In the forest, the quiet forest, a damp beat-down delight

Swamp-like conditions in the deepest reaches of the Old Forest, without a single zephyr beside the life-giving attitude of seven team-oriented PAX.


SSH IC x 20
IW IC x 20
Daisy Pickers IC x 15

PAX moseyed to a remote and airless corner of the Copperheads’ domain where eight stations were marked in chalk, to be completed in descending reps: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5… Shoutout to Four Eyes and Shoestring for pushing themselves halfway through Rep 5 before the return mosey:

  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Merkins
  • Big-boy Sit-ups
  • Overhead Claps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Squats
  • Carolina Dry Docks

Four Eyes’ choice: Annie IC x 12.5
Handsy’s choice: Like a SSH, but on your six IC x 10

7 PAX: MIB, Browns, Four Eyes, Shoestring, Bottomless, Handsy, Ergo

In Luke 18:15-17, the disciples attempt to insulate Jesus from the little children, whom they deemed unworthy of Jesus’ time. Let’s do the opposite; instead of filtering out our worries and needs that are “not worth God’s time,” let’s take everything to our Father today in a continuous conversation.

In a post-workout experiment, several PAX wrung out such a volume of sweat that, if properly harnessed, it could have satisfied Teacher’s Pet’s thirsty petunias, which YHC has been tasked with watering this week.


Four corners with a werkin ring o’fire


  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • LBAC (little baby arm circles) x 10 forward; reverse
  • Windmill x 15
  • Quick mosey around East parkway playground back to shovel flag

We had 5 PAX and we did a variation of four corners (and added the shovel flag in the center as a 5th point).  Each exercise was done AMRAP for 2 minutes until Q would call to rotate.  When we rotated, the PAX on the short sides of the 4 corners would Bear Crawl to the next exercise while the PAX with the longer distances would run backwards.

  • Corner 1: Merkins
  • Corner 2: CMU curls
  • Corner 3: LBC’s
  • Corner 4: Squats
  • Shovel Flag: Carolina Dry Docks

We did 2 rotations of this exercise and gathered all-in at the shovel flag.  We then moseyed around the playground/walking trail.  We stopped at a picnic table and did AMRAP dips for 1-2 minutes and then did big boy situps x 10.  At all in, we continued moseying and stopped at another picnic table and did incline merkins AMRAP for 1-2 minutes and then another 10 big boy situps.  At all in, we finished the lap around the walking trail and ran 1 more lap before all-in at the shovel flag.

To close the workout, we did a Ring of Fire with Werkins first x 2 rotations then Diamond Merkins x 2 rotations.

  • Flutter kicks x 20
  • Freddie Mercury x 20
  • American Hammer x 15
  • Leg lift with hold at 6 inches for 30 seconds

5 PAX (no FNGS): Ergo, Dewey, Browns, MIB, Bottomless (Q)
Challenged the PAX with a thought related to the presence of God in our lives.  The fact that he is ever present and what that looks like in our relationships, in our thoughts, our words, our actions.  The fact that God, himself, is present with you during those moments.  Wanted to challenge the PAX to consider that not as a scary proposition but as a challenge and a hopeful reminder that he is there and that he cares for each HIM.

Prayers: Prayers for Dewey’s brother, Mike, who is experiencing a lot of the symptoms of the Sad Clown.  Prayers that Dewey can be what his brother needs and yet challenge him to be more than what he is settling to be right now.  Prayers for an interrupter to push him towards something more.
This was the first time that I’ve Q’d with a smaller group.  In a lot of ways, I really enjoyed the smaller numbers because it was easier to encourage and get to know the HIM that were there.  It is a challenge to make sure that each HIM is being pushed in an AMRAP routine because it is really a self-determined intensity level.  All in all, we were all better for being there.

Run. Flip tire. Rinse and repeat.



The Mothership: Humid, 75 degrees with clear skies

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x20 IC
**YHC paused to quiz PAX on F3 Mission (randomly selected PAX to recite)
*Imperial Walkers (in motion-moving in a clockwise rotation) x20 IC
*Imperial Walkers (in motion-moving in a counter-clockwise rotation) x20 IC
**YHC paused to quiz PAX on F3 Mission (YHC invited Willy Loman, Commie, from Birmingham to remind us of the F3 Mission)
*Hill Billies (in motion-moving in a clockwise rotation) x20 IC
*Hill Billies (in motion-moving in a counter-clockwise rotation) x20 IC
**YHC paused to quiz PAX on F3 Mission (randomly selected PAX to recite)
*SSH x20 IC (YHC selected Billy Blanks to lead the PAX)

THA-THANG:  Partners
Part 1

>YHC led PAX on a lil’ mosey down to the fringe of the lake. PAX performed 5 Hill Runs (up then back down) OYO

Part 2

YHC led PAX back to Startex of BC then down to a sign a .5 mile away to assemble then begin Part 3

Part 3

YHC discreetly spaced out 4 orange cones leading up the nearby hillside; bottom to top, roughly 8/10ths of mile

PAX ran, single file, up the hillside until reaching 1st cone.  Upon reaching 1st cone and all-in PAX performed Squats 25 IC.  PAX continued to run up hill (reverse run=run backwards) until reaching cone 2.

Upon reaching cone 2, PAX performed SSH 25 IC. **SPOILER ALERT: YHC staged a tractor tire at cone 2 for the PAX’s enjoyment**:

PAX flipped tire, 1 by 1, releasing left of tire then sprinting to back of line.  PAX flipped tire until reaching cone 3.  PAX mode of transportation was dealer’s choice (lunge walk, broad jump, jump squat, Bear Crawl, etc.) Upon reaching cone 3, PAX performed Jump Squats x25 IC.  PAX then continued to flip tire up the hill.

Upon reaching the top of the hill, PAX performed SSH x25 IC.

Part 4

YHC led PAX on Indian Run to bottom of the hill.

YHC led PAX on Indian Run to top of the hill.


*Flutter Kicks x20 IC

17; Zima, Snookie, Bill Dance, Pops, Bob Ross, Tree Hugger, Nature Boy, Squeegee, Orange Julius, Billy Blanks, Anklet, Outcast, Browns, Commie (Willy Loman from BHAM), Costello, Teacher’s Pet and  O Positive (YHC).


*YHC shared some Wisdom with the PAX:

2 things have been heavy on YHC’s heart lately: Adversity and Humility
YHC breathed life into these messages by sharing some transparent frustrations he has had over last few weeks with a strained wrist from a clumsy stumble outside of and F3 work-out and a pulled groint while training for an upcoming 1/2 marathon.

YHC also shared some time-honored wisdom from MLB Dodger Steve Garvey from years ago…his message which YHC heard Garvey speak recently at a local breakfast was as follows:

“The issue he has with today’s MLB players (you can insert: athlete, husbands, bosses, etc.) is that they act as if they are afraid to ‘run 90 feet anymore’…that distance between the base paths.  His point: are we (men) giving our very best towards the ‘next 90 feet’ of our marriages, raising our children, leading our employees at work, in our communities, etc.”

So…are we?  Are you?  Am I?

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

YHC still working on creating beatdowns while recovering from janky wrist.  Groint has fully recovered and today was the 1st test of that. It is obvious that the F3 PAX need to learn and be prepared to recite the F3 Mission:

‘To plant, grow and serve small work-out groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.’

Otherwise…we are just here…going through the motions. HC not to do that.

>F3 Memphis Ruck Club: Pancho’s Ruck from Downtown Memphis to West Memphis, AR to enjoy grub then ruck back.  Total distance: 11ish miles.  Step off: 5pm on 5/19.

>YHC kicking off 2nd/3rdF opportunity at his house this week on 5/23/Wed. Immediately following BC from 0630-0715ish. FREE Living Room Coffeeteria (LRC)


Old Forest Mosey

THE SCENE: ~61* – toasty and WAY too bright for F3. 

To be totally honest, YHC arrived at the AO with a lot of anxiety. The last OF backblast I read was called “Dodging Snakes” or something, and people said they saw copperheads on the trail that I was planning to use. YHC doesn’t mess with snakes. The ruckers were unloading their burdens when I got out of my car. I tried desperately to get information out of them (trying to not sound desperate). They hadn’t seen any. Blart added, “But it was dark.” Thanks for that! So, I resolved to lead the PAX on a run, come what may. Truthfully, I didn’t know what I would do if I saw one. 

While I tried to conceal my genuine concern, Teacher’s Pet said there was someone sleeping in the pavilion, in case I was planning on using it (this is not uncommon in the Old Forest – using the pavilion or people sleeping in it). I wasn’t, so we commenced mumblechatter while we waited for the clock to strike 0530.

At 0528, Bottomless appeared out of nowhere and said he’d been asleep in the pavilion! I never got the whole story; he may have actually slept there all night. 

Also emerging from his car at 0528, to a chorus of ooh’s and ah’s – Sir Mix-a-Lot was on time!

PAX: Blart, Bottomless, Bookworm, Browns, Cargo, Chauffeur (FNG), Crayfish, Ergo, Father Abraham, Four Eyes, Goldilocks, Handsy, Meatball, MmmBop, Pirtle, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Teacher’s Pet, Soybean (QIC)

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: shouted over the PAX, who were barely listening

SSH x20; Windmill x10; Daisy Picker x15; IW x15; Hillbilly x15

The PAX grabbed Old Glory and we set off for the Shell. We stopped once for OHCs and a second time for Smurf Jacks. 

Once we reached the Shell, did 11s. Starting with 10 merkins at the bottom, then run backwards up the hill, do 1 smurf jack, and run back down. Then 9 merkins + 2 smurf jacks, all the way to 1 merkin + 10 smurf jacks. Four Eyes called our plank variants while we waited for everyone to finish. 

Blart grabbed the flag and we started on our journey back (the long way, obviously). We stopped for squats and planks on the way back. After our last stop, YHC told the PAX we were going back to the start point, and that when I yelled “jailbreak,” we’d all sprint. This seemed like a fun idea. Four Eyes and Crayfish took a secret high road and started running back at a runner’s pace. They were still within earshot, so I told them to call merkins IC when they got back (suckers!). Once the parking lot was in sight, I yelled, “Jailbreak.” But alas! We were still a good ways off! My legs were pumping, but it wasn’t long before the other runners started passing me. I thought I was going to splash from all the wind I was sucking. Everybody was getting after it. 

By the time I got to the lot and circled up, they were on the 5th 4-count merkin. We went up to 10 or 15 and I called it. Then we did some mountain climbers while we waited on the six. 

After a long run like that, and with a couple minutes left before Mary, we did the only natural thing left to do – sprints. “But you said ‘give it all you got’ a minute ago!” Yep. PAX lined up in the parking lot, sprinted ~40 yards, took a short breather, sprinted back. Finally, it was time for Mary. 

Flutter kicks w/hands in the air x10; Flutter kicks x15; WW1 Sit-ups x20; Hollywood Side Crunches x10 each side

18, including 1 FNG

YHC read from Proverbs 7 about the foolish youth who seemed to be out looking for trouble with the adultress. We’re prone to the same foolishness – visiting website we know will lead us down the wrong path or having increasingly intimate conversations with women who aren’t our SO’s. Affairs and pornography binges don’t happen in an instant. They’re the results of foolish choices we make. Stay alert, and lean on your brothers!

Prayers for Father Abraham (graduating Warrior Center), Goldilocks (nursing school tests), and everyone affected by C-130 crash in Savannah, GA. I’m definitely forgetting something else.

In the end, I think we got about 2.4 miles in, with no snakes. It was great seeing Cargo, and he was a champ carrying the flag for the first leg. Shout-out to Blart for taking the flag on the second leg. MmmBop had on a killer USA tank top, but looked sad all morning. Maybe it was all the running. Kotters to Ergo! 

Bringin’ Burpee Back

Date: 04/25/2018

AO: Old Forest 

QIC: Gus

PAX: Orange Julius, Browns, Meatball, Costello, Mighty Joe Young, Teacher’s Pet, Splinter, Snookie, Big City, Blart, Pirtle, Bottomless, Sir Mix-a-Lot, MIB, Sparky, Trophy Wife, Gus | FNG: Griswold

Conditions: 52F and awesome




Burpees OYO x 10
SSH IC x 20
Imperial Walker IC x 20

* mosey to Levitt Shell *

Partner up.
Partner A performs burpees while Partner B ascends the Mountain Bernie Sanders-style (i.e., backward), then descends running forward. Do this five times!
When Partner B completes his 5 trips, the Men switch roles.
Continue until the group performs 150 total burpees.
[We Omaha’d to two trips up the Mountain after each partner had done five]

* mosey back to pavilion *

Count-O-Rama (18)


COT / BOM:  Be a Man.

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16 (emphasis added)

Four Pillars of Authentic Manhood:
1. Reject Passivity.
2. Accept Responsiblity.
3. Lead Courageously.
4. Expect a Greater Reward.
Taken from The Quest for Authentic Manhood by Robert Lewis

Moleskin: Eighteen Men did a lot of running and a lot of burping on a cool, clear morning. I never tire of this stuff, and I was encouraged to meet some guys I hadn’t known before. Trophy Wife was an Irish Goodbye. Fast PAX doubled back to catch the Six on the way to the pavilion so we all stayed together. Teacher’s Pet provided an excellent Parking Lot Coffeeteria afterward.

Q School – April 2018

THE SCENE:  45 degrees and perfect weather for Q School
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  YHC led the pax through the importance of and the elements of the disclaimer.  The disclaimer should never be overlooked and always be at the beginning of every workout.

SSH x20 – IMHO every workout should start with SSH for the sake of traditions!
YHC went in depth the importance of calling out exercises and cadence.  The proper callout of an exercise helps the pax know what to expect.  All Q’s should practice the callouts and cadence before stepping out for the first time to Q.
Imperial Squat Walkers IC x20
SSH IC x20 (Led by O Positive)
Daisy Pickers IC x20
SSH IC x20 (Led by Choker)
SSH IC x20 (Led by Orange Julius)
Burpees IC x20 – YHC led the pax in a uncoordinated and difficult cadence of 20 burpees to prove a point that bad leadership and overly difficult exercises can hurt the pax and your leadership. Losing the trust of the pax to follow you will hurt your leadership abilities.  The opportunity to Q is not about you. The workout is for the pax so always be aware of how you are serving them the workout.

Mosey up the hill. – We ran up the hill to demonstrate that when running you have to assign someone to the 6. This makes sure nobody gets left behind.  We stopped at the top of the hill and performed flutter kicks waiting for the six.  YHC explained pushing the stallions in the pax while never leaving the 6.

Dora 1-2-3
Pax 1 will perform the prescribed exercise while Pax 2 runs to the end of the parking lot and back.  They will complete exercises listed.
100 Merkins
200 Big Boy Situps
300 Squats
YHC emphasized the simplicity of exercises is important to not overcomplicate the workout.  KEEP IT SIMPLE! You do not have to invent exercises to Q in F3.  You may also want to focus on a specific area of the body to workout, for example, shoulders, legs or arms.  You may also want to focus on a full body workout.  YHC has chosen the full body workout with Dora 1-2-3.  We also focused on FORM. Proper form will produce better results than simply blowing through improper reps and quickly as possible. When you do improper form, you are cheating yourself.  As Q, you should set the example of proper form. Demonstrate exercises when necessary.

10 Burpees OYO
Bear Crawl across parking lot.
9 Burpees OYO
Bear Crawl across parking lot.
8 Burpees OYO

Mosey to circle up for Mary.

American Hammers IC x20
LBC’s IC x20
Shoulder Taps IC x20
Mountain Climbers IC x20
Hello Dolly IC x20

17 Pax (2 Irish Goodbyes and 1 FNG) Welcome Squeegee!

A Q is responsible for the outcome of the workout.  Be that somebody and step up to Q.  Do not let fear be the reason you do not Q.  YHC challenged the pax to sign up for a date to Q in May before leaving the parking lot.  When we have diversity of men leading, it benefits all the pax of F3 Memphis.  F3 needs each and every pax to lead so we can all get better.  We need each other to get better. Our families need us to get better. The city of Memphis needs us to be better so we can make Memphis a better place to live.

Best part of our bootcamp today was a surprise visit from F150!  Loved the effort from all the pax to push thru during the workout while also listening and learning.  YHC was truly humbled to lead today.  Definitely not worthy of teaching Q School but glad the pax showed up and put in work!

BrewRuck901 is next week.  Over 60 people are signed up and YHC is PUMPED!

Counting House

THE SCENE: The Sandlot: Weather: 45


  1. Welcome: I am not a professional 

  2. You are participating at your own risk 

  3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing 

  4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here 

  5. Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


WARM-O-RAMA:   SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats, mosey to parking lot with numbers (AKA “The Counting House, ~0.25 mi), stretch.



Today we’ll pair two exercises together, one for even numbers, one for odds. Move from parking spots numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, as high as you can doing that number of the assigned exercise as you move from spot to spot.

Start on parking spot numbered “1.” Do 1 squat.

Run to spot 2. Do 2 Merkins. Then 3 squats. Then 4 Merkins…

  • Round 1: Odds: Squats. Evens: Merkins. 5 min timer.

Mosey to Stop Sign Hill. Stretch at bottom. Sprint to touch stop sign, mosey down for 4×4’s wait for six. Mosey to skatepark, use parking space there for Round 2.

  • Round 2: Odds: Burpees. Evens: Gas Pumps. 4 min timer.

Mosey to skatepark. 11’s: Derkins, Box Jumps. 4×4’s to wait for the six. Mosey back to Start.



Mothballs led us through Flutter Kick and American Hammer to close out.



Second Base, Teacher’s Pet, Father Abraham, Mama’s Boy, Mmmbop, Bottomless, Sir Mix A Lot, Browns, Mothballs, Four Eyes


From the weekly pre-blast Q-source selection:

Candor is a rare quality, because people are hard-wired to avoid the adverse consequences that often arise from knowledge of the Truth, whether it is their own knowledge or the knowledge of those around them. Leaders will hide the Truth from their followers to avoid Accountability for their own failures, but also for a less selfish reason: to avoid bringing them pain. Because Truth is Disruptive, a weak Leader will shy away from telling it. He will be less than Candid with his followers and justify it with the delusion that he is sparing them out of love. But it’s a wired kind of love that leads a man to tell a Brother that he is Right when his boat is actually capsized.

Look for a chance to speak the hard truth, and to invite it spoken, in your life today.

MOLESKIN: The Sandlot has so many options. Great work with the short bursts of hard work today.



Father Abraham VQ next week!!!

F3 Day of Service!

May 5, SOS Spring Clean from 8:30 – 12:00, and Dia del Ninos from 11:00 – 5:00. Put it on your calendar and find some clown car compatriots. See weekly pre-blast for details (or DM FourEyes).

Sprint Training

THE SCENE: The Barracks: Weather: Real nice. M


  1. Welcome: I am not a professional 

  2. You are participating at your own risk 

  3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing 

  4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here 

  5. Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


WARM-O-RAMA:   SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats, 1 mosey lap, stretch.



  1. Accelerators (Run slow to first cone about 20 yards, then faster to next cone 20 more yards.
    1. 50% – 80% of full sprint speed.
    2. 60% – 90%
    3. 80% – 100%
    4. 30 Merkins, 30 Sit-ups, 30 Squats.
  2. Sprint 100yd. (All You Got!!!) All do 5 body builders, winners do 10.
    1. 30 Calf Raises, 15 Low Bend Jumps, 15 Squat Jumps, 15 Tuck Jumps
    2. 25 Merkins, situps, squats.
  3. Sprint 100yd AYG!  All do 5 body builders, winner does 10.
    1. Chasers: partner of similar speed. P1 lay down w head in direction you will run. P2 lay down with head toward P1’s feet. On “go,” both get up and sprint. P2 try to catch P1. At other end, repeat with P2 in front, P1 tries to catch
    2. Towel Run (“plowing the field”): P2 holds 2 ends of sheet/towel that passes around P1’s waist. P1 starts to run, P2 digs in to make it tough. Struggle for 7-10 yd, then release towel and complete 20 yd run. Flapjack, rinse repeat Chasers & Plowing the Field.
    3. 20 M-S-S.
  4. Sprint 50yd AYG 2x. . All do 5 body builders.
    1. Field: count strides across, run back in less strides, repeat w less strides 4-6 times.
  5. Mosey lap (cool down)



Groiners, dr w, peter parker, flutter kick.

Circle up, stretch.


Shoestring, Phat Pat, Tater, Soybean, Teacher’s Pet, Bottomless, Handsy, Goldilocks, Costello, Browns, Spock, Snookie, Father Abraham, MMMbop, Toms, Gus, Sir Mix A Lot, Four Eyes, Hitch, Entourage, Big City.


“Whetstone” relationship is one of sharpening between two men. When two men meet together for this purpose, there are three keys to success: Proximity, Purpose, and Periodicity.

Proximity: best mentor relationships have regular face to face meetings.

Purpose: meeting together not just for beer and conversation, but for closer alignment to some agreed upon standard.

Periodicity: frequent enough to warrant a commitment, not so frequent that the men are smothered.



Tclaps to Goldilocks for huffing and puffing up to first place on some sprints. And for learning some #lexicon this week. Plenty more, and the rabbithole gets way deeper.

Non-Tclaps to Foureyes for fartsacking a few min into this workout and showing up late w the weinke. Good work getting us going, Hitch. These ideas were his brain-children.



F3 Day of Service!

May 5, SOS Spring Clean from 8:30 – 12:00, and Dia del Ninos from 11:00 – 5:00. Put it on your calendar and find some clown car compatriots.