UFOs and Septic Seeping

THE SCENE: Warm and moist…little did we know they wet ground wasn’t just the dew…

  • SSH IC x 30
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20
  • Daisy Pickers IC X 15

Counted off 5 PAX.  PAX in turn would accept hand held luminescent orbital discus, call an exercise, then PAX sprint to the discus.  How every many seconds the PAX took to get to the discuss would determine the rep count.    If the throw fell short of YHC standards, then alternative transport mode would ensue.  Bearcrawls, crabwalks and power skips occurred.  Buprees, merkins, monkey humpers, lbc, arm circles are just a few of the exercises that were performed.

Completed during Tha-Thang

5 PAX (1 FNG – Gym Shorts) : Bailout, Altar Boy, The Dude, Mulligan

Discipline is hard.  It’s tough to give and even harder to receive.  I am thankful that my kids respond well and display discipline.  The Dude being at this workout is a show of discipline.  He is the only F3 camper that showed.  Way to man up!

We instill discipline in ourselves by choice.  We choose to “show up.”  We choose to be the men we are called to be.

We didn’t realize that the ground wasn’t just wet from rain or dew…it was a cesspool.  Awesome way to kick off our camp day!

Invigorating Morning at the Rose of Sharon

THE SCENE: 74 & muggy. YHC showed up to the scene at Rose of Sharon campground at around 5 fiddy 5 to case the place, run a couple recon laps, and make sure the Thang was gonna work out as planned. The place was dead quiet and void of all other human life until Bailout and Altar Boy popped out-o the woodworks to greet me. We were joined by Mulligan and Gym Shorts around 5 minutes after the workout was supposed to start. YHC disclaimed that the 5 minutes would be tacked onto the end of the workout. We don’t cheat ourselves round here.



  • SSH x20IC
  • Side Shuffle Ground Taps x15IC (Thanks to Altar Boy for helping me to FINALLY come up with a good name for these!)

– Mosey to the pavilion for some AIKEN LEGS! The following exercises were performed with no break in between.

  • Box Jumps x20 OYO (That stage was nice and high)
  • Prisoner Squats x20IC
  • Lunges x20IC
  • Smurf Jacks x20IC

– Mosey down to what YHC believes is the main sanctuary building for ABSOLUTION!!

5 reps of absolution (exicon link here) then one lap around the building incorporating front moseying, Side shuffling, and back pedaling. Repeat 4 times for a total of 20 reps and 4 laps. The asphalt was a bit rough on the elbows. Cobainfully, Bailout pointed out that there were plenty of grassy areas on the campus. Noted for next time.

– Indian run to the building at the back of the campus where YHC decided it was the most bestest place for a set of B.O.M.B.S!!! Partner 1 performs the prescribed shenanigan while partner two moseys to the pond and back pedals back. Flapjack and continue until all reps are complete.

  • Burpees x50
  • Overhead Claps x100
  • Merkins x150
  • BBSU x200
  • Squats x250

– Mosey back to pavilion passing the freshly awoken Bob Ross on the way who was still wiping the deep sleep induced eye boogers out of his eyes. We did not, however, pass Rage Quit which I can only assume was because he was still actively fartsacking. At least Interweb had an excuse. Cobains.

V-ups x15IC

5 PAX: Altar Boy, Mulligan, Bailout, Gym Shorts, Soulja Boy (QIC)


James 5:12
But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation.

A staple mantra in YHC’s household is “Say what you mean and mean what you say”.

Why is it so difficult for us to simply say yes or no? Perhaps because we like the ambiguity of not having to follow through with what we say. Or maybe because it’s easier to put off a tough decision for a later time. We may flirt with tendencies towards deceitfulness and not want others to know our true intentions.

Whatever the reason, God expects His children to be clear cut with their words. We are not to wade in the subtle grey areas of ambiguity with our words. Rather we are to be people who speak plainly, clearly, and truthfully so that we aren’t condemned by our own words.

Challenge to the PAX: Say what you mean/mean what you say. If your word is’t your bond, nothing is.

It was an honor to be asked to come Q and share some wisdom at Rose of Sharon this morning. Thanks for the invite Bailout. I hope there’s a next time!

Dads and 2.0s tomorrow at the Muthaship!

Griff-ish & Nicole-ish At The Barracks

THE SCENE: Clear, low humidity, 72
Together, in cadence

SSH x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Squats x 15
Daisy Pickers x 10 (Nice & Slow!)
Bobby Hurley x 12
Mountain Climbers x 15

Indian Run (400 meters)

Griff & Nicole are two cross-fit run routine workouts. Both these were modified as follows:

With a partner, run 400m, then run 200m backwards. When complete, perform 20 APFT sit-ups (hands interlocked, partner holding feet, shoulders touch the ground, butt doesn’t come off the ground, elbows touch knees).
Spent 15 minutes and PAX completed 3 full reps.

OYO run 400m with set up AMRAP pull-ups every lap. Spent 13 minutes and most PAX completed 3 reps.

Did a post-run 5 minute stretch together including calves, hamstrings, groin and quad. All that was missing was the soft music and incense.

7 PAX: Altar Boy, Squeegee, Crayfish, Bottomless, Easily Amused, Jail Bait, Shoestring

Talked about witnessing a fight at an elementary school in Panama last week. The biggest kid in the school came to the defense of the kid being picked up. How are we using our power, privilege, and influence to stand up for those who need advocates?

A few of us ran one additional 400 meters to get to 3 miles for the morning.
FIA group made an appearance on the track around 0600.


THE SCENE: Humid, but not humid enough for me to describe the scene as “moist.”

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done, and done again for late arrivers.


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x15 IC
  • IW x15 IC
  • Arm Circles x10 IC
  • Arm Circles (reverse) x10 IC
  • Hillbillies x15 IC

First, we moseyed to the playground for some pull-up fun. We partnered up, and each pair completed 50 pull ups. While Partner 1 was doing pull ups (AMRAP), Partner 2 was doing some American Hammer. Repeat til accomplishing 50 pull ups. Hold plank til all-in.

Then we moseyed to a random clearing – clear of the old trees that make up Old Forest – for some modified (B.O.M.B.S.) suicides. Like suicides, start at the starting line, sprint to cone 1, sprint back to the starting line, sprint to cone 2, etc.  BUT, modify to add exercises at starting line and each cone.

  • Starting Line = Burpees
  • Cone 1 = Overhead Claps
  • Cone 2 = Merkins
  • Cone 3 = Big Boy Situps
  • Cone 4 = Squats

We completed 4 rounds, flutter-kicking til all-in after each round:

  • Round 1 = 2 reps
  • Round 2 = 4 reps
  • Round 3 = 6 reps
  • Round 4 = 8 reps

Fortunately for these PAX, we had time for a BONUS ROUND! Since the PAX seemed pretty spent (myself included!), I kindly gifted them with only FOUR REPS during the bonus round. BUT….. this time we bear crawled and crab walked instead of running. Whew!

Thankfully, we had an Easily Amused playlist filled with emo, punk, and pop-punk highlights from the 90s and early 2000s. Green Day, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, and other wildly energetic and mournfully sad bands gave us the fuel we needed to get through 120 burpees and other shenanigans.

We moseyed back to the flag in time for 38 American Hammer IC.

14 PAX: Crayfish, Mudslide, Dewey, Four Eyes, Tuco, Goose, Jail Bait, Altar Boy, Bottomless, Chioccetti, Teacher’s Pet, Mirage, Lodge, Easily Amused

This morning I was thinking about sleep because my 2.2 kept me up all night. Some evenings I end my day with the Compline Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. It’s a nightly reminder that sleep is a gift and an opportunity to surrender to God. When we sleep, we give up control and trust that God’s in control, that God is good, and that God is for us.

“In peace I will lie down and sleep,
    for you alone, Lord,
    make me dwell in safety.”   – Psalm 4:8

This was a hard workout! I’m thankful to be in the company of HIM who push me. PLC was rich today as men continue to grow in relationship with one another.

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Forgotten BB for Ruins 11/29/18

THE SCENE: Nice and Cool



Imperial Walkers

Daisy Pickers

Stretch whatever you need

Mosey to basketball court at Tom Lee Park

Get on baseline and do side lunges (defensive slides) stop at

free-throw line do 5 Bobby Hurleys

3 point line 10 BH

Half Court 15 BH

To the end 20 BH

Defensive slide back


Run suicide escalators : Do an exercise 5,10,15,20 x with a suicide in between.

First Pax shoots free throw to decide which exercise we do

Merkins or Hand release Merkins :  HR Merkins


SSH or Smurf Jacks:  SSH

Flutter Kicks or Gas petals: Flutter Kicks


Probably about being responsible
Dont forget to publish the BB

Trilogy Part 2: Infinite Lunges

THE SCENE: Pretty hot, but not too bad.  Looked like it was going to rain then it didn’t
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I said some pre-coffee gibberish about the trilogy and the deep meaning that we embedded within (as well as warnings not to hurt yourself)

Side Straddle Hop x 20
Butt kickers 60 seconds
High Knees 60 seconds
Front Little Overhead arm circles x 10
Back Little Overhead arm circles x 10


Mosey to Tiger Lane
Lunges & Jump Squats
We traveled the length of Tiger Lane doing lunges, then at each light pole did a jump squat.  It took a LOOOONNNNGGGG time to finish, and when we did the early birds did squats until all in
Side step back to start
Duck Walk Broad Jumps
Duck Walk through the parking lot and half way through we each did a broad jump and continued to duck walk until legs gave out.
Finally we moseyed back to startex


Hello Dolly

Iron Cross

Insert PAX Count & FNG Name
Insert the WORD here.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Parking garage and Burpees


Not sure. It’s been too long to remember.
Parking garage pain

  • Run to the 4th floor, do 4 Burpees and then run down the steps
  • Run up steps to the 3rd floor, do 3 Burpees and the run down the steps
  • Repeat to the 2nd floor and the 1st
  • Irkins in the curb then run to the second and back
  • Dirkins in the curb then run to the second floor and back

American Hammer and Flutter Kicks
7 PAX,  Doc Hollywood, Four Eyes, Pirtle, Easily Amused, Alter Boy, MIB, and Nature Boy
Several PAX effected by the Germantown flood. Please help if you can.
Good work by the PAX!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Flooding in Germantown

Track and Tower

THE SCENE: High 60s.  Banana moon.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Sufficiently uttered.


SSH x 30 IC
Squats x 15 IC
Stretch what ails you
400M jog
100M butt-kickers
100M high-knees
100M Caraoca facing in
100M Caracoa facing out


1600M sprinting the straights and recovery jog on the curves

Head to the parking garage for full ladder.  Up one level, back down, up two levels, back down, etc.  Push on the way up, recover on the way down.

First finishers sprinted up / recovered down the first ramp a couple of times.


Flutterkicks x 50 OYO

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  16 PAX (1 FNG).  MIB, Doc Hollywood, Chioccetti, Early Bird, Easily Amused, Altar Boy, Mulligan, Petunia (FNG), Gus, Teacher’s Pet, Squeegee, Toms (QIC), Dewey, Ricky Bobby, Lodge, Shoestring

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Sometimes even good information can clutter an already noisy life.  Sky Q does good work when we get still and quiet.

MOLESKIN:   This was a good morning.  Altar Boy was gracious enough to test our preparation.  Always enjoy running around at the Barracks.  It’s still the best AO around.


Memorial Day Convergence 2019

Date: 05/27/2019

AO: The Barracks

QIC: Gus

PAX: Webelo, Ike, Choker, Backseat, Teacher’s Pet, Bailout, Halpert, Bobsled, Soulja Boy, Blart, Beauty Shop, Rocket Launcher, Altar Boy, Fish Bowl, C-Lo, Billy Blanks, Snowman, Slots, Laettner, Sonic, Anklet, Bottomless, Soybean, Tiger Lily, Shoestring, Bookworm, Chioccetti, O Positive, Pirtle, Lazarus, Judah, Rabbit, Coach K, Captain Obvious, Dial Up, Hello Kitty, Photoshop, O’Reilly, Granola, Mudpants, Flatland, Speaker, Gus | FNG: Wasabi, GoDaddy, Jamm

Conditions: 73F and humid; gross




SSH IC x 15
Daisy Picker IC x 15
Imperial Walker IC x 15
Temp Squat IC x 15

25 Merkins every quarter mile; Group stays together.

Dora 1-2-3
100 merkins
200 BBSUs
300 squats

Sprint the straightaways
Walk the curves

Hello, Dolly! IC x 15
Boxcutter IC x 15
Pickle Pounder IC x 15

Ratchet Shoulder x2 Blaster to ENDEX

Count-o-Rama (46)


COT / BOM: We honor the service and sacrifice for those who died in the service of our country. We must fight for worthy causes, both at home and abroad, in our homes and overseas, for those we love and in defense of the nation.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

The ultimate example of sacrifice is found in the Person of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for the sins of the world.

MOLESKIN: It was my honor to lead these Men in a Memorial Day workout. I love the PAX.

FNG naming logic:
> Sushi t-shirt
Jamm > Running for city council
GoDaddy > Does something with start-ups or the Internet or both

Dora lost in the woods

THE SCENE: perfect.

Side Straddle Hop x 15
Seal Jacks x 15
Monkey humpers x10
Butt kickers 60 seconds


Mosey through the woods 
We moseyed through the woods.  At various stops along the way we stopped for some American Hammers or Merkins until all in.  We continued the mosey through Various trails of the OF until we arrived at our destination of the 5th hole of the Links Golf Course.
Dora 1-2-3
There we rested for for an explanation of the next ~25 minutes. The pax partnered up for some Dora. One partner stayed at the base and worked on the reps while the other partner ran a loop across 2 bridges.  Partners worked together to cumulatively perform:
  • Absolutions x100
  • Smurf Jacks x200
  • Hello Dalai Lama x300
The absolutions took longer than expected so after the first couple pairs completed 100, YHC directed the rest to move to Smurf Jacks and did the same for the 3rd exercise.
A little before 6:10 we moseyed back to startex.


American Hammer until all in
Flutter-kicks x15

13 (1 Irish Goodbye) Altar Boy, Pirtle, Fish Bowl, Handsy, MIB, Dewey, Mudslide, Teacher’s Pet, Chiochetti, Easily Amused, Bottomless, Jail Bait, Crayfish

For the COT we shared in a time of meditation.  YHC encouraged the pax to select a focus word like “peace” or “Jesus” to come back to when distracted.  The goal is to let go of all thoughts and just be in the present moment—focusing on our breath and allowing any thoughts to drift away as they come.  A gong bath played via Bluetooth speaker while we mediated.

Soundtrack: https://open.spotify.com/user/missionality/playlist/4f0XO7dlDHIGCoB7C2QPgn?si=fM7Hsy6_SNyzjFFCw-GuXA