December 20, 2019


upper 30s. four did a pre-run (squeegee, easily amused, altar boy, and upgrade)


Hitch told me I need to work on my disclaimer. I told him to stop telling me what to do.

SSH IC x 25

Imperial Walker IC x 15

Hillbilly IC x 15

Daisy Picker IC X 15

Warm-up lap around the track

Max-effort mile.

TAG – The first place finisher in the 1 mile pairs off with the 2nd place. 3rd with 4th and so on and so forth. 1st place finisher will line up 3 yards in front of the 2nd place finisher. On the command go, the runner in front will sprint in a straight line for 100 meters. The trail runner will attempt to tag the lead runner before he reaches the predetermined point. 3rd and 4th will go next and so on. After all teams finish, flip roles so the 2nd place PAX is lead and 1st place is trail.

Mosey to parking garage

Run halfway up ramp, perform 1 burpee. Then to top of ramp and perform 2 burpees. All the way to the top of the garage, ending on 9 burpees at the top. Then on way back down, decrease burpee count. 81 burpees total was the goal, but it got cut short for time.

Hip-raises on left side. In cadence to 5 with a four count. Hitch also told me I need to work on my four count. I told him to stop telling me what to do. Switch sides and perform another four count in cadence hip raise to 5.

9 PAX. Upgrade (QIC), Park Bench, MIB, Old Man Hitch, Easily Amused, Altar Boy, Goose, Squeegee, Soybean.

As Soybean pointed out on Slack. I called Captain Obvious “eloquent” this morning. Last week, I attended his Q at Arcadia. And I really liked his COT. I have been thinking a lot about what he said and it’s been really sticking with me this holiday season. And that is to simply remind yourself and your kids what Christmas is all about. It isn’t about the presents. But it’s about Jesus and the relationships around you. Tell the people you love that you love them. Give them a hug.

I was really impressed with everyone’s effort during the max-effort-mile. I felt like everyone was really pushing themselves.

Excited for the Mothership convergence on New Year’s day. Also Levee Creamery on Highland now opens at 7am, so they are dead to F3.

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