May 19, 2019

Sucker. Punch.

Green Mile; sixty-somethingish degrees and threatening


Follow me.

Start run.

Counter-punch to Slots’ untimely remarks that Old Ballz has lost his step=3 Hill Repeats (3 up/3 down) IC at garbage dump.

Resume run.

Slots’ watchful eye prophesied more hill repeats near Hyde Lake. 5 Hill Repeats (5/5) IC.

Resume run.

No prophet coulda seen this coming.  Indian Run up the really tall hill (.6 mile) near the place, formerly known as The Kitchen.

Mosey down really tall hill.

Resume run.

1 last Hill Repeat (1/1) at garbage dump.

Finish run.

  • MARY:
    • Ain’t nobody got time for that.
      4; Slots, Speaker, Squeegee and O Positive (YHC)
      Life is full of tall hills and sucker punches.  Expectations change. Circumstances may dictate digging in and fighting through the suck, because that is what is required of us HIM. Relate this to your marriage, raising kids, workplace, fitness.  It is so important we see things through and FINISH STRONG. We all have limits…if we have reached them…and still need help or encouragement or accountability…REACH OUT to your brothers!!!
    •  MOLESKIN:
      So good to have Outerlooper, Slots, join his brethren this morning.  We put in miles. Ran hills. Mumble-chattered profusely. Except during the sucker punch Indian Run.  Nobody said a word.  It was epic.  Hope Slots learned a valuable lesson, ‘loose lips sink ships’. LOL  We were gonna hit those hill runs regardless. Prayer lifted up for our brother,  Big Perm, who recently  suffered a personal loss.  Proud of the PAX who showed up today to do work and FINISHED STRONG, followed up with some PLC together.
        See: Preblast