Grow Ruck 12 Nostalgia (no sand)

THE SCENE: Humid, some stars left us all longing for Fall October weather!

WARM-O-RAMA:  A bit different this morning; IW x ? OYO, Hillbillies x ? OYO, Arm Circles x ? OYO, Stretch OYO, Mosie 1 lap around bldg, Balls to the Wall 1 minute.

Sacrificed cadence for time spent talking about the 3 F’s, core principles, credo, and mission statement of F3 while doing the warm-up.

PAX began in a line along the parking lot facing the ‘berm’.

  • Crab walked feet first across the lot, up and over the berm, one PAX carrying a regulation weighted ruck sack in front.

Once at the top each PAX without the ruck grabbed a coupon and performed overhead squats x 10.  PAX with the ruck used this as the overhead coupon.

Jogged back to start, rinse and repeat switching the ruck down the line.

10 sets, 100 overhead squats total, sore tail bones, arms, legs = priceless

  • Mosey up to the field, COP around the end of the 30 m (approx.) rope used in GR 12 that led off ominously into the gloom. . . .

1 PAX grabbed the end of the rope and began pulling the line in which had a cinder block attached.  That PAX called out the exercise all others had to perform until the line was in:

1st set – Burpees

Once line was in, PAX 1 grabbed the loose end and all of us ran forward until the line was fully extended leaving the weighted end back where we started.

PAX 1 chose the next participant who likewise called out the next exercise:

2nd set – Merkins


No time left.  Do some core work before hitting the fartsack tonight!

7 PAX, no FNGs

We wore orange today in rememberance of one of our fallen brothers, Darth Visor.  Our prayers are with his wife, family and friends.

Yesterday Gus presented us with a list of questions that we often ask when a loved one passes.  I can’t recall all of them but the first one stuck out to me;  “Are you ready to die?”

A good question to ask if you are uncertain about your relationship with God, a higher power, your purpose in the universe, Jesus (both God and man), and your place in eternity.

However, I think a better question to ask is “Are you ready to live?”

We woke up today with breath in our lungs, a mission before us, and opportunities, don’t squander them.  To do so would be disrespectful and dishonest to the One who gives us life.

Therefore, from this breath to our last breath let us live a life worthy of the calling.  Live your life for our wives, our children, our friends, our communities, and to quote Four Eyes “those men who do not yet know they need this”.

When we begin to live out this truth we realize that ‘our’ lives were never really our own.

Though not quit a return to Crab Mountain, fire ants would have helped, the Berm was challenging enougth to induce good mumblechatter (especially from Gus and Snookie).  We carried each others ruck to make it harder but as Searcy pointed out correctly; the act was metaphorical also.

At 0528 it was Snookie and I.  A proposal to hit up Dunkin’ Donuts was made if no other PAX showed.  Seriously contemplated the suggestion.  Fortunately, Gus, Bailout, Searcy, Cataract, and Photoshop posted to refocus our weak minds back to Doing The Hard Thing (DTHT) in the gloom.  As my knees buckle to stand up from my office swivel chair, I am reminded that we need other men to challenge and encourage us to push our limits.

How does a man ‘know his limits’ if he doesn’t have a community around him to push those from time to time.  What one often realizes is that he is capable of accomplishing much more than what he once believed about himself.

Camping trip with the 2.0’s to Gus’s parents house next weekend.

2nd F lunch at 11:30, Arepas Deliciosas,  today!

The Back in High School Parade at the Berm

THE SCENE: It was a pretty foggy and dim morning where barely any light broke through during the workout because as the sky became visible, it was shown to be an overcast morning.

25 Side straddle hops, ran around the building, 25 more side straddle hops

Circuit work out. We ran around the track for a mile and every quarter mile we stopped and did a different work out.

  • 1st stop – 12 pull ups while your partner does Mercans nonstop 2x
  • 2cd stop – 2x hand stand pushups burnout
  • 3rd stop – 25 burpees, 25 Big boy crunches

We then ran to the soccer field and did a sprint to the other end. Then, we bear crawled the whole field. Then, we did another sprint the whole field.
One set of Guantanamo Bay. (everyone raises legs 6 inches in a circle and one person gets up and pushes  legs to the ground where they must resist and everyone follows until every person has gone.)
19 PAX, no FNGs.
Rest- I shared how the past few weeks I had been struggling with rest. I tend at times to forget to let the Lord minister to me so I can enter a time of rest and remember that it is the Lord who fights for me and I don’t have to myself. When I don’t take the time to be still with God, I become anxious and try to control everything which is why the Lord commands us to rest. To remember that He is God, not us. So my challenge was for us to remember that the Lord is our inheritance and He should be everything we need for us to have rest and peace. Make sure you are taking time as Jesus did to walk in the rhythm of time with the Father and being engaged with the world. Don’t be overwhelmed and take time to rest in the Lord’s presence.
I was very proud of how everybody pushed themselves and stuck with me for my first Q.
No announcements that I know of.

Tag Team Tuesday

THE SCENE: Low 70s with just a dash of mosquitos

AO: The Berm


They were all warned


Daisy Pickers IC X 25

Mountain Climbers IC X 25

Everyone took a stroll on up to grab a coupon and went down to the soccer field. Then the party started

Second “Warm-Up”

  • Burpees OYO X 20 Sprint across the field and hold Al Gore until All-In
  • Burpees OYO X 20 Bear Crawl to midfield, then sprint to the finish

Everyone was now WOKE

Tag Team Tuesday

Everyone paired up for a wonderful circuit workout. As one PAX pumped out reps, the other ran around the soccer field to stay busy. They switched roles on the runners arrival. The Goal…

  • Merkins X 300
  • LBC X 300
  • SQWAAATS X 300
  • Rows X 300
  • Bus Drivers X 300

Twas my VQ so I over prepared just in case. Most groups made it to the Rows before it was time to hang with Mary

Guantanamo X 2

12 PAX – Cataract, Snooki, Ups, Resnor, Tomb Raider, Flat Tire, Yard Sale, Renfroe, Stranger Danger, Photo Shop, Beaker, and Iced Tea

1 Willy Loman – Proton from Knoxville

1 Corinthians 10:13

It is easy to seek affirmation from other parts of our life. Today was a reminder to my brothers to maintain focus on strengthening our relationship with the Lord.

Recommendation: “Relationship Goals” Sermon Series through Transformation Church (Youtube)

Bermuda Triangle A.L.A.R.M.S.

THE SCENE: Quite, cool, and pleasant.  PAX arrived uncharacteristically early for Berm standards.  Maybe a sure sign that the summer gloomidity is giving way to fall gloomispity.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  PAX welcomed and disclaimed.  Apologies made for Dr. Scholls absence as Q and myself filling in.

Daisy Pickers x 15 IC (with synchronized claps, in honor of our brother Carolina AO’s), Arm Circles x 20 IC, SSH’s x 20 IC, Wall sits while PAX one at a time Bear Crawled to CMUs and returned, modified to two PAX at time due to weak legs and impatience from yours truly.


Arms, Legs, Abs, ‘R’ exercise, ‘M’ exercise (ALARM) sets x 4

Set 1:

  • Shoulder press w/ CMU x 20 IC, Alternating Lunges (w/CMU) x 15 IC, LBCs (w/CMU) x 25 IC, Run around building x 2, Merkins x 10 IC

Set 2:

  • 7, 7, 7 curls (w/CMU) x 21 IC, Jump Squats (w/CMU) x 10 IC, Freddie Mercury’s (w/CMU) x 25 IC, Ranger Merkins x 10 IC, Moroccan Nightclub x 50 IC

Set 3

  • Overhead triceps extension (w/CMU) x 15 IC, Rocky Balboa’s (w/CMU) x 15 IC, Pickle Pavement Pounders x 15 IC, Rockette dips x 10 IC, Monkey drill x 15 IC

Set 4

  • Curls (w/CMU) x 50 IC, Lt. Dans (w/CMU) x 15 IC, ABCs IC, Rocks up (w/CMU) x 15 IC,  Mike Tyson (didn’t get to)

We missed you Mary but enjoyed core throughout.

15 PAX (1 FNG) Welcome Photoshop

Do not become isolated.  Be mindful of those around you whether that be your friends, family, or coworkers.  Take the time to reach out to those of us who are fading.  Do not allow complacency to rule your relationships.  Put in the work necessary to challenge, encourage, and support one another.

Who will be your pallbearers?  We should all have six close brothers with whom we can trust, rely on, share, pray, and sacrifice for.

Let’s not fool ourselves, there is no neutral in this life, either we are moving forward or we are falling back.

This was a great beatdown Dr. Scholls.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead it.  You would have done much better and you’ll have to show us all how to do ‘Rockette Dips’ properly in cadence.  I mangled them horribly.


Prayers for our east coast brothers as Florence hits.  Prayers also for Dr. Scholl’s foster child who had to go back to the system.  Also, keep Popeye’s family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of a loved one.  Finally, a family/church friend of Bailout’s lost a member in a beach drowning accident.

3rd F opportunity this coming Saturday morning.  Come on out and help clear out the house of Betty Isom at 782 Tate Ave.  Bring Gloves and older 2.0’s.

DM Chioccetti (Chris Oliver) for more info.

Mosey round the Berm

THE SCENE: 65 degrees and perfectly cool



SSH IC x30
IW IC x30
Daisy Pickers IC x30
Smurf Jacks IC x20

Mosey to the track
.25 mi (plank til all-in)
Shoulder Taps IC x25
Burpees OYO x25
.25 mi (Flutter kick til all-in)
Freddie Mercury IC x25
BBS IC x25
.25 mi (Al Gore til all-in)
Squats IC x25
Squats Jumps OYO x25
.25 mi
Burpees OYO x25
Smurf Jacks IC x25

Mosey round the building

Indian Bear Crawl 50 yards w/ Sandbag (Rinse and Repeat)

Mosey round the building

100 yard Suicides (YHC added this since a few pax seemed to have a little left in the tank)

American Hammer IC x25

16 Pax (1 FNG). Welcome Bailout

Its Monday and we all are going back to work/school.  Don’t be a jerk today.  You may be the only shot people get at seeing Jesus.  Just don’t be a jerk.

The Squat Jumps and Smurf Jacks SUCKED!!  Glad to be in the gloom with these brothers.  Lots of new faces.  Good to see some old ones that I haven’t posted with in a while. (Cataract, Lipton and Bruce).  T-Claps to Mardi Gras and Shortboard for not giving up! They pushed themselves to get better.


Backblast 9/5/18 – The Berm

THE SCENE: Really humid but not too hot – getting harder to locate sunshine as the days get shorter

They were welcomed and warned

Windmills 15 on 4c IC, Hillbillies 10 on 4c IC, SSH 100 on 4c IC

It was all about two different speeds today

  • Mosey to large dirt mound – bear crawl up and over, crawl bear back, 10 body builders IC – rinse and repeat
  • At soccer field – with flag in the middle – a series of sprints to tempo exercises ensued – exercises listed below in order
  • Tempo Merck – 10 – 8c (all the way down on 4, all the way up on 8 – the slower you count the better) IC
  • Tempo Big Boy Situps – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Werkins – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Derkins – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Squats – 10 8c slow IC
  • Tempo Flutterkicks 10 – 4c very slow IC
  • ABC’s – spelling BERMUDA TRIANGLE instead of alphabet

Guantanamo, American Hammers 25 4c IC, Boat/Canoe – rinse and repeat
10 PAX – Pumpkin, Yardsale, Ups, Flatland, Flat Tire, Houdini, Speaker, Lipton, Cataract, Popeye
2 Tim 2:20-21 since we did two different speeds I thought we’d talk about two different kinds of vessels – honorable vessels and dishonorable vessels.  Need to have integrity in the workplace – as leaders we must maintain a sense of honor and not fall into the trap of cutting corners or working with dishonesty.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Not Quite the Last Castle

THE SCENE: Nice Balmy day with about 50% gloom

Speaker took care welcome and disclaimer as YHC was late for Q… many shames upon me. … Props to Speaker for covering for a few.

Began with 10 minutes of 21s across the soccer field…. Got to about 3 and 18 and then Omaha’d.

Mosey to workout equipment (picking up coupon on the way.)

Started with and worked up to of the following exercises:

  • bench Step-ups while holding coupon
  • pushups
  • Burpees
  • Assisted pull-ups with coupon

Mode of transportation in between each number was to bear crawl with coupon on back about 25 yards and then crab walk back with coupon… (Modified crab walk to lunges with coupons after a bit.)(A number of hand injuries with coupons falling off people’s backs onto hands.. YHC does not recommend this exercise for future.)

Afterwards we began counting down from 7.7 to 1.1 with WWII setups with coupon and squats with coupon overhead but ran out of time so we returned coupons and closed down.

12 Pax (Speaker, Tomb Raider, Searcy, Snookie, Cataract, O Positive, Veggie Tales, Lil’ Nicky, Beauty Shop, Yard Sale, Lipton, Popeye, and Laetner.)


Double Circle of Trust:

  • YHC spoke about Psalm 119 and having a source of truth outside ourselves to trust and depend on.
  • Speaker who also led some at the beginning spoke about assuming the best about one another and the benefits of that at home, in F3, at work, etc.

Grow Ruck

City Ruck

Discounted Elevens


AO: Bermuda Triangle “The Berm”

QIC: Snookie

Conditions: 68 and sunny


  • PAX welcomed and disclaimed


  • Daisy Pickers IC x 20
  • Hill Billies IC x 20
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20
  • Windmills IC x 20
  • Stretch what you need to stretch


  • Mosey to soccer field; pick up coupons on the way
  • At field, Elevens
    • With coupon, start with one:
      • 4 count curl
      • 4 count overhead press
      • 4 count skull crusher
    • Run to other goal
    • 10 Burpees
    • Once finished do burpees till all in


  • American Hammers IC x 30
  • Hold plank till 6:15 (about 30 seconds)

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 9 PAX (2 FNGs): Cataract, Geppetto, Laettner, Lipton, Payroll, Popeye, Snookie, Transplant, Ups


Toms posted a great article from Desiring God on how the enemy can use even Bible Studies to distract us from what truly matters: Jesus. Good doctrine and righteous living are important, but without Jesus they are nothing. If your daily walk, study, and life should be about Him first and then everything else.


YHC had much planned but the elevens took longer than expected. Bear crawls, burpees, and sprints were up next but alas, Mary demanded at least some attention today. The PAX were at first grumbling about punishment burpees for finishing early. But once YHC told the PAX the burpees were in fact a reward, there was much rejoicing and gladness. On the way back to redeem the coupons, many PAX picked up trash that had been left on the field.


Grow Ruck in September

Convergence 08/18/2018 for F3 1 year anniversary

Just Another Tuesday Morning

F3 MEMPHIS – 24 July 2018


AO: Bermuda Triangle “The Berm”

QIC: Geppetto

Conditions: 71 F/84% Humidity – Beautiful, Foggy Morning

PAX: Yard Sale, Cataract, Tomb Raider, St. Nick, Snooki, Lil Nicky, Krueger, Popeye, Geppetto (YHC), and our FNG Malco


  • Welcome: I am not a professional
  • You are participating at your own risk
  • You are responsible for your own wellbeing
  • You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
  • Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


  • Forward and Reverse Arm Circles IC X 10
  • SSH IC X 20
  • Cheerleaders (squat jacks) IC X 10
  • Windmills IC X10
  • Turn and Bounce IC X 10


  • Round 1
    • 6 minutes of continuous sprints length of soccer field and jog back
    • Superset x 4
      • 20 Merkins
      • 50 Side Straddle Hops
    • 60 second Plank
  • Round 2
    • 6 minutes of continuous sprints length of soccer field and jog back
    • Superset x 2 (I planned 4 rounds, but time was already closing in)
      • 30 Squats
      • 50 High Knees
    • 60 second Plank
  • Round 3 (Two perspectives as we had to improvise due to time; Time flies when you are having fun/We need to get our butts into gear and go a little faster.)
    • 2 rounds of sprinting the length of the field and jogging back
    • Superset x
      • 20 V-ups
      • 50 Mountain Climbers


  • Big Boy Sit Ups IC X 10
  • Freddy Mercuries IC X 10
  • Toe Taps IC X 10
  • Windshield Wipers IC X 10


Opportunities, those missed, and those still to find and grab. This was on my mind as fresh personal experience on both ends of the spectrum. My missed opportunity was the death of an old friend before I had let them know my appreciation for their influence on me. My mercy from the Lord was a new opportunity only a couple of days later of a young person who has lost his way, looking for help, advice and a friend who cried out to me for help. My charge to myself and to the rest of the BOM is to heed these words from the Bible: “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” Galatians 6:10


  • GrowRuck (September 21-23)
  • Saturday morning Ruck Sim (3am-7am)
  • Sunday 2.0 Workout with FiA at Shelby Farms (3:00-3:45pm)

Carb Loading at the Berm


It was damp, but not wet.  Muggy, but not thick.




SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walker x 15 IC
Hillbillies x 15 IC
Daisy Pickers x 10 IC
Arm Circles x 10 IC (front, then back)


Mosey to field and circle up.

Ciabatta! (F3 name for the Tabata workout.)  Perform designated exercise for AMRAP in 20 seconds.  Rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes per exercise.

Round 1:  Burpees
Round 2:  Squats
Round 3:  Merkins
Round 4:  Mountain Climbers
Round 5:  Sprints (with slight modification to the routine’s time constraints)
Round 6:  Merkins
Round 7:  Squats
Round 8:  Burpees

Mosey back for Mary.


Mary’s Ciabatta Medley:  LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercury, and American Hammer.
ABCs IC (courtesy of Shoestring)


15 PAX (2 FNG):  Shoestring, Gus, Gepetto, Bullwinkle, Cheesesteak, Phat Pat, Soybean, Tomb Raider, Cataract, Snookie, Searcy, Krueger, Toms, Spinner (FNG), Sunshine (FNG


The fight for “equality” is prevalent in our culture in many forms–race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  As a Christian, white male thinking about his role in the discussions, I was reminded by a recent article that the cross of Jesus is the ultimate equalizer.  Our example is one that lowered himself so that we may be brought into relationship with God.  In a culture bent on self promotion, let us not forget that humility and self-denial in light of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection may not be what our culture wants, but it is the equalization our culture desperately needs.


Punctuality is a strength of mine.


GrowRuck SIM is happening ([has happened]).