May 28, 2019

Tabata Sandwiches

THE SCENE: Warm and glad to be greeted by YHC’s neighbor, Stromboli
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER3 FNG’s, so YHC disclaimed. 

30-SSHs, 10-Soulja Boy Shuffles, 10-Daisy Pickers, 15-Imperial Walkers
Moseyed toward Tiger Lane. On the way there, we stopped at the billboard to complete 25 leg lifts and LBC’s until ALL IN.

Next, we continued the Mosey and paused to complete Boat Canoes (aka Crunchy Frogs) until the 6 was in.

3 Rounds of Tabata:

Round 1: Box Jumps, Merkins, Box Jumps, Ierkins (incline Merkins).

Round 2: Mountain Climbers, Derkins (decline Merkins), Smurf Jacks, Pickle Pounders

Round 3: LBC’s, Groiners, Flutter Kicks, Boat/Canoe

Moseyed back to the Flag, pausing for Alternating Shoulder Taps and Al Gore along the way.

30-LBC’s, 25-Flutter Kicks, 10-Captain Thor (did not finish)

10 PAX (3 FNGs Doo Wop, Goose, Stromboli)

YHC talked about Mark 10 and the Rich Young Ruler. Specifically, that the RYR had kept the commandments, but Jesus said there is still more that must be done. You must sell everything and follow Him. YHC is struck by the difficulty in keeping The Lord’s commandments but also in the way Jesus calls us to only serve Him and nothing else. YHC shared how giving generously and detaching ourselves from power, wealth, and control takes us to His feet regularly.

Great to have 3 FNGs!