July 18, 2018

Start a Fire!


The weather was wonderful with very damp grass.



1. I am not a professional 2. You are participating at your own risk 3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing 4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here 5. Know your limits and do the best you can

• SSHx20 IC
• Daisy Pickers x20 IC
• Big Arm Circles x20 each way IC
• Capri Lap
• Toy Soldiers x20 IC
• Merkins x20 OYO


Stone Carry

Partner Up and grab a stone from creek.

Between light poles one partner will transport one stone by way of lunge walk while the other partner AMRAP Merkins

Between light poles one partner will transport one stone by way of bear crawl and sliding the stone. the other partner AMRAP WWI Sit-ups (this is where the acrid smell of Fire Starting activities was smelled)

(All PAX for thoroughly worn out as we made our way to the corner of the tennis courts)

Stone relay ( as the name implies one partner ran the stone to the to the second fence post and then ran back then the other partner ran and carried it another two fence post until it was back in the creek)

The thing with the swing that is horrible.

(This is that thing where you put your feet on the swing and your hands go on the ground. You didn’t move your legs forward and backwards and try to hold your fat body up. It sucked).

Plank Inch Worm to pavilion

Wall sit while partner Stepups on picnic Table x 20



One minute plank

Stargazer IC 20x

Zima was struggling at the 15 count but I pushed on all the way to the 20.

Supine bicycle crunches – Flobee

Low plank J-Los – Zima

ShortTimer also led a Mary Activity

Red Light Green Light



Jasmine, Zima, Flobee, and ShortTimer


We all have a story to share. We all have a burden to carry. Show up to work. Show up at home. Show up at church. God has uniquely gifted all of us with a role to play and experiences that can help others better themselves no matter where you are in life. When your alarm goes off in the morning and you think “I could just go back to bed right now and no one would miss me if I don’t show up.” You are WRONG. Today we enjoyed a partner workout where we each carried the weight for a time and took the coupon a bit further. Life is not dissimilar to this. Together we are better. Separately we fail. So remember, show up to work show up to church, Show up for your family. Tell your story.


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