August 20, 2018

STOP. Do not read this until all #wasnow have been read.

THE SCENE: The Morg, humid, but not overwhelmingly sticky.

Nice Preruck with Choker, Giant, BAM and Tabor. Thanks for the GrowRuck tips BAM.

It did YHC good to see Thundercat post this morning.
He gave the HC right after the Nantans beatdown on Saturday!


All important and completed.


Big-arm -Circles    15     IC
Overhead claps      15     IC
Windmills           15    IC
Calf raises         10    IC
Merkins             20    IC


Indian Run to Pavilion

Picnic table Dips 20 OYO
Picnic table Merkins 20 OYO

Picnic Table Derkins 20 OYO

Picnic table shoulder shrugs 15 (in groups)

Rinse and Repeat.

Cones were laid out over the field at the Morg in the direction heading toward Startex.
Lung Walk approximately 50 yards.

10 Burpees OYO
15 squats OYO
30 Merkins OYO

Trivia Question: Who was the US president during WWI: YHC heard Wilson (claimed by Flobee) which saved all of us from bear-crawling 50 yards.

Walk another 50 yards

10 Body Builders OYO
15 Mountain Climbers OYO (2 is 1)
20 Shoulder Taps OYO (2 is 1)

Lung Walk 25 yards

5 Burpees
10 squats
10 BBS
15 Merkins

WWI situps 15 IC
Hello Dolly 15 IC

10 PAX; 1 FNG Bathhouse
Wallbuilder, Casio, Flobee, Choker, Gilligan, Thundercat, Duct Tape, Giant, Orange Julius, Bathhouse
The COT for this morning came from a PAX named Dancing Idiot (never met him, but he is no fool). It really spoke to YHC as stepping up into a leadership role is not easy.

Its always easier to follow along, tow the line, grumble a little, and get home, sit on my couch and watch some TV. But that’s not really what life is about is it?

January 2, 2017 by Dancing Idiot
Taking Responsibility For Outcome
The Q is a Leader who takes responsibility for Outcome
*Leader: a man who is what a Leader is and does what a Leader does
*Outcome: what happens and fails to happen, whether good or bad.
Taking Responsibility for the Outcome is a three-step process

The first step in taking responsibility for Outcome is to know what it is you want to happen. Having Vision (seeing the Outcome) is part of what a Leader does. If the Leader does not have a clear destination in mind, how can anyone follow him there?
The second step is to devise a course of action (a COA) that has a substantial likelihood of success. A COA is a planned Movement to solve a Problem or achieve an Outcome. It is the path that will lead to realization of the Vision.
The third step is to demonstrate Commitment, the Leader’s unwavering loyalty and determination to both Mission and the well being of the Members of his Group.
All three steps are necessary. Without Vision, a Leader won’t know where he his going, without a COA he won’t know how to get there and without Commitment no one else will trust him enough to follow him.

Payers for Flobees Fathers eye infection, Casios anniversary, Giants job interview.