November 20, 2018

Tabata Legs, side of arms, at the skatepark


THE SCENE: Sandlot, 40 degrees


We are not professionals, you exercise at your own risk, you are responsible for your own well being, anything I say out here is merely a suggestion.


Dora-style: SSH, Windmill, Imperial Squat Walker, Arm Circles, Arm Circles

P1 exercises while P2 jogs across lot and back.

All together: stretch legs. (note: this warm o rama format promotes chatter more than a typical cadence warmup. I’ll keep trying it). 


  • Mosey to rugby field with coupons. Retrieve CMU’s and place at top of hill. Mosey down to bleachers.
  • Pullup countdown:
    • 10 pullups, 10 merkins, 10 squats.
    • 10 curls, 10 overhead press, 10 bent rows.
    • 9, 9, 9.
    • 8, 8, 8. Etc
    • STOP at 5:55, stash CMU’s behind shipping container. Merry Christmas, The Sandlot.
  • Mosey to Skatepark
    • Legs Tabata: 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest. Two rounds.
      • Pistols (alternate each rep)
      • Box jumps
      • Jump squats
      • Low-mid
      • Wide leg
      • Squats
      • STOP at 6:07

Mosey to endex.



Side Dips. Flutter. Rinse/repeat. Gas Pumps.



Chioccetti, Mothballs, Soybean, Mama’s Boy, Jailbait, Captain Obvious, TOMS, Four Eyes


Listen to the podcast on Whetstone.

I’m reading through Daniel now. What struck me this time was that Daniel went to his friends and they prayed together for Daniel to be able to interpret the king’s dream. When God answered that prayer, Daniel was promoted and he took all his friends with him. Let’s be men who pray together and also rejoice together for God’s answers.


We prayed this morning that @captain obvious’ nephew would get a good result from the doctor and not have to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. C. Obv, thanks for sharing, and thanks for filling us in so we can praise the Lord with you for his goodness.