Independence Day Convergence 2018

Date: 07/04/2018
AO: The Mothership
QIC: Soybean and Phat Pat #BeansandMe2018 #TheSagaContinues
PAX: Father Abraham, Beauty Shop, Billy Blanks, Blart, Bootheel, Bottomless, Cheesesteak, Choker, Costello, Ergo, Four Eyes, Geppetto, Gonzo, Handsy, Hitch, Jasmine, Lil Nicky, Lipton, Moneybags, Nature Boy, Orange Julius, Pops, Shoestring, Slim Shady, Soulja Boy, Snookie, Snowman, Swingline (Johnson City), Monk (RESPECT, Gastonia), Soybean (QIC), Phat Pat (QIC) | FNGs: Walk-On, Calamine, Safe Space

THE SCENE: The PAX wanted a convergence, so we gave it to them. It was already hot and sticky at 0600. PhP drove up right on the time he said he would for us to complete our weinke (more or less).

Beans looking fly in his top-to-bottom USA attire. Shovel Flags planted. Coupons gathered. The smell of freedom’s spark tinged the air and exploded into a full-blown baseball diamond on a farm field (with a preacher’s daughter carrying a pitcher of sweet iced tea and warm apple pie past a John Deere Tractor) when Nature Boy and (the eventual) Walk-on rode in hot on the parking lot with the napalm – windows down and flags flying – just before BC.


F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Carried out dutifully and accurately by @thephattestpat


242 years since history’s greatest document was signed, so we did 242 reps to celebrate.
10 burpees OYO
50 Mtn Climbers IC
10 burpees OYO
10 burpees OYO
50 Mtn Climbers IC
12 burpees OYO

Next up, YHC drew inspiration from this blog post at The Art of Manliness and used the “Step on Toes” routine, only we called it “Don’t Tread on Me!” PAX paired up and faced each other. Staying within a single parking space, each partner tried to step on the other’s feet. Once someone was successful, each partner did 5 merkins, got up, and started again. We did this for about 4 minutes.

YOHC (Your Other Humble Correspondent) was left behind by YHC above as the third wheel to Hitch and Shoestring’s toe tapping giggle game of glee… until Gonzo showed up and saved me! He was the 34th PAX on the day, and a happy sight for jealous eyes.


13s – Mosey to steep hill on west end of parking lot. Commemorated the original 13 colonies with 4-count flutter kicks and smurf jacks (aka Little Man in the Woods). Start with a single FK at the bottom, get on up the hill, 12 smurf jacks at the top, get back down the hill, 2 FKs, etc. Reps should add up to 13 each time. Four Eyes led the speedsters in some extra credit work at the top of the hill, then we all did the last round together for the guys who were lagging. Mosey back up to parking lot.

Undefeated Circuit – For being 2-0 in the World Wars, 3-0 if you count the tail whooping we gave to England, a world power in her own right at the time.
-Merkin Revolution (aka Wheel of Merkin) – PAX lined up and got their own parking curb. 20 incline merkins with both hands on curb. Rotate 90 degrees and do 20 offset merkins with right hand on curb. Rotate 90 deg for 20 derkins. Rotate 90 deg for 20 offset merkins with left hand on curb. This is hard in the best way, an Equalizer of HIM. No one was not struggling (except PhP).
-VICTORY LAP around the lot with hands in the air in celebration. This actually burns much more than you’d think it would. More than it should, even. But World Wars don’t come around often (thankfully, for the rest of the world), so not as much practice for this one.
-WWI Sit-ups IC x30
-WWII Sit-ups IC x30 (Phat Pat reminded the PAX that some extra cushion on your booty makes doing sit-ups on asphalt less terrible. The skinny PAX were all crying. If you ain’t fat, that’s your fault!)
-ViCTORY LAP (arms up)
-Donald Pumps (CMU curls) IC x50
-Loooong VICTORY LAP around the Kitchen (arms down)


Hello Dolly IC x20
Dying Cockroach IC x15
ABCs IC (led by Shoestring)
Nazi Punches (aka Nolan Ryan) OYO – 25 one side, 26 next side to celebrate all 51 states

34 PAX, 3 FNGs, 2 Willy Lomans

I am a Christian. F3 is not specifically Christian, but open to all faiths. America is not uniquely Christian. God’s church and the gospel can flourish under any culture, any regime, any political system, or country. HOWEVER, I am thankful to God to live in a land that affords me the freedom and opportunities that it does.

When YOHC participates in politics on any level, from voting to advocating to debating, my goal is to honor the Second Greatest Commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” YOHC exhorted the PAX to consider this and filter their politics (whatever they may be) and love of country through the lens of loving God and loving others.

After the workout, the PAX enjoyed apply pie served in styrofoam cups and tiny bottles of gatorade. It tasted like freedom!

Hitch keeps an American flag hat in his vehicle for emergencies. Handsy gave seven explanations for his name during the workout. None of them were accurate. FNG Walk-On “just so happened” to show up in our parking lot with a USA tank top and an American flag flying from his Wrangler. Bootheel got after it (like always), and Billy Blanks did an awesome job watching the Six.

YOHC thinks that F3 has made Beans at least slightly more patriotic, whether or not he would admit as much. Don’t be fooled ladies, Safe Space is a BAAAAAAAD MAN! If he had a beard, he could become the envy of every man (we all have room for improvement). Choker with a well timed, “It’s the most luxurious pump you’ve ever pumped.” And another T-Claps to Beans! YOHC could not have Q’d that on his own (hips don’t lie… neither does +10 lbs in 8 weeks).

GrowRuck is coming up in September. Register now!
Last week of 1 John Study was TODAY! 4I’s gonna give it rest for a month and starting something else afterwards. Blow up his DM’s with your opinions.

First Nation Run for the win.

THE SCENE: Humid, typical summer day in Memphis

  • 1 lap around the oval office
  • SSH x 25
  • Abe Vigoda’s x 10, increasing speed to Windmills x 10
  • Hamstring, calf and quad stretches OYO

PAX were separated in groups based on self-determined mile time averages.  Groups were: <7 minutes, 8 minutes, 9 minutes, and >10 minutes.  Q then scrambled the separate groups into a line with PAX of varying speeds.  The idea was that the lead runner would set the pace for the line.  The Q would determine when the next PAX would sprint to the front of the line and we would then run the pace of the new lead.  Our target distance was 3.5 miles.

We ran down Zach Curlin –> West on Central –> South on Patterson –> East on Walker –> North on Zach Curlin back to the Oval office.  We did 2 laps for a total of 3.6 miles.

Between laps, we did Merkins x 10 in cadence and had a 10 second count for recovery.  The line was re-scrambled at that time for change in group speed.

Q was at the six and Mary exercises were guided by the PAX, while a few were pushing to all in on the run.
17 PAX (no FNG, 1 Irish goodbye – Four Eyes): Father Abraham, Tomb Raider, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Vocals, Beauty Shop, Mmmbop, Sir Mix A Lot, Toms, Goldilocks, Mr. Belding, Frogger, Soybean, Crayfish, Hall Monitor, Bottomless (Q)

Discussed that the varying speeds and conditioning levels is likened to how each of us is in our daily walks and life situations.  Some PAX are conditioned and ready for more intense challenges and trials while others are working towards that goal.  Still, each PAX was mutually encouraged by each other despite the varying degrees of conditioning.  Idea was stressed that each HIM brings something to the table that encourages, sharpens and betters the HIM around him.

Prayers: Bishop, Mmmbops son, that is being put in a very difficult and abusive situation.  Prayers for Mmmbop to engage that situation with the Spirit.  Prayers for Father Abraham and custody of his daughter
First time to Q at the Barracks and the PAX were all very encouraging towards each other.  Thankful for the PAX that started MARY while I was at the six and appreciate Four Eyes doing that on the first lap around.  Was encouraged by Mmmbop’s perseverance and completing the full run even when given an opportunity to take a short cut.  Spoke the quality of HIM that was represented that day.
Grow Ruck September 2018

Q School at the Bermuda Triangle

THE SCENE: 88 degrees and slightly rainy

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   DONE!  Being Q school, YHC definitely emphasized the disclaimer and welcome


SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
ISW IC x20
SSH IC x20 (Last 10 done in silence to work on Cadence.  Pax failed the test.)
Penalty burpees x10 (Thanks Beauty Shop)

Elevator: Pax moseyed up the Berm to the running trail. Pax performed exercises at quarter mile intervals. YHC highlighted “string of pearls” and “getting the 6”. Exercises were as follows:
Start: 10 Burpees
1/4 Mile: 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins
1/2 Mile: 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 BBS
3/4 Mile: 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 BBS, 40 Squats
1 Mile: 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 BBS, 40 Squats

American Hammer IC x20
Gas Pumps IC x20

13 pax!!  2 Willy Lomans and 1 FNG- Clutch

Jesus gives us many examples and sayings about how to live our life.  However, he boils it down to a very simple command to love God and to love others.  If we simply did that in our day to day, it would change the way we live and change the way we impact our communities.  YHC challenged pax to love God today.  Reading His Word, talking to Him thru prayer, worshipping Him in song are all options. Go out of your way today to love others.  Stop and help fix a tire on the side of the road, or help someone with groceries or say an encouraging word.  Lets be HIM that impact our community and love our God today.

YHC smoked hisself on Q.  Absolute foolishness.  Really encouraged by our Willy Lomans (Cubbie Blue and Maestro) for posting while at a church conference with their families.  It was a blessing to have them. Beauty Shop thru a fit cause his cousin(FNG) got a “cooler name” than him.  I reject that notion!  Have you not been to a beauty shop?  Very cool place…for women.

GrowRuck was mentioned… in spirit.



The Berm: Hot, humid and miserable

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x 18 IC
*IMPERIAL WALKERS (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 18 IC
*HILL BILLIES (moving in a circle clockwise as a unit) x 18 IC

YHC led PAX on a lil’ mosey from the parking around the nearby senior center building and back to STARTEX

THA-THANG:  Why is Cap’n Merkin here?
Part 1
>YHC had the PAX form a circle.
>YHC reached inside Cap’n Merkin’s cranium and pulled out a lil’ bitty Jenga set
>YHC had PAX hold Plank whilst YHC built Jenga Tower
>YHC ‘splained rules to PAX:


  1. Taking turns in a clockwise rotation, 1 by 1 (starting with YHC)…PAX would Bear Crawl from the circle’s perimeter to the center of the Circle where the Jenga tower was located. Using only 1 hand, after removing and replacing 1 Jenga piece, this solo PAX would Crawl Bear back to his spot in the circle as the next solo PAX Bear Crawled to the center.  While 1 PAX was working the tower, the remaining PAX were performing a specific exercise, OYO, AMRAP until the Jenga tower fell.
  2. Exercises were assigned to the PAX, in this order: 1st attempt at tower until it fell=Merkins, 2nd attempt=Big Boy Sit-Ups, 3rd attempt=8-ct Body Builders then 4th attempt=Mtn Climbers Omaha’d to Jump Squats.
  3. When the tower fell, the PAX, as a unit, would perform Burpees for a designated number of reps, as follows: 1st fall=5 Burpees, 2nd fall=10, 3rd fall=15 then 4th fall=20.
  4. In addition to performing group Burpees, YHC led the PAX on a mosey lap around the building after every time the tower fell.
  5. Ex: YHC Bear Crawled to center, removed/replaced tower piece and returned to his spot via Crawl Bear.  PAX, went, 1 by 1 to center and did the same. Remaining PAX perfomed Merkins, OYO, AMRAP.  Once the PAX successfully made multiple attempts the tower fell the 1st time…PAX as a group performed 5 Burpees, OYO.  Immediately, YHC led the PAX on a 1 lap mosey around building. As the PAX came straggling back in the the circle to start the next round, YHC used those few seconds to re-set the Jenga tower of pain. YHC announced next exercise to be performed (Big Boy Sit-Ups) by the PAX.  Picking up where the PAX left off, next PAX in rotation Bear Crawled to center, etc. Upon 2nd fall…PAX performed 10 Burpees and did a lap around the building. Etc…
  6. PAX completed 4 Rounds until time for Mary


*Flutter Kicks x18 IC

16; Lil Nicky, Gepetto, Situation, Yard Sale, Commando, Snookie, Napster, Shortboard, Houdini, Tomb Raider, Beauty Shop,  and O Positive (YHC); 4 FNG: Chariot, Pipe Bomb, Hazard and Van Gogh.


Rinsed and Repeated from Mothership Q on 6/16/18:

F3…has changed YHC’s life.  In so many ways to count.  YHC shared how Q’ing has helped build a renewed confidence in YHC’s ability to lead.  YHC highlighted how he struggled with recent anxiety over a large project-and I mean LARGE-at work but by asking for his own 15 year old son among others,  to pray for him-settled into a state of assured, self-confidence that F3-by God’s grace-has helped prepare him to tackle the project at hand.  And he did just that.  For that, YHC feels it a true privilege to lead a bootcamp with his brothers as he sees and feels his personal leadership developing, in the gloom which is carrying over into many other areas in his life, personally and professionally.  Admittedly, YHC is very intentional to step up and Q x1/week.  Being the Q-to YHC-means being ‘fully present’ and owning the opportunity.  Failure and fear to fail-Q’ing a workout-should not deter a man from Q’ing.  YHC challenged the PAX to step up and lead if they never have.  To step up and lead if it has been awhile.  Step up-with confidence-and lead their families, companies and communities.  #FreedToLead

Also reminded the PAX of the F3 Mission and the reason why the F3 Mission is important to remember.  With 394 and counting with the 4 FNG from this morning at the Berm, alone, it has become increasingly evident that not many can confidently and accurately recite the Mission and Core Values.  YHC challenged the PAX to consider, “Don’t get caught up ‘in the current’ (posting to work-outs out of habit) if you don’t know why you are ‘in the water’ in the first place. FNG numbers are boomin’.  Great things on the horizon for F3-Memphis. AYE!

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

This work-out was something new and it was CSAUP.  Period.  Effective but completely stupid and utterly pointless.  And a little fun, too.  T-claps to Beauty Shop for bringing 3 FNG’s and Lil’ Nicky for bringing 1. Well done, brothers.


  • Service Project: Chick-fil-A Family Picnic and Field Day on 6/30/18; see YHC for details.
  • GROWRUCK is coming…9/21-9/23.



A Focus on Form


AO: Bermuda Triangle “The Berm”

QIC: Snookie

Conditions: 73 and overcast


  • Welcome to F3! Fitness! Fellowship! Faith!
  • I am not a professional and am not being paid to lead this exercise.
  • You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury.
  • You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured.
  • You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here.
  • Know your limits and do the best you can.
  • Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion. Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion.
  • Any FNGs? (Assign someone to stay with FNGs)


  • Side Straddle Hops IC x 20
  • Windmills IC x 15
  • Baby Arm Circles IC
    • Forward x 10
    • Reverse x 10
  • Handsy’s stretch
  • Mosey around building


Focus on maintaining good form

Don’t modify, take breaks if needed

Once finished with an exercise, do burpees till all in

  • Round 1
    • 50 merkins
    • Mosey around building
  • Round 2
    • 50 squats
    • 40 merkins
    • Mosey around building
  • Round 3
    • 50 big boy sit ups
    • 40 squats
    • 30 merkins
    • Mosey around building
  • Round 4
    • 40 big boy sit ups
    • 30 squats
    • 20 merkins
    • Mosey to pull up bars

AMRAP pull ups; once finished plank till all in; rinse and repeat 3 times


  • Dealer’s choice
    • Notasport: Spidermans
    • Speaker: Freddie Mercury’s
    • Chapter 13: American Hammers
    • Lil Nicky: Gas Pumps
    • Beauty Shop: Box Cutters
    • Snookie: Flutter Kicks

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 6 Pax: Beauty Shop, Chapter 13, Lil Nicky, Notasport, Snookie, Speaker


Life is hard and sometimes it’s easier to be passive. Jude encourages us to fight for good things, especially our faith. Don’t be passive, get out there and fight.


Not a lot of mumble chatter as the PAX were busy counting reps. Having to do burpees after instead of the usual planking or holding Al Gore was not very fun. After all the merkins and burpees, the PAX were not happy with Notasport’s selection to start off Mary.


Grow Ruck in September

Shoestring Q School next Wednesday

Oval Office Relays

THE SCENE: Just another pleasant Memphis summer morning
Disclaimer given and PAX were encouraged to run at two paces. Conversational and full speed. YHC thinks these two paces represent the easiest way to see gains in running ability.
1 lap around the Oval Office with butt kickers, high knees, and karaoke
Run 1 mile at conversational pace. The PAX embraced the “conversation” mindset and discussed important topics ranging from phantom poops to well…I digress.

The PAX entered the arena of the oval office and were broken into groups of 3.

  • Relay race 1: Approximately 150 yards of running for each man. The winning team took a victory lap around the oval office while losers did 31 burpees (Happy birthday Toms!)
  • Relay race 2: New teams. Race length remained the same. Winners: Victory lap! Losers: 31 Merkins (Happy birthday Toms!)
  • Relay race 3: New teams. Each team sent one man to the far side of the field and race length reduced to approximately 75 yards. Winners: Victory lap! Losers: 31 Jump squats (Happy birthday Toms!)
  • Relay race 4: New teams. Race length increased to approximately 250 yards. Winners: Victory lap! Losers: 31 Lunges (Happy birthday Toms!)

Run 3.5 laps at conversational pace to end at flags. Flutterkicks to all in.

Flutterkicks x 20
“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on days that you feel good.” – Jerry West
A great quote here from the logo, YHC reflected on how often I allow my circumstances to direct my effort. Perhaps aligned with a weaker team, I don’t try my best. Focus on what you can control.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” – Job 1:21

In the spiritual realm, effort doesn’t quite apply like it does in physical fitness. Effort matters, but a HIM must understand his relationship with God, namely that he is not God. This verse from Job comes after he learns of the death of his 10 children. Don’t let circumstances affect your understanding of your relationship to God. 

We prayed for new believers, travel, soon to be born children and family relationships. 

Relays were a hit. Men are able to find a superior level of motivation when competing against an opponent that cannot be achieved in isolation. 

Coffeeteria at Einsteins’ was special. I am grateful for friends that F3 has brought me and the depth of relationship that can be built in a short term is both amazing and convicting. Men need other men in their lives with strong bonds that are not easily broken.
GrowRuck is coming! Don’t miss an opportunity to get better. Start training now.

Toll Road to Merkin Molehill

THE SCENE: 60’s with a battlefield fog covering Sea Isle Park.

All in cadence: SSH (30), Mountain climbers (20), Shoulder Taps (20), Arm Circles (10 each direction), butt kickers (20), Daisy Pickers (15), windmill (15).
Toll Road – PAX moseyed to Redeemer church at Corner of Estate and Quince while paying the tolls at each telephone pole.

Pole 1 – (50 squats), Pole 2 (40 lunges), Pole 3 (15 burpees)

Merkin Mole hill – Sprint up hill at church parking lot and do Merkin Ladder from 20 down to 1.  PAX modified to descending ladder of Merkins and Squats from 20 down to 1… Sprint to top of hill 20 pushups… mosey down 19 squats… repeat until 1.

Toll Road Return Trip:

Sprint to Poll 1 (10 burpees), Sprint to Poll 2 (5 Burpees), Mosey to Poll 3 (50 mountain climbers in cadence), Mosey to Poll 4 (25 plank jacks in cadence), Mosey to Poll 5 (50 squats… if you finish early you can rest with squat jumps.)

All in Cadence: LBC (30), Freddie Mercury (30), American Hammer (20), Hello Dolly (20), ABC’s

6  PAX, 2 FNG’s: (Beauty Shop, Speaker, Lil’ Nicky, Shortboard, Boilermaker, and Flatland.)

Shared briefly about Jesus serving from a confident place of identity and we also have a confident identity.

Laps and AMRAPs

THE SCENE: Pleasant.  70s.  Dry.



SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
LBAC x 10 IC, reverse x 10 IC
Daisy pickers x 20 IC
Stretch what ails you x 30 count
Mosey around courtyard for 2 laps.


30 seconds of AMRAP burpees.  Run 1 lap (0.25 mile).
60 seconds of AMRAP merkins.  Run 2 laps (0.50 mile) at a per lap pace quicker than previous set.
60 seconds of AMRAP jump squats.  Run 3 laps (0.75 mile) at a per lap pace quicker than previous set.
60 seconds of AMRAP dry docks.  Run 4 laps (1.00 mile) at a per lap pace quicker than previous set.
60 seconds of AMRAP burpees.  1 lap cool down.

Mosey back to start.


American Hammer x 30 IC (PAX passed the count around the circle)
Static stretching for 2 minutes until time.


10 PAX (0 FNGs)– Beauty Shop, Soybean, Tomb Raider, Four Eyes, Shoestring, Big City, Bottomless, Hotwire, Dewey, Toms (QIC)


YHC has been frustrated injury/sickness for what feels like a couple months.  I don’t always realize how much of a difference physical exertion makes to my emotional state.  I am encouraged to keep pushing the limits of #wasnow, but i am also reminded that my ability to push forward cannot depend on circumstances.  Our pursuit must be bigger than the first F.  Our pursuit must be bigger than money, success, sex, beard quality, etc.  For YHC, God is the only constant pursuit.  Everything else always lets me down.  YHC encouraged the PAX to anchor their drive and purpose in something that won’t waste away.


Watching the PAX keep pushing harder to beat prior lap times was inspiring.



Are you In or Out?


The Berm: Humid and 72 degrees but felt like 350.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Including what is the Mission of F3

*SSH x 10 IC

YHC led PAX on a lil’ mosey around the building and stopped back at STARTEX.

THA-THANG:  The next 90′
Part 1

Single file line, PAX in front of line would roll a dice. It said ‘In’ or ‘Out’, depending on the side. If ‘In’ that PAX would do high knees through the agility ladder first then sprint to the orange cone placed 90 feet away THEN veer left and sprint around the building, returning to back of the line.  If the dice was ‘Out’ then that PAX would do agility ladder and sprint to cone BUT would veer right and return back to PAX and join in on whatever exercise they were assigned to perform. One PAX ran at a time until he returned to his brothers.  Then next PAX in line would go. All 11 PAX would all go through the line-2 Rounds.

Rotation of exercises were as follows in this order:
>SSH x50 OYO
>Jump Squats x50 OYO
>Shoulder Taps x25 each shoulder OYO
>Mtn Climbers x25 each leg OYO
>Crunchy Crab x25 each leg OYO
>SSH x50 OYO
>Jump Squats x50 OYO
>Shoulder Taps x25 each shoulder OYO
>Mtn Climbers x25 each leg OYO
>Crunchy Crab x25 each leg OYO
>SSH x50 OYO
>Jump Squats x50 OYO
>Shoulder Taps x25 each shoulder OYO
>Mtn Climbers x25 each leg OYO
>Crunchy Crab x25 each leg OYO
>SSH x50 OYO
>Jump Squats x50 OYO
>Shoulder Taps x25 each shoulder OYO
>Mtn Climbers x25 each leg OYO
>Crunchy Crab x25 each leg OYO
>SSH x50 OYO
>Jump Squats x50 OYO

Part 2
Hill Runs x6 up/x6 down. PAX would release 1 at a time, run up/down the hill  then return to back of line.

Part 3
Jump Squats x50 OYO

Part 4
Partner Chair x90 seconds.


*BBSU x20 IC
*Flutter Kicks x20 IC
*Box Cutters (F) x 10 IC
*Box Cutters (R) x 10 IC

11; Moth Balls, Shy Guy, Lipton, Commando, Gus, Four  Eyes, Snookie, Speaker, Situation, Beauty Shop and O Positive (YHC).


YHC shared some time-honored wisdom from MLB Dodger Steve Garvey …his message which YHC heard Garvey speak recently at a local breakfast was as follows:

“The issue he has with today’s MLB players (you can insert: athlete, husbands, bosses, etc.) is that they act as if they are afraid to ‘run 90 feet anymore’…that distance between the base paths.  His point: are we (men) giving our very best towards the ‘next 90 feet’ of our marriages, raising our children, leading our employees at work, in our communities, etc.”

So…are we?  Are you?  Am I?

**PAX prayers were lifted up.

Not YHC finest performance today.  Torrential rain overnight led to very soggy conditions which required YHC to Omaha quite a bit which got him out of his rhythm.

YHC quizzed multiple PAX to recite the Mission of F3.  F3 Mission review was:  ‘To plant, grow and serve small work-out groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.’

Reminder:  If we can’t grasp this and recite it……we are just here…going through the motions.


>YHC kicking off 2nd/3rdF opportunity at his house this week on Wednesdays (today) Immediately following BC from 0630-0715ish. FREE Living Room Coffeeteria (LRC)



Burp & Merkin Milez

THE SCENE: 73 degrees…muggy as a mug
SSH x 15 IC

Daisy Picker x 15 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 15 IC

Walking Imperial Walker x 15 IC

Walking Hillbilly x 15 IC

Frankenstein Walk one revolution (failed attempt at IC)

LBAC’s x 10 IC (front, back, big, and small)

Stretch what ails you…in many cases lots of things

Complete one Burp & Merk ladder to 10, then jog 1/2 a mile. Rinse and repeat until you reach 2 total milez.

Burp & Merk = Burpee with increasing number of merkins at the bottom, ascending from one to ten.


Hello Dolly


Box Cutters

Cutter Boxes


Iron Cross

(I have no idea how many we did because I was dying)

16 PAX (0 FNG’s): Mama’s Boy, Teacher’s Pet, Handsy, Pirtle, Sir Mix-a-lot, Crayfish, Situation, Toms, Goldilocks, Father Abraham, Lara Croft, Beauty Shop, Ergo, Pepe, Hall Monitor, Bookworm (QIC)
Beware of letting your to-do list become more important than the people the Sky Q has put in your life.
Halfway through the first Burp & Merk Ladder, YHC knew this was a bad idea. The PAX pushed through anyway and their chests will thank them later.
Father Abraham graduation next Thursday at 7:30? (Double check Slack)

Get on Slack

Convergence Monday 5/28 at the Barracks at 0600.

Ruck Club Callout this Saturday. YHC forgot the details…check the slacks and the twitters.