Cardio for Captain O

THE SCENE: 49ish – Fair
Dynamic/Cardio Warm UP
– SSH x 25
All other stretches done while moving feet (jog in place)
– Leg Swing FWD (hammys)
– Leg swings side to side (groins)
– Donkey Kicks
– Knee Up donkey kicks
– 12 push-ups, just because

Well, all this time I’ve had all my training equipment in the back of the Truck, so may as well use it.

Cardio circuits in the Car Park
Groups of 4, pair up with people in similar fitness levels or someone you can push to beat – Each Group at a circuit for 4:30 minutes then move on to next one.

#1 – 80 yard CMU shuddle run (sprint 80 yards, grab CMU, run and carry CMU 80 yards back to start -then partner goes)

#2 – Wheel Barrel Push-Up.  (using 5 parking spaces) hand walk 3 yards, do 1 push up, 3 yards, 2 push ups, 3 yards, 3 pushups, all the way to 5.  Then Pushupper runs back to start with wheelbarrel holder on piggyback. Switch partners. (bear crawl to modify)

#3 – Resistant Band 40 yard sprints.  (2 bands, partner holds band, while other partner sprints forward with band around waist. Switch partners every 40 yards)

#4 – Agility Ladders.  Race partner through agility ladder, sprint thru line.  If you lose you’re down for a burpee. (change up footwork)

#5 – LA GALAXY RING LADDERS.  2 sets of 6 rings were set out for two lines to compete with other group of 2.  6 rings were all 3 yards apart, forming two squares.  2 items placed inside the front two rings to start.  Runner must manuever items diagonally and indivudally to the end and back.  All items must be placed in the ring to count.  When finished next person in line is released to go.  (lots of footwoork, cutting, turning, shuffingly, squatting, happening here) Lots of mental work here.

Mosied back to StartX. Ended exactly on time!

17 PAX
ProntoPup, HaxSaw, Whachitah, Captain Obvious, Coach K, CheeseSteak, Peek-a-Boo, Hello Kitty, Nissan, SlicNut, Sparky, CapriSun, Pops, Kilo, C-Lo, Billy Blanks, Dial-Up

Just spoke about a weakness I know I have and the importance to spend more time with family and most importantly my wife.  Having the courage and need to shut everything out and just spending time with them and her!  Work is important, but family is more important.  Easier said than done sometimes.


Soccer style work-out, brought out the old lets make fun of the SOCCER GUY jokes!
SlicNut said he looks like a European.  German!?
CapriSun got Donkey Kicked by ProntoPup during wheel barrel pushups.
MeterMaid was neither there nor late.
Sparky slipped on ladders, faceplanted.  I told him to lift his feet.
CapriSun kept referring to DialUp as Slots by accident, he went with his for most of the workout.
More bad soccer jokes. A ball wasn’t even involved!

Only a couple weeks left on F3 shirt order.

Happy to be here

THE SCENE: 50’s and wet

SSH- 25 IC, Daisey Picker- 15 IC, Shoulder Press- 15 IC, Hand Release Merkin- 10 OYO

Mosey around the pond and stop at each light for 10 squats. Mosey to field for the following.

Bear Crawl to the 10 yard line for 10 Groiner Merkins

Lunge Walk to the 20 yard line for 20 alt. leg lunge jump

Frog Jump to the 30 yard line for 30 Prisoner Squats

Crab Walk to the 40 yard line for 40 LBC

Imperial Walk to the 50 yard line for 20 SSH

Rinse and repeat back down to 10

Indian run to each corner on the field.

Corner#1 – 10 Groiner Merkins

Corner#2 – 20 Prisoner Squats

Corner#3 – 30 SSH

Corner#4 – Imperial Walker

Line up on goal line, do 10 Groiner Merkins and run to opposite end at 80% effort, 20 alt. leg lunge jump and run to opposite end at 80% effort, 20 Prisoner squats and run to opposite end at 80% effort, 10 Burpees and run back to start.

Flutter kicks – 20 IC, BBS – 20 IC, Hello Dolly – 20 IC
4 Pax, C-LO, Nature Boy, Dial up , and Utah
Be grateful for every day God gives us! We are Blessed that we have our friends, family, and the ability and freedom to be part of F3. God Bless you all!
Prayers for Dial up and his family, my Father in law who is fighting prostate cancer, and Pops’ step Mother who is fighting breast cancer.

THE SCENE: Damp but pleasant

  • Indian Run around the Lake
  • 19 Daisy Pickers
  • 19 Merkins
  • 19 Squats
  • Streatch legs on you own


  • 5 Burpees
    • Run 100 Yards
      • 20 Squats
    • Run 100 Yards
  • 5 Burpees
    • Run 150 Yards
      • 30 Monkey Humpers
    • Run 150 Yards
  • 5 Burpees
    • Run 250 Yards
      • 40 Squats
    • Run 250 Yard
  • 5 Burpees
    • Run 300 Yards
      • 50 Monkey Humpers
    • Run 300 Yards
  • Walk 50 Yards and Back
  • Bearcrawl 10 yards
    • 10 BBS
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 20 BS
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 30 BBS
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 40 LBC’s
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 50 LBC’s
  • Bearcrawl 10 yards
    • 40 LBC’s
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 30 Carolina Drydocks
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 20 Merkins
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
    • 10 Captain Thors
  • Bearcrawl 10 Yards
  • 50 Monkey Humpers
  • 25 Monkey Humpers

Surround yourself with strong people.  They will lift you up and help you grow.  Make sure you bring something to the table or the relationship will not last.

Dice, Dice, Baby @ Mothership 2/2 – Halpert Q

THE SCENE: Gorgeous 38 degrees, sunny

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Given, no FNGs, no money involved, do not hurt yourselves


SSH x50 IC

Slowwwww Daisy Pickers x10 IC

Bat wings 

OYO for one min

Mosey yog out and back to stop at base of hill


11s on the hill

Start with 1 rep squats at top work up to 10

10 reps Carolina dry docks down to 1 at the bottom

Mosey for a loop around the lot, stop by shovel flags

Dice Dice baby

In a clockwise rotation, PAX will roll the dice one at a time.  Roller can call IC or OYO of the exercise and rep count rolled.

We went 18 dice rolls.  A LOT OF REPS WERE COMPLETED.

As we mosey’d post the 18th roll, @Nature Boy called for an audible.  QIC asked @Nature Boy to lead the men to his choice next exercise.

We found ourselves doing wheelbarrows with partners on about a 200 ft loop drive opposite the Fedex Event Center.

Next, we did an Indian run to the top of the hill.  Near the top, for the last 75 yrds, we changed to two by two partner bear crawls where the PAX got to learn a bit about their partner.  

Indian runs back to ENDEX for Mary time.


Alarm at 7:55am, immediate transition to 5 minutes of Mary

C-LO led us with Thor’s to 4×16

Dealers choice until time expires.

Pops – Flutter kicks IC x25

Hello Dollys IC x25



18 PAX (0 FNGs):  Nature Boy, Rosetta Stone, Stephen King, O Positive, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Anklet, C-Lo, Steinbrenner, Dial Up, Pops, Laettner, O’Reilly, Tremor, Passport, Orange Julius


Be present with your families, concentrica, wherever you are.  Don’t be caught on slack when you’re spending time with your wife.  Same with your kids.  F3 is important and we’re better men because of it, don’t let it distract you from what you’re primary responsibilities are, what you’re getting better for, who you’re getting better for.  God, Wife, Kids, Work – in that order.  F3 and anything else that you spend time on should be spent in such a way that honors God, your wife, and kids.


I’ll say it again – 35 minutes of dice rolls and reps is tough, I don’t care who you are.  Rosetta Stone is more of a PLC guy than a BC guy.  I kid, I kid, he had traffic issues and got to BC just in time to join us for Mary.

HC now for Crucible 3/30.  You can do this.  We can do more than we think we can when we have our brothers beside us.

CMUs Make Great Birthday Presents

THE SCENE:  Low 60’s with plenty of gloom, but dry.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Welcomed and disclaimed they were.


  • SSH IC x30
  • Imperial walker IC x15
  • Daisy pickers IC x15
  • Merkins IC x10

Grab your CMU and mosey to the turf field.

AMRAP #1 – 10 minutes

  • CMU halos x 15
  • Lunge walk with CMU on shoulder – 15 paces out, switch shoulder, 15 paces back
  • Flutter kicks with CMU overhead x 30
  • PAX take turns one at a time on a half lap mosey with 30# ruck

Mosey a lap

AMRAP #2 – 10 minutes

  • 8-count bodybuilders x 15
  • BBSU with CMU x 15
  • CMU curls x 30
  • PAX take turns one at a time on a half lap mosey with 30# ruck

Mosey a lap

AMRAP #3 – Short on time, so 7 minutes

  • Merkins x 30 (One hand on CMU, 15 reps per side)
  • Overhead press x 15
  • CMU swings x 30
  • PAX take turns one at a time on a half lap mosey with 30# ruck

Pick up your CMU and mosey back to shovel flag

LBCs IC x30

10 (0 FNGs)

Being comfortable leads to complacency, which is detrimental to our development.  Get outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to become the best man possible.  Take advantage of the opportunities within F3 to improve your leadership, and carry that over to your family, church, work, and community.

Thoughts and prayers for Pablo’s upcoming knee surgery and the family of Halpert’s wife’s friend who recently lost a loved one unexpectedly.

YHC came very close to splashing merlot during his own Q.  T-claps to Pablo for getting after it even with a torn meniscus!  Really appreciate all the men coming out to kick off YHC’s birthday in the best way possible.  Great work, men!

YHC cannot wait for BrewRuck 2.0.

A Tour de la Levee

THE SCENE: 58°. Moistish. Early. Provocative. Somewhat dangersome. In other words … a typical Monday in the King’s court.


SSH IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Plank Jacks IC x 15
Arm Circles IC x 10
Merkins IC x 10


  1. Mosey to Skate Park
    1. Bear Balls to the Wall
    2. Partner up R1: Dips & Prisoner Squats (100 total reps) … flapjack @  25
    3. Partner up R2: Jump Squats & Merkins (100 reps reps) … flapjack @ 25
  2.  Mosey to Big Parking Lot
    1. Burpee Ring of Fire (Burpees x 3, Plank while you wait) … did this about 5ish minutes, with multiple PAX performing burps around various points of the “ring”
  3.  Mosey to Tennis Courts
    1. Partner up R3: Carolina Dry Docks (100 total reps) + backpedals
    2. Partner up R4: Jump Lunge (3 rounds) + Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear
    3. Partner up R5: Hand Release Merkins (50 total reps) + Crab Walks
  4.  Mosey to Startex

Flutter Kick IC x 20
Freddie Mercury IC x 15
LBC IC x 15

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 28 dudes: Krylon, Coach K, C-Lo, Blart, Trojan, Cheesesteak, Lazarus, Dial-up, Wachita, Capri Sun, Popeye, Barney, Hello Kitty, Laettner, Pablo, Slicnut, Halpert, Vector, Boreland, Rocket Launcher, Nissan, Meter Maid, Anklet, Peekaboo, 1040, Billy Blanks, Wall Street, Captain Obvious (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:Ensure the ones you’re charged with leading get the best of you, not the rest of you.

MOLESKIN: The Levee is undefeated in 2019 KotB matches. The tennis courts were slicker than usual (@Slicnut). The PAX don’t like burpees, and they sure don’t like planking while waiting to do burpees. SMH. Halpert tried very hard to break bad in high school. YHC is thankful he didn’t #dobetter in that regard. Blart brought hazelnut-roasted red cherry-autumn daisy blossom-flavored coffee for PLC. Classic inner-looping #HIM. Surprise visit from Laz. YHC think he just needed a face-to-face with his dealer (@Escobar). Capri Sun’s mom-in-law’s aunt was murdered by Ted Bundy. Or something like that. Crime was a theme this morning. It’s like we were all at the Turd. Pablo legit posted on one leg and a gut full o’ grit. Why did you ride the fartsack again?

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Pour one out for Larry. Reports are he may have suffered his ultimate demise.

It wasn’t cold for long.

THE SCENE: Clear crisp dark skies and bright stars

Mosey to the field.

20 ssh – ic
6 Continuous Loops

  • 15x (2=1) uneven curb merkins
  • 53’4” (width of the football field) lunge walk
  • 53’4” hill billy walk
  • conversation pace run half way around the field
  • Acceleration run back to the curbs (120 yards ish)
  • R&R

3 quick minutes of WAR HAMMERS

30 sec stargazer
4-pax 0-fng

C-Lo, Popeye, Utah, Sparky-Q

We discussed the differences between having and showing true gratitude and the many levels associated with it.

I was reminded of the many top notch amenities the Lair has to offer.

Utah and Popeye finished strong on the last acceleration.

Thanks for the tasty beans C-Lo.

Pax should start bringing their own mugs or reusable cups to help out the men that are up early brewing. Thanks to all of the plc suppliers!

Overdue BB from the Lair


SSH-25 IC, Daisy Pickers-10 IC, Overhead Claps-10 IC, Mountain Climbers-10 IC, Mosey together to field closest to the playground of pain!

11’s on the field.

  • 1-Jump Squat
  • 10-Monkey Humpers
  • You know the rest of the story

Playground Circuit

  • 2-Pull-ups
  • Partner Leg Push Down, 3 is 1 for 5 each
  • Partner Wheel Barrel Merkins-5 each
  • Partner BBS 25 each
  • Mountain Merkins 10 each
  • Rinse and Repeat for 4 rounds

Ring of Fire

  • Merkins-10
  • Flutter Kicks-15 IC
  • Box Cutters-15 IC

American Hammer-15 IC
4 PAX, Dial-up, C-LO, Popeye, Nature Boy
Disruption from the Q Source
Galatians 5:14

“For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.”


Crucible  is coming soon. Get ready!

No track access, no problems

THE SCENE: chilly w clear skies

Disclaimer was mumbled.

No FNG’s

Quick P90x3 warm up and 10 (out of sequence) ssh

Not a smooth start

Plan B—

Short indian run to the main entrance of HHS.

A flip of the frisbee decided our fate.   50/50

Lap around the lot OR 5x Columbian Neckties w a merkin at the end.

19 Rounds of pure enjoyment.

We ran 11 loops and 8 rounds of 5x neckties w/ merkin.

3.5 miles total for today’s session.

We hung out with MARY for 5 long minutes
16 PAX — 0 FNG
Quick reviews of past bb and cot’s have proven to be very beneficial to me over the last few months. Helping me to grow and improve as a husband, father, son, brother, business owner and so on. I appreciate all of your efforts and what f3 is doing for so many. Keep up the good work men!

Larry’s presence was known.

PAX were begging to run more but the frisbee wouldn’t allow us to do so.

A decent amount of grumbling was overheard.

*The asphalt still feels like asphalt.

Keep the Parris family and the families of the teenagers involved in the tragic accident in your prayers.

MLK BOMBS at The Levee

THE SCENE: mid 20’s, moonlit

QIC: Pops



  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20
  • Abe Vigodas IC x 10
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Tempo Squats IC until Meter Maid showed up
  • SSH IC x 20

Mosey approximately ¼ mile, perform Merkins IC x 10, Mosey approximately ¼ mile to the football field

  • BOMBS – Partner 1 performs exercise while Partner 2 runs to opposite end zone and back (run modification is lunge walk to 25 yard line and back) (lunge modification is bear crawl but no one was interested in that modification)
    • B: 50 Burpees
    • O: 100 Outlaws
    • M: 150 Merkins
    • B: 200 Big Boy Situps
    • S: 250 Squats
  • Mosey back to shovel flag

17 PAX (0 FNGs) Woody, Meter Maid, Vector, Stephen King, Hacksaw, U-Rock, Billy Blanks, Captain Obvious, Coach K, C-Lo, Nissan, Black Diamond, Dial-up, Speedy, Slicnut, Halpert, Pops
#1: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

#2: You get out of F3 what you put into it. The relationships/friendships/brotherhood among us are built and strengthened via effort to post and do hard things together.
Levee PAX are tough. The fitness improvements and camaraderie among the group is awesome.   
Bring CMU’s to the Levee on Wednesday.