Glory Days on the Grid Iron

The Scene: The Lair

PAX: O Positive, Pops, Billy Blanks, Brady and YHC showed up bright and early to get their Vitamin B3 (Big Backseat Beatdown), + 1 FNG (Rooster)

Conditions: Upper 20s and clear. Perfect burpee weather.




Short Mosey to football fields
SSH IC x15
Imperial Walkers ICx20
Little arm circles IC x 20
Big arm circles in reverse IC x20
High Knees 10 yards + High leg kicks 10 yards
Karaoke 30 yards
Football shuffle (backpedal, slide shuffle and sprint) 50 yards
50 yard sprint + 100 yard light jog

The Thang:

10 body squats at goal line – bear crawl transport 10 yards.
9 body squats – bear crawl 10 yards
(Continue to Midfield) + 50 yard sprint
10 burpees
Sprint back to midfield
5 body squats – bear crawl 10 yards….4…3…2…1 etc.
10 burpees

10 merkins at goal line – lunge walk transport 10 yards
9 merkins – lunge walk 10 yards
(Continue to midfield) + 50 yard sprint
10 burpees
Sprint back to midfield
5/4/3/2/1 to goal line
10 burpees


Partner circuit:  big boy situps + 10 yard sprints and 20 mountain climbers (Rotate through cycle to midfield and sprint back)
20 flutter kicks
Chaser sprints 100 yards for some last minute cardio




YHC talked with PAX about having a positive approach to everything we do – be it work, family life/parenting, physical fitness, F3, ministry, etc. The saying “success breeds happiness” has always been assumed true but is being disproven by the psychology community. In reality – the inverse is true: happiness breeds success. PAX who enter every field of their life with an attitude of giving and gratitude will see rewards and will be high-functioning, more successful HIM. Take time out of every day to find something to be thankful for, and take time to give something of yourself to others. Success comes after a positive disposition. Success is the byproduct of a clear, positive, productive mindset, not the cause of it.


Enjoyed my VQ with five other guys who were ready to get after it and do work. YHC was energized knowing what lie ahead in the gloomy beatdown – couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it and woke up like a kid on Christmas morning ready to pound brothers into the dirt and help them get better. Lost FNG after the Vitamin B3 was distributed and were worried merlot was being splashed somewhere on the cold Collierville pavement. Turns out his extended leave was a result of shoddy, unclean park bathroom. Will be reaching out to local civic authorities to voice concerns. Police came by at end of beatdown – PAX were concerned a noise violation had been reported by park neighbors due to shining glow sticks and rock and roll music blaring at 5:30 am. Turns out law enforcement officer was looking for an elderly man who was lost. We informed officer that O-Positive was well and accounted for, but apparently was canvassing area for different senior citizen. Thankfully, both the FNG and senior citizen were found and are unharmed as of this writing.


Service project this Saturday in lieu of Mothership BC.  Meet at the Berm at 0650 Saturday morning for instructions on how to help carry some of Ms. Bailey’s burden and get back in her house.

Get off my lawn


Side Straddle Hopsx 25 4 cadence count
Imperial walkers (standing opp knee opp elbow twist) 20 IC 4 CT
Freedoms twists (plank and twist) x20 IC 4 CT
Push-ups x10, IC 4 CT
Tempo Squats x 15, IC 4 CT

Bench jumps—30 sec
Inverted Pull up— 30 sec

Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to playground for Partner sets

-100 push ups (p1 does 10 while p2 plank jacks; 100 Total for group)
-100 sit-ups (p1 does 10 while p2 holds 6 in; 100 total for group
-100 squats (p1 does 10 while p2 holds al gore; 100 total for group

Set up a 20 area (Due to most likely numerous complaints, YHC used the soft playground area)

-Partner carry one lap each
-10 Lunges each leg in place then lunge walk to opp side and rinse and repeat back to start
-Skalded dawgs-down on right leg, back on left leg
-Star gazer crawl down, Army crawl back

Crunchy frog x 10 IC 4 ct
Windshield wipers
Reverse Crunches (Diaper Changes) x 20 OYO
6 in and hold until Phat Pat called 6:15

Insert PAX Count: 9

Q: Billy Blanks

PAX: Cowbell, Slots, Phat Pat, Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Moana, Mr. Clean, Captain Obvious

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Owning our decisions is very important. Talked about Deborah and the general from Judges 4. It is important to listen to God’s call and figure out what His plan is, because our life is not about us. Our decisions also affect our families and friends. We must think of others and accept if we make the best decision or even a bad consequence from our pride. Challenge is to put an action to it this week. Who is someone you can help? Doesn’t have to be money or time, a simple note or voice of encouragement could work wonders.
Prayer Requests–Dirty Deed’s wife-sick and in ICU
Blake-Best friend baby was born on Monday night
Phat Pat- His dad is still struggling and lost his job

MOLESKIN: While it was not the most strenuous workout, we worked together and made it through our time of fitness. It was a please getting to fellowship while embracing the suck. Phat Pat tried to make friends with some skaters who were at the park at 5:30 am who were up to no good. They fled when they did not want to workout. Keep working and next time, I won’t go easy on the wet field.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Service project instead of BC this weekend. Meet at the Berm

A little run dmc in the burbs

The Levee

Conditions- A drizzly/spotty rain at 42 degrees. Aka heatwave

Q: Billy Blanks

PAX: Captain Obvious, Snowman, Raven


Warm up
SSH x 15 IC 4 ct
Tempo squats x 15 IC 4 ct
Lunges in place x 10 each leg
Push ups x 15 IC 4 ct

The thang
Mosey to FB field

(Duckwalk, merkin, crabwalk) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and add 5 more mercans during each new line. *Omaha-bear crawl the last 20 yards after the 40-yd line and then all after the 50-yd line

Johnny cash-circle. Hold plank while one pax at a time does 6 of exercise–squat jump (learned it was not as effective with 4 people)

Push up pyramid 1-6-1
Squat pyramid 1-6-1
Jump squat pyramid 1-5-1

5 50-yd rounds of fun. Slow mosey 50yds then touch the line and tempo run back or sprint if you are an overachiever

20 yards each. 5 rounds
Army crawl/lunge walk

Mosey back to Start point

BOM/COT–Q did not leave time for Mary. Partly because he thinks core should be involved in all the exercises above if done correctly.
Q talked about Casting all cares and anxieties on the Lord. We are the men and leaders of our home. We need to make sure we are leading our home in staying in the Word and walking with Jesus. Our wives can feed off of us, therefore if we are not, we may lead them astray or stress them out. Hoping that saying it aloud will open my ears and heart as I finish work and start school in the next few weeks.

Millennial Beatdown

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Bruce & Bookworm

PAX: Teacher’s Pet, Four Eyes, Moneybags, Backseat, Soybean, Moana, Phat Pat, Shoestring, Leonardo, Backyardigan, Snookie, BAM!, O Positive, Granola, Billy Blanks, Pirtle, Bookworm, and Bruce

Conditions: Cold, 23F



WARM-A-RAMA (reps based off current temp.)
Burpees OYO X 23
SSH IC x 23
Hillbilly IC x 23
Chinook IC x 23

*Capri Lap around The Kitchen and back*


The Millennial
In partners – One partner runs around the parking lot while the other exercises. Then swap until all reps are completed for that exercise.  Begin and end each round together, so Al Gore or plank until all in.

200 total reps of each per team= 2,000

Round 1- SSH

Round 2- Alternating Lunges (1 leg=1)

Round 3- Merkins

Round 4- LBCs

Round 5- Mountain Climbers (2=1)

Round 6- Overhead Press

Round 7- Flutter Kicks (1=1)

Round 8-  Tramp Stamps

Round 9- Chinook Clap (Overhead clap while holding squat)

Round 10- Oops! Forgot to do squats because of time….only 1800 reps!

Hurricane Hoedown (start at 5, then 4, 3, 2, 1)
Hands of Time (incorporated flutterkicks, hello dollies, and rosalitas)



COT / BOM: QIC Bookworm recounted a rough night he had trying to prepare for the GoRuck Sim and nothing going as planned. Explaining that it was like a broken cistern trying to keep everything together.  QIC noted that we cannot keep it all together ourselves and should rely on God to guide and assist us in times of need.

MOLESKIN: Some PAX wanted some more good livin’ and continued on with a GoRuck Sim following BC.  All PAX set out to trust in the Lord in all he has planned.

Lazarus brought the Burpee Bear Crawl fest to the Levee

THE SCENE:  15 F and clear
None – Zilch – Nada
1 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
2 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
3 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
4 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
5 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
6 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
7 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
8 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
9 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
10 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
11 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
12 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
13 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
14 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
15 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
16 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
17 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
16Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
15 Burpee 20 Yard Sprint
14 Burpee 20 Yard Sprint
13 Burpee 20 Yard Sprint
12 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
11 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
10 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
9 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
8 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
7 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
6 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
5 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
4 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
3 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
2 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl
1 Burpee 20 Yards of Bear Crawl

We finished off with 11 Burpees

None – Zilch – Nada
10 PAX – Woody, C-Lo, Raven, Dodgeball, Billy Blanks, Brady, Slicnut, Meter Maid, Captain Obvious, Lazarus
Simplify – Like the workout – Your life gets complicated – this affects you in many ways – Relationships/Work etc – Consider what is important in your life – What will matter in eternity?  Simplify your life so that your influence will be maximized in these areas that matter in eternity.

According to Lazarus – 300 Burpees and 500 yards of bearcrawling
GoRuck SIM 1/6 @ 5:00am Panera Bread Parking lot.

New Year’s Day Convergence 2018

Date: 01/01/2018

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Gus

PAX: Shoestring, Hitch, Four Eyes, O Positive, Back Seat, Moana, Soybean, Lazarus, C-Lo, Bookworm, Slicnut FKA Escobar, Roga, Billy Blanks, Bruce, Gus | FNG: One & Done

Conditions: 9F, cold as balls



Side Straddle Hop IC x 25
Capri Lap to wait for expected FNG

The Thang
Partner Mini-Dora
50 BBSUs
100 Merkins
150 Squats

Partner Carry
Up the hill
Down the hill
Up the hill again

* mosey to Visitor Center *

Hand Stand Push-Ups
10 HSPUs + 10 squats
9 HSPUs + 9 squats
. . . .
1 HSPU + 1 squat

* mosey to stage *

Box jumps up stairs x 10

* mosey to SP *



Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to ENDEX

Count-O-Rama (16 w/ 1 FNG: One & Done)


COT / BOM: There’s nothing magical that happens at midnight on January 1st of any year. The time to change or be better is when change or improvement is appropriate. We don’t have to wait for arbitrary occasions; we can start now (or tomorrow or whenever)!

Moleskin: The PAX started 2018 with side straddle hops, as the Sky Q intended.

Homage to the Blakes

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Granola

PAX: 8 PAX: Bruce, Tiny, Snookie, Heavyweight, Shoestring, C-Lo, Billy Blanks, Granola, O+ (as encouragement & paparazzi)

Conditions: pleasantly cloudy & 56F

Other disclaimer: I drafted this workout before even seeing last Saturday’s Battle of the Blakes. Since only 7 PAX got to enjoy those festivities, it seemed reasonable to pay homage to the Blakes today.

– Shoulder Circles 11x IC (forward & backward)
– Slow 4 count Burpees
– Side Straddle Hop 20x IC
– Butt kickers 15x IC
– High Knees 15x IC


Transition: Counted off by 2s, stayed to the left & right of the benches on the right, being mindful to share path with other walkers. Mosey from SP to bathrooms.

Partner exercises
– One partner wall-sits while the other partner completes 25 big boy situps x2.
– One partner planks while the other partner completes 10 derkins off of their partner’s plank x2.

Do X to Y, then Z until all in. Rinse & repeat.
– Mosey
– Bear crawl (Tiny hulked out of his gloves)
– Butt kickers
– Side shuffle
– Lunges (way too long)
– Crab walk
– Broad Jump Burpees (also a bit lengthy–was hoping Outcast would magically appear when doing these…)
– High Knees
– Wheelbarrows (spicy)
– Sprint
– Backward mosey

– Usually to the benches on the right side of the path. Step up and then off.
– Dips 20x IC on one of the benches.

– Plank
– Squat
– Superman
– Side plank
– Winemixers
– Hollowbody
– Stand on one leg
– Shoulder taps
– Situps
– Al Gores

– Superman to hollowbody roll arbitrary timing
– Flutterkicks 20x IC
– High plank 30+ ish count

Almost forgot. Thanks Bruce!


YHC led PAX through brief guided meditation on meeting their future selves 5 years from now. Encouraged reflection on the quality of their life mission and relationships. Whose life are they making a difference in? Who is making a difference in their lives? What kind of husband/father/worker do they see themselves being?

Prayers offered for
– PAX abroad and in the fartsacks
– RedSox’s family during this season of job transition
– O+’s ankle

I’m always honored and inspired to be among F3 men. You can’t help but get better when you’re pushing yourself alongside other men who genuinely want to be better.

I had planned a special F3 Ultimate Frisbee workout as a plan B, but decided to do this workout because I didn’t want to back down from the opportunity to smooth out some of my rough Q’ing edges. I felt like I eventually got into a good rhythm. There’s no better place to learn and fail. PAX are very forgiving.

Lessons learned from my second Q
– No need to have counted off by 2s when there were only 8 PAX–created more confusion than clarity.
– Lunges take longer than expected.
– Do the hard thing. It’s worth it.