November 25, 2020

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Dark, treacherous conditions consisting of strong winds, and torrential downpours.


YHC was late, inexcusable. Fortunately, The Memphis Region 1st F Q was their to render assistance in my time of peril.

Pre Farmer warm up:
15 Prisoner Squats IC
10 Merkins IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC

Post Farmer warm up:
10 HR Burpees for flag drop
2 rounds of 10 burpees, 20 Bulgarian Split Squats on wall, 20 dips on short wall

PAX partnered up. Partner #1, ran the distance of three light poles. At the third light pole, 50 HRMs were completed. Partner 2 is conducting BBSU’s while awaiting the return of his shipmate. Partner #1 then ran back to Partner #2 and they switched.

Second and third round were the same, only 25 HRMs were completed. Totaling 100 HRMs for this leg of the workout.

Route 66: All pax gathered at one light pole at the south west side of the AO. Run to next light pole and do one squat, continue running to each light pole until reaching 11 squats per set. This exercise total 66 squats.

Same movement was conducted only American hammers were performed instead of Squats.

PAX moshed to the square garden adjacent to the concession stand. As many rounds as possible conducted of the following exercises:

20 step ups (10 each leg)
10 HRMs
10 BBSUs
10 Dips.

total dependent on PAX Work ethic.

No time

10 PAX: Boudreaux, Dawson, Farmer, Gus, Hobo, Landline, O Positive, Red Light, Speaker, Steinbrenner.

Stop placing so much fear, worry, anxiety, and stress upon yourself over such meaningless tasks. Example given: today I was freaking out and angry in my car, while racing down I240 to get to the workout in time. Now I do this across an array of circumstances in my life, and it never amounts to anything fruitful. Try to allow yourself to let the small things go, and enjoy this holiday season.

After thought: We have much to be thankful for.

The Mumble chatter was solid today, lifting my spirits. Some of the 40+ year old PAX are unsure what 1 is 1 means. Do not place your P in the C. There is an endless supply of life and marriage advice at your disposal in F3. Not good or bad, just there. I love these guys, and I’m thankful for F3.

Grace Evangelical  is looking for volunteers to help pack 300 boxes of food on 12/12. Hit up Boudreaux for more information.

There is still time to donate blood, or other acceptable bodily fluids on the blood donation tracker. Dawson has the link if anyone needs it.

Don’t miss out on your chance to track your donations to St Jude. The tracker is available in the announcements page on slack. There are also several opportunities to complete the race within F3 Memphis.

Workout Date: