January 19, 2021

Ruck Thang

THE SCENE: No rain in site, a chilly 40 something degrees. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Disclaimer decreed. WARMORAMA Quite unorthodox, but no thanks. THA THANG: We had a jolly good ruck. MARY: No. COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: BirdsRReal, Bootheel, Bruce, BAM! (QIC), Orange Julius, Upgrade CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Yours truly gave testimony regarding his recent experience with COVID and how…

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March 3, 2020

Rabbit’s lost BB

THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Insert information about the warmup. THA-THANG: Insert information about the workout. MARY: Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable). COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: Insert PAX Count & FNG Name CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Insert the WORD here. MOLESKIN: Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc….

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January 14, 2020

Blue Collar Ruck Miles

THE SCENE: Weather was pretty great. It was not hot, and that’s what matters. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Done. WARM-O-RAMA: In order to get 3 laps around the Morg, Q decided to skip this for time. THA-THANG: 3 laps around the Morg was the goal.  Goal was met. MARY: I’m sure she’s nice. COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: If I remember…

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January 13, 2020

Blue Collar is a year old!

THE SCENE: Modest 34-36 degrees F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER I think it was put out….maybe WARM-O-RAMA: SSH  20 IC Imperial walkers 20 IC Gorilla Canoodlers 20 IC THA-THANG: C.O.B.B.Salad QIC was thinking of food when this Q came into plan. It was BOMBS style one PAX did the exercise 2nd PAX ran two laps around the parking medians C-…

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December 9, 2019

Ruck 66 at the Blue Collar

THE SCENE: 60 degrees and windy. Hoody and shorts weather. The Gloom is extra gloomy at 0445. O’Reilly, BAM, and YHC had the park to ourselves. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Textbook. WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x20IC ISW x10IC The typical gamut of arm circles little bit of Michael Phelps YHC’s favorite stretch THA-THANG:    Ruck 66! Front load rucks and head over…

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October 22, 2019

Crazy Eights 101819

THE SCENE: Thankful for bathroom facilities next to parking lot. Just sayin. Shiny, definitely shiny, the AO, not the potty. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Disclaimed along with comment about how wonderful the crapper proximity is. Arm circles x 9 IC, Reverse AC x 9 IC, IWs x 30 IC, DPs x 9, SSH x 30 and yes, we…

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September 23, 2019

Early Game of the Doubleheader

THE SCENE: Like the Morg, only earlier.  I made an offhand comment last night on Slack that people should come post at Blue Collar and then stick around for Shoestring’s Q at the Morg immediately after.  I didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to actually do it.  Then Upgrade HC’d.  Then this morning as I pulled into the…

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September 18, 2019


THE SCENE: Hump-Day Grump-Day. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Particularly the “led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion.” THA-THANG: I had an undisclosed, but #VeryFair total rep count in mind (under 7 burpees/minute!). The workout would end once ALL PAX performed AND counted ALL reps TOGETHER in cadence, or by 0615–whichever comes first. Naturally, infractions…

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August 16, 2019


THE SCENE:  70*F, waxing gibbous, and very dewy. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Deconstructed Bodybuilder 11xIC Squats 11xIC Groiners 11xIC Plank Jacks 11xIC Merkins 11xIC Groiners 11xIC Squats 11xIC Bodybuilders THA-THANG: Egress: Partner up Describe your ideal day Leapfrog to sidewalk Catch me if you can Indian Run to park entrance Wheelbarrow to pavilion Picnic Table 11s: 1x Derkins…

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January 14, 2019

Phat Pat’s Flaming Blue Collar

THE SCENE: Somewhere in Bartlett. Cold, dark. Extra early. F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER THA-THANG: Route 66: merkins, burpees, squats, bear crawls, mosey COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA Seven PAX, no FNGs CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM MOLESKIN: “We had a workout. Granola was naked.” – Phat Pat

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