February 3, 2020

Super Bowl Beatdown at Old Forest

I pulled into the parking lot to see a truck with tinted windows blasting music. “Who’s that?!?!” I wondered. It was Low Note! Getting the adrenaline going to kick off his 345 week!

Due to the large number of PAX and FNGs (5 FNGs!), I issued a warm welcome, shared the F3 mission, then issued a detailed disclaimer.


  • SSH x31 IC (Chief’s winning score)
  • IW x10 IC
  • Arm Circles
  • Hillbilly x10 IC
  • Daisy Picker x10 IC
  • Michael Phelps x10 IC

This is my last Q at Old Forest before moving to the greater Atlanta area in a couple of weeks. Since I’m moving near the mountains, we did:

  • Mountain Climbers x20 IC

AND… since I’m moving to Georgia to serve as an Anglican Priest, we did:

  • Absolutions x5 IC (I took extra time to demonstrate since we’d do a lot of absolutions during the workout!)



Mosey to the Playground. Partner up for DORA!

In celebration of Super Bowl LIV, each pair completed the following, one partner performing the exercise while the other moseyed to STARTEX and back:

  • 54 pull ups
  • 54 squats
  • 54 absolutions


Mosey to the long ass tables for round two of DORA!

The 49ers lost this year, but in 1995 under the leadership of Steve Young, the 49ers won in the highest scoring Super Bowl ever. They beat the San Diego Chargers 49-26, a total of 75 points scored in the game. So while Partner 1 worked on the following exercises, Parter 2 moseyed to STARTEX and back.

  • 75 derkins
  • 75 box jumps
  • 75 dips


Continuing the Super Bowl theme, we lined up for a Quarter Pounder.

  • Run 1/4 of the parking lot for 25 merkins. Back pedal to the starting line.
  • Run 1/2 of the parking lot for 50 squats. Back pedal to the starting line.
  • Run 3/4 of the parking lot fo 75 mountain climbers. Back pedal to starting line.
  • Run full length of the parking lot for 100 SSHs. Back pedal to starting line.

We didn’t finish all 100 SSHs, but we had to move on to MARY!


To commemorate the half-time show that I fortunately did not see:

  • J-Los x25 IC
  • American Hammer x20 IC

25 PAX (5 FNGs): Dewey, Mudslide, Teacher’s Pet, Doc Hollywood, Climate Control (FNG), Toto, Shrink (FNG), Windex, Freckles, MIB, Bartman, Low Note, Handsy, Upgrade, TLC, ISS, Chioccetti, Tooth Fairy (FNG), Frisky, Stripes, Dawg (FNG), Crayfish, Swanson (FNG), Jail Bait, Easily Amused (QIC)

I’m thankful for these men, many of whom are new friends and many of whom are deeper friends – all because of F3. Thank you, Old Forest PAX, F3 Memphis, and F3 Nation for showing up.

This morning may be my top F3 highlight over the last year-plus. It was good to be with friends and for many new friends to join in the journey. Thank you men for making this morning special.

Check Slack.

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