December 1, 2020

Suicide Burpees

THE SCENE:   Console temp dropped from 55 to 24 on the ten minute commute.  A full moon illuminated the frost covered field as I felt the crunch of those silver crystals under the warning cones.  PAX showed up early and begrudgingly turned off their ignitions.  We got right to Warm’O’rama to get that blood pumping.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   Some men say “You’ve got to know your own limits.”  I say “How can a man know his limits if he doesn’t push up against them every now and then?”

High knees x 15 IC, Butt kickers x 15 IC, Mt. Climbers x 15 IC, Burpees x 10 IC, Donkey Kicks x 5 IC

20 yd Sprints x 5

Suicides, 4 lines spaced 15 m apart.  PAX ran one normal suicide.  Then performed Burpees at each line; 4 reps on the first, 3 on the second,  2 on the third, 1 on the last = 10 total.  R&R for 10 rounds, 100 frosty burpees total.

MARY:   American Hammers x 25 IC, Burpees x 10 IC, Low Plank x 1 min, SSHs x 15 IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  14 PAX, 1 FNG (Goon)  Lipton, Mudpants, Shy Guy, Millennial, Evan Almighty, Geppetto, Snookie, Prince Ali, Laettner, Beauty Shop, Yardsale, Tomb Raider, Vengeance

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Vulnerability

Do you guys ever wonder why we typically don’t have little kids at a workout and why we never have women?  One very good reason is that we are trying to create a safe environment for men to be vulnerable.  Part of being in fellowship is to carry each others burdens.  If a PAX is struggling with something, anything.  We want that man to feel like they could tell others about it, ask for help, and receive help without judgement.  Are you cheating on your wife? Are you addicted to chemicals, porn, whatever?

We’re all messed up and struggling with one thing or another.  Confide in someone you trust.  Let your friends hold you accountable.

Why are we busting our asses out here on the physical when our mental, emotional, or spiritual lives are tanking?  Acceleration in all areas sometimes means you have to be courageous and ask for help.  What better place to do that than in a group of equals and men that you trust. Half of us our pastors anyways and the other half can write you scripts or get you out of legal entanglements.

MOLESKIN:  That moon really lit up the AO nicely.  Mudpants went topless, he now knows the edge it gives you.  We got going fast to warm up by sprinting back and forth.  I had the PAX do one round of Suicide Burpees first to get the gist of it before tagging on 9 more rounds OYO.  The FNG splashed merlot half way through but he jumped right back in.  Good for him.

Just an FYI that leg sweeps are not acceptable mumblechatter, Hah.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   6000 burpee challenge starts today.  200 per day all month.  Go.    Prayers for Papertrail and dad. Prayers for parenting 2 yr olds.

Tomb Raider
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