March 20, 2018

Sue Cricket, #turnttobeytuesdays

THE SCENE: #turnttobeytuesdays at The Sandlot. 50 degrees, breezy.

  1. Welcome: I am not a professional
  2. You are participating at your own risk
  3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing
  4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
  5. Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


10x SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats. Mosey to Hollywood and back. Line up on one side of startex parking lot.

On Go, do 10 burps and sprint across parking lot and back, choose teams by separating 1,2,1,2 as each man finishes. Keep teams for duration. Mosey to the “cricket pitch.”


Sue (log w 4 pulling ropes) and the Wickets (2 big trash barrels) were waiting for us in the south parking lot. Trash barrels about 10 yards apart. Teams alternate completing exercises while other team “scores runs” by pulling Sue around the “wickets.” All reps must be completed, but no one is required to perform a specific amount of reps. When exercising team calls “HALT,” scoring team unhitches Sue where she lies.


  1. 100 burpees (first team exercises while other team “scores,” then swap)
  2. 100 jumping lunges (my team lost a run for whacking the wicket with Sue on this round – she handles a little loose).
  3. 100 BBSU
  4. 100 Merkins
  5. 100 gas pumps
  6. 200 Overhead claps

Dealers Choice:

FourEyes: Merkin Side Planks x10

Teacher’s Pet: LBC’s x20

Soybean: Rosalita x25

FourEyes: J-Lo x5

Pirtle, Teacher’s Pet, Soybean, Shoestring, Sir Mix A Lot, Bottomless, Crayfish, Four Eyes.

Mishpat: Seeking out people who are being taken advantage of and helping them.

Jeremiah 22:3. “Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place.”

I am most often guilty of self-righteousness and of waiting for others to come to me for help, instead of humbly seeking them out. I also struggle a lot with asking for help.


Pulling Sue around today was HILARIOUS. Anything to inspire a little competition and get the pax working hard.

Prayers for Bruce’s father-in-law.

FourEyes closed on a house in Alcy Ball yesterday, pray for his family and his new neighbors

Get in touch with Crayfish to hear Gregory Boyle speak (or at least hear stories about this man).

Midtowners Lunch at Casablanca on Madison this Thursday.