February 2, 2021

Stuff at the Swicket

Dark. Cold. Windy. Soon, sweaty.  Pastor Cheez had HC’d the night before so I expected to see him setting out cones as I pulled into the parking lot.  But all I saw was a Cheezless Shield Lock finishing up a preruck, and a gaggle of M’s getting ready to start their FiA workout.  Son, I am disappoint.

Both occurred.

Finkle saved us from a warmup of 100 burpees by correctly reciting the the F3 mission.
SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x10 IC
Hillbillies x15 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC each direction

1. Merkin Mile

2. Croquet 11s.  Like regular 11s, but on a croquet… field? court?  pitch?  If it’s pitch, I will hate it like soccer.
–Round 1:  Merkins/BBSU
–Round 2:  Squats/Monkey Humpers

3.  Bear Crawl length of croquet whatever.  Crab Walk back.

Flutter Kicks x25 IC
WWI Situps x20 IC
Jane Fondas x10 IC each leg
Freddie Mercurys x20 IC
1 min plank

8:  Carver, Choker, Finkle, Hoya, Lochte, Oneder, Rocket Launcher, Spirit Stick

From this week’s Q Source topic, Disruption:

A great Leader accelerates throughout his life. He views leadership as a craft that must be honed through continual study and application. In the way that a lawyer or doctor practices his profession from the standpoint of service to his client or patient, the great Leader’s focus is always upon his followers rather than himself. It is their best interests, not his, that motivates his actions. It is their advantage, not his, to which he initiates movement. This is only possible if, first and foremost, he loves them more than he loves himself.

The great Leader knows that If his love is not great, than neither will be his leadership.

Yesterday, Hello Kitty (the Nation’s Culture Q and COT Podcaster, not our own local HK) posted on the Nation Slack that he needed video and audio of someone reciting the mission statement at the beginning of a beatdown.  You may or may not see Finkle doing so on an upcoming COT episode.  If you don’t it will either be because the wind made the audio pretty bad, or because Finkle was dancing around like there were insects in his drawers while he recited it.  He got it right, though.

Check out the #q-source-q channel on Slack.

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