weather with some caution tape. Costello on Q.

Side straddle hop IC x20

Daisy Pickers IC x15

Push ups IC x20

Lil mosey to the Rugby Field. All the following exercises are the length of the field.

  • Sprint
  • Bear Crawl
  • Sprint
  • Shuffle
  • Sprint
  • Bear Crawl
  • Sprint
  • Lunges
  • Sprint
  • Bear Crawl
  • Sprint

Lots of spiritual talk in between!

Dealers Choice around the circle.
Hitch, Toms, Moth Balls, Four Eyes, Costello (on Q)
God is with you! What is God challenging you to do? Where is he calling you? What is standing in your way?

Brace yourselves, 9/11 is coming.

The Six Cone Crawl-O-Rama with Blindfolds

This workout was co-Q’d by Costello and Tree Hugger.

A perfect day to be at the Mothership; about 72 degrees.


Side Straddle Hops x 20
Arm Circles x 20; forward and backward
Costello likes to warmup with Burpees – 25 Burpees; done

Moseyed from the upper parking lot to the field next to the stage.  Six cones were situated in a rectangle, each about 20 yards apart.   PAX partnered up and went to a cone.  At the cone there were two exercises and instructions on how to get to the next cone.  One PAX had to be blindfolded while his partner guided him to the next cone.  The six cones had the following exercises and instructions:

Cone 1 – Diamond Merkins x 25, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 25, Crawl Bear to Next Cone.
Cone 2 – Lunges x 25, Little Baby Crunches x 25, Wheelbarrow to Next Cone.
Cone 3 – Merkins x 25, Big Boy Situps x 25, Bear Crawl to Next Cone.
Cone 4 – Carolina Dry Docks x 25, Flutter Kicks x 25, Army Crawl to Next Cone
Cone 5 – Monkey Humpers x 25, American Hammers x 25, Spiderman Crawl to Next Cone
Cone 6 – Squats x 25, Box Cutters x 25, Crab Crawl to Next Cone

PAX continued from cone to cone until we reached 7:45; water break, then moseyed back to the upper parking lot for Mary.

Mary was Dealer’s Choice; O’Positive led PAX in a mountain climber push-up exercise, Shoestring led PAX in ABCs, and Teacher’s Pet led PAX in leg raises.

11 PAX (No FNGs)

Costello shared a few words with the PAX.  Who is your guide 20/20? Who’s is Guiding your thoughts your senses?
Who is Guiding your Family – the news, the phone, television,
Social Media?
Or Is God Your True Guide..?

As Costello would say….it was a  blessed day.