December 4, 2020

Suicide B.O.M.B.S. (attempted)


  • 41 BFL 37, cloudy, dark, and wet.  Arrived at 5 to scope and prep.  Made a decision to stay in the grass… we’ll see how that goes.

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer: Check ☑️


  • 10 Daisy Pickers IC
  • 5-1 Motivators (was a bit rusty)
  • 10 Mountain Climber IC

Mosey to the field right behind the parking lot… nice and flat but wet…

  • Before we commenced to The THANG, we started with 1 round of just Suicides to take the edge off


  • Prep:  Marked ~50 yards with light lanterns every 10 yards.  I don’t like to short, so I took big steps, so it looked more like 60 yards.  
  • Instructions:  Goal of 5 rounds.  Complete B.O.M.B.S. workout while doing the suicide drill over 50 yards, and every time you come back to the start line you perform the exercise and reps below that corresponds with the yardage you just ran too.  No partners, all reps done per PAX.
  • Run to the 10yd line and back: 10 Blockees w/CMU of course
  • Run to the 20yd line and back: 20 OHPs w/CMU
  • Run to the 30yd line and back: 30 Merkins
  • Run to the 40yd line and back: 40 Baby Crunches
  • Run to the 50yd line and back: 50 Squats w/CMU
  • Totals Reps per PAX if completed:  50 Blockees, 100 OHPs, 150 Merkins, 200 Baby Crunches and 250 Squats. Covered 1 mile during Suicides.

Mosey back to the flag…


  • 10 R-Side Bends w/CMU IC
  • 10 L-Side Bends w/CMU IC
  • 15 Heels to Heaven IC
  • 10 4-CT Peter Parker’s IC

Count-O-Rama, Nam-O-Rama & FNG Naming:

  • Count: 9
  • PAX: See tags
  • FNG: None
  • QIC: Paper Cut


  • Fun Fact:
    • Normal Push-ups ~64% body weight
    • Knee Push-ups ~49% body weight
    • 24” Elevated Push-up ~41% body weight
  • Fatherhood:
    • Respect Your Children’s Mother.
    • Spend Time With Your Children.
    • Listen First, Talk Second.
    • Discipline With Love.
    • Be A Role Model.
    • Be A Teacher.
    • Eat Together As A Family.
    • Read To Your Children.
  • Prayer Requests:  Grimace wife under weather.  DHL’s family practicing caution while awaited negative test results.  DHL’s son broke his collar bone pray for healing.  Gus’ grandmother passed pray for grie, healing and celebrating her life, paper trails dad brain tumor pray for healing.
  • Prayer: ☑️

Mole Skin:

  • The wetness and mud slowed our Suicides down to a mosey, which prevented the PAX from getting further into the routine.  I chose to stay in the grass opposed to the parking lot because the lot didn’t give me the 50-60 yards I wanted.  Most PAX made it through 3 rounds.  I made it the furthest into the Blockees on my fifth round and possibly a few PAX could have finished with no Mary and quicker start after Warm-o-Rama.   A few PAX were in the fourth round.  Kudos to Grimace working with the sand bag the entire time and doing Suicides with it!!   


  •   12/12 @ O+‘s place for some 2nd F.  Check or request info on Slack or ask an AOQ for details.  

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PLC:  9/9

Paper Cut
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