School of Lunges

THE SCENE: Warm and very humid

Welcomed & disclaimed


SSH x25 IC
Small arm circles (forward & reverse) x10each IC
Overhead claps x10 IC
Seal claps x10 IC
Big arm circles (forward & reverse) x10each IC
Daisy pickers x10 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Imperial walker x10 IC

– 10 lunges with rucksack (30 or 40lbs) on back
– 10 lunges with CMU locked out overhead
– 10 lunges with CMU held in goblet/front rack position
Repeat the lunge sequence three times
– Run to the far end of the parking lot and back
– 20 burpees
That is one round. We did two rounds.

– Heels to the heaven x15 IC
– Low plank leg through x15 IC
– Alternating toe touch x15 IC

6 PAX (0 FNG) – Chyna, Couch Potato, Gomer, Gun Show, Speedy, Tremor (QIC)

Logical thinking has limitation just like our five senses. We could see with our eyes but we could only see to a certain distance with our naked eyes. We could hear with our ears but it’s also limited just like our eyes. Likewise, our logical thinking also has limited ability to reason some occurrences that might happen in our life. Sometimes we need to embrace this limitation and believe that something happen simply because it’s a God’s will.


2nd year anniversary convergence on Sat 8/17 at the Mothership.

Crossfit games tribute!

THE SCENE: Friday August 2nd, muggy and warm

Pax were disclaimed and warned

20 SSH, stretch on your own, then short mosey around the lot.
in honor of the Crossfit games that started on August 1 the PAX performed multiple benchmark workouts named after females.    Each workout was modified from the original due to lack of equipment.

Helen: Pax perfomed with a CMU 3 rounds of 12 pull ups, 21 CMU swings, and a 400 yard run each round.                  Pax rested for a 30 count

Fran:  reps 21-15-9 of CMU thrusters and bent over rows with the CMU  21 reps of both then 15 then 9.                      Pax rested for a 25 count

Nancy: 3 rounds of 15 over squats holding CMU then 400 yard run down the hill and back.     Pax rested for 25 count

Grace: 30 reps of ground to overhead with CMU, pax had to pick up the cmu from the ground then press over head each rep.

Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable).
12, Roomba, Lager, Sonic, Chyna, Tremor, Couch potato, paralegal, rosetta stone, meter maid, Jiminee, Speedy, Barney
Psalms 73:26 “My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.”   Pax were encouraged to make sure their strength came from God and not by their own power.  Strength is needed to pour yourself out everyday at work then at home with the family.  You don’t want to give your family your leftovers from a busy day.  Strength in God helps you to be able to keep pouring out of yourself so that your family is happy and fulfilled by you.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Spooky Flags

THE SCENE: Shorts weather for sure. YHC thought about using our nice upper practice field for this Q, but decided on the Goose Field. What is more Annex than burpees in goose scat. It was slightly spookier than normal.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER. Given multiple times. 5 Principles of F3. Mission of F3, Credo of F3. Welcome to KOTB

IC 25 SSH, 15 Hillbillies, 10 Daisey Pickers, 10 Arm Circles Forward n Back. Jump Squat Holds (a personal fave). Steinbrenner thought there wasn’t enough hold……. not sure he still feels that way. If you aren’t doing these……. do them. Short mosey to shake out them gams.
Doracides…..  It is a favorite of mine so we did them. YHC also had my weekly Annex meeting with Mayor Strickland, and he advised he was raising taxes on the Annex pax. Partner UP! (with someone you do not know preferably). While partner 1 puts a hurting on the count, partner 2 runs to first cone (burpee) and back, and repeats for the 2nd and 3rd cone. Tossed a little Louisville in with the switch. Before you swapped with your partner you did 5 “Booya Merkins” which is a merkin with a hand clap with your partner. (A pax chirped that that was a “Patticake” Merkin…. but he wasn’t on Q so…….)

*after looking up Booya Merkins…. and Patticake merkins…… said pax was correct

  • 150 BBSU
  • 250 Merkins
  • 350 Squats

No time for the rest of the wenkie.

IC 20 Freddie Mercuries, 20 LBC, 20 Flutter Kicks, polished it off with Freddie Mercuries till time.
21 Pax. La-Z-Boy, Halpert, Double Vision, Topanga, Dial-Up, Chyna, Gomer, Rabbit, Steinbrenner, Chuck E Cheese, Backseat, Beetus, Blank Stare, Gun Show, Master Pee, Paralegal, Pillsbury, Pronto Pup, Motel 6, Roomba, Speedy (QIC).
Letting go of habits or things that have a hold on you to focus attention elsewhere. Do hard things.

Regional T-Claps to the Pax of Louisville, who created their Ghost Flag and welcomed us with open arms when the Memphis PAX arrived to take it! Yalls hospitality was off the chain. Ya’lls park was dope. Your Coupons were heavy, and Diablo and Kilo lead an excellent Q. Hope to return to “The O” in the future.

For the Ghost Flag’s inaugural F3 Memphis exchange, The Levee brought 11 PAX and claimed that sucker. Good work guys, it was nice to have yall out to the Annex. YHC has posted at very few AO’s, however have been attempting to change that and get out to meet other PAX.

Also T-Claps to Bailout who showed up with the drone and got the money shots!
City Ruck Tour Friday!!!! YHC is hoping to go.

Wait… There isn’t any cake?

Nanner Nation. The Annex.

Chuck E. Cheese

Humid but nice morning. Little moisture on the ground but the mood was great. Many PAX looking forward to the promise of banana cake. If only they knew.

Did it. Two more PAX showed up. Did it again. One more PAX showed up. Did it again. Another PAX. Pretty sure Gun Show and Speedy took care of the last one.  Thanks for that.


  • SSH x 25
  • Arm Circles x 20
  • Reverse Arm Circles x 20

Failure to launch competition.

  • Hold bottom of squat for 10 seconds. Launch at 0 into a tuck jump. Back to bottom squat for another round until failure
  • TCLAPS to Rainbow Warrior, Tremor, and Couch Potato for having glutes of steel


urpees x 20

merican Hammers x 20

olan Ryan’s x 20


on alternating shoulder taps x 20

ussie snow angels x 20

atch me if you can x 3 rounds (10 pushups, partner backpedals, sprint to tag partner)

lligator Merkins x 20

urpees x 20  (Starting with the coupon in one hand by your side, drop down for a merkin (one hand raised up on the coupon). When coming up instead of jumping and clapping push the coupon to an overhead lock out. Bring it back down to your waist and switch hands – that’s 1.)

lf on the Shelf x 20

uicides – Ladder progression add one Merkin at each stop of suicide

No time.

Rainbow Warrior, Chyna, Sonic, Tremor, Couch Potato, Paralegal, Rosetta Stone, Speedy, Wannacry, Bailout, Gun Show, Chuck E. Cheese

As I am sure you know by now. There was never any cake. This is how life goes sometimes. Sometimes we show up expecting a sweet delicious prize, only to get something that kinda sucks. But cake, while tasting delicious and giving instant gratification, is bad for you. If we show up and do the hard things instead just enjoying the cake, it is better for us long term. In the same way, we have to pass on some of the instant gratification items of life, and focus on the truly beneficial things in life.

PAX were not happy about lack of tangible cake. Turns out acronyms don’t feed hungry men.


  • City Ruck Tour August 9th. Sign up.
  • August will start IronPAX training. Join #iron-pax-challenge on slack to learn more.

Back to School Special ABC’s

THE SCENE: TN Tax Free weekend arrives to let us know the new school year is here! A cool breeze blew in with the back to school savings. It made for a 60º sunrise that has never before been seen in late July Gloom. It was SkyQ perfection! Long sleeves and sarong mandatory for PLC.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed those in close proximity. Disclaimed those doing SSHs as they jumped out of their ride. Disclaimed people who appeared out of nowhere as we moseyed. I feel confident this was properly delivered.

YHQ started class when the school bell rang and 4 PAX were in place. But in true Grimace fashion, 40 SSHs later we had 8 PAX.

SSH IC x40
Arm Circles IC X10F then X 10B
Daisy Pickers IC SLOW AND AWESOME x10
Imperial walkers IC x15ish
Mosey around parking lot then off to the school house (Pavillion) for our A,B,C’s

A white board was waiting for the PAX giving them their classwork for today. Sets of exercises written on the board will be completed at Sites A, B, and C. Groaning from the PAX about starting school before Aug 1st, was promptly ignored because this is homeschool.

Site A

  • Squats x 25
  • Merkins x 15
  • Big Boy Sit-ups x 10
  • Burpees x 5
  • MOSEY To front door of Community Center

Site B

  • wall sit for 1 min
  • SSH x 20
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 15
  • MOSEY past glorious American flag pole to touch nanner flag
  • MOSEY Back to Playground

Site C

  • Inclined Pullups x 15
  • Mountain climbers x 15
  • Derkins x 15
  • box jump x5 (or Calf raises x30)


  • I have no idea how many times Sonic lapped us all… I’m guessing Twice. Average students scored between 3.5 or 4.5 on their ABCs. For all I know, Sonic is still running laps right now to get on the Principal’s List.

It was included on YHQ’s planner but the final bell rang before we got to it.
8 PAX (0 FNGs) Chuck-E-Cheese, Tremor, Chyna, Paralegal, Speedy, Beetus, Sonic, GunShow (QIC)
All organizations, groups, or systems need to continually check their own health. For men accountabillity is how we get better. Memphis needs us to be better men. We must find HIMs with whom we can establish trust relationships. Our health check  if we get out of line is a HIM who is there to push us back into a path of growth. I gave the example of cheating on my M. I’m not, but if I was I would hope I have a bond with this group of HIMs and they would feel comfortable calling me out for such an unhealthy behavior.
Expecting a rain that never arrived altered the wenkie a great deal. Would work better as a DORA to partner up – which thankfully the PAX did anyway. The whiteboard workout was a fun idea that, with some modifications, shall return soon!
The intercom must have been broken.

Alternating Blitzkrieg Miles

THE SCENE: Pleasant, but this is a relative term. My perspective in using ‘pleasant’ comes from 100% humidity and 95.  Even the pre-runners were sweating though not breathing heavy.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Welcomed everyone, no females to chase away, I’m not a professional, a few shoelaces left untied but I’m not responsible for other’s equipment nor did I wish to interfere with their lacing preferences.

WARM-O-RAMA:  concentrated stretching, legs, hammies, and shoulders utilizing a track cadence (odds/evens) that I/we kept butchering.  More concentration on the cadence count than the stretching.

mile circuit laps around the pond.  Alternating Blitzkrieg miles consists of a normal mile run followed up by a mile of segmented sprints.  Each PAX counted off and took turns picking the distance of the sprints by eyeing up landmarks for the finish line.  Short sprints = short recovery time.  Longer sprints = longer recovery time.  Rule:  PAX had to see the landmark/finish.

1st mile: conversational pace.  2nd mile:  short distance sprints.  3rd mile: conversational pace.  4th mile:  didn’t get to it.

None, though a sprinkling of half ass planks while waiting on the 6 were had.

14 PAX, 1 2.0 (Super Mario),  Gus, Pops, Orange Julius, Billy Blanks, Chyna, O Positive, Speedy, Speaker, Laettner, Patches, Sparky, Farmer, Nature Boy, Tomb Raider

In the chaos are faith is stretched and opportunities for growth abound.  Though we don’t wish for chaos, chaos finds us unexpectedly.  How we respond tells us a lot about our faith.  Is our faith professed only? or is it taking root in our heart?  Let go, surrender to God, be humbled by our lack of ‘control’, and grow.

Chaos moments for QIC this past week include:  rushing M to the hospital who was very sick and gave birth to our daughter, losing Super Mario for an hour on the Shelby Farm trails, blowing a tire en route to the Green Mile 30 minutes prior to start.

Haven’t run in awhile and it felt good in the way it does when its over.  There’s nothing quite like sprints to make me want to splash.

The Blitzkrieg mile broke down into disorganization due to the PAX rebelling and/or my lack of clear instruction.  As a result there were; sprinting for longer longer distances to some fabled landmark in the PAX’s minds eye, jogging in between sprints instead of recovery time, and an odd set of merkins thrown in there?  Hah.  Freed to QIC I guess.

Prayers for OP’s brother Frank.  May God break him down and build him back up, as for us all.

A VQ to Please the Crowd – The Crowd Pleaser

THE SCENE: 75ish degrees, nice weather


PAX were welcomed and disclaimed.

SSH x25 IC
Daisy pickers x10 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Arm circles x10 IC (each forward & reverse)
Imperial walkers x10 IC

Mosey from STARTEX to do merkin mile (25 merkins) and finish at the playground.
3 rounds of AMRAP at the playground.
1st round:
Five minutes of jump squats x15, leg tuck or leg raises x10, and breakdancer merkins
2nd round:
Five minutes of broad jump burpees x5, angle grinder x10 (2=1), and American hammer x10 (2=1)
3rd round:
Five minutes of jump lunges x10 (2=1), crowd pleaser 1(merkins):1(thrust feet forward & back) to 5:5, van goghda x10 (2=1)
Mosey back to ENDEX.

Heels to the heaven IC until 0615.

26 PAX: Tremor (QIC), El Bano, Ike, Slots, Chuck E Cheese, Paralegal, O Positive, Beetus, Gun Show, Iceberg, Sonic, ABBA, Roomba, O’Reilly, Choker, Lager, Billy Blanks, Shoestring, Bruce, Farmer, Gomer, Photoshop, Bailout, Chyna, Snookie, Speedy.

Make priorities. The top priorities should be the most important things in life. Do the top priorities first before other things. If we do the other things first, we won’t have time for the most important things. The analogy for that is like an empty jar and we fill it with golf balls until we cannot put any more golf balls. However, we still have some space in the jar for small pebbles until it’s full. After the pebbles, we can pour some sand to fill up the remaining space in the jar. The golf balls represent the most important things in life such as family, health and/or whatever it may be, it’s the top priorities. The pebbles represent the other important things, for example our house or car, and the sand represents the small things in life. If we pour the sand first into the jar then you won’t have space for the golf balls which is the most important things.




THE SCENE:   (scroll text and play some dramatic music while looking off into the dark void of space) When last we saw our faithful F3 PAX they had just been decimated by the Evil Lord Mudpants and his ability to dominate the Ultimate game. Weeks later the rebel PAX, led by Sonic Skywalker, have reassembled on a planet with a 100% humidity in an attempt to dethrone MUDPANTS as the ULTIMATE SITH LORD!

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Message delivered. “Help me Obiwan Kenobi you’re my only hope.” Or something like that.

WARM-O-RAMA: SSH IC x20 Clearly these PAX are here to storm into battle not warmorama so this time is mostly used to try and convince the PAX that YHQ hates Star Wars movies.

Imperial walkers IC x15 Abruptly ended to make sure the PAX understand that YHQ hates Star Wars prequels.

SSH IC x10 With a follow up about how low of an opinion YHQ holds of Star Wars movies.

Clearly the Pax are starting to receive the crucial message that YHQ does not love Star Wars.

Count off PAX into 2 uneven divisions of perfect unity… and hand them over to Gomer for a Storm Trooper cadence march to the battle field.

4 eight min quarters of Ultimate and a Halftime show for all the sad clowns in the park. With all the drops and scoring making our storm trooper PAX do public penalties of pain.

  • When the frisbee drops = penalty merkins or squats are performed (swap each quarter).
  • When your team scores = sprint to endzone and do 5 Aww Yeahs (loudly).
  • When your team is scored on = lunge walk to endzone and do 5 merkins (sadly).
  • Halftime show = 26 pax in the middle of the field, walking in a 50ft circle, doing imperial walkers IC, while half the PAX were singing the Imperial March. (generated audible laughs from the park walkers passing by) Then 10 burpees because there is always one act you hate in a halftime show.
  • A repeat of the message that YHQ didn’t like Star Wars was included in the Halftime ads and the PAX seem to believe that YHQ truly dislikes Star Wars.
  • 50 min into this massacre YHQ put a halt to Darth Mudpants and his Imperial troops slaughtering the Rebels (6-3 final but who’s counting). Yes, there were epic Mudpant’s sliding catches. Yes, there were amazing Sonic runouts.  Yes, there were flips and crashes and lots and lots of merkins and squats… but if you really want to know how much fun it was POST NEXT TIME and be a part of the epic saga of Darth Mudpants! (We really have to find a way to defeat him!)
  • Mosey back to Startex

Flutter kicks till all in and that was all the time we had.

26 PAX – (3 FNGs) Gomer, Heathen (FNG), Tremor, Photoshop, Drifter, Orange Julius, Potter, Rainbow Warrior, Boy Named Sue (FNG), Mudpants, Lager, Beetus, Dawson, Teacher’s Pet, Implants (FNG), Chyna, Pirtle, Paralegal, Latener, Hot-N-Ready, Ratio, Phat Pat, Speedy, Sonic, Ricky Bobby, GunShow (QIC).
The repetition of a message is useful to make us beleive something. By telling the PAX multiple times in one morning that I dislike parts of, or entire Star Wars movies, they started to believe YHQ was not a fan – even tho I am a huge fan of Star Wars. Just by repeating a similar message several times, the PAX started to beleive my message. Yet the most repeated phrase in the Bible (60+ times) is, “do not be afraid”. Everyday we know God wants us to trust in him and not worry.  We need to listen to the message of “do not be afraid” and truly apply it to our daily walk.
Need to take water down to the field next time… this workout/game in the heat really seems to sap folks. YHQ is still bad at calling cadence, but getting better and enjoying it.
Oh yeah Tiger Lilly moved… hopefully all his food and beverages were consumed.

And the CMU Champion Is…


Disclaimed. Welcomed. Gave F3 Mission and 5 components to each workout.


  • SSH IC X25
  • Imperial Walkers IC X25
  • Merkins IC X10
  • Overhead Arm Clap IC X10
  • Forward Arm Circles IC X10
  • Reverse Arm Circles IC X10
  • Colt 45 OYO
  • Overhead Press w/CMU IC X10



Rules: The CMU must remain above your head at all times. PAX could bend their arms above their head, but not to the extent that the coupon is behind, in front of, or resting on their head. The CMU cannot touch any other surface than one’s hands. If it touches anything other than the hands, that PAX loses. If the PAX fails to keep the CMU above his head, that PAX loses. The winner was the last PAX with the CMU above his head. Once out, PAX would continue with the exercises until the competition ended.


  • Squat IC X10
  • SSH IC X10
  • Flutter Kick IC X10


  • Wall Sit
  • Squat IC X???- At this point only Tremor and Beetus remained. With Beetus hardly sweating at this point, Tremor realized the inevitability of his defeat and lowered his CMU, allowing Beetus to walk away as the First F3 CMU Muscle Failure Competition Winner of the World!!!

PAX moseyed to playground with CMU and 50 pound bag.

PAX circled up around monkey bars with their CMUs. In a rotating fashion, one PAX would throw the 50 pound bag over the monkey bars twice while the rest completed Colt 45s. After all PAX completed 2 throws we repeated this exercises with CMU Merkins and Overhead Press.



Moving Dying Cockroach – PAX moved a distance of approximately 10 yards from the Dying Cockroach position across the rubber surface. Hands and feet were not allowed to touch (with the exception of repositioning slightly). We moved on our backs 10 yards down, and then 10 yards back.


Flutter Kicks IC X50

Mosey to flag

Toe Touches OYO X10 per side


7. Chyna, Tremor, Sonic, Beetus, Gun Show, Speedy, Grimace (on Q)


It’s easy to be cynical when things don’t go your way. Even when you have a good excuse to be cynical, snarky, or salty, how you perceive the challenge ahead of you makes all the difference. Don’t look at the obstacle, look at the challenge.
Moving Dying Cockroach may be a new favorite of mine. Will need to refine the instructions, but it’s an ab burner.

This was a tough workout mostly because we focused on back, shoulders, and abs – things we don’t hit as often.

Sonic on Q this Friday.

Dad’s and Donuts (and some hard work to boot)

THE SCENE:Typical July – Warmish with moist air.


25 Imperial Walkers IC

25 Hill Billy IC

15 Daisy Pickers IC

10 Arm Circles – Each Way


10 Stations set up and the PAX numbered off 1-10 and started at each station.  Each has its own mode of transport as well.

Station 1

25 Squats – OYO

Mosey to next station

 Station 2

20 Merkins – OYO

Slide left to next station

 Station 3

25 LBCs – OYO

Slide Right to next station

 Station 4

30 Second Plank – OYO

Bear crawl to next station

Station 5

25 Lunges (1=1) – OYO

Power Skip to next station

Station 6

20 Dry Docks – OYO

Broad Jump to next station

Station 7

25 V-Ups – OYO

Crab Walk to next station

Station 8

25 Mountain Climbers (2=1) – OYO

Mosey Backwards to next station

Station 9

25 Calve Raises – OYO

Race to next station

Station 10

10 Burpees – OYO

Walk to station 1

Boat Canoe and a plank hold.

80 (2 FNGs – Upgrade (moving from Nashville to Memphis) and Downgrade (vice versa with Speedbump, Unstable Unicorn, Lucky and Swoosh):  Bailout, (Duct Tape, Arrrrgh), El Bano, Farmer, J Date, Ratio, Choker (CapNCrunch),  O’Reilly (Hershey, Marshmallow), Lil Nicky, (Yayah, Cocoa Puff), Hitch, (Princess Nala), Tiger Lilly (Rufio, Lilly Pad, Izzy), Soulja Boy, (Emmit, Picaso), Peek-A-Boo, Jasmine (Espian, Little Pickle), HotNReady, (Flash, Monkey, Smarties, Frodo), Tremor (Queen Bee, Spidey Scientist), C-Lo (Lothar), Hello Kitty (Flamingo), Lipton (Sunshine, Bookmark), Chuck-E-Cheese (Skywalker), Halpert (Turbo, Sprinkles), Steinbrenner (Redden-backer, Sugar Cane), Photoshop (Double Dribble and Koala), Croissant, Jackhammer, Pops, Snowman (Thunderbolt), Mudpants (The Bruiser, Rambo, Pixie Stick), Topanga, Iceman, Bigtop (Resistence, Sunflower, Picket), Gunshow

Cotters to Chyna, Willie Lomans from Ausin – PooBear, Ehhhh, Babooshka


My family has been at church camp all week.  The theme of the camp was “God is Greater than…” with a different topic each day.

Monday was…(Darkness)

Tuesday was (Sin)

Wednesday was (Lies)

Thursday was (Fear)

Friday was (Death)

I want to remind you that our God is awesome.  He is greater than all those things.

Congrats to Tremor and GunShow for completing their first 345!  What a great day for F3!  The workout was hard but doable for the kids.  Awesome 2nd F with 15 dozen donuts and a bunch of coffee, milk and juice.  Will look to do this quarterly.