January 23, 2019


THE SCENE: It was rainy and 55 degrees, true definition of “gloom”

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  – Done, covered it all


Side Straddle Hops  X20

Daisy Pickers X20

Arm Circles Front X 10 /Back X10


Mozie to Big Lot

Each exercise followed by 80 yd sprint (40yds out, 40 yds back)


90 Second of incline Plank

80 CMU Curls

70 CMU Squats

60 LBC’s

50 CMU Mercans

40 CMU Step-ups

30 Big Boy Sit-ups

20 Shoulder Presses

10 Burpees with CMU

10 Burpees with CMU

15 Shoulder Presses

Return to Startex with Indian Run



90 seconds of plank

Flutter Kicks x15


11 PAX, no FNG


Journey to Signifance

Not sure how Stonehenge was built but it left a lasting impression.  It took significant sacrifice, as the stones that are standing there were not indingeous to that area.  Some were likely mined from areas at least 150 miles away.  Stonehenge was built 3000 BC and likely took thousands of men to build over hundreds years.  I’m not sure who’s idea it was to what is what for but it was significant for sure.  

As men we have lots of responsibilities, those primarily being spiritual leaders, protectors and providers for our families.  I call that sustenance, meeting the basic needs of our family.  That can be really tough some times.  As we accomplish those things, we begin focusing on success, creating nicer environments for families, storing up more for security.  All good things, such that we don’t become consumed by those pursuits.  My challenge to you, no matter where you are in your journey, always work toward significance. Significance doesn’t come from building monuments (like Stonehenge), having bigger titles, bigger bank accounts or building bigger houses, all of which are not bad thing in of themselves.  Significance come from the investments we make in relationships.  Helping creating positive life change in others.  This can be as simple as being kind, providing a encouraging word, “being there”, listening, praying earnestly for others and investing your time and resources in kingdom work and providing for the poor.

Some days we are just trying to get through the day, the month, to the next paycheck or through the next commitment.  But each of us has the ability to live of life of significance by setting ourselves aside and following the example of Jesus Christ who lived the life of perfect significance.  He didn’t leave a monument of stone, but one of wood on a hill outside Jerusalem and gave the world the gift of salvation for those that believe in Him.


Thanks to the 10 men who showed up in the rain to make themselves better.  Today’s COT speaks to so much of what I’m working on personally, responding to God’s call to live a life of significance in the eye of Jesus.  Walking away from the temporal possessions and worldly identities we cling to make ourselves feel secure and significant.  Our identity can only be in Christ who should be our only identity and source of security.

“I have set the LORD continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalms 16:8 NASB

none noted