July 8, 2019

Starting the Week off Right!

THE SCENE: Hot and very still – no breeze to be found


Got the back warmed-up and the hamstrings stretched with a few exercises, all in cadence:

SSH x 30; Daisy Pickers x 10; Windmills x 10; Imperial Walker x 10

Took a short mosey over to the light-poles for some Route 66 action.  Halpert encouraged me to start at one light-pole further down, or this would have been Route 55.

  • Burpees – every workout should include at least 1 burpee.  We (I) decided to do 66 and to get them out of the way early.
  • The PAX heard a rumor that we were going to reverse the Route 66 with a new exercise once the burpess were through, but instead we went for a mosey to the HHS parking lot.
    • We lined up on one end of the parking lot, then did the following:
      • Ran 100 yards and did 25 jump squats; ran back to starting line
        • Those that finished early held plank until all-in
      • Once all-in, we ran 100 yards and did 50 merkins
      • Once all-in, we ran 100 yards and did 50 Mountain Climbers where 2 was 1
        • Of note, we should have done 75
      • Once all-in, we ran 100 yards and did 100 SSHs
      • Once all-in, we took a mosey to the tennis courts
  • Tennis courts were finally dry (and lit from the sun) – so we were safe from slipping and tearing an ACL, or two
    • We partnered up and did the following 2x:
      • 30 seconds of arm presses with the partner adding resistance
      •  30 seconds of partner leg raise/throws
    • We then lined up along the long-side of the court and did suicides, 2x
    • From here we took a mosey back to Starex for some Mary

Only had about 3 minutes so we did 25 American Hammers and 25 Freddie Mercury in cadence, before ending with plank for about 30 seconds
14 PAX:  Halpert, Snowman, Laettner, Blue Screen, Blank Stare, Meter Maid, Fanboi (RESPECT), Pronto Pup (RESPECT), Master Pee, Coach K (43), Homecoming, Dail-up (RESPECT), Roots, Rocket Launcher
I joined F3 on January 3rd, 2019 as invited by Laettner and its been a very positive influence on my life.  It’s very difficult to motivate when working out by yourself.  F3 provides a network of accountability.  I’ve lost weight, have more energy, my family supports and encourages F3 – it’s been awesome.  I feel bad for all the Sad Clowns out there – they don’t know what they’re missing.  I felt it only appropriate to have each PAX tell us when they joined F3 and what it’s meant to them.  It was really cool to see how these men were led to F3 and how it has impacted their life (why they joined).  Some high-level take-a-ways:  accountability, tired of working out alone, life changing moment, brotherhood and support, more resistance training.  At the end of the day, we should be encouraged to invite at least one person to F3 everyday – they don’t know what they don’t know!
Appreciate all the PAX for their openness in the COT and we wish Halpert and his family good luck on the arrival of their 4th child – due at any time!
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